Honey Lust: Elissa's Revenge

by J.K. Cleveland

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cuckold, Black Female, Oriental Male, Safe Sex, Revenge, .

Desc: Sex Story: A black WAG gets sexually even with an Asian hunk

My name’s Elissa Antonella Cavendish; 22, realtor, and had recently moved to Atlanta by way of a job transfer. My exploration into the Asian persuasion began as an act of revenge and it all started when I was in New York City.

A year and a half ago, I was a WAG (wife and girlfriend of a professional athlete) when I dated a now-former pro basketball player. Draymond Wade and I were students at my alma mater, the University of Michigan, though he graduated one year before me. The first few years were good when he was selected first pick draft and I had gotten my realtor’s license. Things went downhill when he got injured mid-season; then came the surgery, family illness, another injury, and talks of getting traded to another franchise. While he played on the court, I worked three jobs aside from real estate. I’ve had always been there for him, traveled to team away games, etc.

One night, I came home from work and had noticed that Draymond left his cell phone on the living room table. His phone rang as soon as I got out of my work clothes. I then looked at the phone and found a text message with a photo attachment from another woman. He came home to our condo late the same night and I was in the mood, but he told me he was too tired. I had smelled perfume on his shirt when I had hugged him, which made me suspicious because it didn’t smell like my fragrance.

The next day, I went to the gym after a very busy day at work. I had just left my yoga class when I was approached by a tall, well-built Asian man who worked at the gym. His name was Hyungsik, he was Korean-American, and lived in Brooklyn. He had short, black hair and plenty of tattoos on his body. He’s very ambitious, warm, and sociable; he had two other jobs, an associate at Foot Locker and a bike messenger, when he’s not working at the gym.

Hyungsik called me one day while my boyfriend was at the arena for practice; he then told me that he had seen Draymond with the same woman while at Foot Locker. That was when I started my own little investigation; I went into Law & Order mode when I had considered Draymond’s credit card bill and checked out the receipts. I also went One of the receipts was from a hotel out of town from a week ago; the charges included room service, spa, and the bar.

I picked up his cell phone, looked at the photo of the woman, and read the text, which said:

“Can’t wait to see you on Friday night ;) Dianna”

In the photo, Dianna wore some upscale lingerie and her wavy dark brown was down to her shoulders. I had noticed the charge from a lingerie shop on his credit card bill, which matched one of the receipts. I fixed myself a warm bath, changed into something comfortable underneath my bathrobe, and called Hyungsik about what I had found.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be coming over as soon as I get off from work.” Hyungsik said with assurance.

An hour later, Draymond came home tired as usual. I had sat him down on the couch and kissed all over his face. I told him that I got a bit of a surprise for him and went into the bedroom. I came back into the living room, took his hands, and bound them with his jump rope. I then got a resistance band and bound his ankles together.

“Baby, what’s going on?” Draymond asked me.

“I got a few questions I should ask you. For starters, who is Dianna?” I asked him.

“She’s my physical therapist.” He replied.

“Then why did your physical therapist take a lingerie selfie and sent it to your phone?” I asked as I showed him the pic on his cell phone.

“She had been keeping me company while you were at work.” He answered.

“When have you two been seeing each other? Why are there is a hotel charge from last week on your bill?” I asked as showed him the credit card bill and receipts.

I listened as he explained about Dianna, the physical therapist, who happened to be a WAG because she’s married to a soccer player. I then contacted one of the other pro athlete girlfriends about Dianna. She told me Dianna’s marriage to her soccer player husband, which read like a script straight out of a soap opera. Cheating, money problems, injuries, abuse, and family drama, she’s about a few feet from a Snapped episode in my own opinion.

“So, Dianna and I have been seeing each other for a while. It’s not like you haven’t made any time for me since you started working at that real estate agency.” He complained.

“I never complain when you go out with the guys after the games, nor do I throw a fit when you turned me down for dates. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you use my career as an excuse to cheat on me!” I angrily responded.

“When and where did you two meet since I was so busy with my jobs?” I added.

“You remember All-Star weekend in New Orleans?” He asked me.

“How can I forget? You left me at the restaurant by myself, I had to get my dinner to go, and I had to eat it at the hotel room.” I replied.

“I met up with Dianna, who was there om vacation with her mom, at a bar on Bourbon Street.” He said.

As he continued to talk about his more-than-a-weekend fling with a married woman that qualifies as breaking the bro code, he then had the audacity to compare me to her on every level. Part of me wanted to very much get his kettlebell and have it dropped onto his dick, but I had a much better and nonviolent way to get even.

Then, the doorbell rang and I let Hyungsik into the condo.

“Who is the hell is that guy?” Draymond asked while he squirmed on the couch.

“A witness who saw you with Dianna.” I replied.

“When this guy isn’t buying up sneakers, I also saw him at the gym with her doing more than working out together.” He said.

“Shouldn’t he be making takeout deliveries or something?” Draymond retorted.

“I got a better game than you and I’m not talking about on the court. I can treat your girl like a queen.” Hyungsik responded.

“So, you’re gonna cheat on me with a tiny dick dude?” Draymond said to me as he tried to laugh.

I took some silver duct tape from the kitchen drawer, tore off a piece, and sealed Draymond’s mouth with it. I was tired of his talking.

Hyungsik then wrapped one of his arms around my waist and pulled me close for a passionate kiss on the lips. While we kissed, my hands slipped underneath his shirt and felt his upper body with my fingers. His hands reached for the sash of my fluffy white bathrobe and untied it as he kissed down to my neck. He gently broke the kiss and looked at my lingerie-clad, hourglass-shaped body. I wore a wine-colored strappy shelf bra, which gave my twins a lift, and a matching hipster panty with a strappy back.

“You look very sexy tonight, keep doing whatever workouts you’re doing.” Hyungsik said with a lustful smile on his face.

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