The Bane of a Blessing

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: It was a strange beginning: at work, she sneezed, he said a 'bless you', then she cried, surprising him and the rest was the history of a romance.

It started casually enough. It was early in the day. Work had just started. Warren Giles, the CEO and owner of ‘A Works Inc’ was walking down the long hall that led from the employees cafeteria to the offices. He was about to pass Janie Dieter. As she got to him, with a kind of smile plastered on her face, she sneezed.

“Bless you!” he said, and Janie simply began to cry. It seemed that the sudden niceness of the blessing statement simply grated against all that had been happening, that she’d gone through. It seemed, right then, so nice that it simply took her by storm, and made her cry.

Warren was nonplussed and simply stopped in his tracks.

Janie stood and had her head in her hands and simply continued to cry.

Resolutely, he took her by the elbow and guided her into a side room.

“Janie,” he said softly. “What is it?”

“WHAT IS IT”: INDEED: That day began as a gray day. But then every day was a gray day these days for Janie.

During the previous 18 months she’d gone through hell with ‘the Grabber’, as she called her new step-father. He never passed up and opportunity to grab Janie’s ass or pat it and make a lewd comment. Her attempts to fend him off with slightly slapped hands had been absolutely to little avail.

She and her lovely Mom, Millie, had lived through the lingering death of her Dad, Joe, and simply found comfort in each other for almost two years, two grim years of trying to heal and come to grips with the loss of so wonderful an individual.

Then Joe’s ‘place’ was taken suddenly by Milt ‘the Grabber’. He showed his tendency to try to grab Janie’s ass early on in the relationship, even shortly after he’d moved in with her and her Mom.

Life was furtive and grim for Janie. She even talked to her Mom about moving to her own apartment but her Mom worked at persuading her not to. She said that she was sure that Janie would come to like Milt. Janie never let on about Milt’s attempts to get her alone and play with her ass or her tits.

(At the time of the death of her lovely Dad, Joe, Janie was 23 years old. She had long off blonde hair that she liked to keep in a ‘pony tail’. She was, like her Momma, Millie, statuesque and lovely.

Milt would certainly have agreed with that. He was so pleased to be living now with ‘his women’, as he called them, hoping to add ‘tits and ass’ Janie, as he called her to himself, to his ‘stable of bitches’. He was that kind of man.) Her job at ‘A Works, Inc.’ was a bright light in her life in those days, as she, daily, had to fend off the attentions and the grabbing hands of Milt, the Grabber.

She barely suppressed her desire to move out, giving in to her Momma’s kindly meant blandishments and little talks.

Then it was her Momma, her lovely, lovely Momma who got sick and, in what seemed like record time, passed from them.

At the end, Mille had told Janie that she was tired and would be happy to see Joe again so soon.

Then Janie was left.

Milt tried to make a move on Janie that very day, telling her that they would need to unite to deal with their common sorrow.

Without a thought, as she heard his whispering voice, felt his breath on her neck, and his hands on her ass, she moved quickly jamming her elbow into the side of his throat and he went down in a heap.

“Old man,” she growled at him, “I’m leaving and if you ever touch me again, I’ll take a knife, cut off your ugly cock and feed it to you.”

He just stared at her and mumbled something about being ‘only joking’.

“Hear me good about this!” she said.

She did move out.

There was no will, Janie was told and the property was common property between Millie and her husband Milt.

In effect, Janie would get nothing from the settlement. She left the house, with her things, with a sense that he could have it all, as long as she was away from him.

She went to work the next day with a cloud over her mind, in a terrible mood.

And then the sneeze! The sneeze and Warren Giles’ kind words and the world crumbled for Janie Dieter, just crumbled.

She was a bit surprised to have found herself saying all of this, telling all of this to Warren, after her crying episode reaction to his ‘bless you’ statement.

She simply didn’t feel blessed that day or that week or even that year.

It’s what she said to him and she cried again.

This time, as she cried, he simply held her and said nothing.

Janie didn’t know that the world could ever feel so safe, as it did at that moment, with Warren’s arms around her. She told him, told Warren that.

Janie was tall, 5’10” but Warren towered over her and she simply let her head slump onto his upper chest and shoulder and she cried.

“Do you need time, Janie?” Warren asked.

“No, please,” she said. “I will, I will be fine. I find my peace of mind here at work. It’s so good for me here.”

She looked up at him then and a wave of chagrin swept over her.

“I’m so sorry to be this way at work...” she said but that’s as far as she got.

“Not a word about ‘sorries’,” he said, “Not a single word.”

She sobbed again then at the loveliness of the way he was dealing with her.

“You go and wash your face and then we’ll get some lunch,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” she said and even gave a little smile.

“Sir?” he said back to her and got another smile.

Then they did. They went together to a local place for lunch for the two of them.

“Let’s just enjoy lunch,” he said to her, as they got into his car, “No need for any back stories or explanations or apologies or anything like that.”

“Yes,” she said, barely leaving off the ‘sir’. They both noticed that and it actually caused the two of them to break into a laugh.

To Janie laughing felt so good. She told him that.

“Good!” he said. “And I won’t call you Ma’am, if you don’t call me ‘sir’.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, meaning it as sass this time.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” he answered and had her giggling again.

It was simple but it was making her feel so good, shedding a bright light on the grayness of her life.

They began, that day, a kind of association. It was, at first, mainly lunching together, and, at times, with some others from work. But he was determined not to ‘rush’ her or anything like that. He was determined to let anything that might happen between them happen slowly.

For her part, Janie enjoyed being with him; she enjoyed how he treated her and she certainly enjoyed being able to feel at home with Warren.

The next little act in this ongoing drama came about a week and a half later.

Milt was nothing if not determined. Indeed, all the while he ‘put up’ with his wife, his mind was on her daughter, on Janie and his plans for making Janie ‘his’, as he put it to himself. He wasn’t about to let a few setbacks get in his way. As a matter of fact, Janie’s mom dying only played into his hands.

His next strategy was to go to where Janie worked. He knew that if he could get her alone there, she wouldn’t want to, indeed wouldn’t dare make a fuss. He might just further his aims. He was absolutely convinced that with just a little action on his part, Janie’s frigid front would melt and he’d be ‘in’ with her.

He showed up that day, a Tuesday, in the early afternoon.

Janie was surprised to see him, after their last encounter when she’d floored him with her elbow.

“Milt,” she said, nonplussed by his appearing at her office.

“Hi, sweetie,” he said, determined to pour it on from the start.

“What ... um ... do you want?” she asked, in a soft voice.

Milt sensed his advantage immediately.

“I came to apologize,” he said, “And ask you to come home. That house is so big and, well, I think that you need to be there.”

Janie found herself wary but pleased with the apology.

Meanwhile, in the outer office, Warren came along and was told by the secretary that Ms. Dieter’s ‘father’ was in there with her to see her.

Warren suspected Milt’s aims right away.

“Oh,” he said to the secretary, “I want to meet him. I’ll just step in for a moment.”

When he entered the room, Janie was trying, with difficulty to push Milt away, who had sensed his advantage and had his arms around her right away, with one hand lowered to her ass, squeezing.

“I know you like this!” Milt said into her ear, as she struggled with him.

It was then that Warren entered the room. Milt’s hand was raised to slap Janie to get her to submit to his groping hands.

Warren grabbed the raised hand and pulled Milt away from the flailing woman.

Milt, ever the hothead, when he wanted his own way, turn and sneered: “Hey, hero.”

Warren’s background, out of college was with U.S. Special Forces. He had always been called, by his pals, ‘Big Warren’. He had never forgotten his training, as Milt was about to learn.

Warren blocked Milt’s arm, raised to punch him now and simply lashed out, breaking Milt’s nose. He followed that up with another punch and closed Milt’s right eye. Milt went down in a heap.

Janie was staring, her hands up to her mouth.

Warren opened the door, where the secretary was already at the door.

“Call security,” Warren said. “He needs to go.”

Security came and took Milt in hand. They gave him a large bandage to hold on his bleeding nose and were leading him away.

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