Working Out and In

by Nightingale

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Working out so often made a friend of mom's consult me on her physical fitness. Then it turned out that for her to shape up, I needed to work out with her as well. What a workout!

That summer of my freshman year was really full. I was working out, hiking, biking, swimming and doing all kinds of outdoor activities. I also was seeing a local girl who was into the outdoors, especially fucking in the open. We actually had never fucked inside a building. She was also on a summer break from college and she was glad to find a hot cock a few hundred miles from her boyfriend. She was good in bed, too, although I never had her in one.

In that summer, I rarely had a chat with my family since I spent very little time at home. I picnicked with my family once or twice, but that was it.

One day, I was biking home late in the morning when I saw our neighbor. She was a friend of mom's that I had not see for at least a year. She waved to me from an upstairs window and I waved back. She motioned me to come in. I shoved the bike into the porch and came in.

She met me in the entrance and welcomed me with a hug.

"Hi, Nick, how are you?" she said warmly.

"You are not Lydia, are you?" I said.

The lady looked very different.

"Yes, I am Lydia," she said.

"You've changed a lot," I said. "You look wonderful!"

"Thanks," she said, motioning me to a couch. "I have been working out lately."

"That's great," I said. "So you are now all tight and firm."

"I don't know," she laughed. "But I feel very different. I am proud of what I have achieved."

She really was proud, because that was the first time I had seen her in a sleeveless, form-fitting, short dress.

"I am proud of you, too," I said, squeezing her bare shoulder.

"Thanks," she said. "I want to show you my training room, but let's first have a drink. What can I get you?"

"Orange juices, please," I said.

I drank my juice while she drank diet coke.

"Let me show you my stuff," she said, leading me up the stairs.

Her butt was at my eye level and I had the time to check out her legs thigh high. They were great.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she gasped as we reached the top. "The room is downstairs."

As she walked around me and descended the first few stairs, I could see enough down her cleavage to make my cock twitch. I followed her down to the room. She had a stationary cycle there among several other training equipment that were usually advertised in infomercials.

"Nice stuff," I said. "So what is your favorite exercise?"

"This one," she said as she bent over and picked a jumping rope.

She started to skip, letting her firm tits jiggle nicely.

"Then this," she said as she lay down on the floor and started to do setups, letting her tits roll around.

"It keeps my tummy flat," she said as she stood up. "Feel it."

She put my hand on her stomach and I felt it. It was quite flat.

"Nice," I said.

"Do you like my legs or do you think they need a little more firming?" she asked.

"They look fine to me," I said.

"You don't know that way," she said. "You got to feel them. Go ahead, please."

I knelt beside her and started to stroke and squeeze one thigh. I wanted to kiss them, but held back.

"They are great," I said.

"Try the other one," she said as she turned around.

I proceeded to spend more time, feeling and stroking her thigh. My cock started to pulse with desire.

"Oh, I like that," she moaned. "Your palms feel so nice on my skin."

"Your thighs are so smooth and firm," I said.

"There is another thing," she said. "It's a bit embarrassing, but I would really appreciate it if you do it for me."

"Just say it," I said.

"I sometimes feel I still have a big butt," she stuttered. "I am wondering if you can give me your opinion."

"Your butt does not seem big to me," I said.

"The flesh feels thick. Feel it," she said as she bent over the cycle and squeezed a handful of ass flesh. "Flip my dress up and see."

The situation was getting funny. I did as told and flipped her dress. Then I almost choked. She had a white pair of string panties, which did not even cover all her ass crack. I froze there not knowing what to do.

"If my panties stand in your way, please, take them off," she called.

They really stood in my way. The string almost covered half of her asshole and the crotch was so sheer I could tell she had not a single hair on her pussy. That was a direct invitation nonetheless, so I pulled down her panties and admired her butt in awe. Her asshole looked like a pink rose and her pussy lips were all pink and slightly wrinkled.

"Your butt is gorgeous," I said appreciably.

"Thanks," she said. "Please, get to work."

I cupped her ass cheeks and started to knead them gently. She moaned softly.

"Can you feel how thick my flesh is?" she said, grinding her butt back.

"It is the right thickness," I said, feeling up her butt and pulling her cheeks apart to really enjoy the view of her pretty asshole and pussy. "Without it you would be sitting on your tailbone."

"Do you really like it?" she said, twisting her ass erotically.

"It is a fine piece of female flesh," I said. "It is very sexy."

"I like what you are doing to me," she moaned. "My muscles must be tense."

"You are getting wet," I said softly.

"I get very excited when a guy touches my butt," she said.

"You must have a sensitive ass," I said, pulling her ass cheeks way apart.

"I think I do," she said.

I wetted my thumb in my mouth and brushed it gently from her asshole down to her clit. She shivered and gasped. I rubbed her clit gently to get her juices really running. Then I brushed my thumb between her pouting pussy lips, getting it wet. I brushed her asshole with my slick thumb, making her moan and squirm.

"Do you like this?" I asked.

"Yes," she gasped.

I spitted on her asshole and proceeded to worm my thumb inside while I tickled her clit with my other thumb. I gently let her asshole relax and accept my inquisitive thumb. Soon I was working my thumb in and out of her tight hole and moving it around to ream her out. She humped her ass back in contentment.

"Your ass is really tight," I said.

"Yes, I know," she said. "It needs a little more stretching."

"I can't agree more," I said, "and I will be very glad to help."

"Your help is very appreciated," she said. "I will start appreciating it by doing your muscle. The poor thing must be all tense and thumping."

"Actually it is," I said.

She straightened up and I removed my fingers from her crotch. I stood up and she knelt before me. She started my rubbing my hard-on through my baggy shorts.

"Oh, man, it's big," she gasped. "Your cock must have been working out, too."

"Doing its job," I said.

She stuck her hand up my pant leg and started to stroke my cock directly. Then she took it out through the leg and started to suck on it.

"This thing is going to put my deep throating skills to the test," she said.

"I have confidence in you," I said as I rubbed my leaky cock head over her face. "You will make it like a champ."

"I will sure give it my best shot," she said as she pulled down my shorts and boxers.

She wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking. I held her head and fucked her mouth gently, going deeper with every thrust. The lady was a great sucker. Soon her nose was pressing into my pubes.

"I knew you would make it," I said.

Her mouth was so full, she did not even try to answer. Soon, I was holding her head tightly and fucking her throat quite hard. Her mouth and throat were doing their job perfectly. I left her to suck on her own pace and went to pull her dress over her head. Then I pushed her bra cups down, freeing her fine tits. I tweaked her hard nipples while she continued to deep throat my boner while fingering her own pussy.

I slapped her face several times with my sticky cock, then I laid her on the floor and got ready for some hot pink pie. I pushed her legs up and had her hold them that way while I licked her dripping pussy lips. I sucked on her stiff clit while a pussy slickened middle finger made its way into her asshole. Minute later, two of my fingers were reaming out her asshole thoroughly while I ate her leaky pussy like a man possessed. A few more minutes later, she was coming hard in my mouth while her asshole milked crazily on my fingers.

When Lydia calmed down, I had her squat before me, while I was kneeling. We kissed sinfully, then I proceeded to suck on her nipples while I fingered her nether holes with two fingers each, my right hand working her ass and my left hand working her pussy.

She was finally begging to be fucked. I arranged her on all fours before me and rubbed my cock head up and down her pussy lips. She continued to beg for my cock and buck her ass back to take me in. I proceeded to rub my cock head over her pussy and anal pucker. I slid my forefinger in her ass and my thumb in her pussy and gave her clit a hard rubbing with my cock head.

"I need your cock bad," she begged. "Please, give it to me."

"Not yet," I said.

I had her pull her ass cheeks apart to totally expose her ass hole, then I bent over and started to lick it for her. She was shocked, taking sometime to react to my unexpected move. When she reacted, she really liked it. While I tongued her asshole, I used my left hand to rub her clit and my right hand to finger fuck her dripping pussy.

I removed three slick fingers from her pussy and worked them gently into her ass. I made her come while pumping my fingers vigorously in and out of her ass and rubbing her clit furiously. When she finished convulsing, she fell flat on her stomach.

In her prone position, I straddled her butt and proceeded to work my cock into her pussy. By the time my cock was halfway inside her, she was alive and kicking, so I kept still and had her jerk her ass back and forth to get herself fucked. I slipped my hands beneath her and gripped her tits. I gave her globes a workout while her pussy gave my cock one.

Gradually and naturally, we moved into the doggy position. I continued to milk on her tits and her pussy continued to massage my cock masterfully as she bucked her ass into me zestfully. After a while, we settled into an easier pace and I moved my hands off her tits. I cupped her pussy with one hand and toyed with her stiff clit while I rubbed her asshole with my free thumb.

Lydia responded to my new attack on her key horny targets by bucking her ass more forcefully. Soon my thumb was fucking her ass all the way while I rubbed her clit into oblivion. Moments later, she was coming furiously, her body shaking violently as her holes spasmed hard. Her pussy continued gushing onto my hard shaft until she collapsed again onto the floor.

As she gasped for breath, I pulled her ass open and started to lick her hole. She ground her horny butt into me, moaning faintly. I finally dribbled saliva onto her pucker and crawled onto her. I rubbed my cock head over her asshole then pushed it in. We paused a little as the head of my cock popped past her sphincter. Then she suddenly lunged back, taking my cock halfway into her rectum. As she paused, I lunged forward, slamming the rest of my cock in. She let out a long grunt. It was such a tight fit.

"What a tight, hot ass, Lydia!" I said as I let my cock twitch in her narrow rectum.

"Oh, baby, you've got me tightly packed with that thick cock of yours," she panted.

"You bet I have," I said.

We moved again into the doggy position and she started to work her ass back and forth over my thick shaft. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and watched my cock slide in and out of her hot ass. Our pace sped up gradually as her rectum molded itself to my shaft. She started to play with her clit, gasping with every long rectal plunge I gave her. I grabbed her tits and started milking them and pulling on her hard nipples.

I pulled her upright and told her to come for me. She rubbed her clit furiously while thrusting her ass into me. I continued to twist and pinch her nipples while nibbling on her earlobe until she came. Her asshole twitched around my cock and her pussy gushed into her hand. She continued diddling her pussy until her orgasm subsided. She threw her head back over my shoulder and rubbed her juices over her face. I took her hand and licked her fingers. Then I lapped her juices off her face.

Lydia crawled forward, letting my cock plop out of her asshole. She turned around and pounced on my cock. She sucked me for a while, then she said as she straightened up, "I want you to come in my pussy."

She crawled a little forward and inserted my cock head into her sodden pussy. Holding my shaft in her hand, she started to jack me off, increasing her force gradually while also rubbing her own clit. I grunted as my cock swelled, getting ready to fire.

"Yes, baby, give it all to me," she urged.

I stiffened and my cock started firing spunk deep into her pussy. She started coming herself, milking on my cock head while her hand milked on my shaft to drain my balls. Her hands squeezed the last of my come into her pussy. She took my cock into her mouth and licked it clean.

Lydia stood up before me and spread her legs, bending her knees slightly. She started to milk her pussy, squeezing out my come into her palm. Then she brought her palm to her mouth and licked up my come.

"Mmm, it tastes great," she moaned.

"Let me see," I said as I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me, planting my mouth on her pussy.

I sucked out whatever remained of our mixed come. Then I kissed her mouth deeply, exchanging the flavors.

"It really tastes good," I said. "Can we go upstairs and have a little break in the bed?"

"Yes, sure," she said. "We can munch on each other's genitals while we rest."

"Let's go," I motioned her.

I tossed her on my shoulder, sticking two fingers into her pussy and two fingers up her ass. I carried her to her bedroom and deposited her on the bed, removing my fingers from her. I had her lick them before we jumped into some sixty-nining.

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