There's an App for That...

by wandrer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic, Mind Control, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Humiliation, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, Body Modification, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A husband stumbles across a special, oddly customized app for his tablet from SRU-Online, named after his wife. Only after some experimentation does he realize the changes he is making are not only taking place in the app... ----- Old school story codes: mf, mc, tf, mast, be, humil

“Oh, dammit...”

Eric scowled at his new tablet. He liked it, but he was still getting used to the interface. He’d been trying to search for some new applications, and had accidentally pasted his wife’s name into the email field from the email he’d been writing earlier, before hitting search. He moved his hand to try again, when...

“ ... Huh?”

He blinked in surprise as he realized the search had actually returned a result. The screen actually listed an app with the name “Nancy Simmins”, or more accurately:

“What the hell is ‘Nancy Simmins Control’?” Eric muttered to himself.

“What was that, honey?” his wife called from the kitchen.

“Uh - nothing,” he replied, and heard her go back to clinking around in the other room as she’d been doing previously. With a half-smile of amusement, Eric tapped the screen, bringing up the summary of the little application. It was surprisingly sparse - the summary read in its entirety: “Control of Nancy Simmins.” Not particularly helpful. The maker was someone called “SRU-O Enterprises”, for whom a brief internet search revealed nothing.

Eric was about to move on from the app - obviously it couldn’t really have anything to do with his wife, being the technophobe she was. How would she be involved in an app? There must be another Nancy Simmins out there, though what she was doing putting her name on her own app was beyond Eric. His finger moved back to the search window ... and paused.

Still ... it was kind of funny, actually. And it was listed as free. How could he pass up free? He suppressed a small chuckle - especially for controlling his wife. Nancy wasn’t exactly the most quiet and retiring woman - Eric was hardly the controlling one in the relationship. Not that he minded terribly, he liked strong women. Though once in a while he wouldn’t mind being a little more in charge...

With a quick stab, Eric purchased the app, blushing slightly at the ridiculous reasoning going on his brain. He watched as the little icon loaded on the screen, and then poked at it with his finger.

A bright splash screen popped up - terrible design, Eric thought - and then he rolled his eyes as it was quickly followed by a voluminous EULA screen. “VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THE TERMS BELOW,” the text read, ominously, “ ... blah blah blah ... private use only ... blah blah blah ... NOTE: Any modifications saved are per-”

“Whatever,” Eric muttered, hitting “I Agree”. A second screen popped up, and he read it, then snorted out a laugh. It read:

“WARNING: In addition to the normal functions of this app, natural inhibitions and natural conscience of the user may be temporarily reduced.”

“Uhh, OK?”

He was feeling increasingly silly about this whole thing. What did he think this was going to be anyway? With another eye roll at the annoying Loading screen, with its slow-moving progress bar, he leaned over to grab his drink after probably thirty seconds. This was a huge waste of time, he was realizing. If it wasn’t done in a few more seconds, he thought as he took a sip, he was going to delete it and -

Suddenly he choked, and then coughed, spewing his soda over his lap and the screen of the tablet.

“You OK in there?” Nancy called again.

“NOTHING! I mean ... yes, fine ... just - fine, drink went down wrong, uh ... pipe,” Eric stammered out.

His heart was pounding as he quickly wiped off the screen and looked at what the app was displaying. It was ... impossible. He blinked in shock and disbelief as he stared at it. On the left side of the screen were large buttons “Control”, “Modify”, “Add-Ons”. On the right...

Oh the right, spinning slowly, arms outstretched ... was a nude picture of his wife!

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His wife hated to be photographed at all, and the idea of a nude picture - which he’d floated on occasion - was anathema to her. She had made that very clear. And yet ... there was no question the slowly rotating image was Nancy. Her pale, freckled skin was remarkably detailed in the image, and he knew her body well enough to recognize the patterns of freckles (which he adored) on her shoulders and face. Her red hair tumbled down over those freckled shoulders, at the exact length it was now. Her cute face had a blank expression, unblinking and placid. Her medium-sized, slightly heavy breasts hung down with their realistic sag, pink nipples angled slightly downwards. Her body had an overall softness to it that she’d gained over the last year or so - this picture ... or model really, had to have been done in the last few months, at the longest.

But ... that was impossible. Wasn’t it?

Trembling, he reached a finger out to touch the image. He found he could spin and rotate her in any direction ... and after a moment, he realized he could actually do more than that. He held a finger on her knee, and after a moment realized he could lift her leg up. Quickly he did the same to the other one and stared at the image of his wife, staring calmly back at him while her legs were spread lewdly, the red curls between her legs hiding the pink folds beneath. With a hard swallow, he pinched his fingers and zoomed in, staring at a full screen view of his wife’s naked pussy.

His blush deepened as he suddenly realized he was rock hard beneath his jeans. He’d always coveted the idea of pictures of his wife, being something of a voyeur. And this impossible model of her, a naked virtual doll of his wife which he could pose however he’d like...

What else could this app do?

He looked over at the options on the left. His finger wavered between “Control” and “Modify” - “Add-Ons” could wait - and finally hit “Modify”. What could he change on the model, he wondered?

The background color changed, though the model stayed the same. Instructional text briefly scrolled sideways along the bottom.

“Tap the area you want to modify for a list of options.”

Eric shivered with anticipation as brief flashes highlighted parts of her body - mouth, eyes, breasts, ankles (really?), pussy...

“Note, currently you can only make basic body modifications. For more extensive options, please purchase additional add-ons.”

Only basic modifications, huh? Eric wondered what that meant. Staring at the screen for a moment, Eric finally gave up on pretending he was going to somehow be respectful, and tapped the folds of his wife’s pussy.

He stared at the options that popped up, feeling the thudding of his arousal through his whole body at this point. Some of them he had no idea how they’d manifest on the model - Sensitivity (Clitoral and Penetration)? Tightness? While others he was highly intrigued by - Color, Length (both presumably of pubic hair?). Finally, picking one on a whim, he tapped “Wetness”.

A second window popped up, and Eric suppressed a laugh. He looked at the slider, which was currently perhaps a third of the way to the top. He’d actually always thought of his wife as getting fairly wet when aroused, at least compared to other girls he’d been with (something he was particularly fond of about her). The text read, laconically, “Slick and Damp”. If it was only a third of the way up, though ... how wet could he make her? And, he thought with a glance at the still spread legs of his wife in the model, whose pink pussy - while tantalizing - was clearly not particularly wet ... how did he get it to show on the model? He glanced at the other slider and wondered if that was it. It read “Necessary Arousal”, and was set around the middle, reading “Moderately Aroused”. He slid it down towards the bottom, through “Slightly Aroused” and “Any Arousal”, all the way down to “Always”.

He drew a shuddering breath as he watched the zoomed in model. The folds of her pussy reddened slightly ... and began to glisten with obvious wetness.

“Oh that’s just ... neat,” Eric breathed.

He moved his finger over to the slider and had to pause for a second - he was shaking with excitement. He felt a little ridiculous getting this worked up over an app, but even the imaginary control over the nude image of his wife was unbelievably erotic. He placed his finger on the slider and moved it. Down at first, just out of curiosity (“Damp”, “Moist”, “Dry” ... that wasn’t any fun), then back up. He bit his lip as he passed her original setting and moved to “Slippery”, then “Dripping” - sure enough, drops of the fluid began to drip off of the lips of “Nancy’s” pussy. He pushed it up as far as it would go - probably three-quarters of the way up - and lifted his finger off, breathing hard.

The image was currently set to “Gushing” and ... well, for a girl she was certainly doing that. The juices of the virtual Nancy, where before they had been glistening mostly on her pussy lips, were now visibly dribbling out of the lewdly splayed girl on the screen, running down the pink skin between her pussy and ass, and then dripping off of her like a leaking faucet into the space below.

A small exclamation point next to the slider glowed red, with a short message “For further increases to wetness and other options, you’ll need to purchase the ‘Fluids’ add-on.” He looked at the dripping girl on the screen, and snorted - how much wetter could she get? Any more and shed be in a constant state of squirting, practically. No, she was just delicious as it was now.

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