Seducing Mom

by John Doelman

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Seducing his mom with email

I've had fantasies about my own mother for many years and I long suspected she had more than just maternal feelings for me, too. Neither of us had ever acted on them, however.

Growing up, I often got mixed signals. My mother would walk around the house nude when I was young, but stopped as I got older. I would often go in and talk to her while she was taking a bath and she would make no attempt to cover herself. As a boy, I found myself coming up with excuses to talk to her as she bathed.

The year I was turned 13, my mother and I celebrated New Years Eve together.

It was the conclusion of the first full year after my parents divorce and Mom and I just watched TV until midnight. At the stroke of midnight, she told me Happy New Year and gave me a kiss on the lips. We had always just kissed on the cheek before. It wasn't a passionate kiss, and I didn't think much of it at the time.

As the years passed, however, I found myself fondly remembering that kiss and wishing I had made an effort to go further.

After another 7 years, I finally came up with a plan to find out how interested my mother was that would keep either one of us from being embarrassed or looking foolish.

My mother had just gotten e-mail and was still a relative novice about computers. I gave her my e-mail address and, even though we only lived about 30 miles apart, we corresponded regularly.

One day a thought occurred to me. I sent my mother an e-mail, but I made it seem like it was meant for someone else and had just been addressed incorrectly. If she said anything, I would just say I had selected the wrong e-mail address from the list in my computer.

I made the message seem like it was meant for an old co-worker of mine that I had stayed in contact with. Just general chit-chat. Asking how things were going, that sort of thing. I also included a picture file with it of a gorgeous woman caressing a mans rigid penis and leaning forward to take it into her mouth.

I knew Mom's computer would automatically decode the picture and display it, since I had set the computer up.

I sent the message and waited a few days. I checked my e-mail looking for a reply from her, but found none. I decided she had elected to pretend she never got it to avoid embarrassing me.

So I sent another message with another picture. This one was of a couple. The woman was sitting on the mans lap and he had his hard cock buried halfway inside her pussy. It was an excellent shot. All the pictures I sent her were carefully selected as not to be too graphic or outlandish.

In the e-mail (again directed at my friend), I said I didn't know what happened to the first picture but here was another. And I asked him to let me know if he got it.

I waited another few days and still heard nothing, so I tried one more time.

This time the picture was a cumshot. A man had just pulled his cock out of a gorgeous woman's wet cunt and shot his load all over her stomach. Again, I asked for confirmation that he had received the picture.

A few days later, I got e-mail from my mother. She explained that the pictures I had been sending had been going to her and I might want to check the address they were supposed to be going to. She made a remark about how she didn't know I was a collector of fine art. She meant it as a joke, so I decided to send a remark to her, as a joke, to see if I could determine her true feelings.

I wrote her back and said if she was interested in fine art, I could send her more samples. I also said I was sorry if she was embarrassed or if I had made her ashamed of me.

She wrote back saying she could never be ashamed of me and that there was nothing wrong with the pictures. In fact, she said, she kind of liked them. She said she preferred stories though. That was why she was always reading romance novels, but they had gotten boring.

I replied that I also had a collection of stories, but they might be a bit graphic for her tastes. She asked me to send her one and she would be the judge.

After several more e-mail conversations and several stories, I sprung the trap.

She had gotten to where she would expect a new story every Friday night and she often wrote that she enjoyed them, but it was a shame she was single and didn't have someone to share them with.

When I knew I had her interested in the stories, I sent her my favourite. It was a story about mother-son incest.

I waited, hoping she wouldn't be repulsed by it or think I was sick. She didn't send me any e-mail the next week and I thought she had decided I was a pervert and she wanted to have no contact with me.

Finally, after a couple of messages from me, she replied. She said the story was great, but that it stirred up all kinds of feelings in her. Feelings she didn't know if she could share with me, because they weren't right.

I told her that I didn't care what she said. She was my mom and I would always love her. I just hoped I hadn't disappointed her or made her think I was disturbed. She said no, she would never think that.

The next weekend, I decided to make an unannounced visit. She lived in an apartment in town, so I stopped by and found her by the pool. She was in a simple one-piece bathing suit. Her hair was starting to gray and her body had just a little bit of sage, but she was still beautiful.

When she saw me, she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself. I thought, Great. Now she does think I'm a pervert and she'll never trust me again. We walked back to her apartment and sat down in the living room. I asked her if she was sure the story didn't bother her and said I would stop sending her anything like that if she wanted.

She just stared at the floor for several seconds and then said she wanted me to keep sending her stuff and that she actually enjoyed the story. She slowly looked up and I couldn't tell whether she was going to laugh or cry. She looked very nervous.

I decide 7 years was long enough, so I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the mouth.

I love you, Mom. I said.

She breathed a sigh of relief and threw her arms around my neck. I love you, too. She hugged me tight for several seconds and when she started to draw away, I kept my arms around her , allowing her to pull away just enough so we were face to face. I kissed her again. This time more passionately. Her lips yielded beneath mine and parted slightly. A small moan escaped her throat and I started to open my mouth slightly. My tongue slipped into her mouth to touch hers and it was as if an electric spark had gone off. Suddenly we were holding each other tightly and kissing passionately.

I laid her back on the couch and pulled her towel off. My hands roamed over her body, cupping her small breasts and feeling the nipples harden in my palms. I began kissing her neck and shoulders, while me hands slid the straps of her swimsuit down. As I freed her breasts, she sat up.

What are we doing? She asked, sounding slightly scared.

I'm showing you how much I love you, I told her and gently pushed her back on the couch. She laid back willingly and closed her eyes.

I sucked a nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it, just as I had almost 20 years ago.

Mom's body stiffened as I sucked on her tits and kneaded them with my hands.

I slipped my hands behind her and began to squeeze her ass as I continued to suck her tits and she moaned again, slightly louder this time. I shifted position so I was next to her. I could feel my hard cock pressed against her thigh and I knew she could feel it, too. She started pressing back against it and her hands caressed my shoulders.

I slipped a hand down the back of her suit and caressed her bare ass. I dragged my fingers up and down the crack of her ass. I felt the tip of my finger just barely touch her asshole and the hair that surrounded her pussy. She drew a sharp breath when my finger touched her asshole and pressed her thigh against my cock again.

I got down on the floor in front of her and started to pull her swimsuit off.

She looked at me for a moment hesitantly and then a smile spread across her face as she lifted her ass from the couch and allowed me to pull her suit down.

She sat there on the couch in front of me naked.

I started kissing her toes and worked my way up her legs, stopping to nibble at the back of her knees and kissing my way up the inside of her soft thighs. A glance up showed me that her pussy was dripping with nectar and I couldn't wait to taste it.

I paused just above her cunt, letting her feel my hot breath on her wet pussy.

She sighed and reached down to run her fingers through my hair. I put out my tongue and touched it to her clit. Her body stiffened as if by an electric shock and before she could relax, I clamped my mouth around her luscious cunt and began to lick and suck her clit. I plunged my tongue deep into her cunt as the juice ran down my face and her hands on my head began to press against me harder, urging me to continue.

Her moans grew louder and I could feel her clit swell as I flicked it with my tongue.

She got wetter and wetter and her moans grew louder. After only a few minutes, her moaning turned into panting and she pressed my face into her gash.

Oh god. I'm coming baby! Don't stop, she gasped.

I continued to eat her moist pussy and she began to buck against my face, lifting her hips up off the couch. I reached behind her and grabbed her ass and pulled her cunt to my mouth, grinding my lips and tongue against her engorged clit. Her panting continued and I could feel her ass and pussy muscles contract as her orgasm washed over her.

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