Reluctant Model

by John Doelman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Enema, .

Desc: Sex Story: A teen is forced to pose for lewd photos to pay her rent.

It was the first of the month, and Andrea knew the rent was due. Andrea Smith was a 18 year-old high school cheerleader and had just moved out from her parents. She said she needed to be independent and on her own. She was 5' 7", 107 pounds, with long, naturally blonde hair and shapely, tan legs; a baby face on a woman's body. She had found a part-time job as a secretary to pay the rent, but then she got layed off. She hadn't paid it in over three months. She knew the landlord would be calling her soon for the overdue money. He was an awful, old man, mean and not understanding of her predicament at all. He had threatened to evict her this month if she didn't come across with some money. Above all else in life, she feared being homeless.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was Mr. Snyder. She asked him in as nicely as she could, hoping he would give her another break.

"You know why I'm here.", he said as he sat down on her sofa.

"I'm really trying to get some money together for you." , she pleaded.

"I'm through listening to your excuses.", he said. "You owe me a lot of money, young lady. Tomorrow, I'm having you evicted from here."

"No!", she screamed. "I have no where to go! Can't you give me one more chance?"

He got up to leave without answering her. She grabbed his arm as he was going out the door.

"Please, I'll do anything."

He stopped and turned.

"Anything?", he asked.

"Well," she admitted, "almost anything.".

"That's not exactly what I had in mind, but do I have a friend who might be able to use your services." he said, "That is if you're willing."

"I can type 60 words a minute.", she said.

"That's not what I had in mind. He's a photographer and he's always looking for pretty, young girls to model for him."

"I'm sorry Mr. Snyder. I'm not that kind of girl", she said quietly and slammed the door in his face. She sat down on the couch and began to cry.

That night, Andrea woke up from a deep sleep. She thought about this being the last night in her apartment, and began to cry. She knew her parents would never take her back. She thought about being out on the street all alone, and all the unspeakable things that might happen to a young, pretty, vulnerable girl. She reached for the phone and dialed Mr. Snyder and got the photographer's address.

It was 9 o'clock the next evening when Andrea arrived at the photographer's studio. Her long, blonde hair was braided up into a bun and she wore her best evening gown, a long, revealing, black velvet dress, and high heels in order to impress the photographer. Even though she was a beautiful, young girl, Andrea had never modeled before and didn't know what to expect, so she tried to look her best for him. She looked like she was ready for an evening on the town. Only her lack of make up betrayed Andrea's young age. Trying to be as poised as a 18 year-old girl could be, she walked up to the front door and knocked. The door opened and she was greeted by a man in his 50's.

"Hi, I'm Andrea Smith. Mr. Snyder sent me to see you", Andrea said, hesitantly.

The photographer looked Andrea up and down, admiring her young body sheathed tightly in the her evening gown and high heels. It had been a long time since he had the chance to photograph such a pretty, young girl. Even though she was so young, she still had a certain sexiness and seductiveness to her. He undressed her in his mind, trying to imagine just what she would look like without any of her clothes on. Yes, he thought; she would make an excellent subject for his project.

"He told me that you would be coming. Please come inside."

They walked down the hall and descended a set of stairs leading to the basement. He unlocked a door in the rear area and directed her into his photography studio. He closed the door behind her and locked it, noticing the sweet fragrance of the perfume she wore. There were bright lights everywhere, all illuminating the same area: the center of the studio. In the middle of the room were a wooden chair with arms, a small table, and an examination table from a gynecologist's office. Other than these items, the large studio was empty of furniture.

"Have a seat over in that chair, Miss Smith, if you would please.", he said and pointed to the chair.

Andrea walked over to the chair, sat down and crossed her legs. She looked up and was immediately blinded by the bright, studio lights and found she couldn't see the photographer anymore. All she could do was hear him loading film into his camera. She felt like she was on display. She shifted nervously in the chair and began to wonder what this man was up to. She felt alone, but knew he was there, staring at her in the chair.

"Did Mr. Snyder tell you what you exactly what you were going to be doing this evening?" the photographer asked.

"He only said that you were a photographer and that I could help you out by doing some modeling for you.", Andrea replied.

"Oh, I think you can do that. You look like you will be a fine model for my new project", he said.

"I hope so. I owe him a lot of money.", Andrea replied hesitantly.

"Yes you do. Quite a lot, from what he tells me. How old are you, Miss Smith?", the hidden voice inquired.

"I just turned 18, sir. I'm in the 12th grade, and a cheerleader at Southern High School.", she replied demurely, struggling to see him through all of the lights. All there was, was a voice from behind the blinding brilliance.

"You're kind of young for my style of photography, but we'll see how it goes tonight. Have you ever modeled for a photographer before?"

"No, never", she replied, shifting nervously in the chair.

"Well, we'll take it nice and slow then. I find it hard to believe that no one has ever asked you to model before. You are a very beautiful young lady.

I'm going to begin taking some photographs of your face. Just try to act natural for me. O.K. then let's get started.", he said.

He began by shooting several shots of her face, telling her to smile and turn her face to the left and right.

"You're a beautiful, young lady, Miss Smith. You should be a professional model", he remarked as he quietly photographed her.

"I would be too afraid", she said, turning her face to follow his instructions. The photographer shot several rolls of film and he was reloading his camera.

This isn't so bad, she thought, but she spoke too soon. He put down his camera and spoke to her...

"Let's talk about why you really came here tonight. It seems you're way behind in your rent, Miss Smith. Mr. Snyder told me that you'd be willing to pay it off by helping me. That's good, because I need a young model like you to photograph for my current project. If you cooperate with me tonight, I will see to it that your debt to Mr. Snyder is paid in full. You, in turn, will owe me. Not money, but with something much more valuable to me."

"What do I have to do?, Andrea asked hesitantly.

"I want you to pose in the nude for me."

Panic raced through Andrea's head as she finally began to realize what this evening's work was really all about. It wasn't about working off her indebtedness in a normal manner.

In order for her to pay off the debt she owed Mr. Snyder, she was going to have to take off her clothes and allow herself to be photographed in the nude by this complete and total stranger. Her lithe, young body squirmed nervously in the chair.

Andrea shuddered at just the thought of undressing in front of some man she had never met before, allowing him visually roam her naked body, and then allowing him photograph her totally in nude. It would be just like those disgusting magazines she found once in her father's closet.

Andrea Smith was only 18 years old, and still in high school. Her gynecologist was the only man who had ever seen her without any of her clothes on, and that was traumatic enough. Things like this didn't happen to nice girls like her, she thought. She unconsciously pulled the bottom of her dress down tightly with her hands.

"Shall we begin then? As I just said, you're going to have to remove your clothes for this photo shoot, but I want you to take them off one piece at a time. Hmmm. Let's see. Where should we begin?

"Let's start with that lovely gown you're wearing. It really compliments your body, but it looks so tight and confining on you. Let's get you more comfortable.", he said.

Andrea knew what was coming next and revolted inside. She readied herself to verbally protest, but she was cut off .

"I want to see what you look like under your dress, first. I want you to slowly reach down with your hands and pull the bottom of your dress up to your waist", he said hungrily.

She looked at him with fear in her eyes. There was no way she could go through with this. No man had ever seen her in the nude before and she wasn't going to start now, especially under these embarrassing circumstances. She was going to save this intimate moment for her future husband.

"Isn't there something else I can do to pay that awful man off? There must be! I can't go through with this. I've never done anything like this before!", she protested and began to get up.

"Mr. Snyder, will be very disappointed to hear that you didn't want to cooperate with me and you know what that means", he said, solemnly.

Andrea knew she was entrapped. She would have to submit to this pornographic adventure or out of her apartment she would go. She sat back down in the chair. She waited for a few seconds and then, with a sigh of resignation, reached down with her hands and grasped the bottom of her black evening gown.

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