Hump Day Block Party

by Mark Gander

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Incest, Niece, Aunt, Rough, Group Sex, Harem, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Swinging, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Squirting, Voyeurism, Babysitter, Public Sex, Size, Nudism, Politics, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A public servant in a future society enjoys the fruits of his labors and the fringe benefits of his government making Hump Day the law of the land. Of course, he has help.

I had seen her before, plenty of times over the past three months, but only today did I really notice her, in her element and everything. It was the block party, and she was recently old enough to drink, among other things. She definitely seemed to be more comfortable than expected, to say the least. I didn’t quite know her name, of course, but I suspected that she knew mine. I was older and lived alone, not a wife nor a live-in girlfriend or anything, and she naturally had to be curious, but I told myself that was the extent of it.

It couldn’t be anything else, because I was an older man who didn’t advertise my status to my neighbors, so what appeal would I have to a popular type of girl her age, almost certainly a cheerleader or majorette, if not captain of either squad? Even now, with all of my power and wealth, I had some doubts and insecurities which surfaced in the oddest of circumstances.

I just started to light a neighbor’s cigarette for her, when I heard a cough and a voice ask me, “So, is she the one who’s going to finally seal the deal? Or is she just a Hump Day treat?”

Sure enough, it was my young neighbor, all of fifteen years of age and ravishingly beautiful. Hell, she was drop-dead gorgeous, even drunk as she clearly was with her favorite beer. She certainly would do for a Hump Day companion herself, unless she just rejected or otherwise annoyed me, which was most emphatically NOT a good idea. Then again, if she didn’t know my position, she might well make that mistake in her situation, which would be a very risky move on her part.

“What is that to you, my neighbor? Just being nosy, or does my love life affect you somehow? Or are you jealous, perhaps? You know that we do not cling to outmoded notions of monogamy and fidelity anymore, right? Such things are the past, the product of a Victorian, 19th century experiment that romanticized jealousy, made it a virtue, and rewarded it, even. Foolish, unrealistic notions of soulmates and a brand of love that excludes and rejects instead of including people. That is the old way, rightfully tossed on the ash heap of history. This is a new dawn, a new era of humanity, which is part of the purpose of Hump Day. Sorry, didn’t mean to preach, but well, let’s say that I agree with the new order of affairs,” I lectured her before realizing what I had done.

“That much is evident. Not that I disapprove. For a variety of reasons. However, yes, this particular situation affects me, because she’s my aunt and I live with her. My name is Eden Shulman. That’s Aunt Melanie, and she’s sometimes more like a mother, sometimes more like a sister, but we’re very close,” the stunning blonde explained to me at last, “I just want to know what to expect, in terms of whether or not you will be ... you know, a part of our lives. Not just hers, but mine, too. Trust me, I have ulterior motives and selfish reasons for that inquiry.”

“I see. I’m Valerian Nicolescu. Pleased to meet you, but you know the consequence of a formal introduction. I have to hump you at least, and if your aunt introduces herself, I have to hump her as well. That’s the Law. Now, raise that sassy mini skirt of yours and bend over for me,” I instructed Eden, whose immediate response was to do so, but also slide her panties down very slowly as a tease.

“Oh, God, that cock ... that cock of yours! Lucky slut, getting it in her little twat! I know that you’re no virgin, but damn ... that’s going to stretch you, sweetie! I hope that you give me a grandniece from this! I would so love to see you with a baby bump from his spawn!” Aunt Melanie indicated, “Sorry, I guess that I should have told you that I’m a bit of a size queen. It was a factor in my divorce, but it’s for the best. Melanie Lehmann, by the way. I kept my married name, at least for now. Didn’t see a point in going through red tape just to change it.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Lehmann. Or should I call you Melanie instead, given that I’m going to hump you next?” I asked Eden’s aunt, even as I plunged forcefully in and out of her niece’s pretty teenage snatch.

“Melanie, please ... sir. Sorry, always had a weakness for silver foxes, especially dominant, aggressive ones. I’m drawn to power. Powerful men ... with potent, powerful pricks. Oh, God, watching you fuck her ... damn! Mind if I help, if I fluff, please?” Melanie begged me, making me grin.

“Sure thing, sweetheart. That’s right neighborly of you, to help me fuck your niece and enhance both her pleasure and mine. Damn, she’s still rather tight for a non-virgin! Are you sure that this isn’t her first time, not that I mind either way,” I noted, “Though I love how wet she is and you’re definitely helping her with that.”

“I was already wet before, as you no doubt could tell, but yes, Aunt Melanie’s tongue on your cock as it pushes in and out of me ... and her fingers on my clit, so fucking awesome! And, yes, I’ve fucked men before, but only men who slept with my aunt. I’m glad that you’re going to fuck her, too. I don’t want to break my rule of only doing her lovers. It was a chance that I had to take to be your girl, though. I just had to have you!” Eden confessed between strokes of my dick inside her slit, pumping away with a fury.

“Good to know. So, did you know this, Melanie?” I probed, even as I pounded my neighbor’s teen pussy into submission.

“Actually, yes. Her first lover was my ex-husband, who comes by for a monthly stay. I can feel him better than I did during our marriage, plus I made ... a pact with him. A binding, lawful Covenant. I’m to sleep with him whenever he visits, and if any woman is with me and expresses an interest in his body, I’m to encourage to her to pursue it. I never had an issue with that, not once since we divorced, but I admit that I never expected my niece to be one of those girls. I honestly did love him ... and I enjoy that he’s an older man.

“The only trouble during our marriage was that I sometimes took my enthusiasm for big cocks too far and I hurt him in the process. I ... tried to make him a cuckold. My cuckold. Big mistake on my part. Huge, colossal blunder, and it ruined my marriage. It also soured me on the whole scene, of course. Anyway, it’s an odd sort of bargain, but it was part of our divorce settlement, a lawful Covenant included in it, my idea in fact, though he stipulated that he wanted it to be during my period, so that’s what we do.

“Yes, evidently, Henry likes menstrual sex a lot, though I’m not sure how he discovered that. Now he fucks both of us, and yes, our periods now coincide, thanks to living together for a good while. Really, she moved in not long after my divorce, and I needed the company, to be frank! I didn’t wish to be alone after seven years of marriage, I can tell you that. Oh, and Eden now has a binding, lawful Covenant to sleep with him, too. Just so that you know,” Melanie told us in between licks to my dick and while still playing with Eden’s clit.

“Far be it from me to interfere with a lawful, binding Covenant, of course. The Law upholds those as sacrosanct, unbreakable, immutable, in fact. You two are going to have to keep your end of that deal, but perhaps I can work in a similar Covenant for myself with both of you, if you don’t mind,” I urged both of them.

“Well, I have Covenants with five other men, plus I also have three neighbors, and yes, Eden has the same Covenants with the exact same men. One of those five was the Bull that I intended to cuckold my ex with, and, yes, he is a lover to some hot wives on the side, not sure how many. I think that he has Covenants with at least some of those women as well. Three of the guys with Covenants and two of the neighbors are married, and their wives seem to be okay with it. All three of these neighbors and I have at least considered Covenants, but I want to be sure that I can do justice by them if made.

“Also, there are my various Hump Day companions, wherever I find them, and any other lucky bastards that I might find on my own, plus Eden herself. We do have a lesbian affair going on as well. And, yes, Eden and I have talked of making a Covenant between us, now that she’s of age to consent to one. That being said, I’m more than willing to risk all by making one with you, as long as you make one with Eden, too. Nowadays, I won’t make any Covenants without her, and if you decide that you want to marry me, well, I’d have to ask you to marry Eden as well. Polygamy is legal now, after all, and it is on the rise,” Melanie told me, causing me to cum inside her niece from just the thought of marrying both of them or even having a lawful Covenant with them.

“Well, we could start with a Covenant between the three of us, all three of us assenting to it at once. That’s something that you’re going to see more of in the future, too, I think. I should know, since I am Valerian Nicolescu, Esquire,” I pulled the rabbit out of the hat now, the big shocker.

“You’re a Magistrate? I just had a Magistrate fuck me? Little old me, a fifteen year old orphan girl, living with her aunt? Oh, fuck, yes! I’m going to love being a Magistrate’s lover, as is Aunt Melanie. She just plain gets wet at even the thought of Magistrate dick, and it’s about to take her now!” Eden told me, as she knelt to suck my cock back to hardness, while my hands stroked her lovely, long, blonde hair.

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