Concert Trip

by Kinechage

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Romantic, Fiction, Cheating, InLaws, Cream Pie, Masturbation, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When my wife, her sister, and I go to Vegas together, things get accidentally interesting in the dark hotel room.

My wife Lily and I had been married for about a decade when a really surreal weekend happened involving Las Vegas, drinking and her older sister, Rose. Yes, their father was a botanist and their mother owned a florist. They’ve heard no end of jokes about it.

Rose had moved to Seattle when she went to college, and Lily stayed in Manchester, NH to attend a local university, which is where we met. Having a shared major led to study sessions, which led to a lot more than studying, and we married right after graduation.

With the distance, I rarely saw Rose - just special occasions, like our wedding, or holidays. When we first met, I was amused at how similar they look, Rose being slightly taller, Lily slightly curvier. The two of them chatted almost every week, so they kept their relationship alive despite the distance.

Which is what brought us all together. One of their rare mutual favorite bands was doing a short North American tour of about six stops. Most of them were uselessly far away, but Rose had gotten some newsletter email about cheap package deals to Vegas that very same weekend. After a very small amount of pleading -- I did not care for the band -- Lily talked me into it. Since Rose was getting a double, we’d only have to buy airfare. As a “thank you”, later that week, Lily presented me with a ticket to a burlesque show “so I’d not be bored”.

So that’s how I ended up sitting here on the edge of a hotel bed, waiting for Lily and Rose to finish getting dressed to go to the show, playing some game on my phone to pass the time. From the bed, in one mirror, I could just make out the edge of Rose’s brown hair and red dress, but I could fully see Lily carefully clipping her blonde hair into place, her blue dress hugging her ample chest, but revealing little. She made a kissy face at me, and I couldn’t help but grin back at her. After a finishing touch, she came out and wrapped her arms around me.

“Have fun at the show tonight. Ogle those pretty girls and take it out on me later,” she whispered seductively in my ear.

“Uhh,” I stammered. “Your sister is here tonight.”

She giggled. “I know, so be quiet, ok?”

Laughing, I retorted, “Me? You’re the screamer!”

Rose walked out of the bathroom and joked, “Get a room you two. Anyway, time to roll!”

Lily leaned down and kissed me. “Bye honey, we’ll be back a bit before you.”

“Have fun tonight!” I wished them as they walked out of the room. I had a little over two hours to kill before the show down a couple floors, so I grabbed my wallet and phone, heading for the casino floor for some free drinks.

Later that evening, down a hundred dollars, but up a few martinis, I tried not to yawn my way through the show, still tired from the plane. As much as the idea of a burlesque show sounded sexy, it was pretty tame at first. I spaced out a couple times, thinking about getting lucky upstairs after. As the show kept going, the nonstop parade of very talented ladies was definitely having an effect on me, especially when I realized a couple of the dancers looked somewhat like Lily and Rose. I watched them closely for the rest of the night, slowly working on more drinks, enjoying pretending it was actually the two of them.

When the show ended, I cheered, as they had put on a good show, but my mind was elsewhere. I quickly hurried out of the hall and went up the elevators. When I got to the room door, the little Do Not Disturb flag was hanging from the doorknob. I took a moment to catch my breath in the empty hall. I quietly opened the door and slipped inside, shutting it behind me as silently as I could. Taking off my clothes was an interesting challenge in the pitch black room, but I managed to get naked.

I crept over to the edge of the bed I had been sitting on before. I could hear Rose snoring lightly from the other bed, so I gently slid into the sheets. Pulling them over me, I slid up behind Lily. I reached out and my hand found her hip as she slept on her side.

“She must have fallen asleep waiting,” I thought. Feeling no underwear, I grasped her ass. “Oh yeah. No underwear. She only sleeps naked when she wants me to wake her up for sex,” my addled brain reported happily, my rapidly growing erection ready to participate.

While I pressed my hips against hers, letting my cock rest against her smooth ass cheek, I licked a couple of my fingers. Reaching around her delectable curves, I started to stroke her bare outer lips. With slow and calm pressure, I began to feel her getting wet. Knowing she liked the feeling of my cock sliding against her as a way to wake up, I withdrew my hand and pulled my cock downwards, nestling the bulbous head between her legs, and began to pull and push my hips. This got me nice and wet, lining me up so that each stroke ran my cockhead against her clit.

After about a dozen thrusts, I could feel her getting more and more squirmy, but I was amused that she didn’t wake up like usual. Instead of turning around and kissing me, and rolling me to take her missionary, she had placed her hands between her legs like she was just feeling my cock banging against her hand. I felt a surge of arousal when she wrapped her fingers around the bottom, pressing it harder into her clit. She was using me to masturbate! I closed my mouth on her shoulder to muffle any sound and felt her thrust her hips back against me in these little jerks. I don’t remember ever getting her off this quickly, so I guess the new position would be a new favorite!

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