First Contact

by Homer Vargas

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Science Fiction, Cheating, FemaleDom, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Why have no Federation exploration ships ever come back from Solon? Can it be the sexy women who rule the planet?

Catherine Allen, Captain of the Enterprise Omega, leaned back into my arms and drew my hand to her breasts as we looked out over the spaceport of Solon. My sexy lover was the commander of the spaceship that had brought our contact mission to Solon and she took her prerogatives seriously, including having me in her bed every night. Now that we had landed, however, I, as the ship's chief xenologist, was essentially in charge of the contact operation. Although supposedly ours was the first group from Federation space to make contact with Solon, there were vaguely ominous stories which implied that others had come here ... and not returned. One particularly silly version had it that Solon was ruled by women who used sex to keep their men in a kind of domestic slavery.

"Tony, I don't like this place," Kathy said, snuggling closer. "There is too much preparation down there to be based on our tele-messages of just three day ago."

"They certainly look friendly," I replied.

"That is exactly what worries me," she said, archly. "Our own scanners don't seem to be working and the only images we are getting are the one they are beaming up."

"Why don't you let me worry about meeting the natives, darling," I said. "Five years of astrophysics doesn't make you and expert on extra-terrestrial humanoids."

"Humanoids!" she harrumphed, "Those are women, and I don't trust them. Look at those disgusting mini smocks they wear! The cleavage! There is only one reason women dress that way -- to excite and seduce men. I've heard the guys talk. They are a lot more interested in unauthorized fraternization than planetary survey work.'"

"Not to dispute your mastery of the feminine wiles, darling, but this is a tropical planet," I pointed out reasonably. "Why shouldn't they wear skimpy clothes? I am afraid you are just applying Earth standards to the Solonians."

"And why did they insist that the men and women of our crew be separated as soon as we land and have no contact while on Solon?" she asked defiantly.

"You are making a mountain out of a molehill, honey. Actually it is a taboo that has been reported from several star systems. Just leave handling the Solonians to me. You are on vacation here until we are ready to return. Just rest up and eat well so that on the way back we can get down to business."

"On the way back I just pilot this crate home. What 'business' are you talking about?"

"Our 'business, '" I grinned. "I think it's time we stopped living in sin and got married. Can your Deputy do that?"

"Do you mean it, darling?" Kathy squealed. "Yes, yes. Judy can perform the ceremony if her Captain is the one getting married. But why the rush?"

"Honey, haven't we waited long enough? Let's take advantage of the months of leisure on the way back to get you pregnant. When I arrive on earth with my new wife, I want her to have a big belly!"

"Well, it won't happen today, but maybe we could practicing, anyway," Kathy said as she took me by the hand and pulled me towards the Captain's stateroom.

I thought it unnecessary, but Kathy insisted on leaving a small group of men behind to watch the ship. As they announced, the Solonians had separate welcoming parties for the men and women. Kathy gave me one final, worried look as the group of men and women parted company for the journey into the city. Our precaution seemed unnecessary. Far from seeming hostile, the Solonian women officials we met seemed most friendly. I did notice, however, that all the responsible officials were women. The only men I saw were "prettyboy" secretaries and assistants whose function looked more like recreation for the bosses than work. After a day of sightseeing and conferences, they invited us to a formal dinner.

At the banquet each of my men found himself with a beautiful companion at his side, a woman who frankly seemed more interested in being with a man than in the ceremonies. These randy young women snuggled close and my men glanced, furtively at first, them avidly, at gloriously large round breasts in the loose fitting halters of their sexy table mates. The liquor flowed freely as, I now know, the women were making sure my men all gradually got drunk. The banquet progressively slipped towards orgy. The lights dimmed for an erotic entertainment -- if anyone was watching. Large screens showed almost nude women dancing before entranced men before falling on them and ravishing them. This helped get everyone in the proper mood for the women to giggle and open their tunics, encouraging my horny men to feel up their ample breasts. Soon these apparently randy young women were hiking their tunics to have the men play with or go down on their well lubricated snatches as well.

I could see what was happening and might have stopped it. I should have at least tried to stop it, but I was much too distracted myself. Ethne, the plump High Priestess of Solon was giving me the same treatment up on the dais my men were getting down below. This mature, well-built, and apparently rutting female had been crawling all over me since the lights went down. Early in the evening Ethne's tunic had fallen open letting one of the best sets of jugs in the universe start to work their magic on me. Her snuggled against me and those wonderful breasts overflowing in my hands made my recent proposal to Kathy sort of hard to remember and I soon stopped trying.

As I nuzzled her neck, she pressed glass alter glass of the deliciously potent liquid to my lips and even before she had me tipsy, I wanted more. While busy kissing and nuzzling those man-melters, I suddenly felt the High Priestess's hand slither under the short tunics we had changed into for the dinner. I should have know better but couldn't resist when she took full possession of my cock ... and of me! "You've had a long day, Lt. Black; let me help you relax," she whispered as she pressed me back into the soft cushions on the divan. "Rest here with me; I can make you feel sooo good."

Soon I was lost in an erotic daydream about spending the night -- no, many nights – in the bed of the hottest woman I had ever run across. She whispered about taking me through that nearby curtained exit into her private quarters. "When I have you alone," she chuckled, "I'll undress you. My attendants will bathe you in tepid perfumed waters before I join you in the bath." We would play with each others' naked bodies until we burned with passion. Then she would lead me to her bed. Before taking me in her arms to make love to me, she would press a final goblet to my lips. "A philter to incite your lust, Tony, and permit you to better service my own desires," she whispered. Then she would lay me back and again place in my mouth a nipple of a lust hardened breast as she lowered herself onto me. I would be immobilized beneath those wide, heavy hips, my prick swallowed up by her ravenous pussy. I would...

Danger jolted me from this delightful reverie. The lights had begun to flicker in a menacingly familiar pattern! Instantly I pushed treacherous woman off me and drew up. "Ethne! What do you mean by this kind of low trick? You have turned a hypno-pulse on Federation officers. That is a hostile, and stupid, act! Don't you know this amateurish attempt at mind control is futile? Federation explorers are well trained to resist hypno-pulse."

"We know all about the resistance of Federation men, Lt. Black," she replied, smiling. "More, apparently, than you do. The supposed 'immunity' of a trained man to hypno-pulse is not unconditional. Resistance to neuro-libidinal synchronization demands total concentration on certain subconscious learned blocking patterns. Your men may soon find that concentration ... faltering," she smirked.

"Women of Solaria have generations of experience in gaining domination over our men. We can subvert even subconscious resistance. When a man is lying in the arms of a Solonian woman even his subconscious attention becomes focused on only one thing -- the approaching orgasm. It becomes more and more difficult for his brain to block out the induced neural rhythms pouring into his mind as she pushes him closer and closer to climax. When at last she makes him come, his mind's last defenses collapse. Lying in dazed satiation, overwhelmed by orgasm in the arms of his seductress, the hypno-pulse will destroy his mental shields and he becomes as totally vulnerable to hypnotic suggestion."

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