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Desc: Brother/Sister Incest Story: Getting lost while spelunking is a dangerous thing. It can even make a brother and sister confess mutual feelings.

After a great deal of arm-twisting, my sister Bonnie and I agreed to attend a family reunion with our parents. We had attended reunions before, and to put it mildly, found them about as interesting as watching paint dry. Bonnie and I were always the only young people there, and all the conversations about things that happened years before we were born just about bored us out of our gourds. Even so, out of love and loyalty for our parents, we agreed to go one more time.

At nineteen, just two years younger than I, Bonnie is a very attractive young lady. Well, no, that's not so--she's more than just attractive--she's beautiful. With short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a figure that would give a mummy a hard-on, she's a one-hundred-percent knock-out. If she hadn't been my sister, I would have lusted after her day and night. (That statement's not entirely accurate, either. In truth, I secretly hungered for her even though she was my sister: I just didn't show it or let anyone know how I felt. In more erotic fantasies than I can count, I've explored every inch of Bonnie's gorgeous body and have made love to her in every conceivable position. The old brother-sister taboo, though, kept me from attempting to turn fantasy into real life.)

Just as we expected, the reunion was no different from those in the past. The whole clan was there with tents and campers, ready for a weekend of familial fun. Mom and Dad had pulled a camper for us to stay in, and Bonnie and I had come in my car. Just like at previous reunions, other than Bonnie and I, the youngest person there was in his forties. Because of that, it didn't take long for the two of us to start looking for something to do that was more interesting than listening to family tales we had already heard several times.

Bonnie told me that while we were at the last reunion she had found a cave located in a cliff only about half a mile from the reunion grounds. Over the past several year, Bonnie had developed an interest in spelunking and suggested that we slip away from the crowd and explore the cave. Crawling around in a musty old cave didn't particularly appeal to me, but it did seem more interesting than the boring alternatives. After I got a flashlight from the car, Bonnie and I left without telling anyone where we were going.

The cave turned out to be much larger than I had expected. We could walk in it without having to stoop and before long we had explored quite deeply into its passages. Even though we came to several branches along the way, neither of us were worried-- we had the flashlight and were confident we could easily retrace our steps. After a while, we grew a little tired and decided to stop and rest a few moments. We were inside a small room and sat down on a smooth flat rock that was in its middle. The room slanted off to one side where there was a deep, wide fissure. We agreed that with holes like that it might be dangerous to proceed further, and we decided to return to the outside. As we stood up, Bonnie dropped the flashlight. We both watched sickenly as it cast crazy light patterns on the wall and rolled toward the deep fissure. I made a grab for it, but was too late. We could hear the echoes of its bouncing down the hole and knew it was lost forever. Stygian darkness surrounded us, and we were unable to see even our fingers right in front of our eyes.

"Oh, God," Bonnie moaned. "It's so dark. I can't see a thing." I felt her hands clutch me as she wrapped her arms around me and drew her body up close to mine. With a catch of fright in her voice, she whispered, "What are we going to do, Jimmy? With all those holes around here, I'm afraid to try to grope our way out in the dark."

"Yeah, me too," I said. "Our best bet is to just stay put right here until somebody finds us. After a few hours they'll miss us and send out a search party. About the worse that can happen is that we'll get a little hungry and thirsty." I wrapped my arms around her and held her even closer to me. I wasn't sure how she had reacted to my words, so I tried to convey comfort through physical contact. I hadn't really convinced myself of the truth of my words, but I didn't want Bonnie to know how uncertain I felt. Being her big brother, I felt I needed to put on a good front.

We sat there like that for a long time, silence surrounding us. I was acutely aware of the pressure of Bonnie's full, soft breast pressing against my arm, and even under our present circumstances, couldn't help but feel arousal from the contact of her flesh with mine. Though I fought against it, my cock began to swell and come erect. I mentally chastised myself for having such a perverted reaction to my sister, but the years of secret hungering for her wouldn't be denied. The heat of her thigh pressed against mine and the sensuous feeling generated from our bodies held tightly against each other caused my arousal to climb higher and higher.

Bonnie broke the silence by saying, "We didn't tell anyone where we were going. How will people know to look for us in this cave? Oh, God, Jimmy, what if they don't look for us here. We can die in this place."

With a bravado I really didn't feel, I replied, "Bonnie, our folks know about your interest in spelunking. Don't worry, it's just a matter of time before somebody thinks to come look for us here."

Seemingly satisfied, Bonnie lapsed into another long silence. Then, very quietly, she said, "You know, Jimmy, if we do die in here there's one thing I really regret."

I squeezed her tightly and said, "Bonnie, quit thinking such morbid thoughts. Just relax, we're not even close to dying."

"I just hope you're right," she said, her voice revealing she was unconvinced.

"Even though we're not going to die, what's this big regret you have?" I asked, trying to tease away some of her anxiety.

"I'm sorry I... um... well, I'm sorry I haven't ever... uh... you know... made it with a guy."

"You've never had sex? You're still a virgin?"

"Yeah, I'm still a virgin. Isn't that something? Oh, Jimmy, I'm afraid we're going to die in here, and I'll never get to find out if sex is as good as all my girlfriends say it is. God, Jimmy, I don't want to die and still be a virgin."

I was surprised and taken aback by her words. I had never considered the possibility of Bonnie's still being a virgin. With her being as vivacious and pretty as she was, I assumed that some lucky boy had stolen her feminine treasure long ago. Actually, I thought she was far more sexually active than I was and probably made love to boys on a regular basis. Finding my assumptions were wrong filled me with an expanded feeling of love for my little sister and made me feel even more protective of her.

I felt other, far different, emotions, also. The arousal I had already experienced rose even higher, and I felt an intense desire to be the one who took her virginity, who first explored all the sexual delights of her nubile little body. Her confession that she wanted to have a boy plumb the depths of her virgin vagina and make her a woman in every sense only intensified my desire for her. As these thoughts fanned the flames of my secret fantasy, my cock grew completely rigid and hard. I knew it was bulging out the front of my tennis shorts and was thankful for the darkness, relieved that Bonnie couldn't see how she was affecting me.

"Bonnie, we are NOT going to die!" I said emphatically, forcing the perverted thoughts and desires from my mind.

"But it COULD happen, couldn't it?"

I wrapped my arms more tightly about her and replied, "Well, it's possible for ANYTHING to happen, but the odds of THAT happening are awfully long."

Bonnie snuggled up closer to me and I could feel her hand move between my legs, to the area between my thighs. She stroked her fingers up and down, moving them lightly over my sensitive skin. With her mouth close to my ear, she whispered, "Even if the odds are in our favor, I still don't want to take a chance. Jimmy, I know we're brother and sister and we aren't supposed to do such things, but will you make love to me? Will you take my virginity and let me find out what sexual love is like?"

Now I really was taken aback. Even as aroused as I was, all I could say was, "God, Bonnie, do you know what you're asking?"

"Yes, I know exactly what I'm asking. I'm asking you to forget I'm your sister, to just pretend I'm one of your girlfriends and love me the way you would one of them. Jimmy, I'm asking you to fuck me, to fuck me and make a woman of me." With those words, her hand moved up and made contact with the bulge my cock was making in the front of my shorts. She gasped when she felt my hardness and said, "Oh, God, you're hard right now, aren't you?" She stoked her fingers up and down the length of my shaft and softly asked, "You want to do it, too, don't you?"

The sensation of her hand stroking my cock was so pleasurable I almost moaned aloud. The darkness seemed to enhance the touch, and if possible, to make it even more erotic. My answer came out in almost a hiss. "Yeessss, oh yes! You're the most sexy and beautiful girl I know, and you can tell from where you hand is that I'd be lying if I said I didn't. But you're my sister."

"Please, Jimmy, no one is ever going to know. I really need you to do this for me." She groped for my hand, and after finding it, placed it on her breast. "See, my boobs feel just like those of any other girl, don't they? It's completely dark and you can pretend I'm just one of your girlfriends. God, how I've envied those girls you take out. One of them told me what a great lover you are, and I got so jealous I wanted to snatch her hair out."

"Jealous? What do you mean?"

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