The Birthday Present

by Seigmann

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Public Sex, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Misunderstanding leads to a special present

My name is Nicole, and I am happy with my life. Really genuinely happy. I have been blessed with a beautiful face and a nice tight body with nice firm tits and a sexy ass. My eyes are blue and I have blond slightly curly hair almost down to my butt. At the age of 21 I am in my prime. I have good friends, and a wonderful husband. His name is Tom and he works in the US navy as an engineer, so we live in a army base. Mostly he works at the base, but sometimes he has to leave for wherever the problems are. We have been married just three years, and our love life is great. At our marriage we got lots of nice presents, including a great camcorder. We have been fooling around making some videos of me dancing in some slinky outfits, and this really gets me hot. He loves watching the clips and I love making them. He has bought me several hot outfits and a pair of stripper shoes for me to dance in. Sometimes I love walking around the house dressed in the most daring outfits just to tease him. It never takes long before he is fucking me like a mad man ... A few months ago he told me that he had to go and help installing some equipment for a new prototype submarine, and that he would be gone four months. The first week he was gone, I was really lonely and I missed him a lot. He called the first Saturday and told me that he would be home on his birthday. He talked about the guys he was there with and all the crazy things they were up to. One of the guys were turning up the sound on the TV and I could hear a lot of moaning and a lot of laughter. The guys were obviously teasing Tom, but he did not take the bate. He just told me that the guys were watching some kinky gangbang movie with a bunch of black guys fucking a white girl. After a lot of phone kisses and I love you’s I asked what his birthday wish was. He laughed and said maybe I could make him a couple of kinky gangbang style videos. Shocked as I was from his request I said seriously??? He was laughing telling me he was sure. He was picturing it in his head already, and all the guys thought gangbang style was the greatest hit this year. He continued telling me how he was thinking of my videos every day and how much he loved me for making them for him. After that we hung up and I did a lot of thinking and finally decided to make it happen. I started thinking about who would be filming me, and who could I get to fuck me on camera? There was no way I could ask our friends, and putting in an ad could lead to all sorts of trouble. What about STD’s? After considering all aspects that came to mind I knew I could not make it happen without professional help, so I had to turn to the porn industry. My parents was both killed I a car accident three years ago, and my brother would not care as long as I was happy with whatever I did. I had just finished school, and was about to start applying for some jobs. This was a kind of work, and it would probably make me some money as-well, I thought. I sat down with my computer and started searching for some gangbang sites on the net. I was a bit shocked at his request as he was my first and only sexual partner, but that was about to change. He mentioned that it was black guys fucking white girls in the movie they were watching so I searched for black and white and found loads of porn. The first thing I learned was that they all seemed to have huge dicks. The next thing was that I would be getting fucked not only in my pussy, but also in my ass and mouth. I was getting wet just thinking about doing it in front of the camera, but I was a bit concerned about my ass. I decided to buy some toys to practice with. I opened a bottle of wine and continued watching lots of videos all through the night. I masturbated as I thought of being in the movies. By morning I was half drunk and I had sent a couple of nude selfies to a few porn companies.

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