The Love of Older Women

by Something Else

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A shy young man traveling throughout South America meets an older woman who takes him on a sexual adventure that blows his mind and gives him new confidence in moving forward with his life.

I was seventeen years old. Just finished high school, barely, and unsure as to what to do next. I knew that I didn’t want to go to college like all of my friends. At least not yet. Maybe sometime in the future but for now I wanted to get out the the small town I had been raised in. What I wanted, and needed, was some adventure. Something that would get me out of my comfort zone.

I decided that travel would fit the bill. As an incentive to finish school my parents had promised me a sum of money which, if I was careful, could last me a year of backpacking and staying in hostels. I decided to focus my attention on South America. I had taken some Spanish classes in school but done poorly. I set myself a goal, four months of intensive Spanish classes then I would head off into the great unknown. I also made the decision to use these four months to improve my body image and joined a heavy duty gym that I would go to every day. It’s not like I had anything else to do.

I had been a loner in school. Socially awkward plus I always wore geeky looking clothes. I decided to change my looks. I started with a hip looking hair style, bought some new clothes and shoes at a designer men’s store. I also decided to grow a light beard in the hope that it would give me a more mature look.

I was always a slim kid so putting on some bulk at the gym by using heavy weights combined with some supplements was pretty easy. At the end of my four months not only did I have the basics of Spanish I physically looked like a new person, dare I say man.

I was off. First stop was Bogota Columbia. My first impression was that this place was huge. Being from a town with a population of twenty-five thousand almost everything else was big but this place was enormous. I found an inexpensive hostel in an okay part of town and set about on my adventure.

I wandered around my new city and was in awe of most things I saw. I did a lot of the touristy things in my first week then decided to switch gears and explore some of the more local venues. I was amazed at how friendly and helpful people were. With my somewhat limited newly acquired Spanish skills combined with the help of some locals I was soon feeling comfortable in my new environment. It’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom I had. It was almost like I had been born again but with the confidence I had never had when growing up.

I made some new friends from the hostel and we would explore as a group and hang out at local bars and clubs in the evening. My lack of social skills was still holding me back but I was determined to keep working on this. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it might be but I was making progress.

One of the amazing things about Columbia is the women. They are drop dead gorgeous! I was extremely jealous of my new friends who didn’t have any problems with approaching these delicious looking women and engaging in discussions, albeit somewhat jerky given the language barrier, and flirting. I found myself following along with the group and observing but didn’t have the balls to actually participate. Nobody seemed to mind me sitting in the background and just observing.

Reality was that women scared the shit out of me. I had never had the confidence in myself to interact with women. I’d had a few dates in high school but they were always initiated by the girls. I got my first handjob and first blowjob in my last few months of school. It was incredible and I knew that I wanted more, I just needed a way to get the confidence to approach and interact with women. With my new look I thought that I would naturally have the confidence I needed but sadly this hadn’t happened. Technically I was still a virgin, but a virgin with raging hormones!

With my newly developed language skills and ability to navigate and explore unknown territory I decided it was time to do a little city hopping.

I travelled to Medellin, a smaller Columbian city, which I didn’t find as exciting as Bogota but had the advantage of having a large expat English speaking population. Then I flew to Quito in Ecuador followed by a long bus ride to Cuenca also in Ecuador. Now I was getting the hang of this. Making my way from one city and one country to another, finding accommodations, getting the feel of a new environment. My confidence in myself kept growing but I still struggled with my social skills. Even when I was approached by an attractive looking woman I found myself tongue tied and very uncomfortable. It showed as they all moved on to somebody else that had the confidence to at least carry a conversation with them.

I was told by a number of the fellow vagabonds that I had met at hostels that if I wanted large, vibrant, interesting cities I had to visit Rio and Buenos Aries. So I left Cuenca and took the long flight south to Buenos Aries Argentina.

First impressions, long drive in stop and start traffic on freeway, was not positive. But once the taxi was in the city my head didn’t stop swiveling. Narrow cobblestone streets, cafes on every corner and old architecture that I had never seen before other than in books. I had booked a hostel in Palermo on the advice of a traveler I had met in Medellin. It took a long time once we left the boring freeway to get to the hostel but I didn’t mind. I felt like I was getting a city tour for the price of a taxi ride. Little did I know that what I had seen during the taxi ride was just the tip of a very nice iceberg.

The recommended hostel was fantastic. It was nicer than any hotel I had ever stayed in! I was informed that I was within a block of a couple of restaurant bars that the hostel guests frequented as well as only two blocks from a large outdoor mall plus only three blocks from a subway station. I was excited but needed some rest from my long flight, can’t sleep on airplanes, so I picked one of the vacant beds in my four bed room and crashed.

I had gotten a few hours of much needed shut eye before one of my roommates showed up. As I was wiping the sleep from my eyes I heard this sexy voice apologizing for waking me. When I was able to focus I couldn’t believe my eyes. Standing in front of me was without a doubt the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was wearing very short shorts, cheeks partially exposed and a short crop top with no bra. The room was air conditioned so her substantial nipples were poking through the fabric and her flat stomach had the hint of goosebumps. Thank god I was under the covers as I had an instant erection!

She informed me that she had been out exploring all day and was hot and sweaty. She was going to take a shower and freshen up and then meet up with some friends she had met at one of the nearby bars. She asked me if I wanted to join her. My mouth was still hanging open as I took in the beauty of this woman but I did manage to say that I would like to join her. Once she had headed to the women’s shower I crawled out of bed trying to hide my raging hard-on. I made my way to the men’s shower room and had a cold shower in an effort to control my horniness. One of the disadvantages of staying in hostels and sharing rooms is that you seldom get the privacy needed for a good masturbation session. It had been awhile and I was feeling like I was going to explode. I dealt with this in the shower and was feeling a little bit more composed as I made my way back to my room in a pair of shorts with my towel draped around my neck.

As soon as I opened the door to the room I knew I was in trouble again. She was standing with her back to me in nothing but a pair of thong underwear. She was drying her long black hair and talking to someone on the speakerphone of her iPhone. I heard her mention that she had a new roommate and asking if it was okay if she brought him along. I assumed that the him she was referring to was me. She said goodbye then turned around and saw me. She didn’t miss a beat or act awkward at all. While still rubbing her hair, which made her ample boobs sway from side to side, she told me that we would be leaving in fifteen minutes if I was still interested. She then looked down at my shorts that were tenting out in front of me. So much for my masturbation quelling my horniness. She smiled and said that she was pleased that I obviously liked what I saw. I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment. She then returned the compliment and said that I also had a nice body and most definitely a great package. My awkwardness was evident as I started to say something then just shut up. I finally got my act together and told her I was still interested in meeting her friends and would make sure that I was ready in fifteen minutes.

As I was getting dressed I kept thinking to myself, damn, if only I had better personal skills I probably could have gotten laid right there and then and then we could have gone out to meet her friends. It blew my mind how matter of fact she was in talking to me while she dried her hair with only a skimpy pair of panties on.

With some awkwardness I tucked my hard-on into a pair of shorts and threw on a clean t-shirt. As we walked together she acted like what had just happened was just normal and she told me all about her adventures during the day. She had visited the National museum which she said was awesome and taken a long walk along a street called Libertador which had broad sidewalks, many cafes and numerous large parks. She said it had been magnificent. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the vision of her swaying breasts while she dried her hair out of my mind. Her travelogue, although interesting, couldn’t get my mind off of this sexy image.

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