Alexandra's New Practice

by Homer Vargas

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, FemaleDom, Pregnancy, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The horny Doctor's boyfriend is out of town but the new receptionist knows how to help.

Dr. Alexandra Prince looked up from the pages of pink and yellow forms, intensely frustrated. She was not frustrated by any inability to make sense of the complex lab report, for she was a good, indeed, a brilliant doctor. Rather, Alexandra was frustrated in a much more basic way, as a woman. John, the young hunk she had living with her, the man who had been keeping her gears oiled regularly for the last few months, had been called out of town. Consequently, Alexandra had been making do with her vibrator for several days, but it wasn't the same. She needed a real prick in her bad and she felt it.

Alexandra didn't like for John to be away. First it left her to spend the nights without a man between her legs. Alexandra was a highly sexed woman who did not just like to fuck, she actually needed frequent pounding by a good hard cock to maintain her mental equilibrium. If John were in town she wouldn't be feeling tied up in knots like this. Before she got out of bed this morning, John would have been busy with her, eating her through several nice orgasms before plunging his prick deep into her, filling her pussy with his thick, satisfying man-fuck. John would have made her come until she was braying like a silly school girl getting her legs parted for the first time. If she had been serviced by her man's wonderful pussy pleaser this morning, she would be merely pleasantly horny now, not climbing the walls!

But there was a more important reason Alexandra disliked letting John get too far out of her sight. He was weak and away from her, easy prey for other women, which could upset the delicate dom/sub relationship between them. Alexandra needed sex too badly to allow herself to be serviced by just any man. A big prick could mesmerize her. And her tits were so sensitive, any man could soon have her frothing at the lightest touch. She understood the danger of encountering a man who would recognize these weaknesses and use them to keep her under his thumb. Therefore, she had to get her sex from a man like John whom she completely dominated. It had not been easy finding John and making him a slave to her pussy. She didn't want another woman to discover his frailty and deprive her of his services.

Alexandra had learned the hard way how vulnerable she was to the wrong man's prick. She lost a semester and almost got kicked out during her third year of medical school because of an episode of sexual domination. It happened without warning one night at an all-night party given by Cheryl, one of the only other women in medical school. Perhaps she been standing around drinking one too many Margaritas and her defenses were down. Seeing couples kissing and fondling each other had her quite horny too, though she didn't realize just how much. Alexandra couldn't keep her eyes off one tall muscular young man in particular. "That's Charlie York, the fullback of the football team. Isn't he the most gorgeous hunk?" giggled Cheryl who noticed Alexandra ogling him. "I'll introduce you."

"Don't be ridiculous, Cheryl! He's only an undergraduate and I don't have the slightest interest in football. We'd have nothing to talk about," Alexandra protested.

"You don't have to talk, woman?" Cheryl hooted. "He's got an eleven inch cock! If you can get that monster in your box, you won't be able to talk about football or anything else. They say he likes buxom girls. Maybe you'll get lucky and be the one to spend tonight with his big dork between your legs."

"Sounds like there's competition," Alexi snorted.

"Half the women in this room have let Charlie screw them, and the other half gladly would."

"Does that include you?"

"I've slept with him a few times. He's fun in an elemental way, but a little retro for my taste."

"Do you think 'retro' is my taste?"

"Taste be damned, woman. I see hunger in your eyes. I think tonight you just need a good cock in you and Charlie's is the best."

Before Alexandra could protest further, Cheryl was gone and soon returned with Charlie in tow. Cheryl hurried through the introductions and shooed the couple over to one of the "make out" couches.

Cheryl must have told him something, because Charlie was smirking when he plunked down beside her. "You look like you need some loving, lady. Don't have enough time for it in medical school" he asked.

"That's pretty fresh!" Alexandra replied, repelled but also excited by this sexy boy's direct approach.

"Just an honest appraisal, Ma'am," the overgrown boy grinned. "I saw the way you were looking at me. I can tell when a woman has sex on her mind."

"You've got me all wrong," Alexandra protested, but couldn't seem to push away the hard rippled shoulders that pressed against her.

"I don't think so," he grinned. "A big girl with a body like yours must have a tremendous capacity ... and need for sex! Take a set of jugs like these, for instance..."

Before she knew what was happening, Charlie's arm was around her and his other hand was into her blouse, fondling her bra-less tits. Alexandra's mouth fell open. She was used to being groped at and she had always been able to fight men off, but this hunk, so dim in many other ways, was a feel-up genius. She gasped as a bolt of pleasure shot through her body when he fingered her nipples.

"Stop that, you ... Uii!" Alexandra gasped again, as Charlie pushed her back against the couch and tweaked a nipple that sent another shiver through her.

"Stop what? Playing with your titties? But you like it, don't you?" he taunted. "You chubby girls are all alike, repressed but oversexed," he laughed. "So easy to turn on. Big bazookas are always so sensitive. Yours are already hard as rocks," he smirked. "You really like being pawed don't you, Alexandra? Admit that you want me to suck you nipples."

"Oh, Charlie!" was all Alexandra could blurt out as he took the nipple of her right breast between his teeth and began to flick it with his tongue. She felt like one giant tit and Charlie was feeling every inch of her body. As he sucked on one tit and massaged the other, her brain seemed to melt and trickle down to her pussy.

Too literally! Suddenly she felt the sex juices start oozing out. She knew from her anatomy classes what this meant, what she felt: she was highly aroused. It had never happened to her before and she surely hadn't intended for it to happen here, in a dark corner being fondled by a man she didn't know. But when she felt Charlie's hand leave her left tit and make its way to the waistband of her skirt, she could no more stop him than she could fly. There was worse to come! Next she felt his hand slither down into her panties. She hoed he couldn't tell how wet she was. If she had had her wits about her, she wouldn't let him touch her there. But Alexandra's wits had evaporated several minutes ago when Charlie first got his hands on her boobs.

"Uh... , what a delightfully hot piece of ass you are, girl!" Charlie gloated.


"You're sopping wet down here, honey. I've never known a girl I could make wet her pants this much just by playing with her ole tits. I think I'm about to have some fun with you! You are so turned on, you naughty girl, you are going to let me frigg your soupy pussy!" he gloated and inserted one and then another finger into her cunt "Feels good, doesn't it?" Charlie asked, knowing from Alexandra's moans of ecstasy what his fingers were doing to the woman.

"My God! You're about to get off, aren't you, Alexandra?" he said as he quickened the rhythm of his fingers against her clit. "I feel a good come building up. I love it! Such a randy girl! You can't control yourself, can you. It's all right; let it go, girl. You need to come. Don't fight it, Alexandra, baby, you can come on my fingers ... NOW!"

The inexperienced young woman was transported as the fiery flood of one orgasm and then another overwhelmed her. Several partygoers snickered knowingly as they saw a young woman laid down on the sofa heaving in the throes of ecstasy with Charlie's hand up her dress. Cheryl watched Charlie bunch Alexandra's skirt around her waist and pull aside her panties, happy that her slightly naive friend was being properly seduced. Lucky Alexandra was going to get laid tonight and good!

"My, my, what a messy girl you are, Alexandra!" Charlie whispered, slyly, still toying idly with her clit. "Your cunt juices are leaking out. Every time I get you off, you get more cum all over the sofa. Should I stop playing with you?"

"Oh, no, please, no!" she whimpered.

"Of course you don't want me to stop, you sexy little cow," Charlie laughed. "You like to come. You want to keep coming, don't you? Well, in that case I'd better stuff something in your cunt to stop it up. It'll have to be something big to fill up a hungry cunt like yours. Open your eyes, Alexandra, and tell me if this is what you'd like inside you," he whispered, half kneeling as he fished out his prize prick to show her.

Alexandra's eyelids fluttered open and her mouth dropped! It was the biggest cock she had ever seen! Her already battered IQ sank to reptilian levels. Her will power plummeted to zero. Alexandra couldn't think of anything but getting that cock in her pussy and Charlie could see it. "Yes, Charlie, yes," the mesmerized woman whispered. "I want it, I want it in me!"

"Good." That's just what you're going to get, but not here. I'm going to take you back to my apartment and fuck your little brains out, honey." Alexandra was afraid it was literally true. But by now she was too far gone to care. With a prick like that in her, she wouldn't need a brain she thought as Charlie pulled her to her feet. She was in a lusty daze as Charlie propelled her out the door.

A buddy drove Charlie's car so the husky athlete could keep Alexandra's sex drive fully engaged. He had his hands back between her legs as soon as the car door closed. "God, you love this, don't you, bitch," Charlie remarked as he brought her off again. The clod probably didn't even know the word "clitoris," Alexandra thought dimly, but he had sure found hers and he knew what frigging it did to a woman. Between sucking her tits and fingering her pussy, Charlie kept Alexandra in full boiling rut, moaning with passion and coming at regular intervals.

Alexandra felt the erotic fog start to lift a little as they climbed the stairs and Charlie fumbled to get the apartment door open. Alexandra's terror returned when she glimpsed what was happening to her. If she didn't get away from him, this vulgar simpleton, this intellectual pygmy would soon have her in bed on her back with her legs spread braying in ecstasy as he filled her pussy with his barbaric cock. And then what?

"Er ... Good night, Charlie. I don't think I should come in with you," she stammered. "I'm going to be leaving."

"Oh, no, Alexandra, you don't want to leave yet," Charlie replied coolly, almost cruelly. "You haven't gotten what you came her for..."

"Yes, I have. I've got to go," she said backing away.

"You don't want to GO, Alexandra. You want to COME! Have you forgotten about this?"

Alexandra froze as Charlie fished out his big, half-erect penis and waved it at her in triumph. A wave of revulsion passed over her, but she couldn't take her eyes off of his engorged cock. Charlie just smiled, watching his cock work its spell on the horny young woman. She fought the urge, but the outcome was foreordained. Alexandra tried to tear her eyes away that beautiful organ, but she was not strong enough. As Charlie swung his cock back and forth, Alexandra felt she was being hypnotized. Her pussy started flowing again even before the images of submitting to penetration by that wondrous weapon welled up in her mind. Unconsciously she shifted her legs farther apart as she thought about Charlie cock sliding into her pussy, in and in and IN!

"Come here to me, Alexandra," Charlie ordered. "You're a big horny girl and you want this cock in you. You have to have it," he continued, slowly handling the organ as he backed into the apartment and closed the door behind her. "You are too hot, Alexandra. You need a big dork in you to satisfy you tonight. You want to get laid, woman, more than you have ever wanted anything."

She wanted to scream, "No!" She wanted to wake up and shake free from this erotic nightmare. But it was real and true. There was his cock and she did want it in her, desperately.

"You can finish taking off your blouse," he remarked, the bra having been left on the floor of the car. "You don't want it to get torn when I go to work again on your poonts, do you?"

Humiliated, she complied.

"Now you are going to strip for me, Alexandra. Show me where you want me to put my cock," he ordered.

Alexandra was in a trance. She slowly unhooked her skirt and let it fall.

"That's a good girl," he smirked. "Nice bottom! You've got an ass that was made for screwing. You'll go crazy when I put it to you. Now drop your panties, baby. You won't need them where you're going."

She fought but couldn't refuse his demand and in a moment her panties were around her ankles.

"Now come here and I'll put this in you. You won't regret it!"

She didn't regret it, at least not that night. How could she? Regret requires thought and when Charlie touched her again he made her stop thinking. His words had inflamed her almost as much as his hand that again went straight into her pussy. "I knew you'd be dripping again, Alexandra. Your cunt is hungry and I'm going to feed her with my warm thick jizz."

Alexandra barely remembered how Charlie led her to the bed while repeating how horny she was. Then he made her lie down. "Spread your legs wide for me, baby and let's see if you are ready for a good screwing." His fingers invaded her cunt and she felt herself coming again.

"Oh, you're ready! Now, tell me what you want, Alexandra," he said as he gazed down at the writhing, rutting woman. "Do you want me just to play with your pussy, to make you come with my finger, like this?"

"No, no," she whimpered, after several more orgasms passed.

"No? Getting diddled isn't enough for you, is it, Alexandra? O.K. Tell me what else you want."

"I want you to fuck, me, Charlie. I want your cock. I've got to have it," she pleaded.

"Yes, you need a cock, Alexandra, a big cock. Where do you need it?" he went on as he brought her to another orgasm again with his fingers.

"In me," she gasped.

"You want my cock in you? Good, that's where I'm going to put it. Where in you, Alexandra?"

"In ... my ... cunt!" she whispered. "Please, fuck it in my cunt!"

"Well, this is your lucky night, Alexandra, because that's just where I've been planning to ram my cock ever since I saw you mooning at me like a heifer in heat. Spread your legs, baby, and you'll get all the cock you want, right where you want it!"

Alexandra screamed with pleasure and some pain as Charlie slowly inserted his large penis. She had been fucked by other boys a few times, but she had never felt a prick like this one. It stretched her and filled her. Alexandra became incoherent, babbling pleas and obscenities. "Put it to me, Charlie! Yes, Oh, shit. Fuck me good. I love your prick in me. Stick it in me deep."

Alexandra had come so many times now she was almost delirious when Charlie finally exploded in her. It triggered a final, Richter-8 orgasm and she went out like a light.

That one night, impaled repeatedly on Charlie's prick, was enough. Alexandra was hopelessly hooked on sex. She would do anything for Charlie's prick. Fortunately, Charlie didn't make her go off the pill; if he had wanted it, she would have let him give her a baby. For months she stopped going to classes and just hung around with Charlie and the football team, doing anything to keep him screwing her.

To her surprise, but not to Charlie's, Alexandra discovered her need for sex was greater than even Charlie could satisfy. And the bastard found ways to turn this to his advantage. Charlie would get her a little drunk at one of his parties and leave her alone with his friends, knowing her need would drive her to going down for several if not all of them. He even put her up to seducing one of his professors and stealing exam questions.

Of course Alexandra realized perfectly well what Charlie was doing to her when she could think straight and hated him for it, but hating didn't make it any easier getting free. She could become furious with him, but he'd just smile and say, "I know what you need, Alexandra." She could scream with frustration but when he looked at her with that arrogant leer she could feel her pussy get wet. She knew that whatever she thought or said now, in a few minutes she'd be on her back bleating with lust as Charlie's cock made her come over and over.

Who know what would have happened to her if she hadn't confessed her problem to Cheryl. "Well, if the problem is his cock, we'll just have to tame it" Cheryl smirked. "Slip one of these pills in his food and watch his noodle wilt." Alexandra was as frustrated as Charlie the next night when he couldn't get hard and she had to suck him to orgasm. But without Charlie's prick in her day and night, after a few days Alexandra could summon enough will power to leave him for good.

Alexandra realized that never again could she let a man dominate her sexually like that. But after Charlie she also knew she couldn't live without constant sex. The only conclusion was that if she were not to be dominated, she had to dominate. Which brought her to the frustration with John's absence?

"Alexandra, there's a patient to see you, but you should take a look at him first." Vicki, her new receptionist and fast friend was grinning wickedly. Alexandra had confided what she was going through and Vicki tried to help. Alexandra didn't know what she would have done without Vicki, especially yesterday, bless her heart. About 4:00 Vicki had appeared at her office door with a couple of tall screwdrivers.

"Your day is over, Dr. Prince. It's time to relax."

"Don't be ridiculous, Vicki. I have appointments scheduled until 8:30 PM."

"Not now, you don't," Vicki grinned. "I canceled them."

"You did what!?"

"Drink up and I'll explain it to you."

The cold liquid tasted good as she downed it. "That packed a wallop," Alexandra smiled after a minute or so.

"It was supposed to, Doctor, you needed it. You are wound so tight you're about to snap like a cheap overwound clock. I can feel the tension." Vicki began to massage Alexandra's neck. "Poor baby," she cooed. "With John gone you haven't had anyone to do this, have you?" Effortlessly Vicki slipped a hand inside Alexandra's low cut smock. "Or this!"

"Oh, that feels heavenly, honey, but please stop. I'm feeling so woozy."

"You should be. I put a slug of Aethanol in your drink" Vicki giggled.

"But that's a tranquilizer that..."

"... 'Makes a person very susceptible to suggestion.'" Vicki continued quoting Alexandra back to herself. "I should know. I've seen you use it on guys you seduce. I'm just giving you some of your own medicine, Doctor," Vicki grinned as she kept on working Alexandra's hardening breasts. "You're so horny, Alexandra. You're going to have to let me give you what you need."

"Oh, yes, this is beautiful," Alexandra sighed. "But I don't go down for girls, Vicki..."

"You do when you're high on Aethanol, honey. That's the reason you are letting me feel up your tits. You like what I'm doing, don't you Alexandra?" Vicki was becoming more imperious.

"Oh, yes, darling..."

"Good. Now just relax and let me help you off with your clothes. Then I'm going to feel you up really good!'

Vicki's firm hands took control and soon Alexandra found herself naked and stretched out on the same small bed where she taken advantage of so many men, playing with their pricks until they were crazy for sex and then laying them on their backs and fucking them out of their minds. Now the tables were turned. Vicki had Alexandra flat of her back, her brain deliciously addled by the tranquilizer. Alexandra's legs were spread defenselessly and a warm skilled hand was busy in her pussy while another worked her hardening breast. Alexandra was floating in an erotic sea.

"Oh, Alexandra, honey, you are still tied up in knots. But I know just what you need to unwind ... the big O!" Vicki's voice came almost as a shock. "You need to get off. I'm going to make you cum!" Before she could protest, Alexandra felt Vicki's lips leave her own and pause briefly on her breasts. A wet trail snaked lower; her abdomen spasmed as Vicki's tongue darted briefly into her navel. Then she felt it! Vicki gently pulled apart her thighs and pressed her mouth to Alexandra's dripping sex lips.

"I'm going to eat you, Alexandra. I'm going to eat your pretty, sopping pussy!" Alexandra was hardly aware when her receptionist had stripped, but soon she found Vicki straddling her face. The young woman busied herself in Alexandra's snatch, her clever fingers and tongue on her clit driving her wild. The first orgasm started to build. She couldn't fight the sensation. She bucked and cried out shamelessly as she came.

Vicki hardly altered the rhythm of her attack on Alexandra's overflowing cunt. The orgasm left the older woman shaken, but eager for more. As she felt Vicki's tongue and fingers start her up the roller coaster again, a large warm drop of liquid fell onto her lips. The excited younger woman's pussy was leaking onto Alexandra's face.

She and Cheryl had played with each other in school, but Alexandra had never been in a 69 before. Still, Alexandra knew instinctively what she had to do. Grasping Vicki's slim hips, she pulled her almost hairless cunt down to her lips and began to suck, delirious with the rank sexy odors of the younger woman's arousal. When Alexandra's tongue touched Vicki's clit, her reward was instantaneous. Vicki came and filled Alexandra's mouth with her hot salty spend. Alexandra's own body was contorted by yet another orgasm as she swallowed.

Alexandra must have passed out from the pleasure and the rest of the evening was a fog. Making love with Vicki for the first time yesterday had been wonderful. Vicki, who turned out to be an experienced switch hitter, had fucked Alexandra senseless several times in the office before taking her home for the night. The dope had worn off, but Alexandra wanted more of the young woman's attention and got it. They had sucked and fingered each other to more orgasms than she could count. At last Vicki had put a vibrating dildo in her that sent her into periodic orgasms until she had passed out for the night.

But that was then and this was now. Vicki could make her come, but there is nothing like having a man in you, which made Vicki's invitation intriguing.

"What's there to look at?" Alexandra giggled.

"Everything!" Vicki growled throatily. Alexandra and Vicki peered through the one way glass at a young man in shorts and a tank top.

"He does look scrummy. Do you think he may be an athlete?" Alexandra asked,

"I don't know, but that looks like the outline of an Olympic Gold Medal prick in his shorts. That's what you need tonight, a big hard cock! Put him under, take him home, Alexandra and fuck the shit out of him."

"O.K. You go out and shoot him the bird while I change into something to make him more uncomfortable. Then bring him in to see 'Dr. Hots.'"

"Just made yourself comfortable, David," Alexandra smiled, making sure that from where he sat he could see far enough up her smock to be anything but comfortable. "I understand you may be feeling a little nervous. Some men fear that a woman doctor could use her knowledge about their bodies to take advantage. But I'm sure a big strong guy like you isn't worried about that."

"No ma'am," he responded innocently.

"Good. Now let me ask you some questions about those headaches," she said and gazed deeply into his eyes. "You will have no secrets from me. You must tell your doctor everything."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied uneasily. Alexandra smiled. This was going to be a piece of cake.

"Tell me, how often do you have sexual intercourse?"


"You know what I mean," she grinned. "How often do you fuck?"

"What does that have to do with my headaches?"

"When a woman gets a headache, she doesn't fuck. When a man doesn't fuck, he gets a headache?" Alexandra replied and shifted to open her legs a bit more. "So, are you getting laid every night?"

"Well," he gulped, "Almost."

"'Almost?' You mean there are some nights that you sleep alone, without a woman to satisfy you?" Alexandra laid on a thick tone of disbelief. "You look to me like a man who needs lots of sex. Don't you have a regular woman, one who knows just what turns you on, who anticipates your need for sex? Don't you have a regular girlfriend who takes the initiative, who screws you even before you knew you needed it?"

"No ma'am."

"That must make it HARD very hard." She was sure he was looking now. "How do you manage?"

"I pick up girls here and there. There are several I call. It usually works out," he grinned stupidly.

"I see. Well, then, I think I know your problem. You are not getting the right kind of sex. You need a woman who totally overwhelms you, who can make you fuck any time she wants. A series of one-night stands can't satisfy your appetites. You didn't have a woman this morning before you came here, did you?"

"No ma'am," he replied.

"I knew it. That would explain your reactions now."

"My reactions?"

"Your reactions to me," she smiled slyly. "Don't think I haven't noticed you staring at my tits while we talked, David. And I believe you have been peeking up my smock as well. I think you one very horny young man," Alexandra grinned. "Please come over here, David. I am going to examine you to confirm my diagnosis," she said, motioning him to a low couch.

"Do you want me to disrobe?"

"That won't be necessary," she laughed. "Believe me; I know how to get a horny young man out of his pants." Alexandra said and began to open his shirt and loosen his belt.

"Now, I'll just unzip you," Alexandra continued in a voice that allowed no dissent. "Oh, you have respectable swelling there where a woman likes to see one. You are really nice and big here, David. This must account for your success with the girls. They see the size of that bulge and start staining their panties. I know I am. Let me pull down your shorts to get a better look at your penis."

"Don't doctors use an examination table for this" he asked.

"No, this is a special examination and I want you to be nice and comfortable. Now please relax," she said, pushing him back onto the couch and beginning again to stroke his prick. "Yes, you have a long thick cock. When this monster goes into a woman it must satisfy her profoundly. She must start coming as soon as she is penetrated by this tool."

David's eyes were closed and he could hardly speak, but he nodded his head in agreement. "That's your problem. A woman when filled with a prick like yours, just goes off her nut too quickly. You bring her to a series of orgasms, unload your balls into her, and it's 'good night sweetheart.' If you want to fuck her again that night, you have to pull her limp legs open and climb on. She can't do anything for you because she's still knocked out. Am I correct?"

"Uh hu," he replied dreamily, enjoying the hand of this big sexy woman massaging his cock.

"That's the reason you are not getting total satisfaction. You're missing the long slow build up to orgasm with a woman setting the pace, making you gradually want it more and more. I'll bet you are so used to dominating women you have never had a woman fuck you from on top. You don't know how nice it is to be in the sexual power of a woman."


"You would like that, David. You would like to have a woman seduce you, make you fuck her."

"No, doctor."

"I know better. That explains your headaches. You need to be sated with sex by a woman who can control you completely. The headaches are just a symptom of your unsatisfied craving for domination. I prescribe therapy beginning immediately."

"No, no..." he tried to protest, but Alexandra just continued to stroke his prick deliciously.

"Don't argue with your doctor, David." she ordered. "I know what's good for you and I am going to give you the treatment you need. You need sex badly and you're about to get a big dose. I'll have to administer the medicine that will give you immediate relief."

"No, no. I'm leaving." He tried to get up.

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