Christi's Big Performance

by Warthog

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, white wife strips,wife strips and fucks black men,white wife entertains black men.

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: She accompanies her husband to a bachelor party and she becomes the entertainment

This is a story about a typical housewife, with a typical family in a typical suburban setting. The 32 year old housewife's name is Christi. Christi shares a house with her husband Mike, that's me, and our 5 year old son. Christi is an exotic beauty with long dark hair and lovely big brown eyes.

During Christi's pregnancy with our son, she put on a few pounds. For years she struggled with diets in order to lose the weight and get back her shape. Recently, with determination and discipline Christi lost her weight. A good exercise program helped tone her body.

Now let me describe the new Christi. She stands five and a half foot tall and measures 35D-21-35. As you can tell from the stats, Christi is stacked. I'm not sure whether it was the pregnancy, the extra weight or just getting older, but Christi had developed world class breasts. Christi's breasts are firm and stand out proudly, even with their above average weight. It is no problem for her to go without a bra. With the appropriate dress (bra-less of course), Christi's topside is the center of attention.

When seen from the rear, one might think that Christi's ass is her best feature. Her small waist flares out to two well-defined and separated ass cheeks. It amazes me that such a tiny waist can support Christi's top half. There's something about seeing Christi in a micro skirt. If it's tight enough, each cheek is outlined, pointing the way to one of the best pleasure spots around. If you're lucky enough to catch her bending slightly, you'll see the bottom of her ass cheeks peak out beneath the hem of her skirt.

Christi's long brown hair reaches the small of her back. When she tilts her head back the ends touch the crack of her ass. Christi's bangs are cut level with her eyebrows and her hair frames her face on sides. Apart from her killer body, Christi's best asset is her eyes. One sultry look from those mysterious eyes will start the fluids churning in your groin.

A survey of Christi's legs, ass and tummy will find no ripples of fat. Her skin is so smooth that it feels like baby's skin. Christi's exercise program toned and firmed up her muscles. She didn't, however, go so far that her body has a hard muscular appearance. I like the cuddly result.

Christi worked on her tan along with her body. She wears a tiny bikini when she sunbathes. The result is the most remarkably sexy tan lines I have ever seen. The great thing about tan lines is that when you see them, you know you're seeing things that nobody else has the chance to see. That would change soon enough.

Now, on with the story. A fellow I work with was about to get married. A few of our coworkers decided that a bachelor party was in order. We agreed that we'd go to a popular topless bar called 'Leather and Lace' for the party. Joe, our bachelor, was marrying Jenny. She was a nice girl but she was rather conservative. Joe was excited about the party, because he knew he probably wouldn't have another chance to go out with the guys to a topless bar once he was married. It was to be his last fling.

The party was scheduled for a week from the upcoming Friday. I told Christi about the party. I figured she might want to do something with her friends that night. Christi was curious about the bachelor party, however. She didn't mind me going but she wanted to know what these parties are like. She asked if she might be able to go. I told her that I didn't mind but that the other guys might not like it. I said it was usually an all-male tradition.

Christi reminded me that there would be women at the bar. I granted her point but countered that they were part of the entertainment. She smiled sheepishly at me. I got the feeling that she felt there was more to this bachelor party tradition than a topless bar. Out of the blue she asked me to take her to the topless bar this weekend. I tried to hide my surprise but I'm sure Christi saw it. I reminded her that usually the only women there were dancers. She said she didn't care. She won the discussion, so we made plans to go Friday.

When Friday evening rolled around, we dropped of our boy at the baby-sitter and headed for 'Leather and Lace'. Christi wore my favorite red mini-dress. It was made of that stretchy material that fits like a glove. Every inch of Christi's shape was revealed with this dress. The hem fell a little above mid thigh. The neck line was low cut showing ample cleavage. She did not wear a bra. She finished off the outfit with red spiked high heals and a small red handbag. I told Christi that she could pass for one of the dancers at the club. She brushed off my comment as ridiculous.

We went to dinner first then arrived at the club about eight thirty. Everywhere we went men snapped there necks when they saw Christi. I know she was aware of the attention, but she didn't let on. The club was crowded with people. We managed to find a table, sat down and ordered drinks. Upbeat music, usually Rock and Roll, was played continuously by a disk jockey. I notice several guys around us gawking at Christi. It made me proud to be with her. She smiled politely at the men, but she was distracted by what was happening on the stage. A rather top-heavy lady was stripping to a slow hard-driving tune.

Christi watched the show with great interest. The dancer pealed down to her brief bottoms and began to take tips from the men surrounding the stage. She would pull her g-string out slightly so that the dollar bills could be placed under the straps. When she finished her routine there was considerable currency stuck in her bottoms. Christi commented on all the money. I informed her that this kind of work pays well. Christi's interest was peaked.

Christi noticed that the men did not touch the dancers. I told her that touching would get you thrown out. It was a strict rule. Christi commented that it sounded like a good job if you had the looks and didn't mind showing your body to a room full of men. I called Christi's attention to all the guys around our table looking at her. I speculated that they were waiting to see Christi on the stage. She grimaced at my speculation and said, "No way." I reminded her that most of the women there were dancers or waitresses. Naturally, these guys figured that Christi was a dancer based on the outfit she was wearing. She brushed it off.

After we watched a few more dancers on the stage, Christi informed me that she was going to the lady's room. She was gone for a few minutes and when she returned she was excited about something. I asked her what was up. She told me that a man in a business suit had approached her and asked if she would do a private dance for a group of his friends. She said she told him that she wasn't a dancer. He said it didn't matter to him. She said he stuck a twenty dollar bill between her breasts and said it was a down payment. Christi said he went back to his table before she could return the money.

Christi looked excited as she handed me the twenty. She asked me what to do. I told her to do what she wanted to do. I don't know if it was the money or Christi's curiosity, but I knew she wanted to pay this guy another visit. Christi got that little girl look and asked if I would be mad if she danced for the man. The idea kind of excited me. It made me proud that other men thought my Christi was sexy. I told Christi that I wouldn't be mad and that she should go ahead and dance for the guy if she wanted to.

Christi flashed me a big smile then as quickly she frowned. I ask her what was wrong. She said that she wasn't sure what to do. I reminded her that she had been watching these dancers for almost an hour. I told her to do what they do. She developed a concerned look then asked me if they expected her to remove her dress. I nodded. She asked again if I minded. I told her to go have fun.

Christi's smile returned. She told me where she would be. She took off, wiggling her ass as she walked. Necks turned as she made her way across the room. I got up and moved closer so I could see Christi's show. She walked up to the man sitting at the table and said something to him. He smiled and pulled up a chair for Christi. She sat down.

After two songs had passed the men around Christi's table cleared an area on the floor beside the table. A little stool was produced from under the table for Christi to stand on. The song playing was perfect for stripping. The tune had a steady slow hard-driving beat and the female singer had an alternating sweet then rough voice that had a sexy quality to it.

Christi stood up on the little platform and began to swing her hips to the beat. She put both arms in the air, drawing attention to her large breasts. This action also raised her skirt to the point where the bottom of her ass was poking out. She played with her hair as she looked into the eyes of each man at the table. Her sultry eyes paralyzed each man as she looked them in the face.

Men at other tables began to notice Christi's show. They all stared with growing lust. Christi's now tousled hair was evenly distributed in front and back. In front, her hair caressed her big tits on each side. Christi lowered her arms and pulled down her skirt. With her arms at her side, her tits were forced together deepening her cleavage. Christi reached up with both hands and cupped her breasts. She hefted them, showing the men their considerable weight. Her audience was staring with theirs mouths wide open.

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