Gwen's First Taste

by Warthog

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, white virgin fucks black cock,white virgin opened by bbc,bbc sex story.

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: A virgin's first taste of big black cock turns her into a gang bang queen

As their first year of college ended, Gwen and Julie headed home for Summer vacation. The two young ladies were 19 years old and had just finished their freshman year at a university two days travel from home. They planned to leave early in the morning and spend the night in a town a little more than half way home.

Julie is an attractive, vivacious girl. She has dated several guys since high school and has had many sexual experiences along the way. Julie is brunette with a touch of red. Her hair falls about 6 inches over her shoulders. She has blue eyes and is average in height. Julie's shape measures 36C-25-35. Julie has an above average sex drive.

Gwen is a virgin and very naive about sex, due to her strict upbringing. She has dated only a few times in the last year and has no steady boy friend. The very shy Gwen has an incredible body. She has long natural blond hair and greenish-blue eyes. She stands 5'6" tall, the same height as Julie. Her measurements are 35D-22-34 and her sexual drive is untested.

Julie decided over the course of the year that Gwen needed loosening up. Gwen's conservative dress did not allow her to show off her assets. Julie loaned Gwen some of her sexy clothing for special occasions. The outfits were revealing but not sluttish. Gwen's parents would not approve, however. Initially, Gwen was embarrassed wearing the sexy clothes. Her embarrassment evaporated, however, with all the new attention she was getting. She began to like the looks coming her way.

Julie and Gwen wore bikini tops and shorts on the trip home. The truck drivers they passed got quite a show. As the girls neared the half way point in the trip home, they noticed a noise coming from under the hood. Fortunately, they were only five miles from the motel they planned to stay at. It was getting dark as they stopped at a gas station to have the car looked at.

The mechanic on duty was a hunk. The patch on his shirt indicated that his name was Bob. He was about 25 years old, had dark hair, blue eyes and was well built. He smiled when the two girls pulled in. Julie filled him in on the problem and he took a look under the hood.

Bob studied the situation, poked around here and there, then walked over to the girls to give his appraisal. He told Julie that the repair was simple, but that it required a part he didn't have. He added that he could get the part at the parts shop in the morning. Bob offered to give the girls a lift to the motel.

Julie smiled at Bob and said, "Would you Bob? That would be great." Gwen gave Julie a worried look. She was obviously uncomfortable with the situation. Bob, however, seemed to be a nice guy.

The three traded introductions then Julie asked, "Bob, would you stop at a store so we can get some food?"

Bob said, "Sure thing, Julie." The girls went inside the store and bought snacks and beer while Bob kept the motor running. His own motor had begun to rev up with the site of these two foxes.

They drove to the motel and the girls checked in. Julie invited Bob to the room to have some food. Bob excepted eagerly. Once settled, Bob eyed the two women and said, "You ladies are just about the prettiest women I've seen in a long time.

Julie smiled mischievously, while Gwen blushed. Julie said, "You're not so bad yourself, Bob."

Bob smiled and said, "Aw Julie, I'm just a toad. It's not often a guy meets a princess, much less two." Although Bob's line was a little corny, it put Gwen more at ease and started a fire burning in Julie.

Julie said coyly, "You're no toad. I've never seen a toad with muscles like yours."

Bob flexed his arms slightly and said, "You like my muscles, huh Julie?"

Julie said "Yes, but I can't see them very well with your shirt on." Bob liked the way this situation was developing. Julie was getting hotter by the minute and she knew she would end up in bed with Bob. The problem was, what to do with Gwen.

Julie asked Bob in a cute little voice, "Why don't you take your shirt off and show us your muscles?"

As Bob complied, Gwen developed a worried look again. However, when Bob had completely removed his shirt and stood there sort of posing and flexing, Gwen's expression turned from worry to amazement. Bob's torso rippled with muscles. He obviously worked out a lot.

Julie leaned over and whispered to Gwen, "Isn't he gorgeous?"

Gwen flushed and whispered back, "I've only seen bodies like that on the cover of romance novels. I never thought any man really looked that way, though."

It was apparent that Gwen's interest was peaked. Julie whispered, "I want to see all his muscles."

Gwen opened her mouth in astonishment, then whispered, "You mean you want to see him naked?"

Bob interrupted, "Hey, what are you girls talking about, in secret?"

Julie told Bob, "Gwen wonders what all your muscles look like."

Gwen's mouth flew open as she turned to Julie and hit her on the arm. She yelled, "Julie! YOU said that." Gwen was quite embarrassed. She saw a big grin form on Julie's face and turned to see what had caused it. Bob had dropped his jeans, revealing a pair of very brief briefs.

The bulge in the front confirmed that his muscles were large all over. Without hesitating, Julie marched over in front of Bob, dropped to her knees, lowered his briefs, grabbed his cock and inserted it between her lips. It immediately began to grow. Julie was initially able to get all of Bob in her mouth. However, as Bob's cock began to grow, it pressed against the back of her throat. She then worked on just the head while massaging Bob's balls.

Julie became aware that Gwen was trying to get her attention. She looked up at Bob and said, "Excuse me?"

Bob replied, "Hurry back."

Julie met Gwen across the room and asked, "What Gwen?"

Gwen said, "Do you know what you're doing?"

Julie said, "I'm giving Bob head. You ought to try it."

Gwen counters, "But I've never.... I would never do any thing like that."

Julie simply said, "Too bad," and turned back to Bob.

"Wait," said Gwen, "what's it taste like?" Julie saw a flicker of curiosity cross Gwen's face.

Julie grabbed Gwen and said "Come on and try it."

Gwen yanked back, "But I don't know what to do."

Julie saw now that Gwen was getting hot, but that she was apprehensive and a little scared. Julie smiled and said, "It'll be fun. Just do what I do. I know you'll love it." Gwen allowed herself to be pulled over to Bob who had been fisting his cock waiting for Julie's return.

Bob's eyes lit up when he saw both girls walk over and kneel in front of him. Bob said, "This is a dream come true."

Julie giggled and Gwen smiled nervously. Julie took Bob's cock and licked the head a few times then offered it to Gwen and said, "Just lick the head."

Gwen slowly and awkwardly stuck her tongue out and swiped at the head. Nothing horrible happened so she licked again, this time lingering to get a taste. Gwen observed, "It doesn't taste bad and its very smooth. It feels good on my tongue." She licked some more, then experimenting on her own she put her full lips around the head and sucked..

It was obvious that Gwen liked what she was doing. Her libido urged her on. She began to take more of Bob's cock in her mouth. Bob's cock was about eight inches long and about five inches around. It was not huge, however it was above average in size. It was a good training size and Gwen appeared now to be an enthusiastic student. She managed to get about five inches in her mouth before gagging. Bob popped Gwen's large tits out of her flimsy bikini top and began squeezing her nipples. It was a wonder that the top was able to hold Gwen's massive hooters. The fact that the top held was a testament to the firmness of her tits. Gwen started moaning as Bob tweaked her nipples.

Gwen bobbed up and down on Bob's cock with increasing speed as Julie licked Bob's balls. This caused Bob's breathing to increase. He was getting the treatment of a lifetime and it had been a while since he had any treatment at all. He began to moan louder and louder. Bob bellowed in a strained voice, "I'm cummmmming." Julie stopped licking Bob's balls and moved back.

Gwen wasn't sure what was happening as she sucked on Bob's meat. Suddenly she felt a warm liquid in her mouth. She jerked back with surprise causing Bob's cock to pop out of her mouth. Bob continued to pump cum out of his dick in large quantities. The second stream shot into Gwen's retreating mouth, joining the first squirt. Bob's sperm then drooled out of Gwen's mouth and onto her tits. The next two spurts hit her chin and joined the others on her chest. The remaining cum just leaked out in a steady stream for a few seconds onto the floor.

Gwen finally realized what had happened and looked at Julie. Julie began to laugh, causing Gwen and Bob to laugh as well. Gwen noticed that the taste of the cum was not bad. It was an interesting salty taste. She dipped a finger into one of puddles on her tit and put it in her mouth. "Yummy," Gwen said.

Julie looked at her and said, "You mean you're eating that stuff."

Gwen replied, "It tastes good. Try it."

She offered Julie a scoop. Julie grimaced and said, "I don't know."

Gwen then said, "I thought I was the rookie here."

Dared into it, Julie took the finger in her mouth and smiled, "It is good." She then dipped her own finger in the goo and joined Gwen in the feast.

Once the girls had lapped up all the cum on Gwen's tits, they spit shined Bob's cock. Gwen asked Bob, "Can I get some more of that stuff."

Bob replied, "I'd like to help you out, but it will be a little while before I can make more."

Gwen pouted, then asked, "When will that be?"

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