Reluctant Model

by John Doelman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Enema, .

Desc: Sex Story: A teen is forced to pose for lewd photos to pay her rent.

It was the first of the month, and Andrea knew the rent was due. Andrea Smith was a 18 year-old high school cheerleader and had just moved out from her parents. She said she needed to be independent and on her own. She was 5' 7", 107 pounds, with long, naturally blonde hair and shapely, tan legs; a baby face on a woman's body. She had found a part-time job as a secretary to pay the rent, but then she got layed off. She hadn't paid it in over three months. She knew the landlord would be calling her soon for the overdue money. He was an awful, old man, mean and not understanding of her predicament at all. He had threatened to evict her this month if she didn't come across with some money. Above all else in life, she feared being homeless.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was Mr. Snyder. She asked him in as nicely as she could, hoping he would give her another break.

"You know why I'm here.", he said as he sat down on her sofa.

"I'm really trying to get some money together for you." , she pleaded.

"I'm through listening to your excuses.", he said. "You owe me a lot of money, young lady. Tomorrow, I'm having you evicted from here."

"No!", she screamed. "I have no where to go! Can't you give me one more chance?"

He got up to leave without answering her. She grabbed his arm as he was going out the door.

"Please, I'll do anything."

He stopped and turned.

"Anything?", he asked.

"Well," she admitted, "almost anything.".

"That's not exactly what I had in mind, but do I have a friend who might be able to use your services." he said, "That is if you're willing."

"I can type 60 words a minute.", she said.

"That's not what I had in mind. He's a photographer and he's always looking for pretty, young girls to model for him."

"I'm sorry Mr. Snyder. I'm not that kind of girl", she said quietly and slammed the door in his face. She sat down on the couch and began to cry.

That night, Andrea woke up from a deep sleep. She thought about this being the last night in her apartment, and began to cry. She knew her parents would never take her back. She thought about being out on the street all alone, and all the unspeakable things that might happen to a young, pretty, vulnerable girl. She reached for the phone and dialed Mr. Snyder and got the photographer's address.

It was 9 o'clock the next evening when Andrea arrived at the photographer's studio. Her long, blonde hair was braided up into a bun and she wore her best evening gown, a long, revealing, black velvet dress, and high heels in order to impress the photographer. Even though she was a beautiful, young girl, Andrea had never modeled before and didn't know what to expect, so she tried to look her best for him. She looked like she was ready for an evening on the town. Only her lack of make up betrayed Andrea's young age. Trying to be as poised as a 18 year-old girl could be, she walked up to the front door and knocked. The door opened and she was greeted by a man in his 50's.

"Hi, I'm Andrea Smith. Mr. Snyder sent me to see you", Andrea said, hesitantly.

The photographer looked Andrea up and down, admiring her young body sheathed tightly in the her evening gown and high heels. It had been a long time since he had the chance to photograph such a pretty, young girl. Even though she was so young, she still had a certain sexiness and seductiveness to her. He undressed her in his mind, trying to imagine just what she would look like without any of her clothes on. Yes, he thought; she would make an excellent subject for his project.

"He told me that you would be coming. Please come inside."

They walked down the hall and descended a set of stairs leading to the basement. He unlocked a door in the rear area and directed her into his photography studio. He closed the door behind her and locked it, noticing the sweet fragrance of the perfume she wore. There were bright lights everywhere, all illuminating the same area: the center of the studio. In the middle of the room were a wooden chair with arms, a small table, and an examination table from a gynecologist's office. Other than these items, the large studio was empty of furniture.

"Have a seat over in that chair, Miss Smith, if you would please.", he said and pointed to the chair.

Andrea walked over to the chair, sat down and crossed her legs. She looked up and was immediately blinded by the bright, studio lights and found she couldn't see the photographer anymore. All she could do was hear him loading film into his camera. She felt like she was on display. She shifted nervously in the chair and began to wonder what this man was up to. She felt alone, but knew he was there, staring at her in the chair.

"Did Mr. Snyder tell you what you exactly what you were going to be doing this evening?" the photographer asked.

"He only said that you were a photographer and that I could help you out by doing some modeling for you.", Andrea replied.

"Oh, I think you can do that. You look like you will be a fine model for my new project", he said.

"I hope so. I owe him a lot of money.", Andrea replied hesitantly.

"Yes you do. Quite a lot, from what he tells me. How old are you, Miss Smith?", the hidden voice inquired.

"I just turned 18, sir. I'm in the 12th grade, and a cheerleader at Southern High School.", she replied demurely, struggling to see him through all of the lights. All there was, was a voice from behind the blinding brilliance.

"You're kind of young for my style of photography, but we'll see how it goes tonight. Have you ever modeled for a photographer before?"

"No, never", she replied, shifting nervously in the chair.

"Well, we'll take it nice and slow then. I find it hard to believe that no one has ever asked you to model before. You are a very beautiful young lady.

I'm going to begin taking some photographs of your face. Just try to act natural for me. O.K. then let's get started.", he said.

He began by shooting several shots of her face, telling her to smile and turn her face to the left and right.

"You're a beautiful, young lady, Miss Smith. You should be a professional model", he remarked as he quietly photographed her.

"I would be too afraid", she said, turning her face to follow his instructions. The photographer shot several rolls of film and he was reloading his camera.

This isn't so bad, she thought, but she spoke too soon. He put down his camera and spoke to her...

"Let's talk about why you really came here tonight. It seems you're way behind in your rent, Miss Smith. Mr. Snyder told me that you'd be willing to pay it off by helping me. That's good, because I need a young model like you to photograph for my current project. If you cooperate with me tonight, I will see to it that your debt to Mr. Snyder is paid in full. You, in turn, will owe me. Not money, but with something much more valuable to me."

"What do I have to do?, Andrea asked hesitantly.

"I want you to pose in the nude for me."

Panic raced through Andrea's head as she finally began to realize what this evening's work was really all about. It wasn't about working off her indebtedness in a normal manner.

In order for her to pay off the debt she owed Mr. Snyder, she was going to have to take off her clothes and allow herself to be photographed in the nude by this complete and total stranger. Her lithe, young body squirmed nervously in the chair.

Andrea shuddered at just the thought of undressing in front of some man she had never met before, allowing him visually roam her naked body, and then allowing him photograph her totally in nude. It would be just like those disgusting magazines she found once in her father's closet.

Andrea Smith was only 18 years old, and still in high school. Her gynecologist was the only man who had ever seen her without any of her clothes on, and that was traumatic enough. Things like this didn't happen to nice girls like her, she thought. She unconsciously pulled the bottom of her dress down tightly with her hands.

"Shall we begin then? As I just said, you're going to have to remove your clothes for this photo shoot, but I want you to take them off one piece at a time. Hmmm. Let's see. Where should we begin?

"Let's start with that lovely gown you're wearing. It really compliments your body, but it looks so tight and confining on you. Let's get you more comfortable.", he said.

Andrea knew what was coming next and revolted inside. She readied herself to verbally protest, but she was cut off .

"I want to see what you look like under your dress, first. I want you to slowly reach down with your hands and pull the bottom of your dress up to your waist", he said hungrily.

She looked at him with fear in her eyes. There was no way she could go through with this. No man had ever seen her in the nude before and she wasn't going to start now, especially under these embarrassing circumstances. She was going to save this intimate moment for her future husband.

"Isn't there something else I can do to pay that awful man off? There must be! I can't go through with this. I've never done anything like this before!", she protested and began to get up.

"Mr. Snyder, will be very disappointed to hear that you didn't want to cooperate with me and you know what that means", he said, solemnly.

Andrea knew she was entrapped. She would have to submit to this pornographic adventure or out of her apartment she would go. She sat back down in the chair. She waited for a few seconds and then, with a sigh of resignation, reached down with her hands and grasped the bottom of her black evening gown.

Slowly, she lifted her dress up, past her knees to the middle of her svelte thighs and stopped. Andrea looked down at her newly exposed legs and shuddered at the thought of what was to follow this modest exposure.

"You have beautifully tan legs, Miss Smith. So nice and long and smooth, but I want you to show me more. If you would please, pull your dress up the rest of the way, above your waist. I want to see what kind of panties you're wearing."

Andrea slowly inched her dress up. Little by little, her petite panties came into view. They were plain white cotton. A few of her light blonde pubic hairs peeked out from the sides, and her nether lips were clearly outlined through the cotton crotch. A rush of embarrassment travelled through her body.

"You're being much too modest, Miss Smith. As a beautiful, young lady, you should enjoy showing off your body. Most men would pay dearly to see a young girl like you in the nude. Because you're so far in debt, I'm going to get to see you naked for free. Now, if you would please, Miss Smith, lift your dress as high up as you can, up above your waist", he said.

Soon, Andrea's beautiful gown was gathered up around her waist, showing off her long, tan thighs and her panty covered loins. Andrea kept her thighs pressed tightly together, but she could not hide the front of her panties. She heard him start clicking away with his camera, photographing her in this compromising position.

Andrea couldn't believe what she was doing. Wasn't it against the law to photograph a teen-aged girl like this? She began to wonder whether this was worth the rent she owed. But, what could she do? Nothing, but cooperate with his obscene desires and submit to his demands, completely.

"White cotton panties. Just what a nice, young girl should wear. But they look too small for you; your pubic hair is sticking out around the sides. Do you have much pubic hair on your vulva, Miss Smith? At your young age, I bet you don't. I guess that you teenaged girls don't have much to cover your genitals with. Do you want to show me yours, Miss Smith? No? Well you must if you want your bill paid off.

"Now, Miss Smith, I want you to take your panties and pull them down to your ankles, but leave them there."

His saying the words "take your panties and pull them down" shocked Andrea into realizing that she was really going to have to expose her most intimate area, her genitals to this man. She thought about refusing, but she knew she couldn't. She cringed in total embarrassment at the thought just of exposing her genitalia for him to see, but for some strange man to photograph them was a completely mortifying thought. She hesitated for a moment, but solemnly resigned herself to her forced disrobing.

Andrea reluctantly grasped the elastic sides of her small panties and slowly eased them down off of her narrow hips, and slipped them down her long legs to her ankles, leaving herself completely naked below the waist.

Andrea sat back and looked fearfully into the blinding lights. She knew she had passed the point of no return. Her dress remained up around her waist, which only made her look all the more vulnerable. She kept her slim, tan thighs pressed tightly together, trying desperately to hide her vulva, but a tiny patch of her light, blonde pubic hair and the top of her vulval slit were clearly visible at the base of her pubic mound, which rose above her flat abdomen. From her tan lines, it was obvious that when she sunbathed, she wore a small string bikini that barely covered her pubis.

"I see from your tan that you sunbathe in really small bikini bottoms. You must be very attractive in it when you're at the beach. You're doing very well, Miss Smith. Most of my models are protesting by this point. I guess nudity doesn't suit them. But this is where your fun really starts.

"Now.......I want you to spread your legs apart and let me see your pussy."

Andrea was suddenly jolted into complete awareness by his request. She stared down at her exposed pubic mound below the gathered folds of her black dress. Her pubis rose gracefully to a pubic hair tufted prominence at the union of her long, slim legs. She saw her tan, naked hips and abdomen, framing her partially concealed, white vulva and finally realized that she was going to have to openly expose the most intimate, personal part of her body, for this man to take pictures of. Only her gynecologist had seen her genitals before this ordeal, and those few times were deeply embarrassing. And he was a doctor! This man was only a photographer.

Andrea was taught as a little girl that a woman's most intimate body area was her genitalia, to be kept covered and hidden from sight, not to be shown to anyone, and never openly displayed or exposed in a manner such as she was being forced to do. She was too young and innocent for this, she thought. Humiliation flooded through her mind and she thought about refusing, but knew she couldn't.

Andrea gathered up all of her nerve and slowly began to spread apart her lean legs and reveal her genitals to the photographer's pornographic lens.

Ever so slowly, her juvenile vulva came into his view, as her legs slipped apart from their tight closure. The bright lights illuminated the entire area between her legs. Her naked pubis evolved into a petite, perpendicular crack, framed between her two fleshy vulval lips.

Andrea's curved pubic mound was barely covered with light blonde pubic hair, and her outer vulval lips were smooth and plump, curving inward to meet in the smooth, dark crack which formed the introduction into her inner sexual cavity.

In most older blonde women, their outer vulval lips were colored a light brown toward their outer edges, but because Andrea was only 18 years old, her young labia were completely colored a pink flesh tone along their entire length.

It was obvious from her embarrassed reaction that she had never exposed her genitals like this before. Her face blushed with embarrassment as she heard him starting to take pictures of her exposed vulva.

She put her hands over her face in shame.

"I knew it. Your pussy lips are as smooth as a baby's bottom. You must be a virgin. I can tell because your outer vulval lips don't open up and reveal your inner lips when you spread your legs apart. We'll soon fix that.

"Spread your legs apart wider, Miss Smith, as wide as you can."

Andrea spread her legs apart as wide as she could while still sitting in the chair, forming a broad, open V with her thighs, her shins pointing straight down, completely exposing her youthful genitals for his visual examination. Her outer vulval lips evolved into a virginal pink color, very puffy and smooth, but her inner lips remained tightly concealed beneath them, hidden from his obscene gaze.

Andrea sat there in stunned speechlessness, with her dress gathered up around her hips, stark naked below the waist, her legs spread wide open in the most seductive position possible, exposing her most intimate flesh for some strange man to inspect and scrutinize at his pleasure.

The little dignity that she had left vanished into the bright lights. She had never felt so helpless and exposed in all of her life.

"That's good. Now stay like that. You have very photogenic genitals, Miss Smith. I'm pleased that you don't have much pubic hair. It would only hide the juvenile femininity of your young vulva. The light, pink color of your pussy lips will come out looking great on film. This is working out very well."

He took several pictures of her in this alluring position. She felt like a victim of visual rape with his eyes probing her exposed external genitals. She closed her eyes and put her head back, wishing this were all a bad nightmare.

"Now I want you to lean back, Miss Smith, and put your legs over the arms of the chair."

Andrea began to whimper softly, and closed her eyes. How much more is he going to make me do, she wondered.

She sat back, and lifted her knees up over each arm of the chair. As she lifted her feet up off the floor, her panties fell off her black, high heels, landing at the feet of the chair. She placed each of her knees on the arms of the chair and let her calves hang down each side.

Andrea's genitals spread open completely and her anus came into his view. As her outer lips widened into a extended, fleshy cleft, her inner lips finally pulled slowly apart and yawned open and free from each other. The pink wetness of her vulval interior glistened in the bright lights and her vaginal opening contracted involuntarily into a tight closure.

Andrea felt the cool studio air try to seep into her vaginal opening. Her entire white, vulval area was framed by her golden tan ass cheeks and thighs.

She felt like a cheap whore, openly displaying her most intimate area, her genitals, like this. Not even Andrea's gynecologist saw her in such a obscene position, with her dress pulled up around her waist, her legs splayed wide open across the arms of the chair and her sexual organs and orifices laying completely agape and totally exposed.

He moved in close and took several shots of her exposed, pink vestibule up close. With each click of the camera, Andrea cringed in shame, knowing her genitals were being photographed. She felt like her genitals were being photographed for the section on female external genitalia in some gynecology textbook.

"You have a beautiful pussy, Miss Smith. Your outer lips are so ripe and full and your inner lips are so pink! I bet your vagina is tight, isn't it? I even think I see your hymen, darling.

"Tell me, have you ever shown your genitals to a man before? Never? I think I can say that you've never had pictures taken of them before, right? Well let's not stop here!

"Take your fingers and spread apart your vulval lips for me. I want to see deep up inside that virgin vagina of yours and get a few of shots of your inner genitalia."

Andrea shuddered at the thought of having to use her very own hands to hold open and expose the inside her most intimate flesh for this man to photograph. This was so crude and disgusting, but she had no choice.

Andrea reluctantly reached down between her upward pointing thighs and with her fingers, gently grasped the plump folds of her smooth labia majora, slowly drew them fully apart, and cautiously exposed her untouched vaginal opening to him.

Her sex slit unfolded into a velvety, moist, crimson gash. The inner surfaces of her labia were smooth and shiny, with a deeper pink than the outsides, and her urethral opening finally unfolded into his view. It was dark and pink and soft and it glistened in the bright lights. He shot several more shots of the inside of her pink vestibule.

Andrea held her vulval lips wide open for what seemed like an eternity, allowing him to stare into her intimate sexual interior. They had never been spread so far open before. He paused and marveled at the young woman before him. She looked so sexy holding her genitals open like this for his inspection. She was his slave.

"O.K., sweetheart, I've got enough photos of you with your legs opened and pussy lips spread apart. Stand up and remove that lovely gown you have on. I want to see what your breasts looks like."

Andrea took her legs off of the arms of the chair and stood up. Her dress remained up around her hips; she was naked from the waist down.

She reached behind and unzipped the back of her luxuriant gown down to her waist, and then pulled it up over her head and off. She stood in front of him wearing nothing on but her bra. She began to put her hands in front of her crotch to cover herself, but before she could, he issued further instructions to her.

"Take your bra off, Miss Smith, but slowly."

Andrea reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She slowly pulled the rounded cups away from her breasts and slid the straps down her shoulders and off her arms. She dropped her bra on the floor.

This left Andrea standing in front of him, completely naked, wearing nothing but her black high heels. Andrea was tall for a 18 year-old girl and young body was just beginning to show the first signs of womanhood. Her skin was smooth and soft. Her hips had very little flair to them. Her milky white breasts were large and conical; her areolas were two large, puffy, pinkish nozzles that only teenaged girls have and they stood out from her breasts, and her nipples had begun to get hard from being exposed to the cool air of the studio. Her dark tan made her white breasts stand out all the more. The curves of her narrow pelvis were made all the more striking by her white bikini bottom tan lines. The furrow of her labial lips was still visible as she stood there waiting for his next command.

Although she could not see him from behind the spotlights, she could feel his eyes roaming over her naked form. Her hands unconsciously moved in front of her bare pubis. She shook when she realized this because he had already viewed her genitals in minute detail.

Andrea stood totally naked in front of him for several minutes. She heard him take several shots of her and then there was a long silence. The feeling she was experiencing was beyond her ability to comprehend. Her naked body was being studied and scrutinized from beyond the luminous veil by some man she had never met before. The longer she stood there in the intense silence, the more frightened and humiliated she became. She wondered what obscene things she was going to be forced to do next. Finally he spoke.

"There's nothing like a teen-age girl's body; so young and innocent yet ready for her first sexual encounter. Why don't you let your hair down. It looks too formal when you're standing there in the nude."

Andrea reached up to the top of her head and undid the bun that was holding her hair in place. Her long blonde hair cascaded down around her shoulders and back.

"Now I want you to pinch your nipples with your fingers, Miss Smith, and make them hard. I want a couple of shots with them erect."

Andrea slowly brought her hands to her breasts and began to roll her soft, pink areolas between her thumb and forefinger. The fleshy tips of her nipples quickly grew rigid and stood out proudly from her breasts, which also swelled from the attention she was giving them. Her smooth areolas became wrinkled and pinker colored.

"Excellent. Now spread your feet apart, Miss Smith. I can't get a good shot of your vulva with your legs together. That's good. Now reach down and spread your vulva open for me. I want to see your inner lips hang out loose."

Andrea moved her feet apart and dropped her hands from engorged breasts and put them on her outer labia and pulled them apart, letting her petite, inner lips hang free from her pussy. She felt the cool air on their damp, musky skin.

Andrea had never experienced such humiliation before, prying her intimate sex open in this perverse physical exhibition. In the background, she heard the whir of his camera's motor drive as he continued to photographically rape her stark naked body.

"That's good. Now, turn around. I want to photograph your rear end."

Andrea slowly turned around and showed him her ass. It was small and muscular with a white triangle surrounding the crack of her ass, clearly outlined by her dark tan.

"Bend over, Miss Smith, spread your legs wide apart and grab ahold of your ankles."

Andrea moved her feet far apart until they were in a wide inverted V. She glanced over her shoulder, straining to find his form from the direction of his voice, but the blinding lights hid him from her view. Andrea felt like she was exhibiting herself, as if she were for sale in some sexual meat market. She turned back around, slowly bent over and grasped her ankles, trying to keep her balance in the process. Her ass pointed invitingly outward as the clefts of her ass cheeks opened up for him. This gave the photographer a clear view of her outer labia, but her anus was still hidden in the depths of her tight ass cheeks. Her inner lips were beginning to peer from between her outer labia, which only made the photographer want to see more.

"Let's see what your young, little asshole looks like from behind. Reach back and hold your ass cheeks apart for me. I've never photographed the asshole of a 18 year- old girl before, so you're going to show me yours so that I can."

She reached back, and with each hand, spread her ass cheeks apart. Her anal opening was a small, wrinkled hole, pink in color, buried deep in the crevice of her small ass. He zoomed in on her anus and took several more shots.

"I'll bet you're tight in there, Miss Smith, aren't you? Do you like showing me your genitals?

"What do you think? You think I like being forced to strip and expose my private parts like this? I hate it!", she sobbed.

"Well, maybe if you show me more, you'll learn to like it. Spread your pussy lips open for me, again. I want to see what your insides look like from behind."

She released her grip on her tight cheeks and reached around further, manually unfolding her moist pussy lips for him to inspect. Her inner lips yawned wide open and her vaginal and urethral opening came into view. Andrea heard a rushing sound as the cool air flowed up into her dilated vagina. He could clearly see up into her tight, vagina with her bent over in this position. It was pink and rippled with moist, muscular ridges that glistened in the bright lights.

He took dozens of pictures of the inside of her vagina.

She felt like a piece of meat being photographed for sale. She was getting lightheaded from bending over in this position for so long. All through the ordeal, she could hear the sound of his camera obscenely clicking away, forever recording the images of her inner sexual organs.

Andrea Is Forced To Lie Naked and Spread Eagle On The Gynecologist's Examination Table

"O.K., Miss Smith, let's change the theme of the photo shoot a little bit."

"Oh great! What are you going to have me do now?", she asked fearfully.

"You are going to be photographed while you are being given a pelvic examination by your "gynecologist" this evening. I'll be the doctor, Miss Smith, and you're going to be my patient."

A chill went down Andrea's naked spine. She saw the gynecological examination table out of the corner of her left eye, and knew exactly what he was going to do to her. He was going to give her a female pelvic examination while she was in the nude and photograph the whole humiliating procedure for anybody to see. She stood up and turned around with a look of shear terror in her eyes, as she stared at the table.

"Go over and climb up on that examination table", he said.

"Now wait just a minute! This has gone too far already. You've got enough pictures of me. You're not going to get me on that table in the nude, let alone take any pictures of me up there.", she protested.

"I know young girls hate going for their annual gynecological examinations. That's what I want to capture on film: your vulnerability and fear, lying naked on the examination table with your genitalia fully exposed; the fearful submission, the total humiliation a young girl experiences when she is laying stark naked, spread eagle, and with her genitals totally layed bare on the examination table. That's what I want to see: The very essence of a young girl's deepest fears and the most demeaning experience she can have.", he said.

"At least when I went to my own gynecologist, I got a sheet to cover up myself with. This is embarrassing as hell doing this completely naked!", she screamed.

"I know it is. That's what I want you to experience: complete humiliation. Now get up on the table, that is if you don't want to be evicted."

Andrea sighed heavily and slinked cautiously over to the table, while trying to conceal what she could of her exposed, naked body. When she reached the table, Andrea scanned at the cold leather surface, her eyes stopping suddenly on the metal stirrups that extended from the end.

Andrea knew what the examination table and stirrups represented to a woman: the absolute physical openness and complete vulnerability of her most intimate flesh, her genitals.

Gynecological stirrups restrained a woman's feet and legs, and locked her naked body into a position of complete intimate exposure, perfect female helplessness, total feminine submission, and pure womanly humiliation, all in front of a man.

She hesitantly climbed up onto the edge and sat down, covering her crotch with her hands. She couldn't see his face with all the lights, but she knew he was staring at her naked body.

"You know the procedure, Miss Smith. Lay back on the table and put your feet in the stirrups. But leave your high heels on. They add to your sexiness."

Andrea layed back and put her head against the table. It was cold to her skin and caused her nipples to quickly grow rigid again. She drew a deep breath and slowly she extended each of her high heels into the metal stirrups. Her nervous breathing caused her conical breasts to rise and fall against her chest. Even though her knees were still together, she could feel her labial lips poking out between the backs of her thighs.

"Now move your pelvis down to the end of the table, Miss Smith. Excellent."

"Now, Miss Smith, I want you to slowly spread your legs open for me. Slowly! I want to get some good shots of your legs spreading apart and of your genitals unfolding and fanning out for me."

Andrea closed her eyes and hesitantly slid her small ass to the end of the table. She then hesitantly began to spread her knees apart from each other. Slowly, her young, pink vulva, with its dark, mysterious vertical split, opened up to his view, as her legs moved into their intimately revealing, examination position. They slowly locked open into a wide V, completely exposing her sexual organs to his debased desires and lusts. The sight that he beheld was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Before him was a 18 year-old girl, lying completely naked on the gynecological examination table, with her legs spread completely apart. With her body in this reclined posture and her legs at a right angle to each other, her adolescent genitals were totally exposed and displayed like she was the subject some obscene, gynecological procedure.

Her outer vulval lips had unfolded into a wide, revealing oval, displaying their smooth, pink inner surfaces; her inner vulva lips were two long, thin, fleshy folds of soft, pink skin, balanced in between her widely separated outer lips and slightly agape, with her petite clitoris, hidden by its soft, pink hood, mounted prominently atop the crest of her inner lips, her vaginal orifice nested at the bottom, where her inner lips met again. Her rectum peaked out from between her ass cheeks.

She heard his camera clicking away, photographing her naked body in this, the most humiliating position a woman could be in. Her head reeled from the humiliation of the setting, and the indignity of her naked body's stark exposure .

"That's very good, Miss Smith. You're being an excellent patient, but you will need to shave off all of your pubic hair so that I can perform a thorough pelvic examination on you. I know you don't have much pubic hair, but it still has to be removed. Pick up the shaving cream and put some on your mound for me."

Andrea picked up the can and squirted some of the white foam into her hand. She reached down between her legs and spread it onto her mound, mixing it into the few curls of pubic hair that she had.

"Pick up the razor and shave yourself."

Andrea grasped the razor handle and held her breath as she brought it between her legs. She began to draw the sharp razor across her mound in short strokes, removing what little pubic hair she had and leaving behind smooth patches of silky, white skin with each pass. Soon her vulva was smooth all over. The white color of her mound melted into a light pink tone as her lips met at the top of her rounded pubis.

"Take the towel and wipe yourself off. Now put some oil on to finish the job."

Andrea rubbed the towel over her vulva and removed the extra shaving cream. She then poured some baby oil into the palm of her hand and rubbed it onto her smooth vulva. The little cover that her pubic hair had provided was gone and her entire genital area was starkly exposed for his obscene visual inspection. Her vulva looked like it belonged to a 12 year old girl.

"Now that you're all clean outside, I want you to use a douche on yourself. I want to make sure that your vagina is nice and clean for this next group of shots."

"You've got to be kidding! You want me to give myself a douche right in front of you?"she said fearfully.

"That's right."

Andrea cringed with dread as she reached over and lifted the douche nozzle off the table. It was the old type with a rubber bag on the end. Andrea brought the nozzle down to her labia and stopped for a moment. She looked up, but could not see him through all of the lights. She looked back down and resigned herself to the sordid endeavor. With her left hand, she spread the bottom of her vulva open. He watched anxiously as Andrea placed the tip into her vaginal opening and began to insert the plastic tube into her vagina. It slowly disappeared up into her vaginal vault with little resistance. She gasped softly as it reached her cervix.

"Open the valve."

Andrea removed her hand from the nozzle and reached over to the clip on the rubber hose and released it . The fluid flowed down the tube and into Andrea's vagina. Her eyes grew wide as the cold solution flooded into her abdomen and filled her vagina. It quickly began flowing from her vaginal opening out onto the table. It ran down onto the floor, leaving a wet puddle. Andrea was humiliated. She was in complete disbelief that she had to go through all of this just to pay off her debt.

"That's excellent, Miss Smith. You can remove the douche nozzle now."

Andrea pulled the nozzle out of her vagina and dropped on the table in disgust.

"I guess you're going to want me to use an enema on myself next!"she screamed.

"You're very perceptive, Miss Smith. I want you to use the douche to do it though."

Andrea reached down and picked up the hideous implement again. This time she brought the nozzle to her anus. She began to push it into her rectum, but her sphincter resisted the intrusion. Slowly, her pink rosebud began dilating to accept the plastic probe. She cried out as she slid it deeper into her anal canal. She finally reached the end of the nozzle. Andrea released the clip once more and the cold fluid flowed up into her rectum. This time though, much more of the fluid entered her body. She cringed in pain as her bowels swelled with the slow expansion. She cried out in agony as the last of the water passed into her inner cavity. The grip of her sphincter around the nozzle was so tight that no liquid escaped her bloated pelvis.

"Please!" she shrieked. It's killing me! Please! Let me take it out!"

He shot several photos of her distended abdomen and bulging vulva. He waited several more minutes.

"O.K. You can remove the nozzle."

Andrea quickly reached down and jerked the nozzle from her straining anus. Andrea let out a guttural moan as a solid stream of water shot several feet out of her rectum and onto the already wet floor. The flow continued for several seconds and then slowed to a trickle, running down the crack of her ass.

"That's very good, Miss Smith. Now I want you to pick up that vaginal speculum and slowly insert it up into your vagina. I want to watch your labial lips expand out as you probe your own pussy."

Andrea reached over to the table and grasped the implement. It was cold and metallic. She remembered what it felt like when her gynecologist inserted one into her vagina. Now she being blackmailed into inserting one into her own vagina. She brought the shiny, medical instrument between her legs and held her breath.

With one hand, Andrea unfolded and spread her glistening labial lips and exposed her vagina, and with the other, she brought the rounded ends of the vaginal speculum's blades up to her virginal orifice. She took a deep breath and reluctantly began pushing the cold speculum up inside her vagina with her hand, as he watched the handle glide closer to her lips. In it slid, opening up her warm, silky womanhood to its probing, packing it full with cold, metallic hardness. She gasped audibly as the speculum's metal blades reached the top of her vagina.

"Now open up the speculum, all the way. I want to see what your untouched cervix looks like inside. I've never photographed a cervix as young as yours before."

Andrea reluctantly cranked the handle on the speculum wide open and removed her hands, leaving her vagina pried completely and grotesquely open for his intimate and obscene inspection.

He grabbed a bright spotlight and moved it in close to her splayed open vulva, brightly illuminating her vaginal interior and cervix. Her vaginal walls were fleshy pink and they rippled with each movement of her pelvis.

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