A Doubletree School; Panties Down, Tampon Strings w Red Bottoms

by Gator

Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, NonConsensual, Workplace, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Rough, Sadistic, Spanking, Anal Sex, Enema, Flatulence, Food, Scatology, Sex Toys, Public Sex, Revenge,

Desc: BDSM Story: while it all started with Pam off I-95 and the poor run Exxon Mgr. in need of a high school diploma, the entrepreneurs travels lead to stops off the asphalt ribbon from New York To Florida with punishment adventures of many kinds as he deals rounded off, panties down spanked behinds. It all leads to a reunion, adult school at an interstate Doubletree. Please read, vote and comment. All comments answered. The characters names are fictitious & 21 y/o.

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