Dealing in Dallas

by Drifter

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Lots going on in Dallas

Part 1: Who Are These People?

David knew he was going to be late again, it seemed like every time he was going to meet his fiance, Allison, for a drink after work, something happened at his law office to delay him. David was a junior partner in a very well known, prestigious law office in Dallas and as one of the newest junior partner he caught a lot of that kind of work... Last minute fix it stuff. Keep the clients happy, no matter what it took, was the boss' motto.

That was all fine with David, he was just glad to be a part of such a firm. He liked everything about the firm, the kind of work they did, international law, and especially the large salary. He also liked his boss, the head of the firm. A hell of a guy in his late forties who allegedly worked hard and played very hard. The stories about Bob Berger's sexual activities around the world were legendary among the office tale-tellers. How true they were he wasn't sure but he liked to think they were true. He idolized his boss, wanted to be just like him.

His boss had met his fiance, Allison a time or two with David and had effusively complimented Dave on his lady. Truth is he had sort of eaten her up with his eyes. David had to admit that he liked the way Berger had looked at his fiance. It pleased him that someone like Bob Berger would so obviously admire his lady.

Dave was just the kind of young lawyer the firm liked, sharp looking, hard working, driving, open minded about a lot of things with a great mind that ate through the business law they handled. At 30 Dave was approaching his peak at about everything it seemed. Berger had seen that special characteristic in David that he demanded. And, he had hopefully seen something special in Allison too.

The downtown law offices where he worked were contained in the top five stories of a well known building which won't be mentioned. The office suite was plush, extremely plush and David hadn't even seen most of it.

David called their favorite bar and left word he was going to be late with Tony, their friendly bar keep and owner of the PUB. Fortunately it was in the same building as his office so at least it wouldn't take him long to get there once he got this problem solved. Allison would understand, she had made similar calls herself from her law practice, just across the street. No problem.

A few moments after David's call, Allison Danato walked into Tony's bar and grill and looked around for Dave. There were a number of more-or-less regulars there already on this week night and they all took a moment to look Allison over with undisguised admiration.

Not seeing him she sighed and headed for the bar as she unbuttoned her suit coat. Time to relax. Allison was a dream walking, absolutely beautiful, her dark hair, dark brown eyes and olive complexion were breathtaking and her body was even better. Trim and compact except on top. She always caused a stir among men. Now as her coat fell open her large firm breasts showed themselves through the thin lace bra and silk blouse. She always wore suits to work that hid her voluptuous figure as much as possible for business reasons. But now her full beauties, that Dave loved to hide in, sprang out as if glad for their semi-freedom.

Allison walked quickly to the bar and perched on a stool across from Tony, revealing a lot of long trim leg as she said, "Hi good looking, any word from my boy friend?"

"Yep, gonna be late again," dropping his eyes to her full breasts Tony stared obviously shaking his head and said, "If those were mine, I sure wouldn't keep them waiting."

Allison blew him a kiss and pulled her shoulders back. Her full breasts were so nice to look at and now her growing nipples showed delightfully as she forced them tight against her blouse, teasing Tony. Allison was justifiably proud of her charms and loved the way men stared. Tony moaned and said,

"Damn Alli, it's not nice to tease a poor deprived, fellow Italian, boy"

"Yeah, deprived, I've seen some of the waitresses you hire to play with you letch."

"Oh Alli you wound me, you know I would never touch any of my employees."

Alli rolled her eyes exaggeratedly at that. The truth was Tony touched them all before and after he hired them. His normal recruiting technique was a weekend in his cabin at a nearby lake. But he paid very well and the tips were excellent so a lot of great looking ladies were eager to work there, even after they knew the requirements. Tony was fun and a great looking guy. All the regulars at the bar knew the score and teased Tony every time he hired a new girl. He even wrote the cabin off as a business expense for recruitment.

As Tony placed her drink in front of her now, Allison took a big sip and glanced down at the newspaper laying on the Bar. The headlines read

Suspected Link To Porn Industry

Allison looked at the headline and then said to Tony in an angry voice, "Look at that, the elementary schools yet. I hope they fry those bastards when they catch them." Then she looked at Tony and he just nodded his agreement. She hated the idea of kids being used like that. What adults did was their own business, but not kids. Then she tried to put it out of her head and said

"How late did David say?"

"He said about half an hour, that means three quarters of an hour at least. We have time darlin if you wanted to join me in my office."

"Ahhh Tony you know I would love to but this isn't my week for Italian."

They laughed as their normal banter resumed. Still she wished she could do something to help bust those Drug bastards. Tony had his mind on other things closer as he shook his head, ogling Allison and wondered how he could possibly make it with this gorgeous lady.

They were interrupted then and Tony had to go back to work behind the bar.

Three new guys in business suits had just come in. Seeing Allison they all called her name and headed to surround her bar stool as Tony set up their regular drinks quickly. Tony prided himself in knowing what all of his regulars preferred. Dick Wilson, broker, 6'2, 200 lbs, good looking single guy as were most of the patrons of Tony's place, always drank scotch neat. Barry Marion, also a broker, 5'10, 180 lbs, good looking and single, liked martini's

And Hank Danato, law clerk in the same firm as Dave, waiting to take the bar exam, also happened to be Allison's younger brother, 5'8 and 160 lbs, really good looking and reputed to be quite the ladies man, drank beer.

Two of the men eased into the stools on either side of Allison and the third, Hank, stood leaning into her stool behind her, his arms wrapped around her from behind sort of lay on the arm rests of the stool...

Allison drew men like bees to flowers., yeah and they all wanted to pollinate her. Allison glowed with life as she smiled lovingly at her "little" brother. Hank leaned forward to meet her lips lightly with his as she twisted to meet him. After the brief kiss the other two guys piped up, "My turn Alli" and "Lay one on me too babe". Alli just smiled and patted her brother's cheek saying, "You guys, can't a girl be affectionate with her little brother"? Her eyes met Hanks as they both smiled warmly, obviously comfortable with each other. The banter continued good naturedly with the guys all hitting on Allison. Truth was Allison loved the attention and flirted back with all of them. Indeed, the sexual innuendo made her very hot.

Then finally David arrived and he just stood there for a moment a few feet from the love of his life and listened to the "b.s." floating back and forth. He found it thrilled him knowing how much other men wanted her. After a few minutes of listening to the guys trying to "talk Allison into bed", he spoke up, "If you guys are through harassing my girl friend, I'll save her from you horny bastards."

Alli turned and smiled at David and responded, "Maybe I don't want to be saved from the horny bastards." Everyone laughed and told David to take a hike. Allison knew it all was only half in jest as she slowly moved to join her fiance.

As he waited for Alli to free herself he put his arm around Hank's shoulder and greeted him warmly. He really liked Hank and liked the closeness that was obviously there between Hank and Allison. Hank felt the same way about David.

As a teen David had always been particularly close to his little sister Patty also and was glad Allison and Hank were close.

Allison slid off the stool showing a lot more of her great legs and moved toward Dave with a big smile. As she passed Hank she paused and whispered something in his ear and kissed his cheek. Then she turned to Dave and slid her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, driving her tongue deeply into his mouth. David knew she was even more turned on than usual.

The guys were making their typical comments and Allison broke the kiss and let David lead her to a nearby booth. The guys enjoyed watching Allison's cute ass dance in her tight skirt as she walked away. As soon as she sat down they turned to see if there were other prey in the bar, and as there always was, they headed for new challenges.

In the booth David slid his arm around Allison and kissed her again, then saying, "God you taste good".

She placed her hand on his thigh and kissed him back hard, then she said, "Can we go to my place soon and you can really taste me. I'm so damn horny. I have thought of your cock all day."

"You really get turned on by all the guys flirting with you don't you?"

"God I guess I do honey, does that bother you?"

"Not as long as I go home with you."

"Oh honey, you always can come home with me. Soon it will be your home too."

"Oh didn't I tell you, I thought I would keep sharing my apartment with Brad after we get married, in case I need a place to play around."

His eyes twinkled as he teased.

Allison laughed and pinched the inside of his thigh hard. As he winced she said, "OK with me... if you have anything left after you take care of me, but don't forget, two can play that game honey."

As they sipped on their drinks David's eyes kept dropping to her firm breasts. After a moment she chuckled and thrust them out, "You love those don't you?"

Dave looked up meeting her eyes and nodded as one of his fingers touched a swollen nipples lightly, Allison sucked in her breath as Dave toyed, and then he pinched her nipple gently.

"Oh shit Dave, I like that but everyone is going to see."

"So let them!"

Allison closed her eyes as he cupped her full beauty in his hand and rolled her swollen nipple between his thumb and fore finger. They both loved semi public action like this but she felt she had to object, at least a little. David noticed her begin to squirm in her seat and involuntarily hunch her ass up and back. Damn she was hot... He knew she was close to cumming as he saw the flush in her cheeks and on her neck and he shifted to the other breast and pinched it's erect nipple hard. She stiffened and gurgled as she tried to be quiet as she came. In a moment she relaxed and opened her eyes again, looking at Dave with love,

"I can't believe you just got me off here, in the bar."

David's eyes twinkled, he loved giving her pleasure, anywhere.

Allison downed the rest of her drink saying, "My place, God I need you." and they left calling their farewells to their friends.

They walked the two blocks, arms around each other, to the downtown apartment building they and her brother Hank all lived in. Allison had a three bedroom with study apartment on the 25th floor that was large and elegantly furnished. This was going to be their new home after the wedding, now just six months away. David still shared a two bedroom place on the fifth floor with a coworker and old buddy, Brad Thomas. He and Brad went way back to when they were roommates in college with all the stories that could possibly entail. For some reason Allison had not been receptive to the idea of Dave moving in before the wedding although they spent a lot of time together in her big bed. David didn't worry about it, for his own reasons.

In the elevator Allison slid her arms around David's neck and met his lips and body with a kiss that curled his toes and made him hard instantly. Damn she is hot he thought for the millionth time. Their bodies pressed into each others and now started to move in slow mutual body caresses. He felt her warm pussy pressing against his hard cock thru their clothes as she hunched against it in short slow little strokes. David dropped his hands to her trim firm perfect little ass and as he cupped those twin cheeks he pulled her hard into his cock. Allison moaned and slid her tongue even deeper into his open mouth, then sucked his tongue back into hers, reminding Dave how fantastically this lady gave head and he groaned with anticipation.

They heard the elevator ding as it stopped at her floor. Slowly pulling apart they walked to her door and Allison laughed as she enjoyed the way his cock stood out so obviously and she said out loud, "Hmmm I think he likes me." and she ran her finger down it's full length. Fortunately the hall was empty.

She slowly fumbled getting the door open as David pressed his hard cock against her cute ass and his hands cupped her full breasts through the silk blouse. She groaned, "Oh shit David, wait a minute while I get this fucking door opened."

They tumbled through the door and fell together on the carpeted floor. David just kicked the door closed behind them and attacked her as they struggled to strip each other while kissing and playing. Finally both nude, Allison spread her long sexy legs and without slowing, pulled David to her center guiding his stiff cock directly to where she wanted it. David plunged deep immediately the way she loved it. They were both so hot, and going at it so hard, it didn't last long as they drove each other over the edge into their first mutual climax.

Laying there, temporarily sated, they just kissed and whispered "I love you's" and rested for the next go. After a while Allison sighed and propped herself up on one elbow, pushing her large bare breast closer to David's lips, "I adore you David... I hope you will always love me this much." David kissed the proffered nipple and grinned happily.

David looked at her with pride and a question, wondering why she seemed to worry about his always loving her, but she slowly looked away and struggled to her feet.

In the shower a bit later they began to wake up once more and as David played with her fantastic soapy breasts, she stroked his long hard cock. She kissed him and said, "Did you know I love your big cock sweetheart? God it gives me such pleasure. Truth is I just love to fuck."

David smiled and enjoyed her hand on his 8" cock. he kissed her saying, "I love the way you enjoy sex Miss hot pants,.in fact I love everything about you but especially this body, every guy in the world wants to be where I am right now. I feel sorry for them not knowing you like I do. How does it feel to know most men want to fuck you?"

Allison smiled and said, "I like it, guess that isn't too nice but I like it a lot. Sometimes it makes me so wet."

Allison's mood seemed to change and she broke away and turned the shower off and stepped out handing Dave a towel. Later as they sat over the remains of dinner Allison's mood had lifted again and now she stood up and dropped her terry robe. She posed for David shaking her big tits in his face and said, "Can you think of a dessert you might like."

Grinning she walked to her bedroom with Dave right behind. They both had dessert, first Dave licked his way all around her body and then buried his face in her wet pussy and ate her to one orgasm after the other. That was followed by Allison returning the favor, loving his cock with her eager mouth until he spent there, even later they enjoyed a long slow leisurely fuck.

Glancing at her bedside clock much later, Allison saw it was almost eleven and she said, "Honey... I have a tough day tomorrow so kiss me and get your sweet butt out of here."

Dave was totally satisfied as he rolled over and kissed his lady, "Alli I love you so much it hurts me sometimes, And you are one great piece of ass." and he meant every word.

Alli kissed him tenderly and replied, "I know how you feel my love. You are such a perfect mate for me. I hope you don't ever stop loving me cause I don't think I could do without you. Please don't ever leave me."

Dave frowned... Allison frequently said strange things like that. Sometimes he wondered what her life before him had been like to make her seem so insecure and say those things. But they had agreed that what had happened before they met was history and was not ever to come between them so they had never discussed it. All Dave knew was her college days, like his, had been pretty wild. She had told him she would tell him anything he wanted to know but would prefer to keep all that in the past, so Dave had left it there.

At first David thought that was her way of saying that she knew he had been pretty damn wild and she didn't care. Now he wondered... how wild was my love? He never asked. But every time he thought about it he got hard.

He dressed as he thought that over. Then as he kissed her good night prior to letting himself out he said, "Someday when we are old and gray we will have to swap stories."

Allison looked up at him, spread out beautifully nude on her back in bed, such a delectable package and she said, "Someday, maybe, maybe sooner, guess it is something we need to do before the wedding."

Part 2: Other Visitors

As Dave walked out and the elevator door closed behind him, Hank Danato was in his apartment getting ready to leave. Ready to go over to his sister's place as she had suggested as she left the bar. Moments later he was standing in front of his sister's door, and inserting his key. Closing the door behind him he slid the security bolt and slowly headed for his sisters bedroom as he began to undo his tie and unbutton his shirt.

As he stepped into the bedroom, Allison looked up at him, watching him strip the rest of his clothes. She had a frown on her face and she said, "Little brother, soon we may have to stop this... David would never be able to deal with this, me fucking my little brother."

Hank Danato smiled at his sexy sister laying there with her legs spread wide, her well used red pussy lips exposed to his view, waiting for his cock. As he dropped his briefs he stroked his hard cock and crawled between her legs. Allison guided him into where David had been only moments before and where Hank had visited even more times than David, as he said, "Never know sis, he might like to join us. Have you ever thought of that?"

Allison gasped as his cock pressed into her depths. She had known this large cock since it was 14 years old. She had learned to love it greatly and the thought of giving it up was painful. Now she thought of being with both David and Hank and she thrilled at the idea and came again shaking like a run away train. Then she sighed, "Oh God little brother, I would love that, it would solve so many problems, not to mention being a lot of fun."

David rode the elevator to his floor and let himself in. As he closed the door he heard the unmistakable sounds of people having sex coming from Brad's bedroom. As usual the door was open in invitation and David smiled as he poured himself a glass of milk and headed to his bedroom. Other nights he might have looked in, or even joined them but tonight he was drained.

He showered and climbed in bed. He always slept nude and he lay on his back and closed his eyes to sleep. Then he heard the soft footsteps approach his bed. His bedside light came on and he saw Lisa standing beside his bed, gloriously nude. Lisa was one of Brad's sexy airline stewardess girlfriends that preferred threesomes. She smiled down at David's limp cock as she sat on the edge of his bed and said in a little voice,

"David, honey, wouldn't you like to join Brad and me? We left the door open."

Normally David would be as eager as they were but tonight he said, "Lisa darlin, Allison didn't leave much, another night sweety."

"OK Dave but just think about what you will be missing." and she leaned over and gave him a deep kiss, her firm bare breasts pressing against him. She turned out the light as she left. Dave lay there thinking about what he had turned down. As he felt his "worn out" cock stirring, he slid out of bed and headed to Brad's bedroom, hell he wasn't that tired.

He did get a few hours of sleep. A shower and coffee brought him back to life and he dressed and headed out. He glanced in and saw Brad and Lisa just as he left them. He called to Brad. As Brad opened his eyes he said, "Sorry old buddy but it is time for you to get up. Lisa has to get to work too so wake our beauty up."

Brad spoke, "God she is something else, she does love to fuck. Maybe I ought to marry Lisa. I will never find another partner like her."

David asked, "You wouldn't mind your wife screwing other guys the way you know Lisa would?"

Brad responded, "Hell no, in fact it's a requirement."

As David rode down the elevator he thought about being with Allison and then Lisa the same night and what Brad had said and he smiled, no guilt there, just a feeling of being alive and in love with Allison, in lust with Lisa not to mention a few others...

His day went great. Mid morning, his boss Bob Berger stopped in and invited he and Allison to a cocktail party at his place on White Rock Lake that Friday. Dave quickly accepted and looked forward to socializing with the high rollers he knew would be at Bob's party. He called Allison and told her. Allison was no stranger to these cocktail parties. They were where a lot of serious business was conducted, among other things, it wasn't always business. She agreed eagerly to the party and then changing the subject, suggested a trip to their favorite movie theater for them that night.

David agreed with a smile on his face knowing what Ali had in mind for their outing.

Sitting in the movie, Allison as usual, decided it was boring. She began to fantasize about what Hank had suggested the previous night, a threesome with she and David. The idea had her wet quickly. It sounded so hot. She wondered how Dave would react to a situation like that. The more she thought about it the hotter she became.

The theater was dark and she moved David's hand from where it rested on her knee, higher and higher up under her dress onto her wet panties as she said, "I was thinking about last night and see how wet I am."

David pushed her soggy panties aside and easily slipped two fingers into her ready slit. They had gotten into this public play some time ago and rarely passed up a chance. Allison gasped and looked around. The theater was pretty empty and she relaxed as David slowly finger fucked her. He began to rub his thumb lightly over her clit and Alli moaned softly, "Oh yes baby."

David looked down at Alli. Her skirt was up around her waist... her pussy was in clear sight as David expertly manipulated it. He whispered,

"Look how exposed you are kitten. If anyone walked by they could see everything. You would like that wouldn't you. Some strange guy watch what I'm doing to you. Looking at your pussy as I fingered it."

Allison looked down and whimpered and came with a bang. Later as she pushed her skirt down she kissed David and said softly, "Damn I must be some kind of exhibitionist, that was so hot."

They left shortly and Dave was treated royally in Allison's apartment until they fell asleep late in the night. One of those rare nights when he spent the night.

As Dave left the next morning Allison kissed him goodbye at the door and picked up her morning paper. As she opened it she headed toward her coffee. the headlines screamed

Major Source Busted - 30 Arrested
Connection with Kiddy-Porn
Still No Link To Top

Allison sat and read that article start to finish. She was delighted with the bust but grew angry when she read how the top people involved with this were still unknown. Millions were being made by those scum she thought. The part that bothered her was that young children were being forced. If she could only do something. Finally after a shower and dressing, she picked up the phone to call an old boy friend, who just happened to be a detective. He wasn't in, she would call him again later. Maybe there was some way she could help. Anyway she would offer. Now her high spirits returned and she headed for work.

The week passed, Friday came and Allison called David that afternoon, "Honey... how do you want me to dress tonight?"

She gave him several choices from hot and sexy to cool and sophisticated, she liked for David to select for her, sometimes.

Dave replied, "hot and sexy. Berger loves to look at sexy young things like you."

Allison replied, "Yeah, how well I know, OK, now chose between Catch me and you can fuck me, or Sneak up on me and I wont tell."

They both laughed and David said, "From the stories I hear about Berger maybe the I won't tell would be better, or maybe Look but don't touch..."

Alli laughed and pretended to pout saying, "Aw David that's no fun."

David laughed and relented... "OK wear the I won't tell. but if anything happens you better tell me."

Allison laughed and wondered as she hung up the phone. What would David think about me with another man, Hank fucking me, or Berger, if she let him? I know he wants me. The idea tickled her fancy and her fancy started to get wet.

When Dave picked Allison up he stared at her for a long time after she opened the door. Her Cocktail dress was floor length, dark green velvet, very low cut showing a lot of breast over the top. David thought he could see the edge of her areola. The skirt was cut up the side quite high. David felt his cock jerk as he looked at his hot and sexy fiance.

"Shit honey, you look fabulous., I love it, and so will all the other men, specially Berger."

"Good, I want to make an impression on him. Can't hurt to flirt with your husband's boss."

Dave liked the reference to him as her husband... also flirting with Berger and he said, "I like that Alli, just watch out that Berger doesn't get you alone for too long."

Alli laughed and quoted what David had said, "If he does I will tell you all about it"

Dave was surprised when that made his cock jump.

The party went well, the place was crawling with tons of influential people and David and Allison made plenty of great contacts, which is why Berger had these affairs. Later in the evening, just after Dave finished a conversation with the most influential judge in the area he looked around for Allison, finally he saw her through the huge picture window, dancing with his boss out on the dark patio, with White Rock lake in the background As he watched them dance he heard Jean Berger speak softly from just behind him,

"They look good together don't they David?"

They were dancing very close and both of them seemed to be enjoying it. David smiled at the radiant Jean, a delightful and gorgeous lady, and agreed. Then he looked back as one of the servants came up to them and interrupted speaking to Berger just before he walked off briskly, something important. Jean left in the direction Berger had gone. Allison looked around and soon found David and smiled broadly at her love and headed to join him.

As she kissed him she laughed and said, "I have a secret."

Dave was intrigued but waited quietly.

"Your boss likes me... a lot."

Dave just raised an eyebrow...

"He actually got hard as we danced. He really liked looking down my dress at my boobs."

Dave smiled and raised his eyebrow a little higher

"And he propositioned me. He said I could be very helpful to you and make him terribly happy at the same time. And he guaranteed I would enjoy it too. I didn't know what to say but then we were interrupted. Oh, and he suggested we all go sailing sometime soon on his boat."

David laughed and said, "Sounds like a proposition to me."

"Take me home David... I want you..."

"You sure it isn't Bob you want?

"No I'm not sure, but I know I want you so shut up and take me home and fuck me!"

David grinned and they found Jean and said goodnight to Berger's lovely young wife and left. Berger was still tied up somewhere.

As they drove home it was quiet and then Allison spoke, "I wonder how many young wives are seduced by bosses, to help their husbands? A lot I bet. We sweet little housewives really want to help our husbands get ahead."

David laughed and said, "And we guys thought we did it all on our own."

Allison was sitting next to David in the car and her hand was on his leg. She squeezed his leg and said, "Hurry, I am so horny!"

"Did you like Berger coming after you?"

"Yes, so good for the ego, he was so cool about it as his cock grew against me... and big too..."

David smiled and said, "If he had taken you some place private tonight and tried to fuck you, what would you have done?"

"Oh Dave, no fair, I'm dying of horniness, I am soaking wet... not fair to ask that now."

"So maybe you would have fucked him?"

"No David, of course not, well maybe, I would have wanted to..."

And she leaned over and kissed him and found his hard cock in her hand. She was delighted and she said softly "It makes you hard thinking about me with Berger?"

"Yeah, it's a fantasy I have had for a long time."

"Me with other men?"

"Yeah, makes me hot as hell to think about it. Especially Berger."

"And what if it happened for real?"

"I don't know sweetheart. I love you and want you as my wife. But even so the idea of you and another guy turns me on. I don't know how my fantasy works with all that." and he thought of Brad's comment on his potential wife.

He had just pulled into the garage and parked. Alli leaned over and gave him a hot hot kiss and pulled away saying. "It is a hot fantasy. Me with another man while you watch."

David and Allison spent the next hour in some great sex before she made him leave. At the door she kissed him and said, "You know I love you Dave, the idea of Berger excites me, think about if you would really like for me to let Berger fuck me. Not just fantasy."

Dave smiled and said, "Maybe, it sure feels hot."

She smiled at him and said, "I think you really want me to. Maybe I will honey."

The wedding plans were set, still three months away but Allison was thorough, and since she had to do it all herself, her parents were dead, auto accident two years ago, Allison had done everything early. The chapel was selected, flowers ordered, invitations prepared, her dress selected and all of the million of other details. But every time she worked on it she wondered if it would happen, if Dave ever found out about the real Allison.

Part 3: Little Sister Visits

David was sitting alone in his apartment studying a brief, Allison was in a late meeting with clients, that's business. When his phone jangled, it startled him. Picking up the portable beside him he answered, "Hi it's David."

"Hello big brother, how is my favorite and only brother."

"PATTY! Hi darlin. How are you? Where are you? What's going on? God it is good to hear from you. You sound great."

She laughed into the phone and said, "I love it that you get so excited when I call. God I love you big brother, and I miss you so much. Your questions - first I am wonderful, between loves in my life but glad of it, the last one was starting to get possessive. Next I am in Tucson where I live silly. What's going on? Well, I want to come spend some time with you before the wedding if that is OK with you, or has Allison sent you packing already."

. "You're kidding Patty, I would love it, When? Now? Hell yes... come on little sister. I can show you Dallas."

"Dave I don't want to see Dallas. I want to get to know my big brother again before he gets married. You are all the family I have Dave and I need you." and he thought he heard her cry...

"Hey kitten, sweetheart, get your butt here immediately. Are you OK? What can I do baby?"

She sniffed a couple of times and then said, "You just did it brother. I need to be loved unconditionally by you. Some guys want to own you, some want to share you with their friends, fuck Dave, it is a strange world. I need to know someone loves me...

David's voice was heavy with emotion. "Come on baby, you know I adore you. When can you get here?"

"Is Saturday too soon?"

"Hell Patty right now isn't too soon, get your cute ass here."

He heard a giggle and then she said,

"Oh, so you think my ass is cute?"

"I always did sis."

"I love you brother."

"And I you sweetheart. See you Saturday. call me with the details and I will meet you at the airport."

David sat there after hanging up the phone, wondering what was going on with Patty but he was delighted she was coming. Then he thought, where will she stay? She can't stay here, Brad's girlfriends streak through here, not with Allison, she is fussy about her privacy So where? Finally he gave up and thought, time to worry about that Saturday.

Allison was delighted with the news that Patty was coming soon. She had always loved Patty and knew Patty felt the same toward her. It would be good to have more family around. And Patty would keep David busy while she worked out something with Hank, she had no idea what she was going to do about that. One thing was sure in her mind, if she continued with Hank sooner or later David would figure it out, something had to be done, either stop or do as Hank had suggested, bring David into it, if he would. Would he take to it or would he just dump her, did she dare take the chance?

Over dinner the next night, the night before Patty was to arrive, Allison and David discussed the arrangements. David explained why Patty couldn't stay with him. Allison smiled to herself as the light came on, David and Patty, if David were fucking Patty he couldn't object to she and Hank... Was it possible?... then she thought, this could get really interesting, and she remembered other foursomes.

"David, I don't think Patty wouldn't object to sleeping with you... in your bed, just keep your hands to yourself sweetheart. Remember you are mine. If I remember, Patty was a sexy little thing. And she is a grown woman. I'm sure she can deal with Brad's string of ladies."

David looked at her strangely. Then he decided if Allison thought it was OK then it was OK with him, If it was OK with Patty. if he could keep his hands off her, and he remembered how sexy she was when they were kids, and the last time he had seen her. Back at home the boys flocked to their house during high school and he was pretty sure several of them knew his little sister quite well.

He shook the idea out of his head and paid the check. It was a torrid night in Allison's apartment while Dave was there. When he left Allison called Hank and shortly he showed up for the second shift...

David paced anxiously at the airport for her arrival, he realized how he had missed Patty. Naturally the damn plane was late, then she was there, in a blur of motion Dave saw her coming toward him, he thought, damn she is sexy and so damn cute. Then her body hit his and her arms were around his neck, his around her waist hugging each other.

Their lips met once briefly, another hug and then the lips met again for a long time. Dave was amazed at the open mouth tongue kiss he got from his little sister and he felt his cock stir against her but he couldn't seem to resist. Patty felt his cock stir too and smiled. Pleased at that turn of events she pressed her loins into his harder.

When they broke anyone watching would have thought them lovers rather than brother and sister. Dave hustled her off after her bags, a little embarrassed at his reaction. He kept glancing over at her open blouse revealing a lot of flesh. On several glances her nipple showed and he realized she had no bra on. Later as she bent over her bag and Dave stared at her cute ass in the skin tight jeans he knew she had no panties on either.

Patty enjoyed the way he was looking at her. She had carried this crush on him since she was 12. Now he looked at her like a woman and she loved it! She made sure he got a lot to look at down her open blouse and she smiled as his cock grew in his jeans.

Driving into Dallas from the airport Patty slowly told him about her disappointing love life in Tucson. Her first lover in Tucson had liked to share. They had tried swapping with another couple and both had loved that. Patty said all was going great with the foursome, including some hot girl-girl stuff, until the ass hole she was living with started bringing a friend home with him after work unannounced. The first two times that happened she had enjoyed the sex with two men but then he brought four guys home one night and she kicked them all out throwing his stuff out into the hall.

The next guy she dated wanted to smother her and was so damned jealous she couldn't look at another guy. So she had dumped him too

Dave had listened to his not-so-baby sister and her sexual exploits and his cock was standing up in his jeans, much to Patty's delight.

He lugged her stuff up to his and Brad's apartment. He carried her bags into his room and explained all the details to her about the apartment. Finally Patty said,

"This should be interesting. I always wondered how it worked in a bachelor pad... AND I get to sleep with you. What more could I want?"

David was nervous and he said, "Honey I usually sleep nude, but I guess I can buy some pajamas."

"Of course not David. I sleep nude too so I guess we will have to get used to each other's bodies."

David swallowed hard and changed the subject, saying, "Time to meet Allison and Hank for dinner."

"Hank... that's Allison's brother if I recall."

"Yeah, you'll like Hank..."

They had met at Tony's bar and grill and enjoyed great Italian food. Now over the after dinner drinks, the four of them settled in comfortably with each other. Hank had been paying a lot of attention to Patty and both Allison and David felt a strange jealousy...

It was late when they left the bar. Hank suggested he show Patty some of the night life but she begged off pleading exhaustion, but she asked for a rain check and Hank smiled warmly.

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