It Started With Panties

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: For the last year Mike's wife Alicia had been neglecting him for her career. Having to take his sexual desires into his own hands so to speak he often dreamt of his young fifteen year old daughter Paige. All it took was a pair of her panties to start Mike on the road to sexual bliss. Enjoy.

Date of first publication: Monday PM, September 01, 2003

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2017 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

Life was starting to catch up with me. My wife and I had settled into a plutonic relationship. My sexual life was currently minus six and dropping rapidly. Yes it had been six months since I’d been between a woman’s legs, any woman’s legs. I surely missed the taste of pussy honey. But I was way ahead of myself.

My wife was a wonderful lover for the first fourteen years of our marriage. Alishia was a beautiful African American. For years I thanked the powers to be for allowing us to meet and fall in love. It was love at first sight for me. Alishia took a lot of persuading; hell I won’t even mention her dysfunctional family. The fact that I was white didn’t help. Her peers suggested it wouldn’t last. After two years of pleading Alishia finally relented, agreeing to marry me much to the horror of her crazy parents.

Life was a dream. Alishia loved sex as much as I did. Early in our love making Alishia discovered she loved anal sex. For years we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. My favorite pastime was licking her honey pot at every opportunity. Her skin tone was a deep chocolate, however when spreading her huge pussy lips it exposed the softest pink interior that was always so moist and with a very little encouragement her juice flowed like a small stream. We played all kinds of daring games, most of them resulting with me between her legs enjoying eating her; our goal was to do it public or semi-public without being discovered. Fortunately we had never been caught. However there had been many very close encounters and that made it all the more exciting. At that time in our lives I would have done anything to taste her heaven. Even when she was pregnant with Paige, we enjoyed a very close relationship; actually the bigger she got the hornier she became. We enjoyed oral sex two days before she delivered Paige. Her pussy was stretched out of shape and her breasts were nearly double the size of her usual 34C.

Now everything was different. After Paige started middle school, Alishia put all her energy into her work at her law office. She was a key figure in a prestigious law firm, being designated to the more difficult cases. Evening after evening she was in the study researching for her numerous assigned cases. When she finally came to bed she passed out from sheer exhaustion. It had come to a point of I slept in the guestroom downstairs so as not to disturb her. Now the only way I had of releasing my constant sexual pressure was self-indulgence, a very poor substitute to the magic between Alishia’s legs.

A little about me, my name is Mike Brandt. At forty six I had everything I dreamed of years ago including good health and a hellva need for sex. My wife Alishia was always there for me. Unfortunately her desire for sex had waned considerably; actually it was currently at the square root of nil. As I mentioned her job gets most of her attention. I was a software designer by trade but currently was involved with virus eradication for some of our firm’s major clients. The fact that I am good at my job keeps me in demand and very well remunerated.

Currently my young daughter Paige was my pride and joy. Now fifteen, she was a young version of her mother with a light coffee colored complexion. She had her mom’s face and a smaller version of her body a place for everything and everything in its place. My life now centred on her enjoying my time with her. We went everywhere together.

I often daydreamed about Paige when I was taking care of my personal urges. Two months ago while in the bathroom my quick eyes noticed Paige had left her bra and panties on top of the clothes hamper, retrieving them then feeling the softness imagining how they looked tight against my daughter’s young teen body had me trembling. Her bra, with its 32a cups, smelled of her favourite fragrance, actually her mother’s. Her panties had a blended scent, her sexual musk, perfume and urine. The scent really had an effect on John Thomas. The combination of the scents and feel of her panties against my face had me rock solid. Holding her panties at my nose I experienced one of the strongest climaxes in months but then the feeling of guilt after the deed. Paige shouldn’t be in my thoughts while masturbating but she was!

That scenario was the cause of my current mess. One night while enjoying the scent of my daughter panties while my hand was pumping away on John Thomas, Paige walked in on me as strings of thick white cum shot into the toilet. The lock on the bathroom door didn’t catch. My nose was covered with Paige’s moist and aromatic blue lacy panties. I didn’t know who was more shocked, Paige or I. Surprisingly Paige just smiled then turned around and left for her bedroom with me standing looking stupid with my wilted dick in my hand.

Waiting for the axe to fall, I envisioned a raging Alishia coming in and really blasting me; or perhaps carrying a very dull knife ready to castrate me. After waiting fifteen minutes in terror nothing happened; getting dressed I peered out of the door to make sure the coast was clear then left the bathroom. To my surprise all was quiet. Paige had gone to bed and Alishia was in the kitchen getting a glass of milk before going to bed.

“Good Night Mike. I have another heavy day tomorrow. I will be home very late so you and Paige will have dinner without me. If you are available will you pick me up at the courthouse at eight tomorrow evening?”

“Ok Alishia. Put a note on the frig so I don’t forget. You know how good my memory is.”

Alishia chuckled then wrote the note. I was famous for forgetting appointments. Alishia went upstairs to bed. My eyes followed her body, so firm, so beautiful and oh so very desirable. But now it was usually tired and didn’t want to be loved as before. How I longed to enjoy her as my lover as we had done for years.

Heading for the family room on the lower level, turning on the TV, lost in thought about how was I going to face Paige in the morning was on my mind for the longest time. I must have fallen asleep in my chair. The next thing I heard,

“Daddy, you are going to be late for work if you don’t come up now.”

It was Paige; her mother had already left for work.

“Ok Paige. I am heading for the washroom.”

I didn’t want to face her this morning after last night’s exhibition with her scented panties.

“Daddy I am off to school. Sarah is here to pick me up. See you tonight.”

“Okay Paige. See you tonight. If I am not here when you get home, it is because I stopped for dinner with a client, your mother will be late also. I have to pick your mom up at eight.”

“Ok Daddy. I can fend for myself.”

The door closed as Paige left. Well the confrontation was put off at least till tonight. How could I face her? She saw me sniffing her panties and cum shooting out of my much engorged cock. Even at fifteen Paige knew the reason my nose was buried in the crotch of her panties.

The bathroom door was open. A surprising discovery, there’s a different pair of Paige’s soiled panties; they were laid out on the counter. Close examination revealed they were still damp at the crotch with some crusty areas as well. They smelled of Paige’s musty pussy juice. After enjoying them as often as I had, her distinctive refreshing smell was easy to identify. They had to be the ones she wore to bed last night. The crusty white part was her dried pussy excretions, my daughter must have been masturbating ... There was a lot of it. Paige had a very wet dream last night. What I wouldn’t give to know the subject of her desire. My morning erection appreciated the aroma. Making sure the door was locked before relieving the pressure, I had another enjoyable climax thinking of my daughter, then came the guilt.

That evening was a carbon of last night. Paige did her homework. Alishia researched and I was frustrated as usual. I did notice Paige looking at me a number of times during the evening, then smiling twice; she licked her lips with her sexy looking tongue while staring at me eye to eye. Hell, I thought everything about her is sexy. She certainly wasn’t showing any signs of embarrassment after catching her dad sniffing her damp scented panties while he pulled his chain. It was the usual race at shower time. Alishia went first, then Paige and finally me. It had been that way since Paige was eight. Finally going for my shower, there on the counter was Paige’s bra and soiled panties laid out in full display. Now it was obvious she did this on purpose. Hopefully she was she telling me she approved of her Daddy enjoying a bit of her being. Not wanting to kick a gift horse in the mouth I just enjoyed her desirable scent and a forceful climax.

This ritual went on for three weeks. Every morning and every night Paige’s panties were on the counter for me to enjoy. Last night she surprised me by having Alishia’s laid out as well. I don’t fight success.

One morning Alishia advised me and Paige she and three other lawyers had to go out of town for a week to handle a large case for one of their local clients. She wondered if Paige and I could handle being alone, offering to call her mother. We both advised her we could get along without the benefits of my mother in law. She still hadn’t forgiven me for marrying her daughter. Paige smiled at me. She knew how much I detested the old battle-axe. Alishia left that day.

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