Old Friends Become Special Friends

by Sprat Gilfish

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slow, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Loving spouses forced to live far apart find substitutes.

Authors note: Readers from the post pill age will find the first part of this story incredible. They will find it hard to believe that the repressed behaviour described was normal for many of us of our generation. The incidents described in that part of the story are all based on actual events in the lives of myself or close acquaintances.

In those days too, airfares and international phone calls were many times less affordable than they are now. Of course there was no Skype or anything like it.

Sadly the events in the later part of the story are all pure fantasy.

Much against our wishes, my wife, Kathleen, and I, Leonard Miller, were living over 2000 miles apart in two different countries. The international company I worked for had more or less forced me to take a nine month assignment in Brisbane, Australia. Kathleen’s senior position kept her in our home in Auckland, New Zealand. We could only afford for me to visit her for a weekend every six weeks or so. We both found the separation distressing. We eagerly looked forward to our regular twice weekly phone conversations.

This Wednesday I had a surprise for her. “Kathy! You’ll never guess who I met at lunchtime today.”

“No Lenny, who?”

“Becky Cameron!”

Thirty years earlier I had done rather well at school in the New Zealand country town where I was brought up. I moved to Auckland to study engineering at Auckland University. That’s when I met Andy Cameron. Andy came from another country town, was living in the same hostel, and was doing the same course. We rapidly became each other’s closest friend.

Andy and I talked about all sorts of things but, given the state of our hormones, our main interest was girls and sex. As was normal for well brought up young men in those days before the pill, we were both virgins, inexperienced, shy and ignorant but keen to find out all about it. We talked about sex between ourselves and with other students some of whom had steady girlfriends and some, whom we eagerly questioned, who had “done it”.

I had a pretty strong sex drive and for as long as I could remember had masturbated to a climax at least once every night before going to sleep. I made a decision that I wasn’t going to do that anymore now I had made the great move away from home but that resolution only lasted a few weeks until one of the older students lent me a copy of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”. There was no way I could keep both hands above my waist while reading the sexy bits.

Although neither Andy nor I was particularly religious most of our social contact with young women occurred at Church youth group functions including regular dances because that was the scene we had been brought up to. Occasionally I persuaded a girl to let me escort her to her home where I would leave her at the door. Some allowed a quick kiss goodbye and I even persuaded a few to go out to the pictures with me. None of those meetings came to anything except to fuel my one handed activity at night.

Then after a couple of years came the night I met Kathleen. She was a beautiful slim girl about five foot four inches tall. Her breasts were not particularly large but she certainly had curves in the right places and what she had was adequate, perky and attractive. I thought she was lovely. After our first dance together she agreed to sit with me and we talked. To my surprise she seemed to like me and though we were both initially shy the conversation became steadily easier. I asked her if she would like to go out with me and she said yes. Like me she was very shy and inexperienced in dealing with the opposite sex having been educated in an exclusive girl’s school and not having any brothers or close friends with brothers. The second time she went with me to the movies I tried to kiss her outside her parent’s house. She was so shocked she ran inside and shut the door. I was devastated. A few days later I was a little discomforted to see her at the same social dance again. To my surprise she came over to me during a “Ladies Choice” dance and asked me up. As we danced she explained. “I am so sorry about my behaviour the other night. You must have thought I was rejecting you but I didn’t mean that at all. You were the first boy I liked who ever tried to kiss me. I was just overwhelmed with unfamiliar feelings and didn’t know how to handle them. I panicked.”

“Does that mean you would consider going out with me again?” I asked.

“Yes! I would like that very much if you still want me to.”

To my delight we were back together again going to movies, church socials and dances. I was soon allowed kisses which she clearly enjoyed and after a while returned.

A few weeks after Kathleen and I met, Andy came to the same regular dance as we were at and there was a girl there he had been admiring from afar. To his surprise and pleasure she turned out to be Kathleen’s best friend Becky. We introduced them. Andy and Becky hit it off straight away and, like Kathleen and I, quickly became a regular couple. Becky was beautiful in a rather different way to Kathleen being shorter at about five foot two and more curvaceous with C cup breasts which Andy drooled over. Andy was taller than me at around six foot one to my five foot nine.

Fairly quickly Kathleen and I were meeting two or three times a week and giving each other passionate hugs and kisses. One day I slid my hand up over her clothes to cover one of her breasts. She put her hand over mine and gently but firmly pulled it away. A day or two later I did the same but this time her hand came over mine and held it there. It felt wonderful. Not long after that she reluctantly allowed me to undo her shirt and bra and fondle her bare nipples and soon after that I told her I wanted to see her breasts. She hesitated but let me open her shirt completely. After some fondling I bent my head down and started sucking her nipples alternately. She was a bit shocked but it really excited her and she began moving frantically against me. While Kathleen was initially rather hesitant about our sexual activity after a while she became just as keen and horny as me. I will never forget the time she came to my room and for the first time shyly let me undress her completely and turn the light on. I had never seen anything so beautiful or so exciting. We both knew and agreed that actual sex was not on but over the months we slowly pushed the boundaries. She became interested in my dick and liked to get it out and play with it. Soon it was normal at the end of each evening we spent together that we would hug and kiss and I would fondle and suck on her breasts until she became excited and then I would play with her clit with my fingers until she came. Then she would get my dick out and fondle it until I exploded. One evening we got quite a fright. We were petting on the couch in the lounge of her parent’s house, as we often did, assuming her parents were asleep. Our clothes were in disarray when we heard her mother coming down the stairs. She stopped just outside the door of the lounge, asked if we were OK and went back up the stairs. I have wondered since whether she was more understanding than we realised and decided not to embarrass us and herself.

About that time I managed to find enough money to buy an ancient car and at the end of an evening together we could find a good parking place to neck and pet instead of risking exposure in her parents lounge.

Andy and Becky and Kathleen and I often double dated, particularly now I had the car. We would sometimes go to a lonely beach which was backed by bush. After we all played together in the water they would disappear into the undergrowth in one direction while we went in another to neck and pet and bring each other off. We tried parking together but that was just too much. The sounds of their excitement made it difficult to concentrate on our own activities.

The four of us were all fond of each other but we stayed as separate couples. I liked Becky a lot but was not mad over her as I was over Kathleen. While I really adored Kathleen’s slimmer figure I did sometimes fantasise as to what it would be like to see and fondle the bigger breasts that Andy was so fond of on Becky. Once Becky was leaning down towards me to pick up something and then looked up and caught me trying to look down into the low cut dress she was wearing. We both went a little pink but she just smiled. I am sure that Andy also looked Kathleen over occasionally.

I took Kathleen down to stay for a few days with my parents. My father looked Kathleen over and complimented me on my choice. We invited them up to a special dinner with Kathleen’s parents to celebrate our engagement.

The marriage was to wait several months to the end of the year so our sexual experimentation and frustration continued.

Andy and Becky had serious disagreements and decided to break up. Andy went across to Sydney to try a different life in Australia. I don’t know what he got up to socially but he later referred to it as his dark period. He did well in the commercial sphere, however, selling into specialist areas using his engineering knowledge to talk to engineers who were potential customers.

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