Mother and Daughter

by Something Else

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A mother and her daughter are taken to a warehouse by three men. The mother is forced to have sex with the men while the daughter watches. It turns out that mom and daughter have as much fun as the men.

Mother and daughter were roughly dragged from the back of the white van. Both had their hands bound behind them with strap ties and duct tape was plastered over their mouths. Their eyes quickly took in the surroundings. It looked like a large abandoned warehouse, dark, dirty and cool. Jill, the seventeen-year-old daughter, was dragged over to an area where two men were busy untangling numerous ropes. Ruby, the forty-two-year-old mother was herded over to an area about ten feet in front of Jill. The ropes were now untangled and one of the men busied himself by making what looked like a noose at the end of one of the longer pieces of rope. The other man was rummaging through the remaining lengths of rope looking for a shorter length and tying it into what looked like a small circle.

Jill watched the two men as they worked their magic with the ropes. Suddenly she panicked. They were going to hang her! She struggled to get free from the large man that was holding onto her but his grip tightened and she realized she was no match for his strength and size. He dragged her over to the man holding the noose. She threw her head around trying to avoid having the noose slipped over her head. One of the men grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and reefed her head back with such force Jill thought her head would be ripped from her body. With her long neck exposed they easily slipped the noose over her head and tightened it. Snug but not tight. One of the men then held her elbows securely while the other used a knife to cut the strap ties binding her wrists behind her back. In one swift motion he repositioned her hands in front of her and began tying them together with a short length of rope. They then threaded the end of the long noose rope through the rope binding her wrists. The remaining rope was coiled up and then expertly thrown high up into the ceiling rafters until it was comfortably draped over over one of the large horizontal rafters supporting the roof of the desolate structure. The other man retrieved the loose end of the dangling rope and began to pull. This forced Jill’s bound hands up the front of her body and just slightly over her head until the noose tightened around her neck. She screamed. The duct tape over her mouth muffled the sound. The man pulling on the rope smiled when he heard her attempt at a vocal outburst. She couldn’t help noticing that he had a large erection pushing at the front of his pants. He then tied the loose end of the rope to a large vertical post than ran from the concrete floor up to the rafters. Jill could feel the noose around her neck but it wasn’t restricting her breathing and she could actually take a small step in any direction before the it tightened uncomfortably around her neck. Her hands were now held behind her neck by the noose rope. She could slide her hands up the rope until her arms were completely extended and she could grab onto the rope but neither of these helped her situation. Eventually she just let her arms relax resulting in her hands being behind her neck and her elbows pointing forward at about eye level. Suddenly one of the men ripped the duct tape from her mouth. The tape pulling at her skin hurt like hell and she let out a loud scream. She was surprised to actually hear her voice echo throughout the empty building.

Ruby, the mother, stood shaking as she watched her daughter being strung up like an animal about to be slaughtered. Any attempts to move towards her daughter were thwarted by a man that must have been at least six foot two and weighing well over two and fifty hundred pounds who had her long blond hair wrapped around a powerful and very large hand. Her scalp screamed in pain as he forced her head towards her daughter so she had to watch the helpless position her precious Jill was in. They locked eyes. All Ruby could see in Jill’s eyes was a look of total fear and panic.

The three men positioned themselves. The very large man continued to hold Ruby firmly with his massive hand. Another placed himself just slightly behind the squirming Jill. And the third man stood between the two women and cleared his throat as if about to give a speech.

“Ladies. As you can see we have total control over you. Why you have been selected for this ordeal is unimportant. I’ll just say that you are both very attractive women and that you will be providing us with many pleasures over the next few hours. Your participation is strongly encouraged. Any reluctance to do what your told will result in discomfort and pain for one or both of you. At the end of your session with us you will be allowed to return home. As you can see we are not wearing masks or any type of disguise. You will be free to go to the authorities once you are free if you so choose. However, we will be filming our little adventure together and if you do choose to expose us you will suffer the consequences of having these videos distributed to family, friends, bosses and co-workers. We have already downloaded both of your contacts information from your phones so pushing out these videos will be simple and instant. The choice will be yours. So, as I’m sure you can imagine, you are in the company of three very horny and perverted men who are anxious to get this party started. I should also mention that we have numerous friends who would enjoy joining us if we feel that your participation is less than enthusiastic. To start with we will keep the game pretty basic. Mom, you do exactly what you are told or else your lovely daughter here will suffer humiliation and pain. Now, we will remove the tape from your Mom’s mouth and I would like you both to acknowledge that you understand the rules of the game.”

With that the large man holding Ruby by the hair cruelly ripped the tape from her mouth resulting in an ear splitting scream.

“Now, let’s hear an enthusiastic acknowledgement from each of you.”

Silence, as mother and daughter looked at each other unsure as what to do at this point.

“Let us go and we will forget that this ever happened. If you want money I can get you some cash in a day or two,” spluttered Ruby.

Ruby was surprised at the swiftness of the big man’s response. He yanked her head back by her hair and gave her a ferocious open hand slap on the face that had her seeing stars. He reached back for another slap.

“Okay, okay, I understand the rules,” said Ruby desperately trying to avoid another painful slap.

No sounds from Jill. She had the deer in the headlights look in her eyes. What she didn’t know was that the man standing behind her had a thick leather strap in his hand. He took a full swing and landed a hard blow to her ass. She was startled, then she could feel the pain begin to spread across her ass cheeks. Despite having jeans covering her bottom the sting was intense. She sensed that he was winding up for another swing at her ass.

“Yes, I understand,” blurted Jill before another blow landed on her burning ass cheeks.

“Good,” said the large man who was obviously the leader of the group. “Now you understand the repercussions of not doing what you’re told. Now mom, we want you to take off all your clothes and make sure you do it in a timely manner.”

He released his vice like hold on her hair. Ruby just stood still, her mind racing to process what she had just been told to do.

Thwack! The man standing behind Jill hit her soundly again on her ass. Her shriek was deafening. Partly from pain and partly from surprise.

“Imagine how much more painful those ass strikes will be when she doesn’t have her jeans on,” threatened the large man as he glared at Ruby.

Ruby, still dazed and confused as to her situation, mechanically began unbuttoning her blouse. She had only finished undoing three buttons when the man with the strap beside Jill grabbed the front of Jill’s blouse and ripped it open sending buttons flying across the cold concrete floor.

“When I tell you to do something, I not only expect it to be done, I also expect it to be done quickly. Now bitch, you either strip off your clothes immediately or we will continue stripping your lovely daughter. Do it NOW!”

Ruby picked up the pace but much to her dismay the man with Jill took out a large knife and was cutting the remnants of her blouse from her young body. The blouse fell to the floor leaving Jill with just her bra which barely covered her ample C sized breasts. Her eyes were wide with fear and her breathing deepened. Each deep breath forced her chest out emphasizing her womanly charms.

“Stop! I am undressing as fast as I can. Leave her alone,” shouted Ruby as her mother instincts to protect her daughter kicked in.

“You do NOT tell us what to do whore!” shouted the large man. He then gave a nod to the man beside Jill who expertly sliced through the narrow band of her bra between her breasts. He then followed up with quick cuts through the shoulder straps and let the bra fall to the floor on top of her shredded blouse. All three men were pleasantly surprised when the daughter’s breasts popped free of their restraints. Firm round natural C cup globes topped with small but erect nipples. As Jill struggled in an attempt to escape or at least cover herself her breasts jiggled below her arms which were securely attached to the noose around her neck.

The man with the knife then dropped the knife and picked up the strap again. THWAK! Right across Jill’s bare breasts. Jill shrieked like never before. A combination of surprise and a burning pain across her chest left her screaming for what seemed like forever.

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