Fit Mom

by Nightingale

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Mom stayed over for a couple of days in my apartment. There she used my exercise equipment, wearing a very sexy outfit. While she teased the hell out of me, I discovered she was open about sex more than I ever dared to imagine.

Just before last Easter, mom was on business here in Chicago. Being in my sophomore year in the university, made it possible for me to take mom around the city in her rental car. She decided to spend the weekend with me. So on Friday night, we returned her car to the airport and I took her back in my pretty well used but reliable car.

We drove straight to my apartment. My female roommate was spending the weekend with her folks, so we had the flat to ourselves. We were quite tired so mom showered before going to bed. She came into the room wrapped with a towel.

While talking with me, she picked up her nightclothes and dropped her towel. She did it casually so I had to act as if it was normal although I had not been used to seeing mom naked. It did not take five seconds for her to put on her thin nightgown and slip into a pair of panties. I had to notice that her nightie and panties were far sexier than the ones my girlfriend always used.

She slipped beneath the sheets on the other side of the bed. We turned our backs to each other and went to sleep. Some time at night I waked up with my arm around mom and my cock pressing into her butt. I stealthily moved away and turned away from her and went back to sleep. Again I waked up, but with mom's arm around me this time. I did not move until I drifted back to sleep.

When I waked up in the morning, mom was already in the shower. She finished her morning shower and left the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel. I went into the bathroom, where I shaved and showered. Meanwhile, mom prepared a light brunch. We ate then I did the dishes while mom explored my humble residence. She discovered the spare bedroom than my roommate and I turned into a modest exercise room.

"I want to change into my exercise outfit and do some stretching," mom said. "Why don't you join me in the exercise room for some chatting."

"I will," I said.

When I joined mom, she was doing the stair climbing exercise. I was struck with her exercise outfit. She was wearing a halter top and thong-like bottoms. Her bottoms only covered her butt crack. Her flexing half moons were totally exposed. I walked over and stood before her. Her halter-top hardly could contain her gently jiggling tits.

As we chatted I found that my eyes kept drifting to her dancing cleavage. So I moved over and sat in a chair a few feet behind her. We resumed chatting about nothing. Her flexing buttocks kept attracting my wandering eyes.

"It's great that you have such a tight, hard body," I had to say after watching her butt for a while.

"Do I pass for a twenty-year-old?" mom laughed.

"You can do much better than that at your own age," I said.

"You think so?" she said. "What do you think of my butt?"

"You have a tight, firm one," I said.

"It used to be my proudest feature," mom said.

"It is still great," I said.

"In the old days it used to attract guys like honey does bees," mom said. "It got me more guys that I could handle."

It was funny that we were discussing mom's butt. My cock was stretching, about to wake up.

"I don't think it lost that effect," I said. "But are you still interested in attracting guys?"

"Maybe not," she said, "but that gives me a boost, you know."

"You are my mom and all, but you have one hell of a sexy butt," I finally said.

"Really?" she asked, wiggling her ass for my benefit.

"Suffice it to say, you got me horny and I need to call my girlfriend," I said.

"Is it that bad?" mom said.

"It's that good," I said.

"Then you can do better than that," mom said.

"What can I do?" I said.

"Good old mom can take good care of you," mom said.

"There is no care here," I said. "I am just horny and I need sex."

"And who made you horny?" mom asked.

"You," I blurted.

"Then I am your cure, silly," she said.

"How are you going to cure me?" I asked.

"Let me see," she said, getting off the stair machine and walking to me.

Mom's skin had a glistening sheen of sweat. She pulled me up to my feet and knelt before me.

"Let's see what we have here first," she said as she felt up my twitching bulge. "Oh, a big problem."

She quickly unbuckled my belt and lowered my pants. Before I knew it, she lowered my shorts to my knees and gulped down half my shaft into her mouth. That took me by surprise.

"Mom, you are crazy. What are you doing?" I yelped.

She continued sucking on my cock. I gradually gave up resistance and started to thrust into her mouth. She let my cock out of her mouth and started stroking it with her hand.

"You are such a pervert, Nick," mom said, looking up at me with icy eyes. "You get hard over your own mom and leave me no choice but to relieve your horny hardship. What is making it even worse is that you have a loveliest hard cock."

"Mom, you don't know what you are getting yourself into," I said. "I am pretty wild when it comes to sex. You may get surprised."

"You can spank me and you can fuck me in the ass," she said calmly, making my cock jump. "If there is anything else a girl half my age can do I sure as hell would like to learn. By the way, you may get surprised yourself, buster."

Mom resumed sucking my hard cock, taking it deeper and deeper. She let me fuck her throat deeply and slowly for a long time. Until then no previous blow job even compared to this one and it was still getting better. She spitted on my cock and rubbed her spit all over my shaft.

"It is not easy to deal with your problem," mom said. "We have to share because while solving your problem, I developed a similar one. Now my pussy is all sticky and wet. It has to be licked."

"Let me see," I said, playing along.

Mom stood before me and I knelt down. I cupped her crotch and felt the searing heat of her pussy. She moaned when I squeezed gently. Then I sucked her pussy through her moist bottoms and rubbed my face into her crotch. Next, I took off her bottoms and guided her down to the floor. She lay back on the carpet and spread her legs.

"Oh, poor hairless cunt," I said in mock sympathy as I lowered my head to her crotch. "I have to save the pretty thing from drowning in its own juices."

I lay my right hand on mom's left inner thigh and starting licking her moist pussy tentatively. As soon as my tongue touched her lips, she started to moan softly. I concentrated my gentle tongue strokes around her clit while brushing her pussy lips with the tip of my middle finger. I pushed her left leg up, making her turn slightly to the right.

"You have a gorgeous little asshole here," I said.

"You had it in mind all the time, you horny pervert," mom chided.

"Maybe," I said as I slid my middle finger slowly into her pussy.

I resumed licking her clit while pumping my finger within her pussy in a nice, slow pace. She moaned and hunched against my finger. I sucked her clit into my mouth and brushed her asshole with my slick fingertip. She gasped. I returned my finger to her pussy for more juices then I rubbed it over her asshole. I sucked harder on her clit as I gently slid my slick middle finger into her asshole while pushing my index finger into her pussy. Her asshole opened up slowly but then it swallowed my finger all the way in. Mom gasped and moaned passionately.

"What you are doing feels so good," she moaned. "I guess you have been learning some stuff at school."

"Haven't been wasting much time," I said, leaving her clit for a second.

I synchronized pumping her holes with lashing her clit and set up a slow teasing rhythm. She synchronized her hunching with my rhythm. I kept heating up mom for a few minutes. Then I removed my finger from her pussy. I slurped her juices and probed her leaky cunt with my tongue while I continued squirming my middle finger within her ass. I parted her lips and sucked her pussy hole dry as I moved my finger around in her butt.

Removing my finger from her ass, I licked her lips, then I moved my mouth to her asshole. I tongued her pucker gently, making her gasp and shiver. Then I sat up and doubled her legs over her, lifting her ass up. She stroked my partly hard cock while I rimmed her asshole sensuously. I started teasing her clit while my tongue continued massaging her relaxing asshole.

I held her hip with my left hand and drooled onto her asshole. Then I pushed my middle finger into her ass and my ring finger in her pussy. I pumped her holes slowly gently, drooling continuously on her asshole. I also moved my fingers circularly within her. Then I gently introduced my forefinger into her ass and my little finger into her pussy. Each of her horny holes enjoyed a hot, slow pumping with two fingers as I returned to teasing her clit with my free hand. Her leaking juices kept her clit slick and my saliva kept lubing her asshole. Mom moaned constantly and pushed her ass against my thrusting fingers while she jacked my cock with her right hand.

"I want your cock in me," mom moaned.

I lowered her ass to the floor and crawled around her. Kneeling astride her head, I pulled her upper back up, letting her arch her back and her head hang upside down. Then I pushed my cock into her mouth and fucked her throat for a couple of minutes. She grabbed my butt and used it to pull me deeper into her mouth. Even in that awkward position, mom did a few wild sucking tricks on my deep reaching shaft. I pulled from her mouth and jerked my hips from side to side, letting my shaft slap her face repeatedly.

I crawled around mom and lay on top of her. I pushed my cock into her dripping pussy to the balls. She groaned as my thick shaft made its way into her tight cunt. I ground my cock circularly within her, crushing her clit. She moaned lustfully. I started fucking her slowly in the missionary position. As we fucked we kissed sinfully, moaning and grunting into each other's mouth. She also pushed her hips up to meet my every deep thrust. Every thrust banged my pubic bone into her clit and jammed her butt into the floor.

Mom's tightly stretched pussy milked expertly on my deep-pumping shaft as she rolled her hips back and forth to enhance the sensations I was creating deep within her. Mom was very hot due to all the foreplay we had. Her pussy was leaking so much juices, it was soaking my balls. She broke our kiss and started to gasp as she felt her long-awaited orgasm approach. Her pussy contracted involuntarily but I maintained our slow pace even after her orgasm started. She stiffened and her pussy twitched wildly. I crushed her under me to maintain our fucking pace. That made her orgasm stretch longer. When her pussy stopped gushing hot juices onto my cock, she relaxed and panted for air. I kissed her deeply. She kissed back feverishly. That orgasm of hers left her hornier than before.

Grabbing her butt, I rolled us over, getting mom on top. We continued to kiss as she assumed more control. She fucked in an easy pace, but her vaginal manipulation of my cock was more intense as she used the extra control to coordinate her action.

Breaking the kiss, I inserted the index finger of my right hand into her mouth. I teased her with my finger as she sucked on it. Then I added my index finger, then the ring finger then the pinky finger. I worked my four fingers sloppily in and out of her mouth and her tongue played with them. I removed my wet fingers from her mouth and pulled her ass cheeks apart with my left hand.

She moaned as I wormed my forefinger into her asshole. She moaned again when I removed it. I inserted and removed the rest of my fingers one after the other, making her moan each time. Then I elicited a long moan as I slid my middle and ring finger into her ass. I held her motionless, totally impaled on my hard shaft as I started working the two fingers in and out of her ass. She gasped and her pussy spasmed involuntarily, dribbling more juices onto my shaft.

I undid her bra with my left hand and tossed it off. Then I grabbed one stiff nipple between my lips and gave it a long suck. She shivered and both her holes spasmed. I elicited the same response from her by sucking her other nipple. Afterward, she moaned and squirmed as I gently sucked on her nipples each in turn while finger fucking her ass.

Holding my fingers embedded to the second knuckles in her asshole, I thrust gently into her pussy, signaling her to resume our fuck. Both her hot holes tightened as she raised her head and propped herself on her hands. She started to bounce wildly, grunting and groaning constantly. She was riding me like a jockey in the final stage of the race, which apparently was the case with her. Her nipples kept popping out of my mouth and continued getting harder and harder to recapture as her tits jiggled furiously.

Finally she took a long gasp and stiffened as her orgasm hit. That was my cue to start pumping my cock and fingers vigorously in her respective holes while sucking hard on her nipple and biting gently on it at the same time. Her body shook and her holes spasmed violently as she threw her head one way then the other, gasping for air.

Although I tried, my cock could not hold out against her crazy contractions any more. I thrust my cock as deep as it would go and started spewing powerful jets of come deep into her convulsing cunt. She grunted and started an all-new orgasm. In response, I resumed pumping her holes with my fingers and my twitching shaft, but in shorter strokes.

When our orgasms finished, she collapsed limply on top of me, but her pussy and asshole squeezed tightly. Despite of that, my softening cock slipped out of her tight pussy. She crawled forward and positioned her pussy over my face.

"I want you now to suck my pussy dry," mom said.

"What?" I exclaimed. "It is full of my come."

"That's the idea," she said. "I want you to suck it all into your mouth, but you shouldn't swallow it. I want you to spit it back into my mouth."

"Mom, you are depraved," I said.

"I know," she said. "Now open wide, you little innocent thing."

I opened my mouth and mom started to somehow milk her pussy into my mouth. Her cunt load of come started dribbling into my mouth. It actually didn't taste bad. That perverted act made my cock pulse with renewed desire.

"Now suck it dry," she instructed when her pussy stopped oozing come.

She pulled her pussy lips apart with her fingers and lowered her pussy to my mouth. I plastered my lips to her pussy hole and sucked with all my might. She moaned.

"Don't swallow," she said as she turned around to face the rest of my body. "I know it is tempting; I can see you are getting hard, but I really want it in my own mouth."

Mom lowered her mouth to my sticky cock and licked it and sucked it clean while rubbing her moist pussy over my face. It was getting hard to keep that come in my mouth, but I couldn't talk, so I started to moan. My cock continued to grow in her mouth. She left my cock and lay on her back, opening her legs.

"Put your cock in my pussy, then dribble all that tasty come into my mouth," she instructed. I just moaned with a full mouth. She laughed. "Do it very slowly; I want to savor every bit of it."

I lay on top of her, sticking my hard cock quickly into her.

"Now give it all to me, very slowly," she said, opening her mouth widely.

Her tongue started dancing around. I parted my lips slightly and started dribbling that slime into her mouth. She kept stirring it with her tongue. It was quite a mouthful since it accumulated much of my saliva. When I emptied my mouth into hers, I dribbled some extra drool. Mom moved it around with her tongue, then she closed her mouth and agitated the fluids. Finally she swallowed it little by little, then smacked her lips. We kissed sensuously, toying with each other's tongue.

Her pussy had a mind of its own, because it was milking on my cock devotedly throughout our come trading adventure. Her horny cunt was drenched and my cock was as hard as steel. I reached beneath mom and stuck my middle finger up her ass. She gasped and her pussy contracted.

"Are you ready for some deep, hard rectal plunging?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah," she said. "But I want you to lube your cock with some butter so that we can do it for a very long time."

"Sure," I said. "I want to see how it feels without butter though."

I pushed her legs under my shoulders, then lowered my cock head to her juice-covered asshole. I pressed firmly as she relaxed her asshole. She let out a little grunt as my bulbous head popped past her sphincter. Then I made short gentle thrusts to drive the rest of the thick shaft into her splayed butt. She took her breath in short gasps as my cock advanced into her tight rectum. When my balls touched the back of her ass, I stopped and kissed her deeply. As she sucked on my tongue, her tightly packed narrow rectum milked on my shaft. Her asshole was no less tight than my nineteen-year-old girlfriend's, but offered superior milking action. I could sense mom's strong lust in the way she kissed and sucked on my tongue.

"Your ass is fantastic," I said as I started thrusting into her butt.

"Thanks, son," she said. "Your cock feels so damned good in there, too."

"I guess you are right we need some butter there to be able to last for ever," I said.

"I know we do," mom said.

I had her clasp her hands behind my neck, then I carried her and stood up. Clasping my hands under the small of her back, I continued fucking her ass as I walked to the kitchen. There I had her sit back on the counter top near the fridge, keeping her ass at the edge of the counter and her legs laid against my shoulders. I continued to saw my cock in and out of her butt. I fingered her dripping pussy with my thumb. Reaching into the fridge, I took a lump of butter, and started lubing my shaft as it pumped her ass. I applied butter liberally to my cock and worked it that way into mom's horny insides. I also greased the rim of her hole, then rubbed the remaining butter into her wet pussy and hard nipples. The butter made it possible to thrust faster and deeper into mom's hot bottom.

I gently rolled her onto her right side, keeping her left leg raised against my shoulder. Then I pulled her back and lowered her right foot to the floor, spreading her legs to the limit. I fingered her pussy with my left hand and fondled her tits with my other hand while I continued to drill her ass. Next, I lowered her left foot to the ground, bending her over the counter. I grabbed her tits and milked them and pulled on her greasy nipples while we thrust into each other.

After a while, I pulled her into a standing position, then I crouched and hooked my arms under her knees. Then I stood up, carrying her in my arms with her ass still impaled on my cock. I walked to the living room and lowered her feet to the couch. I held her ass in my hands, pulling the cheeks apart, and resumed the hard thrusting within her stretched asshole. She leant forward and placed her hands on her knees, moving her weight off my hands. That new position allowed her to thrust her ass back for every stroke.

"Nick, I have been having sex for well over twenty years now," mom grunted, "but I have never been fucked in your weird positions before."

"Same here," I panted. "I have been having sex for around four years and I have never fucked anyone in these positions before."

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