Cop Too Far

by Homer Vargas

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Two police women end up in the hands of a drug lord, very skillful hands. They never want to leave.

Little by little consciousness seeped back into the happily addled brain of Special Agent Barbara Black. She thought it must be afternoon. The night seemed so long ago; she didn't remember much about it. She felt good -- relaxed and ... satisfied. That was it; she recognized the feeling. She had gotten laid and well laid last night, totally sated sexually. The man who had bedded her must have had a prick the size of a donkey and the stamina to match to do this kind of job on her, she reflected dreamily. She had never felt quite so zonked so many hours after sex. But where was she and what kind of man could fuck her so good as to make her black out the last 10 - 12 hours. In fact, how long had it been? She realized she had no idea of the time. Deliberately, as if drugged, she attempted to look at her watch. Her right arm didn't respond. With mild annoyance, she realized her hands and feet were bound to the bed with soft but strong bands.

Mild annoyance? Why wasn't she incensed? Outraged? Could a night of even the best sex alter her normally dominant personally? How could a man's prick pounding her senseless -- even several times -- make her so docile? She had to reconstruct what had happened! Slowly it started coming back to her.

Barbara remembered sitting in the Agency van with her partner Carol Blake while waiting for the agreed time to make the arrest of the drug kingpin, Nick Botero. It had been a strange, sexually charged conversation. The weird part began when Carol had asked if she didn't sometimes tire of being tough and domineering, especially with men? Particularly with men since most criminals were male.

"Not really," Barbara had said. "In fact I rather enjoy exercising power over men. It comes in handy in my sex life. I have Robert very well trained," she laughed. "I show him some tit or wiggle my ass at him, and he is incapable of saying no to anything I demand of him."

"That's just it. If your boyfriend does only what you tell him to do, you already know you will enjoy it. He can never take you to places you don't already know."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, don't you think it would be fun to be submissive sometimes, let a powerful man control you sex life, make you do things he wants you to do."

"Not my cup of tea, or yours either, I thought," Barbara said eyeing her partner strangely. Carol was infamous as a heartbreaker. None of her boyfriends lasted long and many were near suicidal when Carol -- inevitably -- tired of them and dumped them. But while the torrid affair lasted, Carol could keep a man very happy. Still, now that Barbara thought about it, Carol did seem more subdued lately. Most unlike herself, she hadn't been bragging about her latest conquest. Barbara and the other women working on the Agency's secret project surmised that Carol was finally in love, but no one knew anything about the mystery man who seemed at last to have pulled the reins in on the wanton Miss Carol Blake.

"Speaking of tea, have some of mine," Carol said. Barbara was usually a coffee woman, but before she could object Carol was filling Barbara's cup from a thermos. "It'll soon be time to go get Botero. Too bad he's a narco kingpin. Have you seen him? He's cute and built like a bull. Sometimes when I have him staked out, I wonder what it would be like to have him. I'll bet he fucks like a god!" Carol remarked a few minutes later.

"Carol! Don't talk that way." Barbara was not shushing Carol just on principle. In fact she had suddenly become aware of a kind of restlessness. Damn Carol! Her sexy talk about dominance and submission and being taken places sexually she didn't want to go had gotten her horny. Barbara wouldn't admit it, but the fantasy of having Nick Botero fuck her was good enough that she felt a familiar wetness in her pants. Usually, she juiced up like this only after some serious foreplay with a lover. How could Carol's mindless chatter have turned her on like this?

"Why not?" Carol persisted. "Just because he's a criminal doesn't mean he wouldn't be fun to bed."

"Just shut up!" Barbara snapped. It was all she could do to keep her mind on the assignment and off of Nick Botero's body which was, as Carol had said, 'built like a bull.'

At the appointed time the two women were ringing the bell of Nick Botero's luxurious apartment, financed with money from drugs, extortion and kidnapping. He didn't have much longer to enjoy his ill-gotten wealth, Barbara though.

"Nicolas Botero?" Barbara asked according to formula. "I am placing you under arrest. We have a warrant." Barbara stated firmly.

"A warrant? How unnecessary. I am always happy to receive a visit from two such lovely ladies. Please come in." he replied with a broad smile.

Why did Botero seem so un-surprised and unconcerned? If he had been tipped of the arrest, he could have escaped, Barbara thought. Puzzled by his reaction and disturbed by her own reaction to the most beautiful man Barbara had ever seen, she stumbled through the recitation of rights. "You have the right to remain silent..."

Nick just stood smiling at Barbara, no almost leering at her until she finished. "That's nice, but don't I have any other rights?" he grinned. "Like the right to be body searched by a beautiful policewoman?"

"Oh, he's right, Barbara. Better search him for hidden weapons," Carol blurted out.

"Don't be ridiculous!" she said. A body search under the circumstances was against procedures and Carol knew it, but the thought of running her hands over the beautiful hard body of Nick Botero was too wicked to dismiss. Nick immediately leaned against the wall supported by his upraised hands in a most obliging manner, clearly liking the idea. "Go ahead, Barbara. Look, it turns him on!" Barbara hesitated, but the opportunity to run her hands over his powerfully muscled body was too good to pass up. She frisked her hands up and down his torso and then bent to feel his powerfully muscled legs, allowing her hands to go all the way up to his crotch. Nick moaned softly as Barbara "accidentally" brushed his genitals.

"He has a big bulge there in front, below his belt. You'd better drop his pants to check that out, Barbara. He could be hiding something dangerous," Carol giggled. Barbara's heart was pounding. She realized that it was indeed 'something dangerous' and she knew better than to let Carol goad her into doing something foolish. But she was so turned on ... she did it anyway.

"Drop your pants," she ordered. Nick complied with haste. When he proceeded to let his briefs fall to the floor as well, Barbara gasped. He really was hung like a horse. Never had she seen such a dick. She fought the desire to take Nick's rapidly hardening prick in her hands ... and lost.

"Oh, baby" Nick moaned. "You do know how to handle a man!"

"Look at that erection, Barbara. You've got him turned on! Don't you want that prick in you? I'll bet you could fuck him and make him confess to anything. Go on!"

Barbara could not understand why she was so horny, why she couldn't resist Carol's outrageous suggestions, but she was. She and Carol led the unresisting man into the bedroom and ordered him to lie down. She was paralyzed by the sight of his huge erect penis.

"Go on, mount him." Carol whispered. "I'll help you out of your clothes. Nick grinned up at Barbara as Carol quickly stripped her. As Carol finished pulling down Barbara's panties, she ran a hand into Barbara's pussy. "Oh, baby, you're so wet. Get on and give that prick a ride; you need a ride." Carol took her hand and guided the now rutting partner to the criminal's bed.

Barbara tried to be rational in spite of the almost insane urge to impale herself. She would ride Nick to a long slow orgasm, the way she did Robert when she wanted to fuck him senseless to make him do something he didn't want to do. Carol was right. She was in control. Once Nick had come, she could do anything she wanted with him. But almost as soon as she felt the criminal's long hard prick slide up deep within her, she realized her plan wasn't working. An orgasm started to build up in her that made it hard to think. "Slow down. Slow down," she told to herself, but her hips had other ideas. Fighting her overpowering arousal, she began to lose control. She felt her orgasm approach and began to bounce wildly up and down to hasten it.

Suddenly she felt Nick's powerful hands clamp onto her hips and plant her firmly against his loins. Barbara struggled, but couldn't get enough friction against her clit to keep the orgasm building. She cried out in frustration. Immobilized, she couldn't continue to fuck him. She wanted to fuck him; she needed to fuck him!

"Slow down, woman," Nick said in an infuriatingly calm and taunting voice. "I think you're way too excited to be doing the fucking here. I'd better take over. I know how to make it a lot more fun!" And before Barbara could do anything, Nick had removed his prick and flipped her onto her back. For a moment she was stunned by the loss, but then she realized what had happened and started to struggle.

"You're not going anywhere darling," Nick said and inserted three fingers that made her boil anew with lust.

"Oh you like this, don't you Ms Cop Woman?" He grinned as Barbara efforts to escape only resulted in her thrusting up against his cock. Soon they were replaced by the writhing of a woman on the brink of orgasm "You're so horny you're going to come for Nick, aren't you?" And with a flick of a finger against her clit the criminal stud brought Barbara to a mind-shattering orgasm. She couldn't think, couldn't move as wave after wave of ecstasy poured into her fevered brain.

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