Greek Lessons

by TheRant

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: She's the best professor he's ever had

'Yum!', I thought to myself as Erika leaned across her desk to pick up the thick textbook she used to teach this course.

'Advanced Computer Architecture' I didn't find too difficult and I really didn't need to join this tutorial class Erika had started after the real class, but since I had taken the 'Intro to Computer Architecture' from her last semester and had joined the tutorial group for that I decided to join this one too.

Erika, she demanded that all her students called her by her first name instead of by her title, was the best Prof. I'd had yet at my two and a half years at the university. She was also definitely the most gorgeous, beautiful and sexy. She reminded me of one of those Greek goddesses from those terrible 60's Hercules movies. Five foot six with long wavy chestnut brown hair, dark eyes that really looked into you when she talked to you, and a tight, well built figure that made her look much younger than the 38 years I knew she was. And then there was her accent. She spoke English perfectly but had a thick Greek accent that leant a real sexy mystique to her voice. I didn't find it as sexy as an Aussie accent but it certainly came a close second.

38 wasn't that old. Michelle's mother had just turned 38. And yes, for those of you who might have noticed, I do have a bit of a thing for my best friend's mom. She looks fabulous, a more mature version of her beautiful daughter and I'd had more than a few wet dreams about her, usually ones that had both her and Michelle as feature performers, but I was adult enough to know that they were nothing but post-adolescent fantasies.

Erika looked up from the desk and smiled at me as she noticed that I was staring fixedly at her ass in the tight jeans she was wearing.

'Do you like my bottom?' she asked me frankly. 'I spend a half hour every morning on aerobics to keep it this way.'

The rest of the group of students that had joined this regular after class meeting had already left and I was just packing up myself when I'd gotten that chance to glimpse those nice half moons jiggling in her pants.

I stared at her a bit shocked, but I should have been used to her frankness by now. When Erika had a question to ask you she came right out and asked it.

'My last husband said it was my best feature.' she said. Before I could answer she slid her hands down her back and cupped the two cheeks in her hands.

'Hell Erika!' I said deciding to be just as frank. 'You don't have any bad features.'

She smiled at me, raising my temperature and blood pressure.

'Would you close the windows and blinds for me.'

She turned back to gathering her stuff off the desk.

Really I would have just preferred sitting in my chair behind the desk for another minute, I didn't want her to see me standing up, but knew she'd just ask me if anything was wrong if I didn't comply, so I just stood up, a noticeable bulge in my pants that just wouldn't go down. I went to the side of the room and began closing and locking the windows and then lowering and shutting the blinds. When I finished and turned back she was sitting on the corner of her desk and staring at me with a knowing grin.

'Simon, you are my favorite student.' She told me. 'Do you know why?'

I had a few answers to that question that I would have liked to say but instead answered with, 'Because I've got the highest grade in the class.'

'True enough.' She said as she hopped off her desk sending her breasts jumping under her sweater and my half-softening bulge back to full hardness. Walking to the door the room she closed it and locked it. 'But no that is not it. It is because you listen to what I am saying and watch what I am doing and always can tell what I am going to do next.'

With that she went back to the desk, stretched out sensually on top of it and undid the top of her jeans.

I walked to her and watched as she wriggled out of them until they flopped to the floor.

'I bet I can guess what you're going to do next.' I told her as I moved closer and began to rub my hand against the frilly lace-like material of her panties.

'Yes that is why you are my favorite student.' She said reaching up to pull my face down to hers.

I joined enthusiastically into the kiss as one of my hands reached under her sweater to grab a hot, needle tipped breast while my other hand rubbed her cunt through her panties until they were soaked with her drippings.

I still remember more than vividly at the beginning of this semester she stopped me before leaving the class, holding me there until all the other students had gone. She had asked if I thought she was attractive and I admitted that I thought she was beautiful. Then she had stunned me by asking if I wanted to be her lover. Before I could answer she had told me, like today, to close the windows and blinds and by the time I had gotten back she had locked the door and was lying naked on her desk. After that I hadn't really needed to answer her with words. My actions had been more than enough.

As I broke the kiss I slid down her body until my face was hovering over her erotically aromatic groin. Taking the hand I had been rubbing her with I licked the dampness off my fingers and then kissed the wet crotch of her panties, sucking more moisture into my mouth.

'Oh, yes!' she said laughing joyfully. 'I love it when you kiss me down there. None of my husbands would do it. Only Uncle Louis had a taste for me.'

'They were all idiots.' I told her reaching my hand to the elastic band holding up the underwear. 'No wonder you divorced the three of them. Your Uncle was the only smart one. You taste fabulous.'

As I slipped her panties down her legs I remembered the first time I had buried my face between those sweet thighs of hers. She had been divorced only six months but had been so horny that she had approached me after she thought I had been watching her more than just attentively during class. Truthfully I had always stared at her like that since I had first walked into her class, but it took her over-stressed hormones 5 months to finally notice.

When I had first kissed the inside of her thighs she had been thrilled. And when I began fucking her with my tongue she had had to stop herself from screaming. Her last husband she told me was a real sex maniac,. but her only loved to fuck. Over and over he would push his thing between her legs and into her mouth , but never would he kiss her down there. Only Uncle Louis had ever kissed her down there.

Then she told me about how she lost her virginity, or as she said, she had lost nothing and gained a whole new look on life.

Erika was twelve when her uncle first started to approach her. She had been an early bloomer, had had her first period when she was 10 and had gone through 3 bra sizes by the time she was 11. When her uncle had kissed her, not in that friendly way he had always kissed her but in that way she had seen her momma and papa kiss when they thought she wasn't looking, she was both thrilled and frightened. Uncle Louis was a strong, handsome man and of late she had been having strange feelings for him, and a number of older boys when she saw them.

When her uncle pulled away his mouth from her and saw her smiling at him he had then reached out and began to squeeze her breasts through her shirt and bra. It felt very good to her, but he said it would feel even better if she was not wearing them. Trusting her uncle she quickly took them off and true enough it did feel much better. Especially when he replaced his strong hands with his mouth and began sucking and nibbling on her nipples.

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