by Day Dreamer

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Brother/Sister Incest Story: Getting lost while spelunking is a dangerous thing. It can even make a brother and sister confess mutual feelings.

After a great deal of arm-twisting, my sister Bonnie and I agreed to attend a family reunion with our parents. We had attended reunions before, and to put it mildly, found them about as interesting as watching paint dry. Bonnie and I were always the only young people there, and all the conversations about things that happened years before we were born just about bored us out of our gourds. Even so, out of love and loyalty for our parents, we agreed to go one more time.

At nineteen, just two years younger than I, Bonnie is a very attractive young lady. Well, no, that's not so--she's more than just attractive--she's beautiful. With short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a figure that would give a mummy a hard-on, she's a one-hundred-percent knock-out. If she hadn't been my sister, I would have lusted after her day and night. (That statement's not entirely accurate, either. In truth, I secretly hungered for her even though she was my sister: I just didn't show it or let anyone know how I felt. In more erotic fantasies than I can count, I've explored every inch of Bonnie's gorgeous body and have made love to her in every conceivable position. The old brother-sister taboo, though, kept me from attempting to turn fantasy into real life.)

Just as we expected, the reunion was no different from those in the past. The whole clan was there with tents and campers, ready for a weekend of familial fun. Mom and Dad had pulled a camper for us to stay in, and Bonnie and I had come in my car. Just like at previous reunions, other than Bonnie and I, the youngest person there was in his forties. Because of that, it didn't take long for the two of us to start looking for something to do that was more interesting than listening to family tales we had already heard several times.

Bonnie told me that while we were at the last reunion she had found a cave located in a cliff only about half a mile from the reunion grounds. Over the past several year, Bonnie had developed an interest in spelunking and suggested that we slip away from the crowd and explore the cave. Crawling around in a musty old cave didn't particularly appeal to me, but it did seem more interesting than the boring alternatives. After I got a flashlight from the car, Bonnie and I left without telling anyone where we were going.

The cave turned out to be much larger than I had expected. We could walk in it without having to stoop and before long we had explored quite deeply into its passages. Even though we came to several branches along the way, neither of us were worried-- we had the flashlight and were confident we could easily retrace our steps. After a while, we grew a little tired and decided to stop and rest a few moments. We were inside a small room and sat down on a smooth flat rock that was in its middle. The room slanted off to one side where there was a deep, wide fissure. We agreed that with holes like that it might be dangerous to proceed further, and we decided to return to the outside. As we stood up, Bonnie dropped the flashlight. We both watched sickenly as it cast crazy light patterns on the wall and rolled toward the deep fissure. I made a grab for it, but was too late. We could hear the echoes of its bouncing down the hole and knew it was lost forever. Stygian darkness surrounded us, and we were unable to see even our fingers right in front of our eyes.

"Oh, God," Bonnie moaned. "It's so dark. I can't see a thing." I felt her hands clutch me as she wrapped her arms around me and drew her body up close to mine. With a catch of fright in her voice, she whispered, "What are we going to do, Jimmy? With all those holes around here, I'm afraid to try to grope our way out in the dark."

"Yeah, me too," I said. "Our best bet is to just stay put right here until somebody finds us. After a few hours they'll miss us and send out a search party. About the worse that can happen is that we'll get a little hungry and thirsty." I wrapped my arms around her and held her even closer to me. I wasn't sure how she had reacted to my words, so I tried to convey comfort through physical contact. I hadn't really convinced myself of the truth of my words, but I didn't want Bonnie to know how uncertain I felt. Being her big brother, I felt I needed to put on a good front.

We sat there like that for a long time, silence surrounding us. I was acutely aware of the pressure of Bonnie's full, soft breast pressing against my arm, and even under our present circumstances, couldn't help but feel arousal from the contact of her flesh with mine. Though I fought against it, my cock began to swell and come erect. I mentally chastised myself for having such a perverted reaction to my sister, but the years of secret hungering for her wouldn't be denied. The heat of her thigh pressed against mine and the sensuous feeling generated from our bodies held tightly against each other caused my arousal to climb higher and higher.

Bonnie broke the silence by saying, "We didn't tell anyone where we were going. How will people know to look for us in this cave? Oh, God, Jimmy, what if they don't look for us here. We can die in this place."

With a bravado I really didn't feel, I replied, "Bonnie, our folks know about your interest in spelunking. Don't worry, it's just a matter of time before somebody thinks to come look for us here."

Seemingly satisfied, Bonnie lapsed into another long silence. Then, very quietly, she said, "You know, Jimmy, if we do die in here there's one thing I really regret."

I squeezed her tightly and said, "Bonnie, quit thinking such morbid thoughts. Just relax, we're not even close to dying."

"I just hope you're right," she said, her voice revealing she was unconvinced.

"Even though we're not going to die, what's this big regret you have?" I asked, trying to tease away some of her anxiety.

"I'm sorry I... um... well, I'm sorry I haven't ever... uh... you know... made it with a guy."

"You've never had sex? You're still a virgin?"

"Yeah, I'm still a virgin. Isn't that something? Oh, Jimmy, I'm afraid we're going to die in here, and I'll never get to find out if sex is as good as all my girlfriends say it is. God, Jimmy, I don't want to die and still be a virgin."

I was surprised and taken aback by her words. I had never considered the possibility of Bonnie's still being a virgin. With her being as vivacious and pretty as she was, I assumed that some lucky boy had stolen her feminine treasure long ago. Actually, I thought she was far more sexually active than I was and probably made love to boys on a regular basis. Finding my assumptions were wrong filled me with an expanded feeling of love for my little sister and made me feel even more protective of her.

I felt other, far different, emotions, also. The arousal I had already experienced rose even higher, and I felt an intense desire to be the one who took her virginity, who first explored all the sexual delights of her nubile little body. Her confession that she wanted to have a boy plumb the depths of her virgin vagina and make her a woman in every sense only intensified my desire for her. As these thoughts fanned the flames of my secret fantasy, my cock grew completely rigid and hard. I knew it was bulging out the front of my tennis shorts and was thankful for the darkness, relieved that Bonnie couldn't see how she was affecting me.

"Bonnie, we are NOT going to die!" I said emphatically, forcing the perverted thoughts and desires from my mind.

"But it COULD happen, couldn't it?"

I wrapped my arms more tightly about her and replied, "Well, it's possible for ANYTHING to happen, but the odds of THAT happening are awfully long."

Bonnie snuggled up closer to me and I could feel her hand move between my legs, to the area between my thighs. She stroked her fingers up and down, moving them lightly over my sensitive skin. With her mouth close to my ear, she whispered, "Even if the odds are in our favor, I still don't want to take a chance. Jimmy, I know we're brother and sister and we aren't supposed to do such things, but will you make love to me? Will you take my virginity and let me find out what sexual love is like?"

Now I really was taken aback. Even as aroused as I was, all I could say was, "God, Bonnie, do you know what you're asking?"

"Yes, I know exactly what I'm asking. I'm asking you to forget I'm your sister, to just pretend I'm one of your girlfriends and love me the way you would one of them. Jimmy, I'm asking you to fuck me, to fuck me and make a woman of me." With those words, her hand moved up and made contact with the bulge my cock was making in the front of my shorts. She gasped when she felt my hardness and said, "Oh, God, you're hard right now, aren't you?" She stoked her fingers up and down the length of my shaft and softly asked, "You want to do it, too, don't you?"

The sensation of her hand stroking my cock was so pleasurable I almost moaned aloud. The darkness seemed to enhance the touch, and if possible, to make it even more erotic. My answer came out in almost a hiss. "Yeessss, oh yes! You're the most sexy and beautiful girl I know, and you can tell from where you hand is that I'd be lying if I said I didn't. But you're my sister."

"Please, Jimmy, no one is ever going to know. I really need you to do this for me." She groped for my hand, and after finding it, placed it on her breast. "See, my boobs feel just like those of any other girl, don't they? It's completely dark and you can pretend I'm just one of your girlfriends. God, how I've envied those girls you take out. One of them told me what a great lover you are, and I got so jealous I wanted to snatch her hair out."

"Jealous? What do you mean?"

"I mean just exactly what it sounds like I mean. I would never tell you this if we weren't in this situation, but I've had a secret fantasy for years now of you and me making out. God, Jimmy, I've even thought about your being the one who would take my virginity. I guess maybe it was the secret hope that it would be you that has kept me a virgin. Anyway, when Lisa told me how good you were, I got just plain out and out jealous." She laughed wryly and said, "That's a perverted way for a sister to act, isn't it? Are you shocked?"

"No, but I am surprised. I never imagined you felt that way about me. You haven't shown even a trace of your feelings."

"Well, I figured if I did it would shock you to death, that you would think I'm some kind of weirdo or something. You're really not shocked? Really and truly?"

"No, and since it's true confession time, I guess I need to admit that the reason I'm not shocked is that I'm just as bad as you are. Bonnie, I've had sexual yearnings for you ever since you reached puberty. I've wanted to make love to you far more than I ever did with any of the girls I've taken out. In my mind, you're far more beautiful and desirable than any of them." I gave her breast a gentle squeeze and said, "Now I guess it's your turn to be shocked."

In a soft little voice, Bonnie said, "Shocked? Yeah, sort of. But shocked good, not bad. What I really am is glad." She renewed her touching of my cock and said, "Oh, God, I'm more than glad. I'm happy, happy that you feel the same way I do." She squeezed my cock and said, "I'm one more thing, too: I'm... I'm just plain horny. Oh, God, I've never felt this horny before in my whole life. I'm even starting to make my panties wet."

I could hardly believe the way Bonnie was coming on. I had fantasized about our doing what we were doing now, but those fantasies were the stuff of dreams, nothing I could ever hope to actually experience. Now Bonnie was telling me she had the same sort of feelings about me, and not only that, she wanted me to turn my fantasies into reality by making love to her, by being the first boy to explore the depths of her virgin pussy. My cock jerked as I visualized it's penetrating the hot, wet well hidden between her legs. The image flamed my lust, and I wanted to make it into reality. Suddenly, the fact that Bonnie was my sister was no longer important. Even though I knew I might feel guilty later about taking advantage of the situation, I had the chance now to live out my fantasies. It was an opportunity I might never get again, and I surrendered my resistance, surrendered by body wholly to her desires.

Although I was enjoying the feel of my hand on her breast, I knew I would even more enjoy exploring inside her panties and finding out just how wet she was getting. Slowly, I moved my hand down, tracing a path down to her most feminine spot, that secret area hidden away at the juncture of her thighs. I moved my hand down to her waist and then over the little swell of her belly. When I came to the vee between her legs, she spread her thighs apart, giving my hand free access to explore everything it found there.

I moved my hand down to the inside of one of her thighs and ran my fingertips in light strokes over her smooth skin. Moving upward, my fingers came to the bottom of the loose-fitting running shorts she had on. I crept my fingers up into the leg hole and sought out the evidence of arousal she had described, the wetness of a woman experiencing sexual excitement. The realization that I had my hand inside my sister's shorts right next to her vagina, that I was making my erotic fantasies come true, made my hand tremble and my breathing become labored. Delving in a little further, my fingers came to the silken fabric of her panties. The finger tips were right on top of the tightly stretched span covering her vulva, and I pressed them in and ran them up and down the indentation they found there. Bonnie moaned softly in reaction to the contact and thrust her hips up toward my exploring hand. The fabric covering her pussy was damp, just as she said it was, and she was having as hard a time breathing as I was. It was clearly evident she really WAS sexually aroused and that she wanted to do what we were doing just as much as I did.

I knew the dampness I felt was coming from Bonnie's pussy and that all that separated my fingers from that most intimate part of her body was the thin barrier of her panties. I wanted desperately to probe my fingers into that wetness, to feel the slipperiness of her furrow, and to put my fingers into the virgin orifice I knew would be at its bottom. Very gently, I probed a finger under the elastic of her panty leg and then lifting the fabric up, moved my fingers directly onto her sexual flesh. At first, my fingers encountered only the soft curls of her pubic hair and the swell of her Mount of Venus. Then they came to her woman's furrow, that crease running up and down the area between her thighs. I dipped my fingers into her wet slit and lightly stroked her with just my finger tips. She thrust her hips up and moaned, "Oh, God, oh, Jimmy, ooohhhhh!"

Bonnie's panties were stretched tight from my hand being under them, and she said, "Just a second, let me take my shorts and panties off. There's not enough room with them on. You take your's off, too. I want to be able to put my hand directly on what I've been feeling through your shorts." I pulled my hand out of Bonnie's shorts and stood up and dropped my shorts and underwear and stepped out of them. Rather than put my bare ass on the hard cold rock, I put my shorts under me to sit on. I could hear the sound of Bonnie's clothing brushing against her legs and suggested she do the same thing with her shorts. I felt her shorts brush against my hip as she laid them down and then she was back down alongside me, her hip against mine. I felt her hand grope me along my thigh and she said, "Now, where were we before we were interrupted." Her hand moved up my thigh and into my pubic bush. I felt her fingers brush against my cock and then wrap themselves around it. "Ah, here's where I was. Now you find your spot."

Not to be outdone, I moved my hand over to her and felt down her front until I once more reached her pubis. Moving lower, my fingers moved through the softness of her fur and then into the crease between her labial lips. The inside of her labia was slippery with her lubricant and I was able to slide my fingers up and down the full length of her furrow. When I came to the little bump of her clitoris, I stopped and ran my finger tip in little circles over and around the little nubbin. Jerking her hips from the contact, she murmured, "Oh, God, yes. Right there. You found your spot. Oh, yes, exactly the right spot."

Bonnie squeezed my cock and then reached under it and touched her fingers against my balls, rubbing them lightly over all the wrinkled skin of my scrotum. "I wish there was some light in here," she said. "I've never seen a penis before, and I would like to be able to see this. Your penis is so long and hard. I'll bet it's just beautiful to look at."

I couldn't help but laugh at her comment. "Well, I've never thought of my cock as being beautiful before, but you're right about it's being dark. Your pussy feels so good, and I sure would like to see it. If your pussy is as pretty as the rest of you, then it's absolutely out of this world."

"'Feels good' is right," she answered. "What you're doing down there makes it feel REAL good. This is the first time anyone except me has touched me there, and it feels sooo goooood."

Encouraged by her words, I moved my fingers down between her labial lips and found the opening to her vagina. I made circles around it with a finger tip and then probed it into the opening. She spread her legs even further apart, telling me by that action that she wanted more of such treatment. Obliging her, I turned my hand back and forth and slowly pushed my finger in until it came to her maidenhead. "God," I thought, "she was telling the truth. She really IS a virgin." I had never had a virgin before, and my cock jerked as I envisioned my cock's penetrating the flesh my finger was now enjoying.

Bonnie's fingers had left my balls and were now back on my cock. As I paid homage to her sexual flesh, she returned the honor, squeezing and rubbing up and down the rigid length of my cock. A flow of pre-come had oozed out the eye of my cock and coated its swollen head. As her fingers moved up to that area, they encountered the wetness and spread it over the full length of cock. My pleasure mounted with each stroke and more precome flowed out onto hand. In just a few moments, the wetness of my cock matched that of Bonnie's slickened furrow and I was jerking my hips toward her hand and moaning from pleasure.

I worked my finger in and out of Bonnie's hot, tight hole, imitating with my finger the action I planned soon for my cock. As I pushed my finger in and out, I stroked her clitoris with the tip of my thumb, just lightly brushing back and forth across the hard little button nestled between her nether lips. She jerked her hips to and fro and turned them in small little circles as I ministered to her. Her moans were now matching mine and both our bodies were practically writhing in ecstasy.

Suddenly, the motion of Bonnie's hips stopped and I could feel her body stiffen against me, growing rigid. "Oooooooh, Jimmmieeeee!" she cried, her voice strained from pleasure. She clamped her thighs against my hand and the flesh within her furrow quivered. I felt small spasms move through the muscles of her stomach under where my arm was against her. Her vagina gripped my finger, holding it like a vise within the depths of her sex. Wave after wave of small spasms flowed through her abdomen and pubis as her orgasm built up and seized her. Her hips jerked in little erratic motions as she continued to spasm and thrust against my hand. The motion of her hand on my cock had stopped while she experienced her orgasm, and all I could feel was her holding it in a hard grip that was almost uncomfortable in its intensity. Little, soft mewling sounds of "oh... oh... oh... oh" came from her mouth as she gradually relaxed and came down from the heights of her orgasm. Her thighs finally fell apart and loosened their grip on my hand, freeing it from its tight confines. She laid her head back against me and whispered, "Oooooh, I came. Oh, God, I came long and hard. I've never felt it like that before. Oh, Jimmy, that's the best it's ever been for me." She turned her face up toward me and I could sense that it was right of mine. "Thank you for making it so good," she whispered, brushing her lips against my cheek.

Now recovered from the hard throes of her orgasm, Bonnie returned her attention to my cock. She started stroking it up and down, moving her slick palm up and down it all the way from its head to where it thickened out at the base. "Is this the way a girl is supposed to do a boy?" Bonnie asked.

"Oh, yeah, just like that. It's too good, in fact."

"Too good?"

"Uh-huh. If you keep that up, your hand is fixing to get a baptism of jism. God, Bonnie, I'm getting real close to coming just like you just did."

Bonnie stopped the motions of her hand and said, "Oh, don't come yet. You still have to take care of me. I've heard that when a boy comes he loses his erection, and I sure don't want that happen to you. I need you to be able to make me a woman, to take my virginity." She moved her hand to my stomach and stroked me there in little circles. Then, in a soft, little-girl voice, she said, "Jimmy, let's do it now, please. I want you to put your penis in me and push it in all the way, all the way to the bottom, all the way past my maidenhead. Please, Jimmy, do me right now."

I stroked my finger up and down her wet woman channel and said, "Yeah, right now. I'm so close to coming that if I wait any longer I might just start coming from thinking about it."

I felt Bonnie move away from me so that she could position herself for me to take her missionary style. I held on to her thigh and said, "This rock is so hard, I'm afraid I might hurt that sweet ass of yours if we do that way. Why don't you straddle me and lower yourself onto me. That way you won't bruise yourself on this hard rock."

"Yeah, I like that," she said and moved to where she could straddle my thighs and position her pussy over my cock. It took a lot of feeling and fumbling in the dark to finally get in the position we were after, but we finally achieved it. When we were satisfied that we were just right, she said, "Now what do I do?"

"Just lower yourself down until your pussy reaches my cock. After we make contact, I'll guide my cock into you. Then, all you have to do is slowly lower yourself down onto me. Do it real slow and it probably won't hurt much when your maidenhead breaks."

Even though it was completely dark and I couldn't see Bonnie, I could picture clearly in my mind what she must look like now. I could see her pussy, glistening with secretions, gaping open between her wide-stretched thighs and my cock standing straight and jerking in little circles just below. If everything had been normal, I would have liked to be able to see my cock penetrate into her, to see it sink inch by inch into her wetness. Sill, even in the darkness, I would be able to feel it as it happened and imagine what it might look like.

Bonnie's hot flesh met mine and we gasped in unison at the pleasure brought on by the wetness of her pussy touching the wetness of the head of my cock. I reached down and took hold of my cock, moving it up and down her furrow, seeking out a lodging place at the entrance of her tunnel. After a few strokes, I found the opening of her pussy and pressed the head of my cock into it. The contact of my cock with her wet labia had driven my arousal up to its very peak and I was trembling, on the very brink of orgasm, and needed desperately to get my cock up inside her. "There, I've got it in the right spot," I said. "Now, just lower yourself down and let me push up inside you."

Bonnie, apparently, was as aroused as I, and instead of lowering herself slowly, she pushed down hard. As she did, my cock became dislodged from the opening of her vagina and drove upward into the wetness of her labia. The hot, slippery flesh of her labial lips pressed against my cock and the ultra-sensitive area of my glans rubbed up and down the length of her furrow. She moaned, and in her passion, started moving her hips back and forth over me, pressing her clitoris against my hard, throbbing cockflesh.

The combination of the erotic pictures I had just had in my mind with the movement of her warm, slippery flesh over the underside of my cock was too much. Without warning, my cock jerked and throbbed and gush after gush of come spurted out in hot jets. I jerked my hips in concert with hers and groaned, "Oh, God, Bonnie, I can't help it, I'm coming."

"Oh, me too. Oh, God, I'm coming, too," she moaned.

We moved against each other in frantic motions, orgasmic pleasure flowing through both our bodies. Soon, both our pubic areas were covered in wetness with our juices mingling together and soaking us both with their flow. Gradually, our movements became less desperate, slowing moment by moment until we were still, our breathing labored and loud. Bonnie had her arms wrapped around me and her head on my shoulder, her cheek pressed against mine. We were both silent, a feeling almost like awe over both us. We were each savoring the afterglow of our orgasms, relaxing into the utter lassitude that follows exceptionally good sex. Finally, I broke the silence and whispered, "Bonnie, I'm sorry. I've wanted this for so long, that I guess the excitement was just too much for me. Give me about thirty minutes and I'll be ready to go again." I pulled her against me and said, "I'll be able to do the dirty deed in just a little while."

Bonnie moved her pussy against my now semi-hard cock and said, "That's okay, you're forgiven. That was so good, I'll forgive you for anything. We'll just count that as foreplay, leading up to the real thing. Besides, it looks like we're going to have lots of time to try just about everything we might want to."

If ever there were counter-prophetic words spoken, they were hers. She had no more than spoken them when we heard distant, muffled voices shouting, "Bonnie, Jimmy, are you in here? Hallooo, Bonnie... Jimmy."

Bonnie stood up and whispered, "They've found us. Oh, thank God." She shouted in the direction away from us, "Yes, we're in here. Down here." Then, with her head apparently turned back toward me, she whispered, "Oooh, we've got to get our clothes back on! We can't let them find us like this." I could hear her feeling around on the rock for her shorts and underwear as I did the same. "Oh, God, I'm just soaked. I'm sure it will show through my shorts."

I reached out to her and touched her. "Here," I said, "use my Jockey shorts to clean up. I'll do the same and put them in my pocket." In a few seconds, Bonnie handed the shorts back to me and I wiped my cock and balls as dry as I could get them from just being able to feel in the dark. Holding them in my hand and after feeling my shorts to be sure I was not putting them on backwards, I managed to get my shorts on and stuff my underwear in my pocket. "You about presentable?" I whispered.

"I hope so," she whispered back.

Assured that we would present at least a half-way decent appearance, I shouted, "Hey, down this way. We're in here." Then, almost blinding us after being in darkness for so long, a soft light penetrated into the room where we were. "Yes, down here," I shouted. My eyes grew accustomed to the light and could now see Bonnie. "Bonnie, you've got your shorts on backwards," I whispered to her.

"Oh, God!" she whispered and pushed her shorts down and off her feet. She turned them around and immediately pulled them back up. While she was doing so, she afforded me a view of her panty-clad bottom and my cock which had shriveled up from the excitement of being found grew a little at the sight. She had regrets while we were in the cave and now I had regrets as we were going out. Even with the opportunity that I had, I hadn't actually gotten my cock into Bonnie's sweet little pussy. Now that we were rescued and she didn't face the threat of death, she would probably be embarrassed about our cave experience and deny me any other opportunity to satisfy my long-suppressed desire to make love to my sister. Even disappointed, though, I realized that it was probably best that things had worked out the way they did: we were going to fuck without a rubber and she might have gotten pregnant. At least we didn't have that possibility to worry about.

Dad was the first one into the room. Bonnie hugged him, and we both tried to explain at the same time what had happened and how we had become entrapped in the cave. Dad told us that we were missed at supper time and the cave was the first place they decided to look. Mom knew about the cave and insisted they start looking for us there. Thank goodness for Mom.

When we got back to the camp grounds, Dad was somewhat of a hero and people made over Bonnie and me, ohing and ahing about our ordeal. Everyone gave us their sympathies and tried to feed us, knowing we were probably hungry from having been trapped in the cave. Before long, we were filled and happy, tired and relaxed.

After the excitement of our being found finally died down, Bonnie and I were left with just Dad. "Dad, tell me again how you knew to look for us in the cave?" I asked.

"Well, your mother and I knew about the cave, and she recalled Bonnie's interest in caves and suggested we look there first. As it turned out, she was right."

"You and Mom had already explored the cave?" Bonnie asked.

Dad smiled and said, "Yeah, back when we were just going together. I came to a family reunion with her and her folks and the two of us went up to the cave and explored it." Dad grinned and continued, "As a matter of fact, it was there that we first... uh, it was there that we first really got to know each other. Now, don't you go telling her I told you about that. According to her, she was a lily-white virgin when we got married." Bonnie and I laughed about the joke and agreed that it would be our own little family secret.

Mom came up right after that and suggested that after our experience of being cave lost, we might want to go home then, rather than stay overnight at the reunion. At the suggestion, Bonnie gave me an impossible-to-interpret look and quickly agreed. Soon, we had our stuff loaded in my car and were on the road to home.

After we had driven for several miles in silence, I said, "That's something about Mom and Dad and the cave, isn't it? Straight-laced old Mom. Who would have ever thought it? I guess we weren't the only ones who got ideas there. Bonnie, about what happened in the cave, I want you to know..."

Bonnie reached out a hand and put a finger up to my lips. "Sssh," she said, a soft smile on her face. "Let's don't talk about it now. Wait until we get home and get cleaned up. What I want now is a nice warm shower. After that, we can talk about it." She smiled her secret little smile again and whispered, "Yes, we'll talk about. At the very least, we'll talk about it."

We continued on in silence, each wrapped up in personal thoughts. There in the silence, the erotic tension we had first experienced in the cave filled the air with an almost palpable presence.

It took Bonnie and me only about forty-five minutes to drive home from the reunion camp ground. During this time, neither of us spoke, and I thought about what might yet happen. Although her words had been neutral, her expression and tone of voice conveyed a sense of expectancy, of promises yet unfilled. We had generated a vast amount of sexual heat earlier, and the air about us still felt charged with sexual tension. Despite this, Bonnie hadn't really given me any indication of how she felt about what had happened to us, and I worried about what her reaction might be after she'd had time to reflect. She might not sense the eroticism I felt--it might be just all in my head, a carryover from our gropings in the darkness of the cave. The ambiguity of the situation distressed me, and I hoped our talk would help clear the air and help us find the meaning of the relationship we had initiated there in the inky prison of the cave.

When they arrived home, Bonnie took her bag from the car and said, "Me for a shower." Turning her head back toward me, she grinned and added, "It seems somebody I know had an accident and got something wet and sticky all over me." I couldn't help but feel encouraged by her remark: if she could joke about it, then she must not have bad feelings about our situation.

Though it was almost dark, I could see her as she walked up the steps to the house. My reaction to the sight was just another example of my mixed emotions about Bonnie. Although I was concerned that she might be thinking I took advantage of her and the situation and would condemn me for it, at the same time I couldn't resist appreciating the way her hard little buttocks twisted back and forth inside her shorts. That sight reminded me of how firm and smooth those little globes felt in my hands when were in the cave and how she seemed to be sex personified. I remembered, too, how my come had shot out all over her pussy. I could imagine how it was still on her and making her pussy wet and slippery. Those thoughts coupled with seeing her ass cheeks move in such perfect harmony brought my cock to a semi-erection. I mentally kicked myself about the way I had come too quickly and had blown what was probably the only chance I would ever have to fully explore my sister Bonnie's sweet body. She may have been smiling when she said it, but her reference to "accident" hurt.

I also needed a shower and immediately headed for the bathroom. Just before I turned on my shower, I could hear the shower in the hall bathroom start and knew Bonnie was showering too. I couldn't resist mental images of her standing naked under the shower. I remembered how her unclothed body had felt in my hands in the complete darkness of the cave and imagined what it would look like in the light. My recriminations about the way our adventures in the cave had turned out were made worse by the thought that now I probably would never get to see Bonnie in the nude, to fully know the beauties of her little body. I finished my shower and put on a pair of pajama bottoms. Then, after going to the refrigerator and getting a beer, I waited for Bonnie in the den. She had said we would talk after we got home and showered, and I needed for us to talk. More than anything else, I needed to apologize to her and make her understand how I felt.

Bonnie came into the den dressed in a short terry-cloth robe, drying her hair with a towel. She sat down on the couch directly across from the easy chair that I was in. After a while she finished her hair and dropped the towel on the floor. Then leaning back and tucking the robe between her spread-apart legs, she looked up and with a shy smile said, "I guess we need to talk, don't we?"

Talking slowly and distinctly, trying to make sure I didn't stammer, I said, "Bonnie, I'm sorry about what happened. I know I took advantage of the situation we were in and took advantage of your vulnerability. All I can say is that I'm sorry and apologize."

A mixture of expressions came across Bonnie's face. First she looked surprised, then amused, and, finally, loving. "YOU took advantage of ME? YOU took advantage of MY vulnerability?" she said in a soft voice. She got up from the couch and came over and sat on the arm of my chair. Bending over, she stroked my cheek lightly and then put her lips to mine in a quick, gentle kiss. She laughed then, a soft musical laugh, and said, "Oh, Jimmy... sweet, sweet Jimmy. I'm so lucky to have a brother like you."

Bonnie put an arm around my shoulder and leaned against me. Taking my hand in hers, she said, "Jimmy, YOU didn't take advantage of ME. It was the other way around--I took advantage of you. I planned for what happened to happen. Oh, I don't mean losing the flashlight and getting stuck there in the cave, but I planned for us to make love or for me to at least let you know how I felt."

"You did? What are you talking about? I don't understand."

"You don't know anything about that cave, do you?" Bonnie asked. I shook my head. "Well, I didn't either until they talked about it at one my Spelunkers Club meetings. As it turns out, that cave is known as Lover's Cave and the rock we sat on is called Virginity Rock. It seems that lovers have been using that cave for over a hundred years and countless virgins have been deflowered right there on that rock. It's accepted knowledge that if a girl agrees to go to the cave with a boy, she is agreeing to let the boy make love to her. Remember Dad telling us about how he and Mom visited the cave? He as much as said that was where he first made out with Mom." Bonnie laughed softly and continued, "It's kind of funny that you thought that just Mom and Dad and the two of us were the only ones who had ever used the cave for that purpose. We were probably lucky the cave wasn't in use when we went there."

Bonnie stood up and then moved in front me. Spreading her legs apart, she straddled my legs and sat down, settling her bottom on top of my groin. Reaching out, she linked her hands behind my neck, causing our groins to press against each other. With her so close to me like that, I started wondering if she had anything on underneath her robe. It was just long enough that it concealed her vee, so without reaching down and lifting up the front of her robe, I could only speculate as to what was under the softness of the white terry-cloth fabric. It also came to me that it was appropriate that the robe was white. White stood for virginity, and as a result of my ineptness, Bonnie was still a virgin.

Wonder about her attire was not the only thing that started. The warmth and nearness of her pussy and little ass cheeks to my cock caused it to react, and it soon was a hard knot pressing up into her body. It was quite apparent that she was aware of my erection because, vixen-like, she squirmed her groin against mine. She couldn't help but know she was arousing me, and she appeared to be revelling in it.

"Anyway," Bonnie continued, "when I found out we were going to the reunion, it got me to thinking. There I was a virgin and we would be going near a place renowned for the sundering of maidenheads. I was ready to give up my maidenhood and I had fantasized about your being the one who would do it." With a crooked grin, Bonnie went on, "From that point on, big brother, I plotted your seduction."

Bonnie's words caused my cock to come to full erection and she thrust herself against it. "But we were in real danger; you really were frightened," I said.

Bonnie frowned and said, "Yeah, I sure didn't plan anything like that. All I planned was to get you to make love to me. Being in danger just made it more imperative for you to do it right then." Bonnie got a sheepish look on her face and said, "Like an eager beaver, though, I got carried away and spoiled it."

"It's probably a good thing, too. I didn't have any rubbers, and you might have gotten pregnant."

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