Chained, Tortured Nun
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, Sadistic, Torture, First, Caution, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A bunch of nuns get kidnapped by some criminals looking for something.

Sister Mary Katherine chewed on her lower lip, pausing in front of the half-opened doors leading to the main chapel. She hadn't been a very good nun lately. She had had the kinds of thoughts Mother Superior had warned her against the day before she took her final vows of poverty, obedience and chastity.

Chastity, always the most difficult vow for Sister Mary Katherine to keep, was becoming increasingly more unpleasant with each passing hour.

Standing there by the doorway, clutching her long black robes, she tried to ignore the electric feeling rushing up and down her inner thighs, swelling in her cunt.

She closed her eyes, trying to force her mind onto other subjects. There were all the reports to worry about, the works to the community, her Vespers.

Inhaling sharply, Sister Mary Katherine smelled the sweet odor of the burning candies blowing in from the altar area. All this should have brought her the sweet peace of God.

Instead, she thought she could see the Devil himself lying in one of the pews, beckoning her, his muscles taut, the skin glowing, his eyes piercing into her very soul. And growing from the shadows flickering around his waist was a monstrous, long, thick "Oh!"

Sister Mary Katherine turned, clutching her rosary as if it were a lifeline.

The male organ. Cock is what she had heard some men call it. That was a dirty, vile name, worthy only of disdain. And yet and yet she couldn't help saying it now again and again in her mind. The word loomed as big in her thoughts as a man's large cock would loom in her bed.

She thought of that now-herself lying naked on her small couch, her cunt aflame, glowing with lust, her nipples long and red and stiff while a faceless man came to her from the shadows. The only thing she could make out was his his cock!

It stuck out like a large fat-headed pole, jerking at times, his balls swaying gently as he knelt beside her and lowered his lips to her tits.

Footsteps! Sister Mary Katherine shook the thoughts from her mind, trying to ignore the tight, thick feeling of her flesh around her nipples. Someone was in the chapel. It was late. Who on earth could it be?

Slipping through the door, she closed it softly behind her, sweeping her soft blue eyes over the tops of the empty pews. There was nothing like the peace of the church to soothe a troubled, confused mind. But something was disturbing this holy place. Tracing her fingers along the polished tops of the oak pews, she stepped forward, feeling her heart begin to beat faster.

There had been several break-ins in the neighborhood but Sister Mary Katherine couldn't believe anyone of that sort would come into God's house and do something like that. The convent was considered a great help to the neighborhood, providing counseling and assistance to those who couldn't afford it.

"Who's there?"

She managed to maintain a steady voice, peering into the darkness. Was that movement?

"I asked who's there. You don't have to be afraid. I won't call the police if you come out. Please, I know it's late. But you're in the House of God. Nothing can happen to you here."

In the corner she saw two heads rising from behind the pews. A jerk of fear made the good nun wish she had notified Mother of this intrusion.

"Sister Mary Katherine?" a voice called out.

She started, wondering how they knew her name. She had only recently been confirmed in the order and had just arrived at Saint Timothy's.

"Why, yes. How do you "Your brother owes us some money. We think it's here."

Sister Mary Katherine put one hand to her heart, feeling a little faint as two large men rose from behind the altar. Her brother Frank had always been the black sheep of the family, finally striking out on his own seyeral years ago.

What little they had heard about him since broke their dear mother's heart.

"My brother and I haven't spoken to one another in years," she said stonilyShe had been told that forgiveness was a blessed trait-forgiveness even for those who do us the most harm. She bowed her head and silently begged God for help.

"We think you're lyin', nun or no nun," the tall man said, running his fingers through his hair.

It was then that Sister Mary Katherine realized someone had been up by the altar. Some of the vestments had been moved around, as if they had been searched.

"Yeah, Joe. Fifty-thousand bucks is enough coin to make even a nun think twice. It'd buy a whole lotta rosaries, wouldn't it?"

Sister Mary Katherine wasn't sure what they were talking about. But if her brother had something to do with it, she was certain it was no good. About to turn, she let out a gasp of astonishment when she heard them rushing for her.


It was impossible! Not here, not here in this House, not here! Someone had struck her full in the face, the force of the blow knocking her to one side.

She staggered, her body striking the back of one pew while her knees seemed to sink out from under her.

"Hey, you think she's good at any action? You know, puttin' out? Man, I ain't had any good fuckin' pussy for a long time."

"Jack, we just might find out. You don't wanna get a man's cock in you, do you, Sister? You want to have some cockmeat squeezin 'into your pussy?" Joe asked, reaching down and gripped the top of her habit.

He tugged it back, pulling the wimple from her face, then tearing the bib down from around her throat.

Sister Mary Katherine screamed, feeling naked. It was the first time she had been seen without her full garb in public. She reached for the garments but was pushed back roughly for her efforts.

There were noises in the corridor, her cries had aroused the rest of the convent. Joe pulled a.45 Magnum from his pocket and aimed it at the doorway while Joe locked one arm around Sister Mary's throat, dragging her to her feet and pressing the back of her head against his chest.

"Saints have mercy on us!"

It was Sister Dominic, another young nun, who burst into the chapel first.

Three others followed, also crossing themselves rapidly while they stared round-eyed at the struggling nun.

"How many more of these fuckin' penguins you got runnin' around here?" Joe asked mockingly.

"Three," Sister Mary Katherine answered in a strained voice, struggling against the arm choking the wind from her.

She was finding it difficult to breathe and her feet were constantly sliding out from under her. One thick black shoe had already slipped from one foot and her dark nylons had already begun to run.

"They're all in another part of the convent," she added truthfully.

"Good. Don't want any more bargin' in here. Jack, you take 'em outside and into the van. Rope and gag 'em. And you cunts listen! We ain't no fuckin' Catholics, so we don't give a damn if one of you get some bullets in her Goddamned skull. Understand?"

The terrified nuns nodded rapidly, casting a rueful look back at Sister Mary Katherine before shuffling out in mute terror.

"And don't let 'em give you any holy shit either. If one tries it' pistol-whip the bitch," Joe called out after the departing Jack "Now it's you and me, babe. You and me," he added, his voice growing thicker. "Now, you gonna cough up and spit out the coins or am I gonna have to get a little rough?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. I told you my brother and I haven't spoken in years," she answered, wondering how in heaven's name she could convince this man she was telling the truth.

"Bitch liar!"

Letting her go, Joe spun the woman around, wrapping his fingers around her throat and squeezing them into the soft flesh. Automatically the nun jerked her hands up, her fingernails flailing against his knuckles. But still he choked her, squeezing the air from her lungs, blackening out her brain.

Sister Mary began sinking to the church floor again, a low rattle escaping her mouth as she wheezed herself toward death. Her tongue slipped from her mouth, flicking uselessly against her lips while saliva oozed from the corners of her stretched mouth. Sister Mary Katherine's eyes glazed, rolling up until her pupils nearly disappeared into her head. She was certain she would die this way, in front of the altar, on her way to heaven.

"Talk, bitch!"

He let her go, throwing her down against the hard tiled floor with a thud.

Sister Mary Katherine doubled over, holding her throat, coughing and wheezing as she tried to get the air back in her lungs.

"I told you. I don't know anything!" she shouted back at him.

"I'll bet."


He backhanded her twice, his knuckles bruising her chin and knocking her head against the pew. Her arms flailed out to either side as he struck the young nun a third time with an open hand. Stunned into submission, Sister Mary Katherine found herself on her belly, both arms hugging her sides while her fingers covered her face protectively. Joe looked around, his eyes finally settling on the altar.

"I'll figure out some way to make you talk."

Joe placed one booted foot on Sister Mary's ass. The nun trembled, terrified for her threatened virginity and for the feelings racing through her now that she couldn't control.

"Maybe you need to be around somethin' that's gonna loosen you up."

"No, don't... don't do this! Im a nun!"

Joe had been pulling at her skirts, tearing the thick black material until the garment was well-shredded about her. Sister Mary Katherine moved her hands around, trying to keep the skirts around her. But soon she felt them pulled down from her waist and in a moment she was wearing only her coarse linen panties and bra.

"Never seen a nun half-naked like this," Joe muttered, staring at the woman now sprawled awkwardly in the aisle. "You ain't bad. In fact, you're a fine-lookin' lady."

Sister Mary Katherine felt shamed beyond belief. He was looking at her as a woman, as a desirable piece of flesh and not as a woman of God! Humiliated, the young nun tried covering her tits, drawing her knees over one another while attempting to crawl back into the pew.

Joe reached down and grabbed a handful of her short blonde hair, yanking her back into the aisle.


She had been told she might suffer for her faith but this was more than she had expected. It felt as if a thousand tiny knives were being stabbed into her scalp. The nun jerked her body about, beating her hands once more against Joe while her ankles banged against the kneeling bench of the pew.

"Like I said, you cooperate and nothin's gonna happen to you. But you keep pullin' shit like this and you're gonna have lots of problems."

Sister Mary Katherine kept screaming, kicking at the man as he dragged her down the smooth, polished aisle toward the altar. She thought he would snatch her bald! Again and again he forced her legs to bang up against the pews while continually pulling her hair, dragging her like a sack. When they reached the first step, he dropped his hold.


Sister Mary Katherine lay like a mute penitent in front of the altar, her hands covering her face in shame. Many times she had knelt here praying God to take away the temptations of the flesh. Now she was there naked, humiliated. And all because of this... this animal! She breathed heavily, feeling the frightening power in her cunt. Her clit was tightening and throbbing while an odd kind of desire was surging through her belly. Juice oozed from her pussy and wet down her linen panties.

"Yeah, this is gonna be good."

With that he slipped both hands under her arms, hauling her up the carpeted steps to the foot of the altar. Sister Mary Katherine was nearly prostrate with terror.

"One more time, slut. Where the fuck's my money?"

Talking like this before God! And here! Sister Mary Katherine was growing more and more shocked. But still she maintained enough of her demeanor to deny vehemently any charge that she had absconded with her brother's ill-gotten money.

"Too bad. Gotta learn, though.' "What are you talking about?"


Reaching down once again, Joe ripped her bra with one swift move, sliding his fingers between the cups and tearing them from her upper chest.

Sister Mary Katherine screamed, flinging her arms around her just as her tits sprang out. Joe laughed, raising one foot and kicking her hard across her upper back. With a groan the young nun sprawled forward, striking her head on the upper lip of the altar. Stunned, she collapsed on the floor while Joe curled his fingers around the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them down.

Fighting through the cloud that had settled over her brain, the nun tried drawing her legs together in a vain attempt to keep on her briefs.

But Joe was stronger and more determined, tearing at the rough cloth until it was down around her knees, skinning down her legs, past her ankles, gone!

She was naked, naked as some of the blessed saints she had seen being roasted over a grill by the barbarians.

Sister Mary Katherine groaned again, this time feeling the toe of Joe's boot pressing into her asscrack. In a moment she felt the smooth black leather of his engineering boot against her shitter, forcing the tiny bud open, stretching it until she squealed and jerked against the altar.


"You wanna get fucked with this? You want this boot up your fuckin' ass?"

"No, no, take it out! Oh God, you're defiling this church! Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

Joe's harsh laughter frightened the nun. She shivered as she felt herself being hauled up, lust churning through her belly and cunt. It was when Joe touched her pussy that the young nun realized her game was over.

"Damn! Hot and wet, just like a fuckin' broad's supposed to be. And you're tellin' me about defilin' the church," Joe scoffed.

"I don't know what's come over me," she confessed, her cheeks reddening as he propped her against the altar. "But it still isn't right."

"Goddamned hypocrite!"

With a sweep of his hand Joe knocked the flower vases from the top of the altar, sending the prettily painted porcelain holders shattering to the floor.

Sister Mary Katherine's eyes rose, taking in the tall crucifix over her. She saw the Christ looking down sorrowfully at her and nearly collapsed with guilt.

She was hot, feeling her cuntal nerves rise until they were practically singing, feeling as if she wanted this animal to touch her all over her body. And there was the symbol of all goodness and morality staring down at her in dreadful reproach.

"No, no!"

Hands grabbed at her large tits, squeezing her nipples while a crotch rubbed into her ass.

Sister Mary Katherine screamed, shaking her head from side to side, desperately trying to deny the hot feeling rushing through her. It was wrong, dreadfully wrong. 1t wasn't God's plan for her to rut like this before the altar, raped by this madman!

"Stop it!"

Sister Mary Katherine somehow managed to wriggle away from the big man, pitching forward, stumbling and struggling wildly to maintain her balance. She saw the darkened church stretch before her like a vast abyss. If only she could get out, she would be safe. But Joe rushed up to her, grabbing her arm and pulling her back to the altar. He slapped her again and again, then making a fist and sending his knuckles crashing into her belly.


His fist made Sister Mary Katherine double over and collapse on the floor.

She was halfconscious while Joe did the rest of the work. Where he had gotten the rope, she didn't know.

The nun saw half-images of his face, the thin-lipped smile as he hauled her up from the floor and rolled her onto her belly. She felt his hands smoothing over her flesh, exciting her even while she wallowed in her foggy state.

Shuddering, the young nun realized she was being roped to the crucifix. She felt rope being looped around her upper chest, cinched tightly, pulling her head against the feet of Jesus.

Next, Joe took tier legs and pulled them up and apart, stretching them until her ankles were touching those blessed, blessed hands!

Sister Mary Katherine screamed again as Joe looped the line around her right ankle, securing the rope with a double figure-eight. He did the same thing to her other ankle, tightening both so her body wouldn't sag down to the altar.

Shrieking, shamed beyond her wildest imagination, Sister Mary Katherine realized she had just been crucified upside down! And right against the holy crucifix!

Jerking her body, struggling against the rope, the young nun tried moving her hands to untie the rope. But Joe was ready for her on that one too. He held her down while stretching out one arm toward the permanent candle holders on the altar. Her degradation and night of horror had begun.

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