Spook Light

by SW MO Hermit

Tags: Ma/Fa, Science Fiction, Time Travel,

Desc: Science Fiction Story: A new twist to time travel

“Bullshit,” exclaimed Dean to his friend Todd. “You’re too damn much of a coward to spend the weekend camped alone at the Spook light and you know it.”

“The hell I am. I told you its just superstition, an old wives tale, and besides, I have a date with Bethany this weekend. It’s a sure thing with her and you know it.”

“Yeah, yeah. Backwater coward. I knew you would find a reason to not do it.”

“Look, I’ve said it before, it’s just a natural phenomenon. We’ve all seen and heard the various theories. It’s marsh gas, light reflecting off the clouds from the city, the moon breaking through the clouds and reflecting on the fog, someone out there with a diffused light. Heck, some idiots even say its ball lightening. It’s all easily explainable. Some idiots even say it’s headlights reflecting from the highway even if it is several miles away.”

“Okay then, why won’t you stay? I think you’re scared and won’t admit it.” The group of boys and a few girls standing around listening to the argument murmured their agreement.

Finally, in disgust, Todd said, “Okay, you win. I’ll cut my dates short with Bethany and camp out, but it’s going to cost you. If I do this, you have to foot all the expenses for our week long canoe trip the week after we graduate.”

Dean looked around and smiled then said, “Done, but If you don’t spend the entire weekend from Friday night until Monday morning, you have to do the same and admit publically that its real and not some natural phenomenon.”

“Okay, deal, but I get to take all my gear with me. If I have to do this, I get to do it in comfort.”

“No problem. You can take anything you want with you except for your truck. When you get scared and take off, you’ll have to run for it like Dottie and I did. You’ll see what it feels like when the shoe’s on the other foot.”

Before school was out that day, Bethany heard through the grapevine that Todd planned to cut their date for Friday short and cancel Saturday night’s date. To say she was pissed off would be an understatement. Todd had relentlessly pursued her for months until she broke down and agreed to date him, and now he was going to ignore her just to camp out and show what a macho man he was.

Bethany and two of her friends were standing beside Todd’s truck when he walked up to it after classes that afternoon. He could tell from a distance that Bethany was pissed. Her face was already red and she looked like a thundercloud. He was pretty sure this wasn’t going to end well.

When he was about ten feet away from her, Bethany started in on him. She yelled, “What’s this I hear about you cutting our dates short so you can go camping this weekend? If I’m not more important to you than camping at the Spook light, you can just forget our dates.” She turned and flounced off before Todd could make a reply.

He watched open mouthed as Twilah turned and looked at him before giving him a satisfied smirk. After she was sure he saw her smirk, she turned away and said loudly, “You’re better off without that loser anyway, Bethany. He can’t even afford a good car. He has to drive around in a damn old pick up truck. Come on. I think I can still get you a date with Darren. Have you seen his new car? GOD, it’s gorgeous!”

Todd stood still for another moment, then shrugged. He wasn’t at all heartbroken by the breakup, but he was sorry it happened now. They were one of the few couples over 18 in the whole graduating class, and the pussy was damn fine. He was careful since he turned 18 not to screw anyone under 18 so his date choices were limited. His cousin hadn’t considered his girlfriend’s age after he turned 18 and ended up in a lot of trouble when her parent’s found out he was banging her. He just barely managed to keep out of jail long term, and he was now listed as a sex offender. Todd damn sure didn’t want that to happen to him.

Dean walked up just as he was getting into his truck and said, “Hey man. What’s up? I just saw Twilah and Bethany talking to that douche bag Darren.”

“I’ll give you two guesses, and the first one doesn’t count. She found out we were going to have short dates because of our bet and dumped me.”

“Aw shit, man. I’m sorry. Want me to talk to her? Maybe I can smooth things over.”

“Naw, forget it. She was pretty damn high maintenance, anyway. I mean, it’s not like we were engaged or something. We were going to different colleges this fall so the break up just came earlier than I thought it would. Now I’ll have to find some temporary pussy for the summer, though.”

“Well, if you’re sure. Let’s get your gear loaded and I’ll help you set up camp before I take your truck back home.”

“Oh, come on, man. At least let me keep my truck there. It’s stupid to have to unload everything when I could just leave it in the truck and get what I needed, then put it back.”

“Nope. You thought it was so damn funny when we ran off and left our truck. Now you get to see what it feels like to be stranded without wheels when the light comes for you. I’m telling you, if we hadn’t ran like scared rabbits it would have gotten us. That’s some strange shit, man. You’ll see. And don’t think you can run off then sneak back when the light’s gone. A bunch of us are going to keep our eyes on you and if the light doesn’t show up, you’ll have to come back next weekend.”

“Whoa, wait a minute there. I never said anything about another weekend.”

“Yeah, you sorta did. You said you wouldn’t be scared and would stay in place if the light showed up. If it doesn’t, you can’t complete the bet now, can you?”

“Okay, okay. I suppose you have a point.”

Dean opened the passenger door, got into Todd’s truck and said, “Well, come on. Let’s get this show on the road. I have a date tonight.”

The two young men made a quick trip to Todd’s house so he could pick up the items not already in his truck. All his camping gear was kept in the bed under a locked cover. His canoe was always in a rack built over the cab and bed of the vehicle. All Todd had to pick up at home was his cooler with his cold food for the weekend, and a couple of odds and ends he didn’t keep in his truck, like his weapons. He even kept the majority of his ammunition in the truck, along with his fishing gear.

Within an hour and a half, the boys were at the agreed on site and had the gear unloaded. Todd hadn’t planned to unload his fishing gear and canoe, but Dean had it all in a pile before Todd could tell him to leave it in the truck. Dean was in a hurry, it seemed. Just before Dean got into Todd’s truck and prepared to drive away, he grinned and said, “Have fun, Dude. We’ll be watching. Talk to you Monday.”

Todd watched Dean drive away, and then began setting up his camp. This wouldn’t be as pleasant as his camping trips normally were. He usually set up alongside a stream somewhere so he could swim and fish, in season. The nearest stream was almost three miles away so he had a dry camp. Instead of relying on the forgetful Dean, Todd had eight-gallon jugs of water with him for drinking and the small amount of washing he planned to do. Instead of using his normal metal camping eating utensils, he had some plastic ware and plastic plates to eat with. He hated to do so, but since there was no water nearby for washing dishes, he opted to do so this time.

Just at dusk, the cars began arriving, carrying the kids who came in good weather to park and make out while waiting and hoping for a sight of the Spook light. Perhaps, there were a few extra’s this evening because they wanted to see Todd. Many vehicles were filled with friends. Others were filled with people who heard about the bet. Curious bystanders who wanted to see if Todd ran from the light like everyone else did when it began to approach them.

For some reason the light didn’t appear that evening, and after 2 AM, Todd was alone. He sat watching the last set of taillights disappear, and went into his tent. He was still asleep at ten the next morning when Dean appeared yelling and woke him up.

Todd staggered around building a fire and getting his coffee on. After a couple of cups of coffee, he made his breakfast while Dean watched. Dean sat and said, “Hey man, what about me? You’re only cooking one meal, looks like.”

“Yep, you can eat at home or in town. I have to stay here, and I didn’t bring enough to feed anyone besides myself.”

The two friends talked for a while, and then Dean took off for town to get lunch. He came back about three hours later and brought the hamburgers Todd talked him into getting for him. About 4 PM, Dean stood and headed for his truck. As he opened the door he said, “Well, gotta go. I have a date again tonight. You’d better hope it shows tonight or tomorrow night, or you’ll be here again next weekend. Or do you want to just quit and admit I’m right and pay for our trip?”

“Forget that noise.”

Once again the cars and trucks showed up, beginning about 8 PM. Dean and his date arrived and parked near Todd. They talked to him for a moment, and then got into Dean’s truck. Todd could see their silhouettes when another vehicle came or went. Finally, everyone was gone except Dean and his date. Todd sat and watched as finally, Dean started his truck and backed it up beside his tent to turn around.

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