Jerry and Cyndi

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Just another one of my usual. A man finds out he married a slut after 16 years of married bliss.

I had just gotten off work and it had been a bad day so I stopped at Duke’s for a wind-down drink. I was halfway through my vodka tonic when she came in. She being my wife’s best friend Addison.

I was in a back corner and it was a bit dark and I hoped the Addie wouldn’t see me sitting there. No such luck. She scanned the room like she was looking for someone in particular, spotted me and headed my way as I thought “Fuck! Just what I need right now.”

She walked up to me and asked if I would mind if she joined me and the honest answer would have been yes, but I just shrugged, pointed at the seat opposite. As soon as Addie was seated Marsha arrived and asked Addie what she would like and then went to the bar to get it. As soon as Marsha was gone Addie said:

“It isn’t an accident that I’m here. I intended to be waiting for you at your car when you got off work, but I got held up in traffic. I got there just in time to see you get in your car and leave so I followed you here.”

“Why would you be wanting to meet me after work?”

“I needed to talk to you about a situation we are in.”

“A situation? You and me?”

“Yes and I am going to be blunt about it. Your ever loving wife is cheating on you.”

“I know. I’ve known for about six months now. What I’m not understanding is why the bitch’s best friend feels like she has to rat her best friend out.”

“The asshole she is cheating on you with is my husband.”

“I guess she is a bigger slut than I thought. It wasn’t Harvey that she was fucking when I first found out that she was stabbing me in the back.”

“You don’t know the half of it sweetie. She has been fucking around on you since the day you started going steady back in high school.”

“That far back? I thought it was just recently; maybe the last year or so. I thought we were friends Addie. If you have known for that long why haven’t you ever clued me in?”

“I do consider you a friend Jerry, but you have to remember that I didn’t meet you until the eleventh grade. Cyndi has been my best friend since the first grade. I have never approved of what she was doing to you and I’ve tried countless times to get her to stop before she ended up getting caught. I’ve tried to convince her that she could end up losing you, but she always shrugged it off saying that you would never leave her no matter what. That you loved her so much that you would forgive her anything just to keep her.”

“She got it half right.”

“Half right? What does that mean?”

“I’ll keep her, but there won’t be any forgiveness.”

“Why would you keep her?”

“I talked to a divorce attorney and found out what would happen if I went the divorce route. This is a no-fault divorce state. Everything we have gets split fifty/fifty. She would get custody of the kids and child support. She would get to keep the house until Allen reaches eighteen and I would still have to make the house payments, insurance, utilities and upkeep. I would end up paying alimony since I make more than she does. By the time I got done paying all that I would have barely enough left to buy a tent and live out in the woods somewhere. I’d have to learn to live on ramen noodles and water.

“The only bright spots would be that alimony would stop if Cyn ever remarried and when Allen reached eighteen I could sell the house. Even then I would have to give her half.”

“So what are you going to do?”



“Yep. Keep going business as usual until Allen turns eighteen and then I’ll dump the bitch. As long as the cunt doesn’t know that I know I’ll still have a sex life, home cooked meals, my laundry done, a clean house to come home to and unlimited time with my kids. All three are mine by the way. I had DNA tests done without Cyn knowing.”

“She always swore she was so careful that you would never find out. How did she slip up?”

“She gave me a social disease. I didn’t know that is what it was until I went to the clinic, but as soon as they told me what it was I knew Cyn was cheating on me. She is the only girl I’ve touched since we started going steady. Once I knew she was cheating on me I hired a private investigator to look into things and he found out she was fucking her boss. I don’t know if she got it from him or not. From what you just told me she could have gotten it from anyone. As far as I know she still has it and is passing it on. That means that she could have given it to Harv and he may have passed it on to you. You probably should get checked.”

“I thought doctors were required to get a list of whoever you had sex with so they could be called in and checked?”

“I got tested at a clinic. No way was I going to go to the family doctor. When I got tested I told them the only sex I’d had in the last two years was with a paid escort when I went to a convention in Miami. Besides. If I gave them Cyndi’s name they would call her in and cure her. That would keep her from giving it to whoever she cheated on me with and I didn’t want that. It would be just what they deserved for going behind my back and fucking my wife.”

“And you are still making love to Cyndi?”

I laughed at that. “I don’t make love to the bitch; I just fuck her. When I got home from the clinic I told her the doctors said I had a rare skin affliction caused by my prostate and the doctor said it would be best if I always used a condom when I had sex. The stupid cunt bought it. She doesn’t like condoms so our sex life dropped from six or seven times a week to two or three. I think she would stop having sex with me altogether if she thought she could get away with it, but she is smart enough to know if she did it would make me start wondering if she wasn’t getting it someplace else.”

“Allen is only eight. Can you do it for ten more years?”

“I don’t honestly know, but I have to try. My only other option is divorce and we all know how father’s get fucked around when it comes to the custody of the kids. Maybe when James and Carol leave the nest I can pull the plug. Allen will be sixteen then and I could probably handle the divorce provisions for the two years until he turned eighteen.

“And there is always the chance that Allen would chose to go with me if Cyn and I split. If the child is sixteen this state allows the child to choose which parent he wants to live with. For now I’ll just have to tough it out and hope Cyndi gets run over by a bus and I can collect on her life insurance. What are you going to do as far as Harv goes?”

“Don’t know. I haven’t confronted him yet. I thought I would do you the courtesy of filling you in before hitting him with what I know. I figure once I light into him it will all come out in the open because after Harv I will be getting into it with my ex-best friend and when that happens it will be out in the open and you would find out. I just wanted you to be prepared for it.”

“Thank you for the thought. But you have sparked my curiosity and I would like to know a little more about what you know about Cyndi’s activities. I’d like to try and figure out how she could be fucking around on me since we started going steady without me ever having a clue. Christ Addie; that is over sixteen years. I just can’t believe she could get away with it for that long without me ever having a clue.”

“What can I say sweetie; you loved the slut so much you were blind to her faults. You either overlooked or ignored the clues because you loved her so much it never entered your head that she wasn’t the perfect wife and mother you thought she was. Of course I don’t have any room to talk. I felt the same about Harvey until I found out he was fucking Cyndi.”

“How did you catch them?”

“Harv called and said he had to work late and not to hold dinner. I decided to go shopping since he wouldn’t be coming home so I headed for the mall. I have to drive right by your place to get to the mall and I saw Harv’s car in your driveway. I naturally got curious and I pulled over and parked. I’m not some dumb bimbo and I pretty much had figured out what was going on. I knew Cyndi was a slut and Harv had to work late, but his car is parked at your house? Two and two has always added up to four for me.

“You know how Cyndi and I are. We don’t call ahead and we don’t ring doorbells. We just walk in and holler out “Where are you” and wait for the “I’m in the kitchen” or “I’m in the basement.” Having a damned good idea of what I was going to find when I walked in I kept quiet. They were making so much noise they wouldn’t have heard me anyway. The noise was coming from the bedroom so I walked up to it, looked in the open door, verified what I thought was going on and then I left.

“I admit that I was pretty damned close to running in there and attacking both of them, but again, I’m not some dumb bimbo and I knew I couldn’t hurt either of them as bad as Harv could hurt me when he fought back. I figured I could hurt him more by fucking over him in a divorce and I could hurt Cyndi more by letting you know what a slut she was.”

“That was probably the night I was out of town attending that seminar in Dallas.”

“To fuck over him in the divorce I hired a private detective to find me something I could use. He found out that the two of them were getting together in a motel on their lunch hours.”

“You need to hurry home?”

“Not really. Why?”

Care to have dinner with me. You can fill me in on all that I never knew about my devoted and loving wife.”

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