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Caution: This Science Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Incest, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, .

Desc: Science Fiction Story: Set in Thinking Horndog's Swarm Cycle universe. At his extraction, a young volunteer requests that his unborn, dependent child be picked up with him, and the mother wants to go. Minor detail: he has three unborn dependents at the extraction site, and this volunteer is authorized only two concubines. The AI refuses to make a decision, and it falls to Sub-Decurion Barry Manilow Smith (Remember Signifer BMS from 'Don't Blame Me!') to straighten out the mess - or does it?

Woodrow Wilson (Woody) Smith was seated on the sofa between his two baby-doll nightie clad older sisters, Gay Deceiver and Friday. His younger sister, Star, was seated sideways on his lap, snuggled and happy in her sleeping t-shirt - head tucked into his shoulder. His mother, Maureen, was nearby, laid back in a recliner, wearing loose flannel pajamas. Woody’s parents were not history buffs; they were rabid fans of Robert Anson Heinlein. Google the names plus ‘Heinlein,’ you’ll see...

It was Christmas Eve, the first after his father’s death, and they were watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas! - the original, Boris Karloff version. When the narrator intoned, “Then he got an idea. An awful idea. The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea!” Star got one, too.

She nuzzled Woody’s neck, stretched up and whispered into his ear, “Woody, if we were at a Mickey D’s and there was a pickup, would you take me?”

“Of course I would,” he responded, “but are you sure you know what you’re asking?”

“Like boning me with that monster that just started poking me through your boxers? Like filling me with a gazillion swimmers until I pop out a dozen little Woody’s? Like keeping me and loving me forever? Yep. I know,” she told him. “Even if there were no Swarm, I’d want that.” She reached for his left hand and placed it on her A-cup tittie.

“There’s a dilemma though,” Woody told her while lightly pinching her nipple. “What if the whole family were with us? My CAP is only 6.8. If Gay and Friday wanted to go, I couldn’t take them both.”

Their not-so-subtle discussion caught the attention of the surrounding siblings. “Take us where?” asked Gay. “And why would we want to go?”

“I dunno if you’d want to,” he responded. “That’s part of the issue at hand.”

“What issue?” queried Friday. “You’re confusing us.”

“Hush up and listen!” directed Star. “I asked Woody if he would take me with him if we were together at a pickup. He said that he would, but then backpedaled about he couldn’t take both of you – that is, if you wanted to go with us.”

“Kinky. Woody’s babies. I like it!” exclaimed Friday while Gay announced, “Of course we’d want to go. He makes our panties wet.”

“Am I too old to get in on this deal?” asked a somewhat bemused Maureen Johnson Smith. “You make me wet, too.”

“I’m not wearing panties,” declared Star, and she wiggled her butt into Woody’s lap.

The Grinch was ignored and the scheming began.

“Sponsors can bring their under-fourteen dependents,” said Gay, “but we are over fourteen and not your dependents.”

“Captain Obvious,” declared Friday.

“Hush,” demanded Gay, “I’m trying to think out loud. It’s called ‘brainstorming.’ No negatives – you only throw out ideas.”

“So what makes someone a dependent?” asked Star.

“They must be under fourteen,” Woody started. “They can be the sponsor’s child or his concubine’s child.”

“I’ve heard that adopted children, foster children, and sometimes even children who are documented as ‘in loco parentis’ can be extracted as dependents,” enumerated Gay.

“That seems to leave some wiggle room,” Maureen chimed in. “I wonder if there is a lower age limit for dependents.”

“By George, I think she’s hit on something,” chortled Gay. “If a woman is pregnant with a sponsor’s unborn child, is that child his dependent? This bears further exploration.”

“Are you saying that if an AI recognizes the unborn child as a dependent, that child must be extracted just like any other dependent?” asked Friday. “That would mean they would have to extract the oven along with the bun!”

“Bears researching, but we might only find out for sure if we’re in an actual pickup,” Woody groused.

“Doesn’t matter much,” enthused Star, “now we have hope. We’ll just have to plan and plot and make it happen. Regardless, I want your baby anyway. Can we start tonight?”

Maureen was a practical woman. All four women of the family were on birth control pills. Emphasis on the ‘were’, as they all ceased immediately – even though plans were far from complete. Pregnancy with Woody’s child became a new priority.

The trip upstairs began with Woody setting Star on her feet, then taking her hand and leading her.

“My room for the honeymoons,” offered Maureen.

It wasn’t very long before the wheedling – err negotiations – began.

“Woody?” asked Star late one night after a particularly energetic episode of baby making, “Do you think Betriz is sexy? She thinks you are hunky.”

“Where did that come from?” asked Woody. He was bemused at the timing, but he wasn’t surprised at the question. Star had a well-deserved reputation for the devious.

Star rimmed the outside of his left ear with a light touch, causing a shiver. “I was just thinking,” she whispered, “if you manage to take two extra ovens along, why not three? Betriz has been my best friend since kindergarten, and I would really, really miss her. She’s fourteen and still has her cherry. She told me that she wants you to take it.”

“That may be,” Woody responded, feeling a stiffening, “but what makes you think she wants to be just one of my sex slaves – not even a concubine - just another oven baking my bun?”

“Silly!” Star told him, “She told me that she would love to be your concubine, and what’s the difference? I haven’t told her anything about our plot – ahhh, plan – but I’m sure that wouldn’t change anything. Regardless, she wants your baby in case you have to leave without her. Will you do that for her? For us?”

With a growl, Woody answered in the affirmative by rolling Star over and riding her still-wet pussy until they were exhausted by multiple cums.

The next morning, Star’s burst of enthusiastic happiness alerted Woody’s other siblings and Maureen that something new was up. Star, usually more than capable of keeping confidences, nevertheless, spilled the beans. There was a collective intake, then, “Fawn has always coveted your bod, little brother,” Gay told him. “She was really pissed when she found out that she couldn’t have your cherry. If we are expanding beyond family, she’d be a great fit.”

Needless to say, the ever-competitive Friday, chimed in, “What about Cyb and Patricia Barnstable? Every stud needs a pair of sexy twins.”

Woody turned helplessly to Maureen, but she stared back and asked, “What? With a gaggle of teens, I was thinking that it would be a very good thing to have another experienced adult to help maintain a semblance of order. You get a boner every time your Aunt Grace bends over – front or back – surely you’d like to ‘do’ her.” She looked thoughtful, then added, “And maybe your cousin Ricky.”

Woody was stunned. He had lusted after his aunt, the beautiful Grace Cargraves Mueller, ever since he realized that boobs weren’t just food containers. In other words, for the majority of his life. And Ricky? Ricky was a younger model of her mother – beautiful, smart, brave – every man and boy’s walking wet dream. He and Star and Ricky had played many a game of ‘doctor’ and other exploratory games. How could he not want them?

But wait, Ricky was a sponsor with a CAP of 7.1. A joint household and a pre-pack might solve some of the numbers issues, but still, ten pregnant women? Whoa boy! Boy howdy! How were they going to snooker an AI on this one?

It was close to Easter when the doorbell rang, and Woody answered to find Marjorie Baldwin, his English teacher, and Johanna Macy, who taught both physics and math. “May we come in?” asked Mrs. Baldwin.

“Of course, but Mom is out shopping,” Woody replied, then asked, “Am I in some sort or trouble?”

“Not at all,” was the response, “but we needed to talk with you.”

As Ms. Macy was blind, he took her arm, guided both women into the formal living room, seated them, and offered drinks.

When they were settled, Woody asked them, “If I’m not in trouble, what’s this about? You needed to talk to me about what?”

“Something’s changed with you,” answered Ms. Macy, “something noticeable even to a blind person.”

“Something,” echoed Ms. Baldwin, “and we think we want to be a part of it – if we can.”

“Changed, how?” asked the bemused Woody. “And part of what?”

“So first,” started Ms. Baldwin, “Away from school, we want to be called Margie and Anne. Changed – well - you’re more mature, more self-assured than you were at the start of the school year. And girls. There’s always at least three around you, but excepting your sister Star, it’s seldom the same girls – at least not the same combination. And at lunch, my word, your table is full of girls. Pretty girls. Plain girls. Social girls and introverts.”

She paused and Anne took over, “Clearly, they know something. You either have an unbelievable CAP or you’re part of a pre-pack. Either way, we want a chance to go with you.”

“I didn’t realize it was that visible,” Woody began to explain. “Anne, Margie, I need for you to promise this will not go anywhere if I tell you.” When they agreed, he continued, “I don’t have a super good CAP, but I can volunteer, and so can my cousin Ricky. BUT, we came up with this plan – around a loophole we think we’ve found.” He detailed their assumptions and logic.

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