Belinda's Secrets

by Warthog

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, wife does porn,wife cheats on husband,wife becomes a porn actress.

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Wife gets propositioned to do modelling, the x-rated kind. She gradually accepts!

This story was written at the request of a woman named Belinda. She had been married to her husband Robert for some time. Robert was unaware that Belinda had a new secret life. She had wanted to tell Robert about that life but just couldn't bring herself to do it. I first met Belinda at the photo studio that I work at. I'm a budding photographer and amateur writer. It was my writing that prompted Belinda to approach me about writing her story.

Lawrence, the photographer that I was apprenticed to, discovered Belinda walking down the street. He was looking for models and thought that she would do well. At first I wasn't so sure but Lawrence (He doesn't like to be called Larry) has a knack for picking hot women.

I had worked for Lawrence for about a year. He called me whenever he needed an assistant for a shoot and to do other things as he saw fit. It was valuable experience. Lawrence was what most women considered a 'hunk'. Tall, broad shoulders, bulging arms and a trim waist. The guy had straight dark hair and he sported a pony tail that reached the middle of his back.

The first time I met Belinda was on her first shoot. Lawrence called me in to help him with a series of newcomer shoots. Belinda was the last shoot of the day. She arrived on time and we were introduced. "A very nice looking woman," I thought. She had shoulder length blond hair. It was a little on the darker side of blond and was very pretty. Her face was a perfect match for her hair, very pretty. She had a cute sexy smile and blue eyes that you could get lost in. I couldn't guess at her age, but she was definitely youthful looking.

Belinda said, "Lawrence, I'm very nervous."

Lawrence patted her shoulder and said, "Please relax, Belinda, this will be fun."

Standing next to Lawrence, Belinda looked tiny. She was probably of average height and her figure was an eye catcher. Belinda wore snug jeans and a white blouse that hugged her curves. Her breasts appeared large for her small slender frame but at close inspection probably required a C-cup. She was wearing low heels suitable for a long day of shopping. All in all, Belinda was an above average looking female with the manner of a young housewife.

Lawrence showed Belinda to a stool placed in front of a cloth backdrop. They made small talk for a while as he made adjustments to the camera. Finally he said, "We'll start with a few shots of your beautiful face."

Belinda blushed at Lawrence's compliment as he began snapping pictures of her. After several shots he stopped and said, "Belinda, you appear to be uncomfortable. Is anything bothering you?"

Belinda exhaled nervously and said, "I'm not sure what to do. I've never done anything like this before."

Lawrence smiled and said, "Belinda, you look great. If you didn't I wouldn't have ask you to model for me. Please, just relax and give me that beautiful smile of yours. For now that's all you have to do."

Belinda relaxed a little with Lawrence's comforting words. She flashed him a wonderful smile and he said, "That's it," as he began snapping pictures again. He began to move around getting shots at different angles. Lawrence asked Belinda to follow him with her head. She was now getting the hang of it. "Now, a big smile," he said and she complied.

This went on for several minutes as he asked for different poses and expressions. Belinda appeared to be doing a fine job for a novice.

He stopped after taking two roles of film and said, "Now lets get you into a nice evening gown. You're a size four, correct?"

Belinda nodded but looked a little confused until Lawrence pointed to the changing room and said, "The changing room is right over there and the dress is on the rack. You should find the matching shoes as well."

Belinda disappeared behind the door of the changing room.

Ten minutes later Belinda reappeared in a stunning green gown. The gown was cut long with a slit up the side. Belinda's smooth legs were visible as she walked. The matching shoes had very high heels, six inches I'd guess. Belinda appeared to struggle a bit with the height but she still had a lot of poise and looked great. The next session was done without the stool. Lawrence directed Belinda's movements as he took pictures. Belinda improved with each pose. She seemed to have a natural talent for modeling. And boy was she sexy.

Lawrence stopped after another two roles and said, "Let's take a break. How about something to drink?"

Belinda flashed that great smile and said, "That would be great." She added, "How am I doing?"

Lawrence answered quickly, "You're doing fantastic. Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

Belinda face showed excitement as she answered, "No. Never." I poured them each a glass of wine. Belinda took a sip and said, "What's next?"

Lawrence said, "As sexy as you are in that gown, I've got a dress that I know you'd really be hot in, if your game?"

Belinda nodded tentatively and asked, "Can I see it first?"

Lawrence replied, "Why sure."

He went to the wardrobe and returned after a few moments holding a black mini-dress of simple design. Its main features were a very short skirt length and a low cut neckline with a halter style strap. It appeared to be made of cotton lycra.

Belinda looked at it and shook her head. She said, "I don't know. I've never worn anything like that. I can't imagine what my husband Robert would think if he saw me in that dress."

Lawrence said, "I'm sure he'd be impressed. Does he know you're here?"

Belinda replied, "No. I only decided to make the appointment this morning."

Lawrence smiled at the modest woman and said, "Why don't you just try it on. Check yourself out in the mirror and if you feel comfortable then come out and we'll take some shots. If you're uneasy about the dress then we can stop."

Belinda frowned at the word 'stop'. She was clearly enjoying the shoot. Belinda took the dress from Lawrence. "OK," she said. Her face showed determination as she headed for the changing room.

A few minutes later Belinda was standing in front of Lawrence and his camera. She looked hot in the tight mini-dress and six inch black heels. The dress hugged her curves and really showed off her perfect ass. She had obviously removed her bra and her nipples appeared to be hard. Belinda's blond hair looked wonderful in contrast to the black dress. As Lawrence took pictures she swayed and posed like an experienced model. Her face took on more sultry and sexy expressions. She obviously was feeling very comfortable in the outrageously sexy mini-dress. Lawrence asked Belinda to turn around as he took shots of her profile and backside. Those C-cup breasts of hers looked large above her tiny waist. I was amazed at the transformation Belinda had made. She was definitely enjoying herself.

Lawrence encouraged and directed Belinda through three more rolls of film. Finally, he said, "Lets take a break. You're doing great, you know?"

Belinda thanked Lawrence and flashed him that killer smile. That smile coming from Belinda in that sexy dress caused my groin to tighten up. I suspected that she was having the same effect on Lawrence.

I refilled their wine glasses and they sipped and chatted for a time. Lawrence asked Belinda, "Are you having fun?"

She replied cheerfully, "Oh yes. I never thought that modeling would be so much fun."

Lawrence continued, "What do you think of that dress?"

Belinda blushed and said, "At first I wasn't sure about wearing something so revealing, but now I've actually grown to like it. I feel sexy in this dress."

Lawrence didn't miss an opening like that, "You look sexy as hell, Belinda."

Belinda dropped her head in modesty.

Lawrence lifted Belinda's chin and smiled at her bashfulness. He said, "You better get used to the compliments. You'll be hearing a lot of them if you continue to model."

Belinda's eyes lit up with excitement, "You mean you think I can make a career out of modeling?"

Lawrence nodded then said, "It depends on the type of modeling you want to do. Becoming a fashion model is very difficult and unfortunately you're a little to small to do that type of work. There are other types of modeling if you are up to it."

Belinda said, "I thought you wanted me for fashion modeling. That's what we've been doing, right?"

Lawrence nodded and continued, "The first few shots were my way of introducing you to the camera and the process. When I saw you in that mini-dress I knew you had a future in lingerie modeling or nude modeling."

Belinda's mouth popped open at Lawrence's words. Trembling, she said, "I could never do nude modeling. My husband wouldn't understand."

Lawrence put up his hands to calm Belinda and said, "Whoa there. You don't have to do anything that you don't want. I simply feel that you would do very well in that area of modeling. The money increases the more you take off and the more sexy you are. As for your husband, I bet he'd love for his wife to be a centerfold."

Belinda shook her head and said, "I don't think so."

Lawrence said, "You know, you could make three times what I'm paying you for this shoot."

Belinda seem to ponder this, "I don't know." She appeared to be softening.

Lawrence added, "I know you'd be wonderful."

Belinda looked at Lawrence with a sly little smile and said, "Three times, eh? What would I have to do?"

Lawrence replied, "We'll dress you in lingerie and have you slowly take it off. With that wholesome face of yours, cute smile and sexy body, I know you'd melt the film."

I little giggle escaped from Belinda.

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