Kathy and my Frat Brothers

by Warthog

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, slut wife fucks frat brothers.

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: A wife reveals her slutty side when she goes with husband to his frat reunion.

About a month ago I received a letter from a college fraternity brother of mine. I hadn't seen Stan since graduation three years before. Stan was trying to get a group of us together to meet for the first football game of the season. He had settled down in the town where our university was located while most of the rest of our click had moved away. The plan was to go to the game and then to the old frat house afterwards. We'd finish off the night back a Stan's place.

I looked forward to the visit. I wanted to see my buddies, but I also wanted my buddies to see my new bride Kathy. Now, I'm not what you'd call a good looking guy. During college I didn't have many dates and the ones I did have weren't interested in a second date. My buddies continuously poked fun at my lack of experience and lack of women.

Well, since college I met Kathy. I'll never understand why she was attracted to me. Of course, I smother her with affection and devotion. She's the type of woman who values what's inside not what's outside. The irony is that she could have had any man she wanted. You see. Kathy is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. To top it off, she has the sweetest personality of any woman I have ever known. I'm not just saying that because she is my wife.

Kathy stands 5'9" inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her hair is long, silky and naturally light blond. She wears it parted down the middle. It's a simple look, but with her perfect angel face any styling is unnecessary. Her eyes are sparkling deep blue and her skin is baby smooth without a blemish to be found. She sports a beautiful tan and keeps herself in shape with aerobics. So far so good? There is more.

I have tried to get Kathy to tell me her measurements. She shyly tells me she doesn't know. I think she is embarrassed for some reason. By my eye she measures 38DD-23-36. I'm guessing at her waist and hips. I am certain about her bust, however. I've sneaked looks at her underwear. You may wonder why a fox like Kathy wouldn't be full of herself or why she would marry a toad like me. I think it goes back a few years. Until about two years ago, Kathy had been very overweight. She also wore very thick glasses. After high school she got a job as a secretary. One of her coworkers helped her through a diet and exercise program. She also had eye surgery to eliminate the need for glasses. The result was as described above.

Lucky for me I met Kathy when she had just finished her transformation. We had many things in common and became friends before developing a relationship. We continued to have a good time with each other and finally decided to get married. We were both virgins when we met and decided to stay that way until after the wedding. Kathy was never on the pill and we decided that she would stay off it. We were eager to start a family.

Needless to say our two months of marriage have been wonderful. We both enjoy sex, although we are a bit naive. So far we haven't ventured beyond strait missionary intercourse. I want to do a little experimenting, but Kathy wants to go slowly. I'm not in any hurry, anyway. As it is, Kathy is a handful. Although shy and reserved, she heats up fast. It must be all those years as an ugly duckling. Her pent up passions are very close to the surface. All she needs is a little rubbing here or there and a passionate kiss and she gets super horny. She especially likes to have her large breasts played with.

As I said, I was looking forward to showing off my beautiful new wife to my friends. I thought it might be fun if Kathy bought a new outfit for the game and party. I told her to get something real sexy. Something that would make my friends green with envy. At first Kathy was lukewarm to the idea. The more I begged her and one night of passionate sex changed her mind. The day before we left on the trip Kathy went shopping with her friend at the office. I ask her to show me what she bought but she told me I would have to wait for the game, the little tease.

The drive down was uneventful. We checked in to our hotel late and went right to be bed, after a nice twenty minute role in the sack. Kathy again teased me about her outfit for the game. The most she would say about it was, "You wanted me to look sexy for your friends. I don't think you or they will be disappointed."

We slept in late the next day. We were to leave for the game at noon. The game was at two. I got showered and dressed first. I called two of my friends that I knew were staying at the hotel and made plans to meet them in the lobby. I told Kathy to meet me down there when she was ready.

I left Kathy in the shower and headed downstairs. I met Jim and Dave in the lobby and we sat down and renewed acquaintances. We talked about business and politics and swapped a few recollections about the past. I learned that Jim was married and Dave was still single. Jim said his wife hadn't made the trip. Jim said that he thought that he and Tom were the only married guys in our group. Before I had a chance to tell Jim and Dave about Kathy, I notice that something had their attention.

Jim said, "Would you look at the ears on that rabbit."

Dave offered, "Looks like a high priced hooker to me."

Before I could turn to see what they were talking about, Jim added, "I think she's coming our way."

As I turned, I saw Kathy approaching. I couldn't believe my eyes. Jim and Dave just stared with their mouths open. We stood up as she swayed sexily over to us.

Kathy put her arm around me, gave me a peck on the cheek and said, "Hi honey."

We couldn't stop staring at Kathy. Dave was right. Kathy did look like a high priced hooker. Her outfit consisted of a top that looked sort of like a corset, a short frilly flared skirt, thigh high white stockings and blue pumps with five inch heels. The top was made of blue denim and laced up the front. The laces pulled the two sides of the garment to within two inches of each other resulting in a teasing view of her smooth tanned skin. Closer to her breasts the sides separated more revealing the insides of each breast. It was clear that the top was meant for a bust several sizes smaller than Kathy's. In profile, the bottom of her breasts could be seen between the laces. Only her nipples and the outsides of her breasts were covered. Every male eye in the place was checking out Kathy's breasts. She knew it too and appeared to be enjoying the attention.

Kathy's skirt was white and came to mid thigh. The hem was lace and just barely covered the tops of her stockings. I smiled as I noticed Jim and Dave looking up and down my sexy wife.

Kathy whispered it my ear, "Billy, do you think they like me?"

I chuckled and whispered back, "Honey, look at how there staring. I think they love you."

Kathy blushed.

I added, "I bet they would give anything to get into your panties."

Kathy whispered a reply, "They can't. I'm not wearing any."

I shot a look at her of surprise and she smiled deviously.

She whispered, "Well, you wanted me to be sexy. Tina, my friend, says nothings sexier than going out without underwear."

I whispered back, "You better be careful or you will give every one a free shot. The way you're dressed, these guys are not going to leave you alone."

Kathy gave me a puzzled look. She really was quite naive.

I introduced Kathy to Jim and Dave. They couldn't believe she was my wife. Kathy had to show them her wedding ring with our engraved initials. Needless to say, they had fallen in lust with Kathy and I couldn't have been prouder. We headed for the game in our car. We took our seats in a block that Stan had arranged for us. About ten of my buddies showed up and not a one with wives or dates. Kathy was the only female in our group and she was getting a lot of attention. As usual, nobody believed that she was my wife.

Despite Kathy's shyness, she warmed up to the group. I think all the flattery helped. By the second half she exuded a confidence that I had never seen before. She began to hold herself in a more provocative way. Her posture emphasized her large breasts. She allowed her skirt to ride up her leg. I'm sure a couple of my friends sitting below us used those opportunities to steal a look at her privates. I think she knew what was going on, too. When she spotted someone looking in the direction of her skirt, she nonchalantly dragged her hand across her thigh causing the hem to ride higher. I figured she was making up for all the flirting that she had missed as an ugly duckling.

The highlight of the 'Kathy show' was when our team score its only touchdown in the second half. Kathy began to jump up and down as we cheered. Several people down below us, including some of my friends, starred in surprise as Kathy's skirt floated high enough to expose her blond bush. To my surprise, however, Kathy had shaved off all of her pubic hair. I made a mental note to ask her about it, later. When she had finally settled down from her bouncing I noticed that her top had been overwhelmed by her large chest. One of her nipples had become uncovered. I whispered to her about it and she looked down. Rather than quickly fix her top, Kathy took her time and slowly adjusted her top. Finally after several moments she covered her nipple that had hardened, noticeably. The whole act seemed to have been calculated to draw attention to her top so that everyone would see her exposed breast before she covered it up again. If I didn't know her better, I would say that Kathy was becoming an exhibitionist.

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