The Bahama Affair

by Anonymous

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: She goes to the bahamas with her girl friend and both have some fun there, behind their husbands' backs

My wife's trip to the Bahamas came about, when her close girlfriend and husband were over our house. The girls had been talking for a long time about going on a trip and jokenly saying without husbands, which, to tell you the truth was ok with me, and seemed quite fine with Renee's husband also, both us guys joking around saying how peacefull and quiet it would be without nagging wifes around for a week. My wife Susan said, that's ok, by the time I save enough money to go I'll have lost enough weight to fit into my new string bikini, then you'll wish you were with us. Renee also remarked, you tell'em Susie, in a few months we'll be string beans, laying on a beach in the Bahamas while some hunks rub sun tan lotion all over our skinny bodies. I opened my big mouth and said, I'll tell ya, if you loose 20 LBS by Summer, I'll pay for your whole trip. Renee looked at Bob, and said, how about it. Bob said, sounds good to me.

Well a few months went by and my wife wasn't exactually a string been but she lost the weight she said and a little extra, as did Renee also, but she fell a few pounds short, but her husband, kind harted as he was agreed to let her go anyway for the effort.

After the girls checked into their hotel, they unpacked their clothes, hanging dresses in the closet, putting bras, panties, pantyhose, and sleeping atire into the draws anong the other clothes they packed. They took a shower and dressed for there first night out. Almost the second they walked into the local night club they were swamped by the Island men, mostly trying to get them to buy drugs, some just came on to them boldly asking them to bed. they walked around a few minutes looking for a place to sit, still being harrassed by the obnoxious men. All of a sudden these 2 guys walked up to them telling the guys to leave these ladies alone, and asked them back to there table, the girls greashaslly accepted thanking them. Once back at the table one of the guys, Doug, said, they really should not go anywere alone, especially at night without an escort, due to the drugs and how they look for single ladies. Renee, who is much more out spoken than Susan stated, that they were, married. Don, the other guy said, without your husbands here, which he assumed because if they were, they would have been with them, your still single ladies. The girls agreed saying it might be fun being with someone, and seeing the sights. With some other talk, Doug and Don also were married, and were construction workers working son the Island for a few months, and only had time after work at 3:30 and weekends to themselfs. After some dancing the guys asked them out to dinner and dancing for the next night which was Sunday, the girls gladly accepted.

Sunday, the girls, like they said they would a few months before put on there bikini's and hit the beach for some sun. after words, they did some shopping and other things wondering what these guys were like and some girl talk about them. Later that evening the girls bathed, and dressed for there night out, then met Doug and Don in the lobby, and all left for dinner. There was not much talk during dinner but much after all loosen downing 3 bottles of wine, then the guys asked if the ladies wanted to go dancing, naturally they did, so after they digested and finished the last bottle of wine, Doug asked for the check. Susan reached in her purse and tried to hand Doug some $$$ to help pay for her expencive dinner, Doug pushed her hand away saying he didn't want it, that he was treating, and off they went. They took a cab to the club, the guys paying the fare again, and spent the next few hours dancing, talking, a little hugging and kissing and drinking. Sometime during the night Renee told Susan she was going back to Don's hotel and asked if she wanted to go, Susan, not wanting really to be left alone for the night agreed. Another cab ride took the girls to their hotel, and a short elevator ride to the floor, all 4 walked down the very quiet hallway and stopped as Don inserted a key in the lock, opening the door, and walked in with Renee, Susan looked at Doug walking to the next room wondering where he was going, Don looked at her saying his room is next door. Susan followed him into the room and closed the door, Doug then offered her some wine opening a new bottle and pouring some into a glass. After a few glasses she was knew he had other things in mind and wasn't about to comply with any of them, kissing was one thing, but anything else was out of the question. Doug suggested moving to the bed where it would be more comfortable. Susan agreed kicking off her heels and laying down, tugging on her semi short skirt, Doug remarked as he layed on the bed next to her, you can take anything else off you like, I won't mind, Susan in return remarked, I don't think so, I'm married, remember. Doug replied back, first kissing her neck, then whispered in her ear, so am I, but that doesn't me from having a little fun, then made his way to her lips. As they continued kissing, mixing their tongues in each others mouths Don began to slid his hand up her side to the beginning of her breast, then cupped his hand over her mound and gently began to squeeze sliding his thumb over her growing nipple. Susan in turn pushed his hand away, while Don, not yet ready to throw in the towle, moved his hand this time up her stomach and began to unbotton her blouse, Susan once again moved his hand, then pulled away from his lips telling him, If he didn't want her to leave, then stop. Doug agreed to stop and resumed his kissing, but, still convinced he would have his way, began to slid his hand up her leg and under her dress to her pussy which was well hidden in panties and stockings. Susan pushed him away and got up from the bed quite angry telling him she was leaving, then put hn her heels and picked up her purse and walked out of his room. Susan walked down the hall to the door Renee had entered earlier and was ready to knock when she heard noises comming from inside the closed door, putting her ear on the wood she could hear faint sounds of moaning and a squeeking sound as if someone was jumping up and down on the bed. Not jumping to conclusion, she left.

Later that night when Renee returned to her hotel, Susan was up watching TV, she asked what happend to her, when I went to Dougs room to see if you were ready to go, Doug said you left a few hours ago. Susan sat for a minute, not saying anything, then got up from the bed and turned off the TV, then looked back at Renee, who was pulling over her head part of her teddy top, and said to her, did you sleep with him. Renee turned to Susan, putting a clean pair of panties, remarked, what? Susan then said, did you have sex with him, Renee jumped into her bed and replied, sure did and God did he have a good tongue and everything else. Susan then confessed that she heard them through the door on her way home, and asked what she did. Renee proceeded telling her, first they started kissing on the bed, then Don began feeling her and placed her hand on his cock, after a little feeling each other he suggested her getting a little more confortable, she agreed but only if he did also, and undressed, leaving on only her panties, then continued there hot kissing sesson for awile, she then moved down and started kissing and licking his already stiff cock, while Don attempted to play with her furry crotch. He then manovered her on top of him 69 and spread her panty crotch and licked her to orgasm, after, he moved her off and layed her on the bed and made love to her also till he orgasmed, also making love with her 2 more times before she left.

Renee inturn asked Susan what she and Doug did, Susan said, just kissed, he is a good kisser, Renee replied amazed, didn't he come on to you. Susan said, he sure did, his hands were all over me and up my skirt, but I told him to stop or I'll leave, and that's when I went home. Renee then said, are you crazy girl, why not? Susan looked at her not beleiving she's saying this to her and said, I'm married remember, or did you forget. Renee remarked back, husbands nothin, there not here paying for out dinners and night's out on the town, Don and Doug are, and do you think these guys are going to spend money on us and not expect anything in return. Susan then said, no but I'm not going to be any guys whore. Renee started to laught, trying to convince her saying, that doesn't make you a whore, just loosen up a bit and have some fun. Susan layed quiet for a few minutes then said, are you going to tell Bob, Renee said, are you nuts, then Susan said what if he ask's you if you met anyone, Renee replied, he won't, and if he did, I'll tell him the truth, no!

The next day, the girls did the usuall, hit the beach and went shopping, back to the beach then returned to the room. Later that evening the phone rang, it was Don, telling Renee that they were working a little later that day, but wanted to know if they wanted to go out after, Renee talked to Susan and agreed to meet them at 6:00 in the lobby. Having some time on there hands now, the girls took their time bathing, seperatly, and getting dressed and putting on their make up, then went out for dinner. Susan and Renee met the guys on time in the lobby of the hotel, and left to the club.

Not long after, Renee found Susan and Doug and told her that she was going with Don back to his hotel and asked if she wanted to go. Susan looked at Doug thinking what Renee was saying to her the night before and said ok, and as before, all piled into the cab to the hotel got the elevator and walked down the quiet hallway, each pairing off into there rooms,

As before, Doug offered Susan some wine, handing it to her as she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed neatly over the other. Susan took the cup and swallowed it down in one gulp holding it up for another then another. Doug said to her, slow down, or I'll be carrying you back to your hotel, Susan replied, kicking her heels off, maybe I don't want to go home tonight. Doug looked at her not questioning the answer of this woman, but cautiously asked what she ment by that. Susan looked at Doug and noticed a buldge growing in his pants, then got up, moving over and hugged him, pushing her crotch into his buldge, and said, I'm sure you can think of something, then began kissing his lips. His hands were now on her ass, moving her slowely towards the bed, finaly laying her down. Doug broke the kissing and stood there looking at her. Susan in turn was looking at him trying to overcome her nerviousness of what she was about to do and get a little courage, finaly she spoke, and said in a somewhat low and sexy voice, take your clothes off. Doug didn't need to be asked twice and wasted no time in undressing, Susan on the other hand still somewhat shy, layed there and watched him, then got the shock of her life as she staired at him in amazment, his cock was not that of a human being, she had never seen anything that big in her life, then became a little startled at the thought of him putting that thing in her. She claimed his cock was at least 9 or 10 inches and somewhere around 2 inches thick. As guilt she was feeling from the prospects of having sex with another man somewhat faded as she layed on the bed proped on her elbo stairing at this man's anatomy, and thought to herself that It still wsan't too late to back out, then the courious side said, It might just be fun at that, one time can't hurt. She then began to undress, first by reaching behind and pulling the tie of her wrap dress, opening it from the front and letting it fall off her shoulders and tosed it aside, then reached for the front clip of her bra and opened and removed it, then slid her hands over her chest cupping her breasts, moving down her stomach. Her thumb's wiggled into the waist band of her panty hoes, pushing the nylon down past her hips and off one leg at a time. Last but not least, she arched her hips and slid her bikini panties down and off her legs exposing her clean shavin pussy.

Doug moved to the bed sitting off the side and leaned down to Susan first kissing and feeling the soft skin of her breasts, then moved his lips down sucking and licking each nipple of her tit one at a time, then kissed his way down her stomach to her smoothe pubic mound. Susan's legs sprang open letting his hand slid up and down over her smoothe pussy, slipping his middle finger between her lips sliding over her slit and darting in and out of her wet wet hole, then placed his tongue on her clit sending pleasures through her whole body. Susan in turn, had his hudge cock in her hand licking and sucking the head, then as his tongue moved faster and faster on her clit, her lips surrounded his cock taking as much as she could in her mouth while jerking him off. Doug manovered Susan on top of him with great ease, into a true 69 position. Susan was first to orgasm as Doug's tongue flicked her clit madly then exploaded bucking her cunt into his face. Susan, after taking a short erotic break, resumed sucking his awesome pole, bringing him shortly after to climax, filling her mouth with globs and globs of thick wipped cream like gooey cum that more like spit out of his cock. Susan swallowed as much of the enourmious amount of cum that flooded her mouth as she could. Unable to swallow all, Susan pulled her mouth off his still orgasming cock, smearing globs of cum all over her face and lips, She than moved off fingering the thick goo that stuck on her face, licking her fingers, then her lips, telling him he tasted very good, then picked up her panties and headed for the bathroom to clean up.

Susan returned wearing her somewhat see-thru black bikini panties and sat down at the table and picked up a freshly poured glass of wine first sipping then licking the edges saying, Ummmmmmmmm I hope theres more where that came from, Doug remarded first saying, you are one hot WOMAN, then said, the nights young. Susan replied, God, I can't wait!

After some small talk and a little pussy rubbing (on Susans part) she said, spreading her legs for him to see, God, I am so wet, I'm soaking my panties. Doug moved down between her legs to get a better look, and began rubbing his thumb on the wet spot of her panties, saying, yep, you sure are wet, we'll just have to do something about that. Susan, well aware of what is about to happen next looked at Doug and said, I sure hope you can?

Doug said, lifting Susan from the seat, we'll just have to see what we can do, moving her over to the bed. Susan layed on the bed in antisipation of not knowing and wondering how his cock would feel like inside of her while Doug moved on top laying on her pressing his cock aginst her pussy still covered by her panties. Susan being very turned on by that type of forplay said to Doug, FUCK ME, I want to feel you inside of me NOW. Doug procceded in sliding down between her legs kissing her pussy then reached up and pulled down her panties and removed them, then first licked her cunt and clit then moved up on her poking his hudge cock head at her hole. Susan reached down and helped guid his cock in her hole, with him easing in and out covering his shaft with her juices spreading her open to the max and more. The pain for her was incredable but, subsided somewhat as he eased into her more and more till the whole shaft was in her. Doug then began humping her slow at first then faster and faster as he could see the pleasure he was giving her. She then felt as his cock began to swell inside her that he was about to orgasm, and with him moaning he arched deep into her and climaxed, filling her cunt with his thick globs of cum. Doug remained on top with his cock still in her for only a few minutes after he orgasmed, then moved off sitting at the bottom of the bed looking at her streached pussy hole that was now starting to uuz the thick white sticky fluid he'd just filled her with, then remarked, Ummm Ummm. Susan looked at him, reached down feeling and fingering globs of cum over her pussy and clit, pfewww, God that was great! but now, I'm more wet now than before we started, and continued fingering herself saying she could cum in 2 seconds, Doug replied, go for it, I love to a woman play with herself. Susan proceeded, commanding him to put his finger in her ass, which he did, first by inserting 2 fingers in her cum filled hole, gathering the slimy goo, then eased one finger in her ass leaving the other in her hole, then she climaxed, holding back as much as she could a few minutes after. Susan sat up and leaned down taking Doug's cock in her hand and kissed the head then went down on it as far as she could tasting the mixture of cum and cunt juice, then got up and went to the bathroom and filled up the tub with nice hot water and took a long bath. After her bath, time being late she jumped into the bed pulling the covers up and said, comming. Doug slid into the bed laying next to Susan putting his arm around her and fell a sleep holding her breast in his hand.

The next morning when Susan awoke, there was a note laying on the pillow where he had been sleeping, telling her how much fun he had with her the night before, and how most girls are turned off by the size of his cock and other stuff, then said in the note, how he hopes they can get together again that night. Susan giggled to herself then got out of bed picking up her clothes and started to dress thinking about what she did last night and thinking if she wanted to do it again. She checked the time and noticed it was about 8:00 am and thought to herself, Renee must be wondering where she was, then left the room and headed back to her hotel. When she arrived the room was empty, so she decided to first make a pot of coffee and change as if she spent the night there. Renee walked in about a half hour/ fourty-five minutes later apoligizing to Susan for not calling and telling her that she was staying with Don for the night, and asked her not to be mad at her, next time she'll call. Well Susan, not able to keep a secerate, broke down and said to Renee, Oh well, would'ent have made any difference if you called or not. Renee inquired why not? Susan replied, no one would have been here to take the call, I also spent the night with Doug. Renee shocked at the news said, Oh my God, I can't believe it, Mrs. goody goody did it with Doug, finaly! then said, looking at her, You, did do it with him, didn't you? Susan looked at Renee with a proud look and sound of a great accoumplishment and said, sure I did, what do you think we did all night, play cards. Renee then said to Susan, you've got to tell all about it. Susan procceded in telling Renee about the whole night and about the size of his cock and how much it hurt as he entered her for love making along with the amount of cum this man had. Renee was istatic, that a woman such as Susan should have someone that was hung that well, and remarked how she wished she could have had him.

Later that night the phone rang, It was one of the guys saying they were going to work late tonight and probably woulden't see them till tomorrow, so the girls were on their own. Moving along, skipping the boring parts, The next day the girls got up and dressed then went out for breakfest, when they returned, they both slipped into there bikinis(hardly the word for a garment with such a lack of material), suddenly the phone rang, it was Don, wanting to know what they were doing today, Renee said they were getting ready to go to the beach for awile, then asked what they were doing home from work. Don said, since they worked all that overtime last night they decided to take the day off and finaly get to see them in there bikinis that they've been bragging about so. It then was decided that the girls would wait for the guys. Shortly a little later the guys arrived at the hotel and all walked out to the beach. The two paired off for there own swimming and sunning for awile(Susan and Doug and Renee and Don) and met up later on. Don asked Renee if she wanted something to drink from the bar, as did Doug to Susan, then took off. Renee looked at Susan and said, Don's got the hots for you, you know. Susan being somewhat flattered said, what makes you say that, Renee replied just the way he looks at you, and from the comments he made, talking to him a little while ago, Susan started to blush saying, I guess you told him all about me and Doug, Renee replied, the guys work together he told me about it, anyway, I was wondering, that is if you don't mind, Susan broke in saying, you want to fuck him hua, Renee replied, something like that, We were thinking more like swapping tonight, but, if you don't want to, that's all right. Susan said, we? who's we? Renee replied, well, me, Doug and Don, thought it just might be fun. Susan thought a few minutes then said, you mean It was your idea and you want to swap tonight, RIGHT, well if that's what you really want, be my guest! but remember one thing, don't come back to me later and blame me for you being sore, Doug's got the biggest dick guy I've ever seen. Renee replied, Yea, It's also the only dick you've ever seen, I'll take my chances anyway.

Doug and Don walked back to where the girls were laying, showing off their sexy bodies, sat down and handed them there drinks. Susan notice Renee looking at Don and at his crotch, then she whispered something to him, the two got up, Don saying see you guys tonight, and left. Susan watched as they walked off the beach, thinking to herself, what a treat she's in for then turned to Doug and asked if he wanted to back to the room, Don looked at her laying there, staring at her errect nipples protruding out from the her top, then moved down to the very thin piece of material hugging snug against her shaved crotch, said, sure whenever your ready. Susan stood up gathering all her stuff and said, I'm ready!

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