Midlife Miracle


Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Humiliation, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Elle's crush on hunky Dad remains through university. Then comes a phone call telling her he's now divorceed from her mother! Elly's reaction is a joy for mature Dads everywhere!

As the Dreamliner dipped its wing while encircling Sydney at dawn, the plane’s cabin filled with an excited buzz; the iconic view of the glittering harbour beneath it’s passengers, suddenly becoming visible.

“Oh Dad! It’s just so beautiful!” exclaimed twenty year-old Jessica; her face glued to the window by which she sat; her hand squeezing her father’s thigh behind her in excitement.

“It sure is Jessie; it sure is.” replied Ben, referring not just to the breathtaking view of Sydney but his view of her luscious upturned rump; and that his daughter’s hand had been squeezing near his drooling cock, trapped in his trouser-leg without realising it! Ben, unable to resist, slid his hand into the warmth of his grown daughter’s groin from behind.

Jessica didn’t seem to mind at all; and ever amiable Ben marvelled that he and his sophisticated daughter were actually on holiday together!

But beneath this he was daring to hope that he could reclaim the special bond he’d formed with Jessica during her formative years; but that was long ago; before she had set off into the world.

He pressed up against Jessica and shared the splendid site and basked in the morning sunlight. Ben felt a sudden release from a lifetime of responsibility and repression and strangely the lyrics of a song ran through his mind:

# Well my bags are packed; I’m ready to go,
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye,
But the dawn is breaking, it’s nearly morn;
The taxi’s waiting, he’s blowing his horn.
Already I’m so happy I could cry.
I’m leaving on a jet plane,
Don’t know when I’ll be back again. #

After four years of being apart, Ben and Jessica had unexpectedly become reunited.

Ben had been stunned at the refined beauty she’d become; she was five foot eight inches of slender womanhood; hazel eyes, bronze hair worn up in a twist; that when released at bed-time, would fall onto beautifully shaped 36D’s.

In the swirl of joy at life having once again thrown them together, they’d snapped up an Aussie holiday on special offer ; to celebrate the recent milestone events in their lives.

For Jessica it was being fresh out of University; with a first in physics and the world at her feet!

For Ben it was twenty miserable years of marriage to Jessica’s mother now behind him; it was over for him and Margo!

An hour later their cab pulled up outside a modern city hotel.

As the cabbie portered their luggage into the hotel foyer, he had trouble keeping his eyes off Jessie’s swaying hips as she led with the smaller stuff. She gave the cabbie a knowing grin as she thanked him with a tip. He blushed; and Jessie pecked him on the cheek.

They approached the reception desk.

“Hi there folks – welcome to Sydney!”

The blonde, 20-something at the reception desk was gorgeous; her Australian accent making her more so Jessica thought. “The name’s Ascot.” said Ben.

Her father seemed to think so too as he glanced down her loosely buttoned white shirt as she leaned forward to type on the computer.

Ben realized Jessica had caught him peaking, but she only grinned deviantly.

The blonde handed Ben the keys to the double room they’d booked, “We do hope you’ll enjoy your stay here at Bridge View Hotel Mr & Mrs Ascot. If you take the elevator to floor five, your luggage will be with you shortly.”

Within a few moments they the elevator doors closed on them and they began the accent to the 5th floor and Ben mumbled, “Guess I’m a dirty ‘ol man looking down that lady’s top huh?”

Her jade-coloured eyes caught his, then her fingers ran briefly through his thick iron-grey hair saying sweetly, “Not at all; I dare say any man worth his salt dose the same.”

“Do you think so Jess?”

“Of course! The receptionist enjoys it, I bet!”

“What, even from a middle-age man?”

Jess eyed him again, Didn’t you notice our cabbie getting hot for me bringing the bags in Dad?”

“Well, yes I did notice, I felt a bit embarrassed.”

“Well it made me feel good. That’s why I gave his cheek a peck!”

“So older men don’t give you the creeps then?”

“Some mature men actually turn me on; ... if they look a bit like you.” Jess added softly!

Ben was baffled; she was joking right? The elevator doors opened and there was another couple waiting to enter the lift. They followed the number- sign and made for their room.

Ben was a bit apologetic over sharing a room explaining it was the all-in package deal that they’d grabbed in haste.

Jessie laughed, “Oh I see dad! That’s why I’d suddenly become your wife at the reception desk here!”

Ben was bashful at this and apologised again, making Jessica laugh further, “I don’t mind being Mrs Ascot on holiday dad! in fact I’ll call you Ben; OK?”

Ben beamed shyly, “Ok Jessica.”

Jessica had already taken to the bathroom when there was a rap on the door and their luggage was brought in. Ben tipped the younger man and gained some good info on a nearby supper-club.

Fortunately they had toilet options; a full bathroom; a shower-stall and another lavatory. The twin beds were separated by a few feet.

Ben shucked off his shoes and jacket and flopped onto the bed trying to decipher Jessica’s language; ‘ Some mature men could turn her on? ‘

But he had to avoid getting it wrong. It might sound like she fancied him but that was obviously his wild wishful thinking; wasn’t it?

Why a peach like Jess need only to bend her finger at the man she wants.

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