Satisfying Her Darkest Desires

by Panthers70

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Public Sex, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: This is a pure stroke story with very little plot or character development. If you carry on reading this expecting something different don't say you weren't warned! A respectable fifty-two year old wife, mother and grandmother, becomes a cock hungry slut. She takes a trip to Jamaica to satisfy her darkest desires.

Satisfying her darkest desires

Mrs Victoria Danvers married James, her first love and childhood sweetheart, over thirty years ago as soon as they both finished university. She was a caring mother to four wonderful children and spoilt her ten grandchildren endlessly. They lived in a mansion deep in the Surrey countryside where she was a pillar of the community, being a councillor, serving on the local PTA, and doing a lot of charity work.

Nobody who met the charming mature woman would have guessed that Victoria had a dark side which she went to great lengths to keep hidden and so maintain her public image of being a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Only one person knew of her double life and that was her husband. Indeed it was James that had suggested it. The couple used have a very active sex life but eighteen months ago James had a skiing accident which left him paralysed from the waist down. He still loved his wife and dearly wanted her to be completely happy both in and out of bed. Eventually one afternoon he confessed his feelings to his wife and soulmate. He explained how devastated he was that he couldn’t satisfy all her needs but they had to be realistic with the situation. He went on to tell her he didn’t mind if she took lovers as long as they made her happy. All he asked was that she had to be very discreet and that she told him all about what happened each time. She had never thought of being unfaithful to her wonderful husband but had to agree with him that a lack of sex was making her miserable. It took a lot of persuasion but eventually she realised his ideas were for the best and agreed to his two conditions.

And that’s how the respectable Mrs Victoria Danvers started down the slippery slope to becoming the cock loving nymphomaniac she now was. At first it was just one night stands in hotels far from her Surrey home. It never took very long for someone to hit on the beautiful woman dining alone and then after a few drinks and a little chat it was upstairs for sex. This was enough to satisfy her for a few months but then she began to become bored with the same routine and needed something extra to spice up her love life.

The next thing she tried was getting picked up in bars. She’d flirt with any man she liked the look of and the evening usually ended with her getting fucked in the back seat of a car or in some dark alley. She loved the risk that at any time she might be discovered having sex in a public place but eventually even this didn’t satisfy her. She needed even more.

Six months ago she tried dogging for the first time. She drove to a remote location in the countryside many miles from her home which according what she read on the Internet was a popular dogging spot. After giving a blow job to a man through the car window she got out and he had her on the bonnet. Three other men came over and once the first man had finished they took turns fucking her one after the other. This was also the first time she had been gang banged and she loved it. She went back to the same location several more times and each time more and more men were there. She assumed that word had got around that a mature woman was available to receive their cocks. The last time, just a month ago, around twenty men screwed her. Being taken again and again by a group of strangers was the most thrilling feeling she had ever experienced.

In just a few short months the respectable Mrs Danvers had become a cock loving slut who just couldn’t say no. At home she still behaved impeccably but in her alternative lifestyle she would fuck anyone, anywhere, anytime. However by now just having one man at a time wasn’t enough for the insatiable grandmother. Her fantastic body could only be satisfied by a gang bang and the more men involved the better she liked it.

Victoria now planned the ultimate adventure to fulfil her sexual cravings and eventually she decided on a Jamaican vacation. She had read plenty of stories about tourists venturing to the wrong part of the island and being gang raped and had made up her mind to find out if they were true or not.

Two weeks later she checked into a hotel on a beach close to Montego Bay. After unpacking she took a shower and as she started towelling herself dry and looked at her reflection in the full length bathroom mirror. From her long wavy brunette hair, dark brown eyes and a body to die for she liked what she saw. Her large full breasts were still showing no signs of sagging despite her age and although her tummy and ass were carrying a few extra pounds this simply had the effect of making her body look even more voluptuous. She gazed down at her long smooth legs as she pulled herself up to her full height of 5’8” and did a little twirl. Not bad for a fifty-two year old grandmother she thought.

She spent a few days checking out the island and letting the locals check her out. She walked along the beach near the hotel and frequented the local bars. She loved the effect she had on the men, their eyes never leaving her magnificent body, and she knew they all wanted to get between her legs. Well, tomorrow was going to be the big day and if they were in the right place they could fulfil their carnal fantasies.

Victoria had read the hotel guest book which described the areas which were safe to tourists and which areas to avoid. It made clear that under no circumstances should women walk alone to the west of North Point. That’s just where she decided to head for on this hot sunny afternoon.

Leaving her hotel room she started walking along the crowded hotel beach. Wearing just a long white T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops the breathtakingly curvaceous grandmother continued the two mile walk to North Point. Gradually she noticed there were fewer and fewer people around and by the time she rounded North Point the beach was completely deserted. Carrying on walking the beach got a little narrower with the ocean on her right and palm trees all the way down to the beach edge on her left. Rounding the next headland she saw a couple of men swimming in the blue water, and as she got closer noticed their eyes fixed on her gorgeous body. The wind gusted blowing her T-shirt hard against her breasts and lifting the bottom of it above her thighs. She quickly pulled it back down again but not before the men saw that she was totally naked beneath it. She carried on walking and glanced behind to see the men coming out of the water and following behind her, but now they had been joined by three more men who had appeared from the tree-lined area.

Victoria felt the excitement rise through her body as she thought about what was shortly going to happen to her. She glanced behind again and now there were at least twelve men in the group, a mixture of old and young, mainly black but some white. She smiled to herself and quickened her pace to make it look as if she was trying to get away but of course that was the last thing this cock loving slut wanted to happen. She glanced behind one final time and now their numbers had swelled to around twenty. This was it, her ultimate fantasy was just about to be fulfilled.

The beautiful mature woman started to run but the men soon closed the gap and as one of them caught her ankle she fell to the ground. The pack were on her, quickly pulling off her T-shirt. Two of them held her arms while others explored her fabulous body. Their hands were roaming everywhere, over her breasts, stomach and between her legs.

One of them then moved between her legs and mounted her, quickly hammering his prick into her welcoming cunt. He fucked her hard for a few minutes and then pulled out shooting jets of cum over her breasts and face. Another man took his place and started pumping her like there was no tomorrow. He too pulled out just in time to spray cum all over her. A third man entered her, followed by two more, all fucking her like maniacs.

The insatiable grandmother was loving it, her body was on fire as the men pounded into her. She had already experienced one orgasm and was quickly approaching a second. Her hips arched upwards to welcome the invading cocks and she screamed at them to give it to her hard and fill her up with their hot cum.

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