Outlaw In-Laws

by Nightingale

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: On a trip with my wife and me my mother-in-law tricked me into fucking her. On a different occasion, it was only proper to take in my sister-in-law, too.

My wife and I decided to visit her folks on that long weekend last February. Early Friday afternoon we packed our stuff in the car and started the six-hour drive north and arrived there at night. After the hugs and kisses, Beth's mom, Victoria, insisted to treat us to a delicious dinner she had prepared for us.

We stayed late, talking and laughing and got up late the next morning. After we had breakfast, Beth's twenty-year-old sister, Lisa, volunteered to guide us around the lake and river some thirty miles off the little city, especially that it was a great sunny weekend for California's winter. We spent most of the day there and I had to pay a couple of appreciative looks to Lisa's tight bottom and firm top.

Late in the afternoon Beth changed her mind inexplicably and decided we head home. She did not want to discuss it. I had to apologize to my in-laws and prepare for leaving. When our departure was inevitable, Victoria suggested she come with us and spend a week or so with her daughter. Both of us welcomed her suggestion.

Due to the fact that we left late, it was obvious we needed to either drive way into the night or take a detour into the closest city and spend the night in a hotel. We opted for the latter choice. Victoria insisted we take one room since we were only going to spend the night and one big bed would suffice.

I usually sleep naked and Beth sleeps in a sheer nightgown. That night I had to wear boxers to bed and Beth had to wear a decent nightgown and panties. Beth slept in the middle between her mom and me. As we drifted to sleep, Beth and I snuggled close together to give Victoria more space.

Some time in the middle of the night, I awakened to find my hard cock nested between two hot legs. Apparently my cock had grown and worked its way out between Beth's legs. That boner was too big to ignore and it was getting bigger constantly. I started to thrust gently into the warm cleft of soft flesh, but that was not going to satisfy my horny cock.

Grabbing my shaft by the base, I searched for the pussy entrance, which was too dry to accommodate easy penetration. I used my right hand to tickle the guarding clit into waking up and juicing the dormant pussy. Soon I was able to thrust my cock gently into the moistening slit. A soft groan and a little shift met the advance of my hard cock into the awakening pussy. I started pumping gently as I played with the stiff clit, trying not to make noise, but soon my sleeping partner was panting softly and thrusting her ass back into me. I reached into her gown and squeezed her tits, then returned to her clit. Soon she stiffened and came, drenching my hard shaft.

I rolled her onto her stomach and started to lick her asshole while fingering her wet pussy. Apparently her asshole was a little tense due to the strange situation we were in. In time, I had that asshole wet and ready. I slowly fed it my cock until it swallowed it all into its hot tightness. I thrust very gently until her rectum got used to my cock, then I started to pump her deeply but slowly to keep the noise in control. She grunted and humped her ass back as I fingered her wet pussy.

Her happy pussy twitched in orgasm and her asshole spasmed around my pumping cock, but my cock still needed more. I diddled her gushing pussy and pumped her ass throughout her orgasm. I fucked her gently when she recovered. Then we were back at it thrusting into each other, threatening to awaken our sleeping company. My woman's hot pussy leaked steadily in my hand as my own orgasm approached.

Concentrating on her clit, I decided to make it a mutual orgasm and my cock got ready to fire. Soon, we both stiffened as I pumped a big load of come deep into her twitching rectum. Her rectum milked me dry.

We both relaxed and panted for air, me on top of her. With my cock still in her come-filled ass, I sidled her hair and kissed her on the cheek.

"Honey, when did you have a hair cut?" I whispered.

"Nick, I am not Beth," she whispered. "I am Victoria."

"What?" I shouted voicelessly as I looked at the silhouette lying next to us with Beth's long hair. I felt my heart stop in my chest. "Why did you let me do this to you?"

"When I waked up, you were already fucking me and it was too good to stop," she whispered.

"What are we going to do now?" I asked.

"First remove your cock from my ass," she said. "I will lick it clean for you, then you can resume your sleep."

I removed my cock from her and rolled onto my back. She cleaned my cock dutifully with her tongue.

"Next time I want you to fuck me while I am awake," she said as she put my cock inside my boxers.

"There is no next time," I whispered. "It was a mistake."

"But you enjoyed it very much," she countered.

"Because I didn't know," I said.

"Now you do," she said. "I am also sure you do not want your wife to. The evidence is still wet in my ass, you know. It's very naughty to fuck your mother-in-law in her sleep."

My mind raced for a way out of it. It was obvious my mother-in-law was crazy enough to tell her daughter about this mishap. Then there would be no way to know how Beth would react. She might understandably not be able to believe that her mother was that crazy and I would be the culprit in her eyes.

"Do you agree?" Victoria said.

"I don't see any other way out," I said in defeat.

"Me neither," she said. "I see three ways in, though, one through each of my holes."

"Why do you want to do this?" I asked.

"One good reason is that I have never come three times in one night before," she said. "I'll let you discover the other reasons on your own."

As I started to wake up in the morning, I felt my morning erection push into a soft buttock as my right arm was wrapped around somebody. I opened my eyes in panic and pulled my arm. The person in front of me turned out to be my wife. I returned my arm around her and pulled her possessively as I closed my eyes again and smiled to myself, pushing my hard-on against her lovely butt.

I awakened again as Beth came out of the shower.

"I am going to the fitness room for my workout," Beth said. "Then I will relax for a while in the sauna. Do you want to join me."

"You go ahead," I said. "I think I will lie down some more."

She smiled and kissed me on the lips before she left. Her mom was still in bed.

"That gives us enough time for our workout," Victoria said, reaching for my cock under the covers.

"So that was not a dream," I mumbled to no one in particular.

"No, mister, it was not a dream," Victoria said. "Smell your hand."

I brought my right hand to my nose and sniffed it. It still smelled of pussy.

"So what now?" I asked.

"This," she said as she flipped the covers away and fished my cock out.

My cock was partly hard on its own. She engulfed it in her mouth and started sucking away. My mother-in-law was not a novice when it came to cock sucking although she struggled a bit to take it all the way down her throat. She worked her lips up and down the entire length of my shaft several times, then she let my cock out and proceeded to lick my balls.

"Your cock is so thick," she said.

"You don't like it?" I asked.

"Of course I do," she said. "Last night you stretched out my pussy and asshole to the limit. I loved it."

She licked up the length of my shaft before she sucked it back into her mouth. That lady really knew hot to work out a hard cock. As she fucked her throat with my shaft, she turned herself around and straddled my face, presenting me with her moist pussy. In the middle of the night, I could not see her pussy or ass although I rimmed her, now I could. She had a dainty pussy and a pretty rosebud.

"You have a pretty little pussy and a hot tight ass, Victoria," I said.

"I am glad you like them," she said.

I tickled her clit with my tongue tip, making her squirm and moan with a full mouth, then I let my tongue at her moist pink lips. I probed her pussy hole with my tongue and fucked her with it, lapping her leaking juices.

Pulling her ass cheeks apart, I admired her wrinkled asshole before I started licking it. Her hole tasted fresh. She obviously had removed every trace of our night activities. Her asshole was tighter and less responsive than Beth's, but my tongue knew how to open it up while I pumped my middle finger in her pussy. I pulled my wet finger from her pussy and wormed it slowly into her ass as I pushed my index finger into her pussy and tongued her clit.

"Your ass feels much tighter than your daughter's," I said as I pumped my fingers in and out of her holes.

"You are probably drilling her little butt with your big cock day in and day out," she said. "I do not have that luxury. Speaking of that, I think it's about time we did some drilling."

Victoria maneuvered herself around and straddled me, face to face. She held my cock by the base and lowered herself slowly, swallowing me all the way up. She gasped when the last couple of inches slipped up her tightly stretched pussy. As she rode my cock, her full tits started to bounce. I reached for them and squeezed them through her thin gown. I pulled her down and started to suck on her left tit while I held her ass and bounced her up and down my cock.

By the time I switched to her other tit, I had moistened a finger in our combined juices and started to prod and probe at her asshole. Soon I was working two fingers in and out of her asshole as she bounced on my cock. I stepped up my fucking pace and had her come in a few minutes. When her holes stopped convulsing, she collapsed on top of me. I kissed her on the lips and she showed me how well she could kiss.

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