Girl from 'Principles'

by Homer Vargas

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: More fun for the ecologist and his horny wife when he is captured by a tribe of women who want to use him as a breeding slave. Can is wife rescue him? Does he want to be rescued?

Part I

Hi, again. You may have heard about me from this nice Mr. Vargas. (No, I'm not going to tell you my name.) Several months ago he wrote just what I told him in a story he called "Principles" and it came out real nice. Lots of people have said it was good. He told me that a lady named Celeste who does re-views or pre-views -- or something like that -- gave it an award, even though she thought the way I tricked my husband into getting me pregnant so many times was "repulsive." If you haven't already, maybe you should stop now and go read that story.

Otherwise, some of what I am going to let Mr. Vargas tell you now won't make much sense.

Back when I let Mr. Vargas write the first story, everything about my life was wonderful. I had a wonderful husband -- my Josh -- who is also a wonderful lover and a wonderful daddy to my ten children and father of nine of them. (See, that's what I mean about reading the other story first!) We were living in a beautiful house surrounded by flowers in the capital of the South American country where Josh worked for a major oil company. He was making sure the company didn't damage the environment as they explored for oil.

Rachel and Courtney were happy in the seventh and eighth grades of the International School and FAR too popular with the local boys in the grades ahead of them. Steve, Roy, Beth, Ruthie, and Jennifer were in elementary school and Jeff was in kindergarten. Billy and Vickie were at the adorable rug-rat stage. Best of all, I had just found out Josh had made me pregnant again -- this time with no fuss.

The only problem was that Maria and Consuelo, who help me with the house, Rosita, who helps look after the babies, and even Lupe, our cook's 18 year-old daughter all got pregnant about the same time I did. I guess it was the "dorm room" effect; the menstrual cycles of women who live close together become synchronized. [Thanks for the word, Homer.] It didn't take too much detective work to figure out who was responsible for all those plump bellies from the way that Consuelo, Maria, Rosita, and Lupe mooned at Josh every time they saw him and the sheepish glances he returned.

Eventually they all confessed when I made it clear I was upset only about their poor timing. Apparently it happened while I was in the hospital for a few days with a parasite attack. (Amazing, Josh goes into the jungle and eats snakes and bugs and never comes down with anything. I try to be careful and become food for a zoo of the little bichos.) Josh and I worked out that our Martita was conceived the night Josh sneaked in to my hospital room after hours. The nuns who run the place wouldn't let him come back again at any hour after they found him in bed with me "keeping my spirits up" so well I was screaming at the top of my lungs when he made me come.

Well, while Madam was away, her "faithful employees" and Lupe, the little minx, decided to take compassion on my poor horny husband (and find out if he was really as good in the sack as they could guess from my wild cries of passion every night as Josh fucked me). It wasn't difficult. When Josh goes several days without sex he gets preternaturally horny. [Stop using words like that, Homer!] That's one reason I always try to keep him well nailed down -- that, and that I love fucking him. But after our little misadventure in the hospital, Josh was high, dry, and spry. Any woman -- especially those four -- could see it.

Lupe offered to cook that weekend in place of her papa who left for his home village. Josh of course didn't notice anything strange when Consuelo and Rosita didn't take their usual day off that Saturday. Josh worked that morning, but was home for lunch. Lupe put on a spread. Rosita had bundled the older kids off to their friends' houses for the weekend and the babies -- well they were there for inspiration, I guess. Josh, I'm sure, suspected nothing, not that he didn't enjoy having three pretty round women and one eye-popping girl hovering over him. He probably thought nothing was amiss when he saw them all in short flared skirts and ample bosoms showcased in frilly blouses. I'll bet his prick was thinking about it, though.

Maria, who was orchestrating everything, made sure that Josh had a second and then a third glass of wine with his lunch. She even slipped something in the last glass that knocked him for a loop. As soon as he go up from lunch he wobbbled, said he guessed he needed a siesta, and headed off to bed -- just where they wanted him. He later told me he didn't remember Maria guiding him up stairs to our bedroom and he even denies he knew that she helped him undress. But I don't believe he didn't know when she slipped her warm brown body in bed with him and helped herself to his cock! She told me that even half zonked he fucked her better than any man she'd ever known. That I believe!

Maria had intended to have a nice little ride and get off. Well, she got off -- so well that she didn't want to get off; Consuelo and Rosa practically had to drag her out of bed Josh so they could have a go at him. The four vixens took turns fucking my out-of-it man all afternoon and night. Josh says he only really woke up the next morning when he discovered Lupe astraddle him screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs, as she rode him to more orgasms than she could count.

Josh's embarrassed explanation for the rest of the time until I came home was, "hanged for a farthing; hanged for a pence." [I don't understand that, Homer.] My fallen husband gladly let them take turns fucking him silly and he must have filled each horny pussy full several times over. I was only in the hospital a few days, but it was enough for Josh to put a baby in each of my "helpers." Knowing how sexy Josh is, though, I could hardly blame the girls for wanting Josh to make them pregnant; and knowing how horny Josh is, I sure couldn't blame him. I just made him promise never to do it again.

"Oh, honey, of course not. I promise I won't even look at them!"

"Yes you will; they'll make sure of that, and you'll fuck them, too. I know them too well. Just promise that you'll only fuck one of them bareback at a time," I told him gravelly as I handed him a large box of condoms. "No more than two pregnant at the same time," I admonished. You should have seen that smile!

That was a happy time. The house was getting back to normal after my Marta, Maria's Mario Jesus, Consuelo's Jesus David, Rosa's Ramon Jesus, and Lupe's Gabriel Jesus were born. ("Jesus," they told me is "Josh" in Spanish.) Fortunately, three maternal grandmothers appeared to help out with the five new babies, although I think they also helped them selves to my Josh. By the time they went home, Maria's, Consuelo's, and Rosa's mothers were all working on brand new uncles and aunts for their new grandchildren to play with.

That's about the time the trouble started, There was a charity ball at the Petroleum Club that brought together people from all the oil companies and local elites. I was well along toward getting my figure back after Marta and dressed accordingly in a little black number and high heels. It was pretty short and I'll admit I looked and felt hot. I kept glancing appreciatively at the bulge in Josh's pants as he drove us to the club, trying unsuccessfully to keep his eyes on the road. I started wondering if I should be thinking of a name.

I'll dance with anyone, so I thought nothing of it when Bull Parker, the company project manager, asked me to dance. I knew he and Josh were rivals because I had heard enough of their arguments, but I wasn't thinking about that as Bill pulled me into his arms. It was sort of flattering to feel a big brawny man get a hard-on just from being near a thirty-one year old mother of eleven. Bull is quite a good dancer and it was easy to just relax and let him lead wherever he would. Therefore I was surprised when I found myself alone with him on an isolated balcony with his hand on my boobs.

Now I'm a pretty short-fused girl, and yes, he was turning me on. But, no, I wasn't that stupid. Besides, I sensed that this wasn't about lust; it was about power. Bull wanted to fuck me because I was Josh's wife. I asked him to stop quietly, then not so quietly, and finally I slapped him as hard as I could. I managed to cause a commotion and suddenly Josh was at my side and Bull Parker was lying on the floor with a little blood trickling out of his nose.

It was an ugly scene, but I never realized it would have the consequences it did. Two weeks later, I got word that on a trip to inspect a new drilling site, the boat Josh was in overturned and only Bull Parker's men came back. I was almost too crushed to be suspicious, but I was. The search was continuing, but with Bull Parker's men in charge of it, I had my doubts.

Strangely, with Josh gone, Bull seemed a different person, genuinely interested in trying to find at least some trace of Josh and solicitous of my feelings. As the weeks wore on, I found my self warming to him. I guess he could tell and one night after dinner at my house and a second glass of wine in me, I let him kiss me. That was a mistake, because a kiss wasn't enough for either of us. I couldn't resist when his hand found my nipple and I was squirming even before he slipped a finger into my panties. I was headed for a come and who knows what else when, most uncharacteristically, Marta started crying. Although I knew Rosita would take care of whatever it was, it broke the spell, thank goodness. I pushed Bull away and resolved not to let this happen again.

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