Our Gataway

by Anonymous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A husband and wife out looking for fun.

I awoke to the sound of running water. As my head slowly cleared I realized that my beautiful wife was already in the shower. I grabbed a cigarette from the night stand and lit it, and let my mind wander as I slowly gained my senses.

Outside the morning sun was just starting to make it's presence known. I was glad that the tourist season was over. Since moving to a small central Arizona community, located just below the Mogollon Rim, My wife and I have had little time to enjoy the vast wilderness that surrounds us. What time we could steal away, we spent making mad dashes into the woods, where I could show her some of the places I had been called out to, to tow someone out. Because there was so much to see, these days were usually very hectic. But, Today, all that was going to be different. My boss had given me a couple of days off for some much needed R&R, And we planned to use it by getting lost in the woods for two days.

Before we had left the city, my wife and I use to go out once a week on what she called her "Slut" day. She would dress up in a sensual way, and on that day, just about anything could happen. We had gradually worked ourselves into a threesome situation on a couple of occasions, and we had found that it added a lot of spice to our sex lives. I was lost in the memory of our last threesome, and as usual, without realizing it, I was hard as a rock, and just barely covered when my wife walked into the bedroom from her shower.

She eyed my erection, smiled sort of an evilish smile, and playfully jumped across the bed landing along side me, with her face just inches away from my hard cock. "Mmmmmmmm, I sure hope I get a lot of this today" she softly said as she lowered her head, and slowly licked my shaft. She asked what I had been thinking about to cause such a hardness, and I told her about reliving the memory I was in. Her face flushed a little, as them memory flooded her mind, and she smiled up at me. "That was a fun time, wasn't it? I wonder if we will ever get to meet Ron again? I sure wouldn't mind being between you two guys again." she said softly, and then fully devoured my hard cock as if to punctuate her words. I reached down and ran my hand down her back as I thrusted my hips up trying to get as much of my cock into her mouth as I could. Slowly my hand moved down over her soft ass, and down between her legs. I was surprised to find her pussy as soaked as it was, and slowly inserted two fingers into her.

Ann slowly raised herself up so she was on her knees allowing me better access to her pussy. As I continued probing her wet cunt, I could feel her moaning her approval around the shaft of my throbbing cock. "I'll bet you're wishing this was a hard cock sliding into your hot pussy, Don't you?" I asked as I pushed my two fingers deep into her. Ann pushed back, trying to get my fingers deeper into her, and said, "Oooo yeah, but only if I get to have a hard cock to suck on too, and one of them has to be yours!" and again swallowed my throbbing member into her hungry mouth.

Quickly my mind focused on our last threesome, and the events that led up to it. I had kept teasing Ann all day long, even the night before, I had teased her using a vibrator on her while we had sex. Sort of getting her use to having two hard cocks going at her at once. She was wild that night. In the morning however, she started getting cold feet, thinking she might not be able to go through with having sex with two men. I tried to calm her, and found the best way to ease her fears, was to tease her, Which I did all morning long. By the time we met Ron, she was so worked up, I knew deep down inside, we were going to go home that night, satisfied at living out another fantasy of ours.

My fingers were pumping in and out of her, and she kept the same rhythm with her soft lips on my throbbing cock. Her hand wrapped around the base, stroking my shaft while she sucked on the rest. "Would you like to go out and find some strange cock to play with today?" I asked, knowing all to well what her answer would be in her present state of arousal. "YES!" was her quick reply letting my cock slip from her hot mouth, "But where in this small community, are we going to find someone that's safe and won't make it embarrassing for us?" I smiled at her and said, "let me worry about that."

With my fingers still in her pussy, I moved my thumb over her clit. Her body shuttered at the added sensation, and I knew she was close to a climax. "I think we ought to get up, get dressed, and get out of here before someone calls and spoils our day." I said, not wanting her to lose the desire she was feeling. She agreed, but wanted to also continue with our playing. I told her that there would be plenty of time for that when we got into the woods. "Well if you are taking me into the woods, then how are we going to find a third person?" she asked. "Don't forget my dear, we have two days to find him or her." I replied slyly. "Just find something that will be easy for you to get out of." I said with an evil grin, and again rubbed her clit with my thumb. She pushed back on my fingers, and I inserted them deeply into her while massaging her clit. In seconds she exploded, her sweet juices leaked out on to my hand. I knew her climax was a mild one, and that this playing around only whetted her appetite.

Before she could coax me into fucking her, I started to move away. "Come on, Before my boss gets to work, and tries to get me to come to work and screws up our plans." I told her. Like a cat, she sprung from the bed, yet knew that she would rather have me mount her and give the sound fucking she was now starting to crave. As she was looking for something to wear, I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, cupping her soft 38C tits with my hands, and pinched her hard nipples lightly. My still hard cock nestled into the crack of her ass, and more than anything, I wanted to bend her over, and fill her pussy or ass. She reached down between her legs and grabbed my swollen member and tried to guide it to her soaked pussy. I quickly moved away. "You ass hole!" she playfully scolded. "get me all hot and then move away, I'll fix you."

She picked out her black sundress and quickly put it on. Somehow, she looked even better in it than the last time she wore it. Her breasts strained against the material, and her hard nipples could not be missed. That was all she had on, no panties. I grinned, knowing that it would be easy for me to play with her pussy anytime I wanted. I quickly jumped into a pair of 501's and donned a T shirt, and finished pulling on my boots as she brushed her long hair. We grabbed a six pack of pop, beer, and a couple of wine coolers, tossed them into a ice chest, poured ice over the contents, and headed for the truck.

I couldn't help but notice, that her spirit was alive and youthful. She was full of desire, just like when we were back in the city and use to go out on our special nights. I knew that under the right circumstances, anything could and probably would happen. This kindled the fire in me, and I was determined to make the next two days as fun filled as possible. I fired up the truck and pulled out onto the highway and headed East out of town. As soon as I went through the gears, I rested my hand on her leg, and slowly moved it under the bottom of her sundress. Before we reached the edge of town, I was already fingering her wet pussy and teasing her clit.

She moved sideways slightly, allowing me easier access to her pussy. In doing so, he sundress rode up enough to also give me a good view of her sweet, wet, hot, pussy. A couple of miles out of town and starting up the six mile hill that crested the rim, I spotted a slow moving semi. I started teasing the entrance to Ann's cunt, and with her back now against the passenger door, she started sliding down, causing her dress to inch higher and higher. Her pussy now fully exposed, and with her moaning in desire, I slowly inched a finger into her.

I glanced up, and saw the big truck just a few hundred feet away, and we were still overtaking it. Ann looked up, and then at me, I had this sly evil smile on my face, and she knew instantly what I was up to. Ann's first response was to try to cover herself a bit. I inserted two fingers into her hot pussy, and she let out a loud moan. I began to move my fingers in and out, knowing she was close to an orgasm, we began to overtake the big truck. I glanced at Ann, her eyes were glazed with lust. Her hands were playfully pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts. I drove my fingers deeper into her and played with her clit with my thumb. We were now along side of the drivers door of the big truck, and I slowed down a bit to match the truckers speed. Though I couldn't see the drivers face, I knew he had to have a great view. The sound of his air horn caused us both to jump. Ann looked up, and told me the driver had a smile on his face from ear to ear. Then Ann grabbed the straps of her dress and pulled them and the top of her dress down, exposing her 38c tits to the driver. I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her tight cunt, and thumbing her clit. She exploded.

I could hear the truckers engine straining to keep up with us, but slowly we started to pull away. He blasted his air horn again, and as we passed, he flashed his lights at us a couple of times. I knew he wanted us to pull over. I asked her about it, and she said his sleeper wasn't big enough for all three of us, and she added, he looked a bit to old for her. As I continued to pull away, I could see him still flashing his lights, and just chuckled. Ann's face was flushed from her orgasm, and I eased my fingers out of her pussy, and slowly stroked her clit, and began building the fire in her pussy again.

Shortly we reached the top of the rim and I made a left turn towards Wood's Canyon Lake. I glanced behind us and the big truck had not reached the top yet.

Through out the national forests, they have fire spotters that spend their days on top of tall look out towers searching for smoke, and watching for bad weather. On an earlier trip into the woods, we stopped at one of these look out towers and were able to go up into it. The day was hazy, thus making picture taking rather poor. The guy told me that the best times best times for taking pictures was in the fall or early spring. I recalled how he kept eyeing Ann's body, and wondered if he was still there. He and Ann seemed to hit off real good, and I had teased her about the way he eyed her up and down. I told her that had I not been around, I have no doubt that he would have tried to seduce her. She would just blush and pass off that I was just making it up. Yet, when I brought it up while we were in bed making love, she would get even more excited. "Do you think he really wanted to fuck me," she would ask, and I would answer "With out a doubt." I knew the thought of getting fucked by him and I on top of that tower turned her on. As I passed the entrance to the lake, and continued down the dirt road, I thought that today might be a good day to see if he could be seduced into a threesome.

"How about we stop and see if that guy is still at the tower?" I asked, as I slowly inserted my finger into he pussy again. "You know what might happen if he is," she replied. "As excited as you have me right now, He doesn't stand a chance, I just hope that place is big enough for all of us to have fun." she added.

These people that work as look outs, for the most part have cabins furnished by the Forest Service or bring their own trailers up, as they spend all of their time at their site. Usually, they work five or six days a week, and then a relief person is sent around to give them one or two days off. Also, most of the people that work these jobs are often alone most of the time they are there. The guy we met before, Bill, wasn't bad looking, About 5'9", 175 pounds, with graying brown hair. he was 41 or so, and worked as a school teacher during the Winter.

"O are you guys going to be in for one hell of a time." Ann said as she ground her pussy onto my finger, bringing me back from my thoughts. She moved a foot over my crotch and felt my hard cock through my jeans. "I can tell you looking forward to this almost as much as I am." she playfully added. "you know I love watching you go wild." I said. I didn't want to bring her to another orgasm before we got there, as I wanted her to be ready for action when we got there, so I eased my fingers out of her tight pussy, and gently stroked her pussy.

About a half a mile from the look out tower, Ann sat upright and fixed her clothing. Though, I think if she had her way, she would have probably taken her dress off and gone up into that tower totally naked. I eased of the dirt road and parked under some trees. I honked the horn to get the guys attention, and we got out. Looking up, I saw a window open, and the guy asked us what we wanted. I asked if we could come up into the tower and looked around. He directed us toward the gate opening, and said we were more than welcomed. We could tell, this wasn't Bill, but since we had already gone this far, we might as well go up and look around. All the way up those narrow stairs I had Ann's naked butt staring me in the face from under her short sundress. I kept reaching under it and playfully rub her soaking pussy or grab at her ass cheeks.

Soon we were going through the floor hatch and entering the small cubical of the look out. We made our introductions, This guy's name was Chuck. I could tell that Ann wasn't too disappointed that Bill wasn't here, as Chuck was even better looking. Chuck was about 6'1", and weighed about 200 pounds. He appeared to be in his early thirties, and had sandy blond hair. He was dressed in shorts and a cut off shirt that fit him like second skin. I glanced at Ann, and her eyes were fixed to the bulge in his shorts. She looked up at me and licked her lips, our signal asking if it were ok to continue, I winked my go ahead signal back to her. We acted like it was our first time up in the tower, and were full of questions. Ann asked how they located fires looking at the hugh compass that occupied the center of the room. Chuck began to explain the process of using the compass and various observation points to cross reference a sighting. Ann stood in front of the compass and bent over trying to look through the sight.

She said "I still don't understand just how you do it." Chuck moved behind her and was standing with just about an inch between his crotch and Ann's curvy butt. Ann cast a quick look up at me, and I knew the fun was about to begin. Chuck told Ann to pick out a reference point, and all at once his voice stuttered. While glancing off into the direction he was talking about, I knew what was going on behind me. Ann closed the inch gap and slowly started to grind her ass into Chuck's crotch. Startled and unsure of what to do, he tried to step back from Ann, But he was against the wall, and Ann just moved tighter against him to let him know it was not an accident. She continued to grind her butt against him, and he tried to keep his composure, though his voice was shaky as he continued to explain the process.

"As you er, uh, take that reference point there, and uh, cross it with ummmm, another point say Ooo, there, You tie the two points together on the compass and uh, call it in." Unless this guy was dead, he had to be just about rock hard by now. "Does that help you out any?" he asked, "OOOO, yeah, But, could you explain it to me one more time, I want to make sure I get the point." Ann softly replied. I had to chuckle a little. Again Chuck began to explain, and picked out a new reference point, keeping his eyes on me while I continued to look out at the vast beauty of the woods, and listening to their conversation. Ann continued to move against him, and is voice became even more shaky. As Chuck once again tried to maintain his composure in explaining the process.

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