A Day's Work

by Tony Tiger

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Sharing, Swinging, Cream Pie, Prostitution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A special woman's work and how it affects her life and lovers.

I met Kandi at our regular neighborhood restaurant for dinner. We always did that on days she worked. She’d be too tired to cook at home and she wouldn’t eat my attempts. We could afford a good meal out once a month. After all she’d make a thousand bucks or more for her labors.

It really is labor, you know. It’s a lot of work fucking one or more guys all day long, over and over, to get it just like some video director or other wants it. And the orgasms are usually faked, even by the guys thanks to clever technology, not that she doesn’t come home with real man-cream in her cunt what with the trend towards creampies rather than the standard pull-out-and-shoot endings.

Yeah, Kandi Jar is a porn star and also my wife. Directors like married ones better. They are usually more dependable and don’t get into personal stuff with the male stars as often, not that it doesn’t happen. Kandi, her “stage” name, had followed the temptations a few times when on location shoots away from home, but they were just little flings with men who were fucking her all day anyway so I didn’t mind. Her mood when she returned was real upbeat so I could always tell.

Tonight, she was very proud as she put her pay envelope on the table after we ordered. “You noticed I ordered filet mignon. I made $1800! You’re not getting any porn pussy tonight though and maybe not tomorrow. It’s had a real workout! I’m glad this chair is comfortable.”

She usually liked me to add to her cock-count and give her the often- delayed orgasms. Sort of wrap up the day. I wondered what had happened since female pay was based on how many cocks you took, among other formula factors.

With a perfectly shaped and massive natural bosom and, slim waist, and shapely buns, she was a living Barbie before you raised your gaze upwards to her pixie-like face. Her hair was dark though, and she kept it short so wigs could give her some semblance of disguise in front of the camera. Her on-screen personna was blond or redhead.

By the time I met her she had fallen two grades behind and was in danger of another hold-back as an eighteen-year-old high-school sophomore. I was a freshman at the community college and her mom got my name from a list of tutors. She lived within walking distance but in a different school zone.

Her IQ wasn’t above average and she had zilch motivation. Ever since she reached C-cup her main mental activity was keeping track of who was going to fuck her next at or after school. Our tutoring immediately after classes cut that off so at school she was smuggled into a boy’s bathroom for vaginal plundering, usually plural, and weekends were busy for her crotch.

I learned most of this later on as she slowly revealed her situation to my questioning. My curiosity was initiated when, at the end of the first week of tutoring, she asked, “When are we gonna fuck?” Turns out that was a favorite ploy of guys to spend time with and in her. No real classwork got studied like we were actually doing, only how many ways and times dicks could be dipped.

When I said we were going to really study, she pouted and said she was horny and that was interfering with her learning, then pulled down the braless tube-top that had been driving me crazy all session. Her parents wouldn’t be home for another hour so I gulped, told her if she did well, that would be a reward.

She brightened up to the challenge and made some progress in the next half hour. She smiled proudly and pulled out my pecker, wrapping a skilled mouth around it. “You just sit right there, Mr. Tony!” She stood up, peeled off what little she was wearing, and sat on my rod, just like that, in the armless chair I used. She was so slippery I bottomed out on the first stroke. I found out later that two boys had managed to bonk her immediately after school by giving her a ride home with a quick stop in an alley.

She rode me as my hands and mouth explored those magnificent mammaries and when my nearly virgin dick blasted a big load she squealed in delight. Too late, I asked if she was using birth control and she just nodded.

Later I found out that her use of “the Pill” was careless but she never got pregnant due to a congenital issue of some sort or another. That problem ended her early first marriage when the well-to-do-older man had her inability to give him an heir confirmed medically.

I lost track of her after the tutoring was terminated. She got an after-school job and the storekeeper was quickly seduced, she later told me. After a while he proposed, enamored with her bosom and tired of getting sloppy pussy, wanting it all to himself. She told me she was faithful for two full months before some high-school boyfriends discovered when and where she was available and pushed her hot buttons. They and others kept her filled after her marriage ended.

Our paths crossed again at a charity event I attended with a date. She was arm Kandi for an older donor and I went to say Hi. We set a time and place for coffee to catch up.

She had fond memories of me and remembered I was someone who would talk with her instead of focusing just on her body, not that I hadn’t paid it enough attention outside and in. I got an overview of what had happened in her life and she agreed to a dinner date, checking a little notebook in her purse.

I said she must be busy and she said she was working some evenings now. She was a paid companion at that event. I didn’t ask how much “companionship” he paid for but, knowing her, I’d bet he got a lot for his money.

On our dinner date she said she had her own apartment now and she’d like to show it to me. After getting me a drink she took off her clothes and pulled a kitchen chair out in the middle of the room. “I remember we used to do it this way so I’m ready.” Her memory was far better than her other mental skills, I remembered.

She felt every bit as good as I recalled, and probably better with more experience with older men. She kissed me when she could get my mouth off those beauties bouncing in front of my face. Her pussy wasn’t as slippery as I’d usually had it after school so I could feel the velvet texture of that well-used cock-gripper and I didn’t last long.

“That wasn’t very much. Do you want to stay longer? I’d like to do you lying down for a change.” I had no reason to leave! We fucked in every position I knew and a few others she suggested. But equally important, we talked while I reloaded.

In the morning I called in to work, incapable of useful productivity. What made my day though, was when she looked across the small table with her lovely hangers resting on the top and said, “I’d forgotten how good a friend you were. Probably the best I’ve ever had. Could we get together more often?”

I reached forward to squeeze her hand, “I’d really like that.”

Her face brightened so she reached for her appointment book and asked, “Day after tomorrow at eight OK?” I nodded and we went back to bed for a screw and a nap.

There was one question I just had to ask, “Do you require condoms?”

She smiled, not at all put off by my inquiry, “No. I get a lot more for bare and I can’t get pregnant. My agency is pretty selective with clients and we get checked every two weeks. No problems so far.”

I’d gotten a lot of “sloppies” when tutoring but this seemed different somehow. I was more mature but there were some different feelings stirring. Was I jealous already even though I had no right to be?

I was there promptly at eight and was met by my beauty in a sheer gown. I presented the flowers and wine and got a hard-on watching her swish away to take care of both. A thought stabbed my feelings, “Somebody may have already put sperm in her tonight and probably not long ago either. Damn!”

When we tasted the wine and got naked in her bed she was eager to have me fill her. It felt like our first date, not the slippery after-school texture. She sensed something and asked in my ear, “What’s bothering you?”

“Did you have a client earlier? It doesn’t feel like it.”

“I did but he can’t get hard so he plays with me and I suck his soft cock off. That’s partly why I wanted you here to give me what I need.”

“What’s the other part?”

She slugged my shoulder, “Your friendship, silly!”

I spent the night and she clearly enjoyed the closeness. In the morning she asked, “I’ve been wondering about something you said last night. You were noticing how my pussy felt, so do you miss having me after someone else has? Some of my clients prefer that too. I would arrange it for you.”

“No ... no! I like you this way. On that topic, how much do you take home from the agency per week?” She quoted a figure that was less than I had guessed. I was making damned good money so made an offer, “What if I gave you your after-tax amount to come live with me? You’d get free room and board too. Life would be easier wouldn’t it?”

She was surprised by my idea but said she’d give it serious consideration. While she liked some of the events and places her clients took her, the sex wasn’t always the most pleasant or satisfying which is why she was glad to hook up with me again. We agreed on a date Friday night, one of her usual client nights, I noticed.

I took her out for a high-class evening of dining and concert and brought her to my house for a change. She was clearly impressed and was all over me in bed.

In the morning, draining my morning wood and watching me pee, she took me back to bed to talk. She always liked holding my pecker, no matter what its state, as we conversed. I liked nuzzling up to her chest pillows.

“I’ve thought about your offer and I’m willing to give it a try. I have a counter-offer though. If we are still getting along like this in six months you must marry me. I want that in writing too although you’ve proved you can be trusted.” I agreed and we consummated our new relationship.

She had one more client appointment scheduled and she honored her word so I took and retrieved her at the specified hotel. She looked well used as she got in the car and was quiet as we went to my house, her new home.

She told me as we entered our bedroom, “If you ever liked me well-fucked, here’s your last chance. There were two brothers and they must have taken pills because my cunt wasn’t empty even a minute at a time for two hours. If one wasn’t between my legs he was in my mouth or between these beauties. I’ll fuck you but be gentle.”

I spooned behind her and gently cupped a well-fondled boob as I eased into the swampiest snatch I’d ever felt. Little movement was needed for me to soak in her sexiness and shoot my contribution.

As we stayed close, she took my hand to wipe the tears from her face and whispered, “I’ve never felt so special in my whole life, or as safe.”

What her life had been like really struck me then and I fell fully in love with her. She seemed to adore me and the six months went by happily without any other pussy visitors as far as I could tell.

The simple wedding was in a little chapel and we went on an adult cruise like she had done with a client and enjoyed. I smiled as I sat apart from her and watched the ogling by guys and the envious or mean looks from gals as she lay fully exposed on a deck chair. Many eyes followed her when she went off the diving board. I hardly got to dance with her at the evening nude dinner-dances. There was never any visible space between her and whichever man was on the dance floor with her. She told me she would keep her thighs apart a bit so their filling cocks could fit between them and rub on the outside of her pussy. One short guy even got the head of his in for a moment before she told him to withdraw.

Seeing her wedding ring, few hit on her but one young man hung around her a lot and tried to be helpful. He got her drinks and visited and she let him put sunscreen on by the pool and dry her off when she swam. Pretty sure he was a virgin, she asked on the last day if she might give him a treat. She asked so sweetly I agreed and she took him to our cabin.

An hour later she texted me to get there. Lying on the bed next to her were two condoms with lots of cum in the ends. She’d insisted on that to teach him about safe sex and as a treat for me. Putting me on my back she drizzled the contents of one rubber on my shaft and then slid her hot twat along my slippery shaft before taking me inside. Fully embedded, she made a show of upending the other one into her upturned mouth and snowballing me. I was surprised but my cock shot off very hard. She gave me her sexy grin, “Just because I’m married, I’m not going to be boring!” I liked hearing that.

We’d been back from our honeymoon less than a week when Kandi got a call from her escort ex-boss Frieda. There was someone who wanted to meet us and would dinner tomorrow night be good? Curious, we said we’d be there.

Maynard was a long-time friend of Frieda and she’d told him about Kandi. He was a porn producer and always on the lookout for new talent. This was a good reason to spend a couple of days in Frieda’s bed too.

After dinner, we went to his suite and my wife showed off her charms, wondering how she compared, just for fun. I already knew she outclassed most of the ones I ever saw. Maynard squeezed her tits and ass, checking for implants and nodded a lot. He turned to us and said, “You are top drawer material. I’d like to make you a video star.” Handing us some paperwork he said, “Read this and if you agree to it I’ll fly both of you to our main studio for an audition. I actually prefer married women but you (looking at me) have to be fully supportive. There are some examples of the pay rates too and it is in cash.”

He paused then asked, “Hey, since we have this nice room, would you like to party? If you want to fuck go ahead and it would be like a mini audition if I can watch.” He and Frieda started to take their clothes off by the Jacuzzi. Kandi and I glanced at each other and shrugged, then followed suit.

Maynard was nothing special but Frieda was clearly a faded beauty, still quite attractive in her 60’s. I wondered if she’d been a “star” in her younger days. After soaking for a while we dried off and the other couple started their fun with zero shyness in front of an audience. We watched them as we got into our own fooling around and when Kandi mounted me Maynard had finished so looked at us from many angles.

My wife was wound up having an audience and motioned him closer, reaching out to take his limp hose in her hand to guide it to her mouth. He was smiling so wide I was afraid his jaw would fall off as she got him pretty firm again. I wasn’t sure what to expect next.

“If you have some lube you can put it in my ass.”

I was startled and fought to hold my ejaculation off. I didn’t want to miss this! When I felt his cock in there I just couldn’t stop it and she screeched out her own release, flooding her two men and the bed with pee.

Maynard couldn’t get off again so moved for a while and withdrew. As he rolled off to the side, he commented, “I don’t need another audition. If you want this new career, you’ve got it! Just let me know either way.”

We had an anxious weekend discussing the pros and cons. She wouldn’t let me in her ass though. “You’re too big! I’m sorry but I know what hurts.”

In a phone call we got reassurances that she could stop at any time and that porn stars were rarely identified in their private lives unless they wanted to be. We decided to try it. Kandi had made the point that her monthly shoots would involve fewer men than her escorting had, and that hadn’t damaged our relationship. It would be exciting for her. As a teenager, she’d had the common fantasies about being an actress, but this kind hadn’t occurred to her then.

I could go with her or not, my choice. Most would be at a studio within driving distance but a couple of times a year a more exotic locale might be used. Those would last several days because of travel, and to make best on the expenses sometimes several vids would be shot. Total pay would be correspondingly higher, of course.

Like any other kind of acting, it isn’t as glamorous as it seems. I tired of spending the day there after the first two, getting a bigger charge from having her tell me what she had done. As I mentioned earlier, real orgasms were not common so she often wanted a good seeing-to as soon as we’d finished dinner, or sometimes before.

Finally, after all that background, back to tonight’s dinner. “What happened today? You usually are bit tired but not that worn out.”

She smiled and said, “So much for saying I wouldn’t get as much cock as escorting. We spent most of the day with me as the center of a six-man gang bang and then we did a short promo with Jiant Jerry. You remember me telling you about him. He’s got a cock twice the size of yours in both dimensions. I’ve seen him do other women but this was the first time for me. I think it was a good thing that I’d been fucking all day so I was looser and wetter for him. He was careful though, and I’ll give him credit for that. By the way, every one of them were internals which seems to be the thing now. My pussy drained and drained when I got on the toilet and my ass was a mess when they were on top, squishing it out of me. I got enough sperm for ten babies I think! Sometimes I wished they were getting me pregnant though and I think you understand.”

I just reached for her hand and gave her a loving smile before I said, “We’ll have a quiet weekend. I am looking forward to seeing you with this big guy though. Will we get to see the proofs as usual?”

“They told me about a week. Maybe I’ll be recovered enough by then so you can fuck me while watching me get fucked. That’s such fun!”

When she got an email that the proofs were posted we got naked and fired up the computer. The gangbang was okay although not my favorite kind of thing. Knowing her as well as I did, I could tell that she was getting kind of bored near the end of it. She was surprised that I noticed. I got surprised on the next video, the one with Jiant Jerry. I expected a big cock, of course, but didn’t expect it to be coal black. As an escort, she’d probably fucked all colors but I’d never thought about it before.

I usually took her from behind and looked over her shoulder as we watched her performances. I slammed her so hard that she fell down flat on the bed but I didn’t stop and it wasn’t until I finished that we restarted the video so we could watch the whole thing. I stayed hard and came in her again when he did it on-screen.

“Wow, that really turned you on!”

“I never thought about you fucking a BBC. I guess you’ve done all different kinds, haven’t you?”

“Yeah. Ever since I started back in school so I just don’t think anything of it. My pussy can’t see color so it doesn’t make much difference to me. I sure could feel that shape though. He was real impressed that I could take the whole thing because most women can’t, even the actresses. He wanted to take me to dinner and spend the night with him and was real disappointed when I told him I was married and was going home.”

“This is got me real hot, you know. Maybe you could invite him over for dinner and then I could see it firsthand instead of through a camera. But it might make me feel pretty inadequate since I’m so much smaller.”

She reached for and held my wilted willie, “Don’t think that, sweetheart. This is really just the right size for me. His is uncomfortable, actually, but I suppose I’d get used to it if I took it all the time. You’ve taught me that good sex is a lot more than just the physical parts and that’s what I always need when I come home to you. He did give me his phone number, though and if you really want me to put on a private show for you I’ll do it. You may not realize how much I liked it when you are at the studio watching me because I knew you were so proud.”

I hadn’t really realized that but in looking back I do remember how she would struggle not to glance over at me because then the producer might want a retake. And her willingness to do what she thought I wanted told me how much she really cared for and depended on me.

I’d been putting all of her earnings in a savings account since I made plenty of money for the both of us. Unknown to her, I had different plans for her than a lifetime of fucking on video. It was interesting for a while and I let her get it out of her system, but at the first sign of disaffection, I’d see that she retired.

Her first on-location shoot was in the Caribbean during the winter. It was a bit like a vacation since they only filmed every other day. The basic plots had her fucking one or more beach boys or natives in various locales like the beach, on boats of various kinds, and once up on a high hilltop with a beautiful vista.

I was even used as an extra in one of the plots to act as her husband at a resort who she cuckolded repeatedly behind his back and then finally blatantly in their hotel room. Thus I got to fuck her on camera too, even though I was the third one in line and that’s when the truth came out. Once I knew, she didn’t hide it anymore and I had to sit in the corner while she banged away. It was fun and there was only one retake when it was my turn between her legs. The other men took her in a variety of positions and multiple takes.

I knew it would be fun to do our playacting when we watched the proofs because we often duplicated what we saw on the screen, just without the extra men.

After about a year and a half, I sensed that she’d had enough and was getting bored. Her savings would easily pay the expenses for a bachelors degree in something. That was the issue; what should would she be willing to put forth the effort to accomplish? She’d never finished high school before she got married so we got her GED with encouragement and help on my part.

Her counselor at least got her thinking about her future and she could start with the general classes in any case. There was a community college on the transit line near our house since she couldn’t drive, and parking was a pain in the ass there anyway. She bought some conservative college girl clothes and was ready to go.

From her producer’s fan site she got an email that she showed to me. There were quite a few and most of them were pretty shitty but once in a while there was one that she’d respond to. This one was from the young man she’d fucked on our honeymoon who said he recognized her and was thrilled to buy all her videos. He wondered where she lived because he’d dearly love to see her in person again. She commented with a grin, “Yeah, and I bet naked too! He was nice and I’d probably do him again. Should I tell him?”

Turns out he lived within driving distance and was stunned and delighted that she would even respond. Since we didn’t know much about him, we picked a place in between and booked a motel room.

He had grown up since we met him and was a delightful young man, bringing her flowers and a little piece of erotic jewelry which she still treasures. Just like in her last video, I sat in the corner as he pounded the shit out of her, wiggling and squealing with his energetic coupling. When, after three ejaculations, his pecker finally wilted, I jumped on to keep her wound up while he refilled. He monopolized one tit while I paid my full attention to the other and our timing was exquisite.

As I shot my wad and withdrew, he was poised to re-penetrate as the game continued. He and I got some sleep between penetrations but our hot hostess didn’t. She slept all the way home.

It was a delightful experience and we agreed to have him to our house on the next special occasion. With three birthdays, hers, his, and mine upcoming, there was lots of fun to look forward to. Kandi’s 20th birthday was just before Thanksgiving so we deferred it until then and invited Ricky, our young friend, to spend the holiday with us.

He was so damned grateful. Presented with a beautifully wrapped package on his arrival, Kandi opened it to discover a beautiful peignoir which she immediately modeled. It was one of those garments that actually makes you sexier with it on then off, revealing tantalizing bits. She knelt down and gave him a blowjob right in front of me to get the holiday started. That became known as her “holiday dress” and was worn on every special occasion. You know he got thanked as often as he could get “up” to enjoy it.

Ricky emailed regularly and revealed that he was not dating anybody else because no one could possibly match his idol. Kandi felt a little uncomfortable with that, not wanting to sidetrack him from a normal life but couldn’t help being flattered.

When he spent part of Christmas vacation in our bed he told us he was transferring to Kandi’s college and wondered if he could rent a room from us. After draining him thoroughly, we sent him to the guest room and told him we’d have an answer in the morning.

My concern wasn’t that he’d be fucking my wife frequently, but how to set some limits, a wise thing to do so some studying got done. Kandi added that he needed to be encouraged to date college girls too in order to offset his fixation on her. She did say that she could use some tutoring like I used to give her. I laughed saying, “Yeah and you’d be getting cock along with that just like then too but it wouldn’t be mine.” That made her laugh as she remembered.

When the new semester started, at first the two of them went at it more than they studied and I had to clamp down. The familiarity and availability did ease the tension in the young stud and he buckled down to work. It turns out he was a good tutor in the scholastic sense. I’m sure that Kandi was advancing his knowledge of the bedroom arts. Her grades improved and she ended up the semester with much better grades than the previous one. We went out to celebrate and Ricky spent the night in our bed instead of her visiting his as usual.

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