Family Affair

by Something Else

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Fiction, Incest, Light Bond, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An extended family of four men and four women are abducted and forced to have sex with each other plus their captors. They are then released and resume their normal lives.

The camera was rolling. It was gathering awesome images. Four men restrained in a sitting position on a large green leather couch nude from the waist down. Standing facing directly in front of them were four stunning looking women, the men’s respective significant others, nude from the waist up. Let the games begin.

How we got to this point.

My surveillance over the past two weeks was paying off. I had discovered a very hot looking mom at the gym, found her name thanks to a talkative lady at the reception desk, located her three children via facebook and eventually found her husband on linkedin. I now knew everything I needed except where they lived. This was easily solved by discretely following the mom home from the gym. I always find it amazing how easy it is in today’s electronic age to find detailed information about complete strangers.

The mom’s name was Anna Stricker. She was forty-five years old but looked much younger. She was extremely fit, probably mostly due to good genes, but her intense exercise regime at the gym also contributed to her toned physique. She wasn’t shy about showing off her hot body at the gym, always wearing tank tops that accentuated her enhanced breasts and short shorts to flaunt her muscular legs.

Anna’s husbands name was David. I couldn’t determine his age but would guess around fifty by looking at his pictures in some of the online albums I could find. A good looking man who also looked after his body. He was CFO for a mid-size manufacturing company and was passionate about golf.

Her oldest child was a son named Adam. Twenty-four years old and looked exactly like his father and recently engaged to a very attractive red head named Rachel. A recent university graduate and beginning a career in the banking industry.

The next sibling, Kari, was twenty-one years old, in her last year of college and a gymnast. She was a slim, petite looking young woman who had the same dazzling smile as her mom. Single but with a boyfriend named Brad who attended the same college.

The youngest of the Stricker clan was twenty year old Korin. She was a younger version of her mom in looks including the enhanced boobs. According to her facebook page she was a party animal and rather than having a boyfriend she had multiple boyfriends. Definitely a good time girl who was enjoying her college years.

The next task was gathering the entire Stricker clan together.

Appealing to greed in humans is the simplest way to get them to do what you want. The second way is through pain.

There was a concert coming up next week in town. It was billed as the All Stars concert with a number of big name acts. It drew a lot of attention and tickets sold out within thirty minutes of going on sale online. Scalpers were now doing their thing and ticket prices skyrocketed into the hundreds of dollars. Despite the sold out status of the concert the hype continued with advertisements and radio show interviews with promoters and performers. Everyone in town knew about the concert but few were going to be lucky enough to actually attend.

I called Anna Stricker on her cell phone, number courtesy of a special online search engine, as she was leaving the gym. I was watching her to observe her reaction from across the street in my car.


“Hi. Is this Mrs A Stricker?”.

“Yes. Who is this?”.

I could tell that she was being cautious and guarded because of the “unknown number” that had displayed on her phone. She actually stopped walking as she focused on my call. Time to make her relax and smile.

“My name is Richard and I’m calling to inform you that you and your family have won tickets to the All Stars concert”.

“Excuse me? We didn’t enter any contests for concert tickets.”

“Correct Mrs Stricker. I represent a company that is growing it’s business in the state and we have randomly selected you and your family for free concert tickets. All we ask in return is for you, or one of your family members, to write a short article about your concert experience which we will include on our company web site.”

I could tell by her body language that she was intrigued but still a little hesitant.

“What does your company do”.

“We are a large financial investment firm that I am sure you have heard of Mrs. Stricker. Empire investments has existed for more than one hundred years and is ranked number five in total assets managed for their clients.”

“My husband looks after our investment decisions. I should talk to him first. Can we call you back?”

“Of course, you can call me anytime Mrs. Stricker but I should point out that by accepting these tickets there is no obligation to use the services of our company. All we ask in return is the short write-up about your concert experience.”

“It sounds good. We talked about going to the concert but were too late to get tickets. Let me discuss with my husband and the kids and we’ll call you back later today.”

I gave her my number and reminded her of my name. I could tell that she was somewhat excited as she had a new bounce in her step as I watched her walk towards her car.

As expected I received a call from David Stricker at dinner time. He clarified what I had already told his wife earlier. Free concert tickets for him, his wife and their children and significant others to a maximum of eight tickets. I also added a bonus. A limousine would pick them up at their home, take them to the concert and then take them back home when the concert was finished.

It was easy. David took the bait without any hesitation. He gave me their home address, which I pretended to write down, and I told him that the limo would arrive at six to pick them up. The only stipulation I made was that all eight participants would be picked up at his home address. I didn’t want to drive all over town collecting people. He said it would be no problem.

My adrenalin was pumping. I had the prey in my sights. The hard part was over.

I contacted my team. Four guys who had been through various abductions and play times with me before. One of the key players ran his own limousine company and a few years ago we made some modifications to one of his cars which allowed us to easily abduct multiple people at the same time. Everyone was available, ready and excited at the prospect of a new party time.

I went home to ready the play room.

I lived on a four acre hobby ranch a few miles outside of town. I wasn’t into ranching but it afforded me the remoteness that I needed. The nearest neighbour was a half a mile away and the house was sheltered from the road by large elm trees that lines the driveway. The house was an older sprawling rancher style with far more rooms that a single person required. I kept most of them closed off and just used the kitchen, living room and one bedroom. Then there was the basement. When I moved into the house the basement was unfinished and much of it still remained that way with the exception of the play room. I had created a large windowless room, concrete on three sides, a metal wall on the fourth side, a solid steel door with double padlocks. There were many electrical outlets to facilitate cameras, lighting, TVs, sex toys and various other play implements.

At five minutes before six in the afternoon Doug, the owner of the limousine, and I pulled up in front of the Stricker home. A nice looking house in an upscale neighborhood. There were multiple cars parked in the driveway which indicated that the entire extended family had arrived. I adjusted my tie and rang the doorbell. Rachel, Adam’s fiancé answered the door.
“Hi. My name is Richard and I’m here to escort you and your family to the concert.”

“Give us two minutes and we’ll be ready Richard.”

Rachel was stunning. Long red hair, lightly freckled face, long slender body and a great rack. I knew, because there were four women involved, that two minutes was going to last ten or fifteen minutes so I went back to the limo and waited with Doug.

“Jimmy called and all the guys are at your house. The extras have been informed that there may be some entertainment for them tonight and will wait for a call.”

“Great. Wait until you see the redhead Doug, she is soooo hot. Seeing her long hair reminded me that I forgot to buy some hair ties. Hopefully one of the women will have some in her purse.”

The Stricker family emerged from their house. It would be hard to imagine a better looking family. The women were all dressed in sexy summer dresses and the guys had nice slacks with open necked dress shirts with the exception of Korin’s boyfriend who wore jeans and a t-shirt. Obviously a bit of a rebel which was confirmed by his tattoos. Will have to keep an eye on this one.

The line of Strickers climbed into the limo as I held the door for them. I told them that it would take about twenty minutes to get to the concert and to relax and enjoy the ride. I asked them if there were any questions and there were none. Once everybody was seated I closed the door with a good shove to make sure it was shut tight. I then climbed into the passenger seat beside Doug.

The glass divider between the passenger area and the driver area was up. Doug had also installed an extra seal around this glass. As we started to roll Doug hit the lock button which automatically locked all doors. The unlock buttons in the passenger area had been disabled as had the window controls. We had our group of eight secured. I checked behind me and our group were settling in and busy jabbering about riding in a limousine.

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