Miss Rene and Tommy

by Schulzie

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Story: She just moved into the neighbourhood and the kid next door turns her on too much

Rene DeLong heard the bicycle rattling down the road in front of her house. She jumped out of her easy chair and raced to the window to peep through the blinds. There, peddling down the street toward the house directly across the street from her own, was Tommy Avera. Just barely fifteen years old, Tommy was returning from his paper route, a job he had just begun a few weeks earlier. In spite of his young age, he was physically well-developed. He was 5 feet, ten inches tall with sandy blond hair, and broad shoulders. Like many teenagers, Tommy was all arms and legs which suggested an awkwardness about him. When Rene saw Tommy jump off his bike in the driveway, she reached down to the crotch of her tight jeans and rubbed her clit through the fabric. The young boy turned her on like no male had ever turned her on before. The fact that he was young and awkward did not matter to her. What attracted her to Tommy was her knowledge that this young teen was well hung. She had seen his cock, and simply could not believe it was attached to such a young man.

Just a few months ago, Rene had moved into her new house with her two young daughters. She had just divorced her husband after a miserable eight-year marriage. She had finally caught him in the act, screwing his secretary on the floor of their living room. She had come home early from work and entered their house quietly, curious about why his car was in the driveway so early in the day. She had suspected for quite some time that he was fooling around on her. Even so, she was not prepared for the sight she beheld when she opened the front door. There on the plush carpet in front of the fireplace was Larry, humping and pumping, his cock buried in the cunt of his brunette secretary who laid beneath him with her legs up around him, her heels pushing his ass forward forcing him to fuck her deeper. Rene's timing was awful. At just the exact moment she walked in, Larry was in the throes of an orgasm, grunting and moaning as his piston- like cock spewed its load into the waiting pussy of the 22-year-old bimbo below him.

"Yes, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, God, give it to me," Rene heard the young woman scream as Larry shot his wad deep into her tight hole. Rene stood there in shock. In her heart, she was not surprised to learn that all her suspicions about her husband's infidelity were true. She just didn't dream that she would learn the truth this way. There he was, plowing away, thrust after thrust into his secretary's pussy as she writhed beneath him on the living room floor.

It was the young girl who first became aware of Rene's presence. She looked up to see her lover's wife staring in disbelief as the woman's husband came inside her. She began to pound on his back. "Larry! Your wife!"

Larry turned his head to see Rene looming over them. "Oh, shit!" he cursed, lifting himself up off of his secretary, his cock still squirting cum onto the secretary's pubic hair and the carpet beneath her.

Rene wasted no time. She grabbed the heavy ashtray that sat on the coffee table and lobbed it at him, catching him square in his nuts. Disabled by the blow to his testicles, Larry doubled over in pain, breathless. Then Rene turned to the young secretary, screaming, "Get out of my house, you slut! Get your fucking clothes, and get out of here. Whore!" Rene didn't wait for the dumbfounded girl to get dressed. She grabbed her by the arm, yanking her to the front door, pushing her out naked. Only as an afterthought did she scoop up the clothes she left behind and threw them out the door at the nude woman standing out front, her body exposed to anyone who might be passing by.

Rene turned her attention to her cheating husband who was still unable to do more than lie there in front of her, incapacitated by the impact of the ashtray that struck his balls.

"Goddam you, you son-of-a-bitch!" Rene screamed at him, kicking his ass. "Isn't it bad enough you're screwing around on me. Why did you have to bring that little bitch here to screw her?" She was relentless, kicking him over and over, continuing to yell at him. "Where do you get off fucking that little tramp in our living room? You're gonna pay for this!" And with that, she grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, turning his head toward the semen he had shot on the carpet, and pushed his face down into the goo. "Eat this!"

Larry did pay for his foolish indiscretions. The divorce settlement cost him nearly everything he had. Though Rene got custody of the girls and was awarded the house, she no longer cared to remain there. Every time she entered the house, all she could picture was the scene she had walked in on the day she had caught him in the act. She made arrangements to sell the house and moved into a new house in a new neighborhood with new neighbors. And there was one neighbor she really wanted to get to know very well - Tommy Avera.

On the Saturday after she had just finished moving in, Rene decided to introduce herself to some of her neighbors. She took her daughters, Laura and Claire, to meet the people living nearby. Rene was hopeful that some of her neighbors might have children about the same age as her girls. Laura was 6 years old, Claire had just turned 4. Neither of the neighbors living next door were at home when she knocked on their doors, so with kids in either hand, she ambled on across the street. Knocking on the door of the house across the street, she admired the well-kept lawn and shrubbery that surrounded her neighbor's home. Within a few seconds, a woman in her 30's opened the door.

"Hello," said the woman, "may I help you?"

"Hi," said Rene. "I'm Rene DeLong. I'm your new neighbor from across the street. I just came over to introduce myself."

"Oh, hi. I'm Ruth Avera. So you're living in the old Watson couple's house. Come on in."

Rene and the girls walked in the Avera home. "These are my girls. This is Laura and this is Claire. Say 'hi' to Mrs. Avera."

"You girls can call me Miss Ruth, okay? My, but you are both so pretty!"

Ruth led the threesome into the kitchen. "Have a seat. I was just getting ready to pour myself a cup of coffee. Care for some?" Ruth asked Rene.

"I'd love some," answered Rene.

"How about the girls? I've got some Coke."

"Okay. But just a little bit."

For the next half-hour or so, the two women sat at the kitchen table, chatting about the neighborhood as Ruth told Rene about the other neighbors, sharing all the gossip she knew. After awhile, they began to talk about themselves. It turned out that, like Rene, Ruth was also divorced, starting over again after a marriage that had managed to last almost 16 years. As they talked, Rene looked about the kitchen, admiring how nicely the room was decorated.

"I love the way your house looks. Such warm colors."

"Thank you," said Ruth. "I'm pleased with how it's all turned out. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. Say, would you like to look at the rest of the house?"

"I'd love to," replied Rene. "Now you girls behave yourself down here while Mommy looks at the rest of Miss Ruth's house."

"If it's alright with you," said Ruth, "the girls can play out back. The yard is fenced in, and there's a swing set out there. It's been there since Tommy was little."

"Okay, " said Rene. "You girls have fun."

As the girls headed out the back door, Ruth gave Rene a tour of the house. They surveyed the living room and the den before heading upstairs. Ruth showed Rene her bedroom, and the two women discussed where she had bought the furnishings.

"Now down the hall is Tommy's room. I don't think you want to see that. You know teenagers. I'd hate to think how messy it is."

"I understand. My brothers were real pigs when they were teenagers. Probably still are." The women laughed.

"Do you mind if I use your bathroom while we're up here?" asked Rene.

"No, not at all. It's down the hall right past Tommy's room. I'll meet you downstairs," said Ruth.

Rene stepped into the bathroom, slipping her jeans and panties down as she sat on the toilet to relieve herself. She liked Ruth and felt very comfortable in the Avera house. Rene finished peeing, wiped herself and began pulling her pants and undies back up over her hips as she flushed the toilet. After washing and drying her hands, she stepped out into the hall to head back down the stairs. It was at that moment that she heard a sound that seemed to come from the room that Ruth had indicated was her son's bedroom. It sounded to Rene like a bedspring squeaking and very heavy labored breathing. Without thinking, curiosity got the best of her. She walked quietly toward the door and noticed that the door was open just a crack. She put her head close to the door, squinted, and looked through the door that was slightly ajar.

She nearly gasped at what she saw. There was a young man lying in the bed right next to the door. The head of the bed was against the wall nearest to the door and from her angle she could not see the young man's face or chest. But she could see that he was totally naked below. And she could see that the young man's hand was stroking his cock. It was an enormous cock, at least eight inches in length. But the length was not what impressed Rene the most; it was the thickness of his cock that Rene could not believe. It seemed to be as thick as her wrist.

"Jesus!," she whispered to herself as she watched the young man's hand gripped tightly around the thick organ, stroking it with wild abandon. He seemed completely oblivious to everything else but the sensations he was administering to his engorged dick. When he lifted his hips off the bed, Rene knew he was getting ready to come. She watched in fascination. In spite of growing up with two brothers and having been married, she had never in her entire life watched a man masturbate. Part of her felt that she shouldn't be watching such an intimate act, that she should walk away and let him finish himself off with some privacy. Yet, another part of her could not look away. She wanted to see that moment when his semen would shoot out of the end of his cock.

She didn't have to wait long. Within a few seconds, she saw his hand moving rapidly up and down the long, thick shaft. His breathing got heavier and heavier as his hips began bucking. The head of his erect cock grew and then it happened. Up in the air from the head of his cock flew a stream of white, creamy cum, arcing towards the young man's upper torso out of her sight. The orgasm that overtook him must have felt delightful, she reasoned, as she heard him moan with pleasure and grunt at the moment he came. Then she saw another white streak, then another, both landing on his chest and stomach. A few more lesser shots sprang from his pulsating dick until finally, with one last grunt, the young man slowed his hand down to a stop and he collapsed on the bed, sighing contentedly.

Rene was astounded. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. The sight of a man shooting his load in passionate solitude turned her on more than she ever dreamed it could. The fact that the load of cum leaped out of such a huge penis made the sight even more exciting. She watched, mesmerized, as the huge organ began to slowly shrink, resting upon the young man's belly.

Reality hit Rene. She shouldn't be watching this, she realized. Quietly, she walked away from the door toward the stairs and headed back down to rejoin Ruth in the kitchen. Before she walked in the kitchen, Rene stopped to compose herself. She knew she was breathing a bit too heavily, and she could feel that her face was flushed. Taking a deep breath, Rene stepped into the kitchen and was glad to see that Ruth had her back turned away from her as she sat down at the table.

When Ruth finally turned around, she didn't seem to noticed that Rene was the least bit flustered. "So," said Ruth, "you like my house, huh?"

"Yes, it's very nice," Rene said, still thinking about the cock she had just seen explode upstairs. "I've got to be going soon. I promised the girls I'd take them to McDonald's for lunch. Let me call them back inside."

She got up from the chair, put the empty coffee cup in the sink, and went to the door to call the girls. In a few minutes, Ruth showed Rene and the girls to the door. The two women both realized they had each found a brand new friend, and agreed to do lunch the next day. As Rene turned to leave, she could hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Oh, wait," said Ruth. "Let me introduce you to my son. Tommy? Come here, please. I want you to meet our new neighbors."

Rene watched as Tommy came down the stairs. Oh my God, she thought, there he is. Tommy - the young man she had just watched bring himself to an orgasm upstairs only a few minutes ago - was standing right in front of her fully dressed this time. "Tommy, this is Miss Rene," said Ruth to her son.

"Hi, Tommy," said Rene, smiling at the young man.

"Hi," replied Tommy, shyly.

"And these are my daughter's, Laura and Claire."

Tommy and the girls exchanged smiles as Rene looked the young man over. He was good looking, she thought, examining his features. She couldn't help but take a glimpse at his crotch. Though he most surely was no longer erect, the bulge in his pants suggested that the boy was well-equipped, erection or not.

"Tommy's real anxious to begin his first job today," said Ruth. "He's got a paper route. He's trying to earn some money for his class trip this spring."

"Oh," said Rene, "your senior class trip?"

"No ma'am," replied Tommy, "I'm not in high school. I'm only in middle school."

Rene was shocked. Here was this tall, handsome, well-built young boy who had a man-sized cock. And he was only in middle school!

"Tommy's big for his age," said Ruth. "Just like his father was at that age."

"How old are you?" asked Rene.

"Fourteen. But my birthday's next week."

Good Lord, Rene thought to herself. This kid isn't even fifteen yet, but he could easily pass for 17 or 18. I wonder how long it will take until the girls find out what he's carrying in those pants of his.

"Well, Tommy, if you are trying to earn some money, maybe I can help. Would you be interested in taking care of my lawn this summer? I can see how well-kept your lawn is; do you take care of it?"

"Yes, ma'am. My Dad's a landscaper. I've learned a lot from him.

"Tommy? Would you like to take care of Miss Rene's yard?" asked his mother.

Tommy looked puzzled. "Your husband won't mind, will he?" asked Tommy.

Rene grinned at the boy. "I'm not married, Tommy. I'm divorced."

"Oh. Okay. I guess I can do it. How much are you paying?"

"Tommy?!" said Ruth, disapprovingly.

"That's okay, Ruth," said Rene. "Tommy's got good business sense, that's all. Tommy, I'll make sure you get paid fairly. Maybe we can talk about it tomorrow when I come over for lunch, okay?"


"Then I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Bye, Tommy. Bye, Ruth."

"Goodbye," said Ruth. "Bye, girls."

Tommy just waved at Rene and the girls as they walked away. Just before he closed the door, he saw Rene turn around to look at him. Their eyes met, and Tommy started to blush at the intense look she was giving him. God, she's pretty, he thought as he slowly closed the door.

Later that night, after she had given the girls their baths and tucked them into bed, Rene decided that what she needed was to relax from all the unpacking was a nice, warm bubblebath.

She began to fill the tub with hot water and poured some strawberry scented bubble bath into the tub. As the water flowed into the tub, Rene began to undress. She lifted her Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt up and over her head and dropped it on the floor near the bathroom door. She reached around behind her with both hands to unfasten her pink, satin bra and took it off, throwing it on top of the t-shirt. She stopped for a minute, looking in the bathroom mirror to admire her breasts. She held them, lifting them up with her hands, as she stood there looking them over in the mirror. When she was a teenager, she wished she had larger boobs like some of the other girls in school. Though her bust was only 34 inches, she was pleased with how they finally turned out. They were firm breasts and she liked the way they curved underneath. She began to run her hands over her breasts, her fingers tweaking her nipples, causing them to stand hard and erect. Slowly, she turned to inspect her profile in the mirror. She loved the way her nipples pointed upward from her breasts when they were erect. Her fingers began to run circles around the swollen tips, causing her nipples to stiffen even more.

Finally, Rene unbuttoned her jeans and slid them and her panties down, over her hips and down her legs. Stepping out of her jeans and undies, she again turned to the mirror to view herself in complete nudity. She was proud of her body. Standing just over 5 feet tall, her body was compact. Her silky, smooth skin covered a well-proportioned frame. Partially due to her metabolism, but mostly because she worked out at the gym at every opportunity, her stomach was flat and her abdominal muscles taut. This only served to give more accent to her buttocks. Several men she had known told her she had a "classic ass"; the curves gently rounding out where her butt met her legs.

Picking up her brush, Rene began running it through her medium length blonde hair. She was a natural blonde and had a blondish bush to prove it. She never considered herself a stereotypical dumb blonde. She had done well in college and was always surprised when some of the guys she dated in college treated her as though they expected her to be some air-headed bimbo. Many times she astounded some of her suitors by being able to engage in intelligent conversation. Sometimes she felt as though they were intimidated by her intellect. It was in college that she had met Larry, and he was one of the few that wasn't taken aback by her brains.

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