The Most Important Aspect of Seduction

by Grandad1950

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Robert knows how to make love, but hasn't learnt the principal rule of seduction.

Gina smiled when he switched off the light. She turned from the lounge window and her smile broadened as Robert panther padded across the room. He was a well-built six-footer, but moved with the grace of a great cat.

“Why are we in the dark?” she asked.

He turned her to face the window and pulled her into his arms, nestled so tight she could feel the outline of his torso against her back. “We can see the stars so much better without the light,” he hushed.

“Yeah, sure. What are you really up to, Robert?”

“Just being a good friend.”

It was true. Ever since they’d met as students, they’d been best friends who were never slow to hug, always keen to demonstrate their mutual affection. Even so, Gina sensed there was something different.

“OK, my friend,” she sighed, as she lay her head back against his shoulder. “It’s wonderful to see you after so long.”

“Where’s Leonard?”

“Working late ... again. I’m sorry, but you should have warned us. I’m sure he would have been here if he’d known you were back in England.”

“Maybe I wanted you to myself.”

She ran her fingers up the inside of his shirtsleeve. “It is nice when we’re alone. Most times, I’m uncomfortable when Lennie’s with us. Even though he knows we’ve never been more than buddies, it’s almost as though he’s jealous.”

A shiver ran up her spine as Gina realised what was about to happen. She had no idea how she knew, even though there was no doubt. The thought filled her with a mix of trepidation and excitement – mostly the latter.

As she struggled to come to terms, he moved her charcoal hair from her shoulder as his mouth burrowed inside her polo necked sweater. When he located the crook of her neck, the shiver in her spine was replaced with a hot sensation that tingled as his lips trailed kisses upward toward her right ear. Her eyes closed as Robert bathed her neck with soft passion and, long before he made his next move, she knew what to expect.

His hands slipped down to her hips before they moved upwards under her sweater. Once inside, he began a slow exploration of her body. With languid determination, his finger tips moved higher, caressing her stomach, smoothing her midriff, causing every nerve to thrill with the tenderness of his touch ... until he stopped below her bosom. Gina knew she stop him, but the sensation was so wonderful and her hunger so strong, she could only revel in every move of his fingers.

“Darling Gina, I want you.”

Between deep breaths, her voice was soft. “We shouldn’t. Please don’t torture me.”

“Do you want me?”

“Yes, yes ... but I can’t.”

His hands followed her desire as they cupped her breasts. “If I must stop, take my hands away. You know I won’t fight you.”

Gina pulled up her sweater and anchored it with her chin. Her eyes lingered on the outline of her nipples, their tell tale firmness straining against her white bra. Her only thought was how she so desperately wanted him to take them.

Her hands rested on his and, from that moment, she was lost. Instead of removing his embrace, she raised his hands until they enveloped her. With a sigh, Gina rolled her hands over his, pushing them hard against herself.

She knew it was foolish, but she had no control. She abandoned her hold so she could slip her hands between their bodies to undo her bra. Through half closed eyes, she watched as he exposed her. With tender care, he released each breast before he tucked the bra under her sweater. She’d never seen her nipples so enlarged and a blush spread up her neck until her face was aflame.

Robert continued his seduction. He caressed her skin, a smooth embrace from the swell of her breasts, down through her valley, under and around her areolae, careful to avoid contact with her nipples. Gina’s body screamed for his touch, muscles tense in anticipation with a trickle of wetness down her thigh. Her breath surged out with a gasp when he finally captured them. As he rolled and pinched her into submission, the phone rang. She ignored it as Robert’s passion liberated her inhibitions, but as the seconds ticked by, it was as if her thoughts and the phone were screaming to be acknowledged.

The noise stopped, yet almost at once it rang again, its shrillness attacking her, demanding to be answered. Gina pulled away from his embrace, yanked her sweater down and tried to control herself before answering.

Robert stared at her as she gave out the number.

“Hello, Lennie.” She switched on the light. “You got my message then?”

She dared to look at Robert. He smiled at her in a way she’d never seen before, but in a way that did nothing to calm her. “Yes Lennie, he’s here now. You want to speak to him?”

She handed him the phone and, while the men exchanged pleasantries, poured a large whiskey. Her gaze fell to the bulge in his trousers. It fascinated her. When she managed to avert her eyes to look at his face, the wicked smile he’d given her earlier had returned.

Robert rang off and replaced the phone on the coffee table. “He can’t make it back home.” He winked. “At least, not for an hour or so.”

“You should go,” she whispered.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yes, of course.” She gulped a large sip. “Robert, please. If you care for me, you’ll leave now.”

“Do you still want me?”

“What do you think?”

He gazed into her dewy eyes and attempted a smile. “Thank you for that - if nothing else. OK, I’ll go then.”

In the hallway, there was an uncomfortable silence as he put on his overcoat. It seemed to Gina that he was anxious to say something. He was fidgeting and awkward, when he’d always been so relaxed with her.

“I don’t know when we’ll meet again,” he said. “Finally, we’ve found a property which we both like, although it needs a load of renovation work. Marcia arranged a lunch time meeting with the estate agent, so I have an early morning flight.”

Gina nodded.

Robert looked as though he wanted to say more, but she was scared she might invite him back to the lounge. She gave him a hug – a friendly hug – and a gentle push towards the door.

Outside, he stood on the welcome mat and shrugged. “I guess the secret to a successful seduction is the same as telling a joke. It’s all down to timing.”

She glared. “Goodbye, Robert.”

Gina closed the door, leant against it and trembled. It took a while before she was able to control herself and return to the lounge, where she extinguished the light. Back at the window, that time she noticed the stars. There was a frost, it was cloudless and a myriad of brilliant pinholes filled the sky. She saw Robert cross the street, turn and look up at the window, before walking away down the street.

With eyes closed, she leant back her head and raised her sweater. Her nipples were firm in readiness. She swirled her fingertips around them, pinched them before fondling away the pain, rolled and pulled on them until she was almost breathless.

She fantasised he was still with her as she cried out, “Oh, Robert.”

She undid the zip on her skirt and let it fall. Her panties were soaked with desire. Her mind directed his fingers inside and downwards until his tender touch covered her lips. Robert took her and held her in his hand. His caress was soft on her hairs, stroking them, loving them. When Gina could stand it no longer, his middle fingers sunk between her lips and she was lost once more.

His touch turned the trickle into a flood as ecstasy took over. With every gasp of passion, the climax intensified. Her legs failed and she collapsed to the floor while his fingers probed her entrance. She slipped her panties down, parted her thighs and raised her bottom from the floor as she offered herself. While one hand fondled her clitoris, his other fingers began to thrust in and out. With every stroke of his firmness, she lay helpless. Robert continued to pleasure her until, with one final scream, one last orgasm, her body was subdued.

Gina lay exhausted, fighting to slow the out of control beat of her heart. Her eyes opened and she was alone. The frustration was gone, but not the yearning.


Over the hubbub of the party, Gina heard the piano.

Damn! she thought. He’s here. I’d recognise his style anywhere.

She threaded her way through the guests with a succession of ‘Sorry’s’ and ‘Excuse me’s’ until she reached him.

Just when I presumed it was safe to come out of hiding.

She leant on the piano and watched his hands as they moved with graceful precision over the keyboard. It was fifteen months since she’d seen Robert, since she was entranced by his slender touch, as the embrace of her breasts began his sweet seduction. The seduction that never happened, except in her mind.

He was so annoyingly adept, playing Foolish Games with such confident ease, as though it was a mere practise of the scales. The pain of the lyrics cut through her. ‘In case you failed to notice, in case you failed to see, this is my heart bleeding before you. This is me down on my knees.’

She pushed back her hair, as she stood upright.

“Hi, Gina,” he said, offering his ‘good to see you’ smile.

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