A Means to an End

by auguy86

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Celebrity, Tear Jerker, Paranormal, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Small Breasts, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Jaime Little is one of the hottest up-and-coming porn starlets in Hollywood... until one bad day upends everything. But when she flees town to clear her head, she begins to find the life she always dreamed of in the place she least expected to find it.

Greetings, readers! This story is another one-shot story I’ve written for the 2017 Summer Lovin’ contest over on Literotica. As such, I’d love to hear your honest opinions of the story, good, bad, or otherwise, so that I can make sure it’s in prime form for the contest next month. If you would please leave a comment or send me a message with your thoughts, I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks, and enjoy!

“I don’t know, Bobby ... are you sure I’ll like this?”

“Come on, Jaime. Don’t leave me hangin’ girl...”

“But, I’m not sure what to do?”

“It’s easy, babe. Just pretend it’s a big lollipop.”


Ever so slowly, Jaime began to stroke the massive cock in front of her. Her grasp was tentative and her hands trembled. She had never done anything like this before. As she began to lick the tip, a million questions and worries entered her mind. What if she wasn’t any good? What if she was too good, and this was all Bobby ever wanted to do with her? What if her parents caught them? Despite her fears, she slowly began to take his length in her mouth. Inch-by-inch, she began to engulf him, being careful not to bite or scratch his shaft in the process. A little pressure from her cheeks, and it wouldn’t be long before he-


In an instant, the entire cast and crew relaxed, setting their equipment aside for the moment.

“Bobby, that was perfect. Jaime, what the fuck was that?” the director snapped.

“What do you mean, Mr. Macho?”

“You’re one of the best cocksuckers in the business, and that’s the best you can do?! Gimmie a fuckin’ break!”

“I was trying to remain in character,” Jaime explained. “I may be a master of giving blowjobs, but the Jaime in this story is not. I wanted that to show in my portrayal of her.”

Rocco Macho sighed in exasperation. “Take ten, everyone. Jaime, walk with me,” he said, waving at her dismissively.

Jaime Little rolled her eyes, catching a look from Bob Shock, her costar. He knew as well as she did how impossible it was working with an asshole like Rocco Macho. Still, he paid well, better than almost anyone else in the porn industry. A contract with him was typically too lucrative to turn down, though Jaime was beginning to wonder if it was all worth it. Grabbing her pink, satin bathrobe and smoothing out the braided pigtails of her auburn hair, she sauntered down the hallway toward Rocco’s office. The tall man with poorly bronzed skin stood at his desk, head down in frustration.

“Mr. Macho?”

“Come in, close the door,” he replied. “Trying to remain in character?! What the fuck is that, Jaime?!”

“An acting choice,” Jaime replied, trying to hide her incredulity.

“Acting choice,” Rocco snorted. “When are you gonna get it into your empty head? You’re not an actress; you’re a model! I pay you well to model on camera, say a few lines at my direction, and that’s it!”

“But if I can help improve the product-”

“NOT your call!” Rocco shouted. “This is my film, not yours. I call the shots. You don’t do anything without my say so. You piss when I tell you, breathe when I tell you, and fuck who I tell you. And if you’ve got a problem with that, we can just nullify your contract with my studio.”

“You can’t do that!” Jaime protested.

“Oh no? Read the fine print,” he countered, tossing a copy of the contract to her. “It’s in all my contracts. Section seven, paragraph three: any and all creative decisions are to be made by the director. Creative changes are not to be offered by the actors or crewmembers; the director will solicit their advice should it be needed. Any creative changes made by an actor during production, commonly referred to as ‘improvising’, can be considered a breach of contract.”

“Son of a bitch...” Jaime muttered.

“It’s all right there. I’ve got you for breach of contract with that little stunt you tried to pull out there. But hey, I’m a nice guy,” he continued, walking close to Jaime and placing a hand on her cheek. “I’ll let it slide this time, if you promise to be a good little fuckslut from now on. It’s the last day of filming, after all. No sense in destroying everything we’ve done so far, right? But make no mistake; I’ll yank your paycheck and everything you’ve got coming down the road if you so much as think of going off script. Is that clear?”

Jaime felt him tilt her head up by the chin to look him in the eyes. She didn’t immediately respond, still processing everything that was happening.

“I SAID IS THAT CLEAR, BITCH?!” Rocco roared, delivering a painful slap across her face.

Jaime stumbled to the floor, whimpering in pain. Taking a deep breath, she collected herself and stood to face Rocco.

“Yes, Mr. Macho. I understand,” she managed as she fought back tears.

“Good. Take five, get yourself cleaned up. You look disgusting,” Rocco said, pushing her out the door of his office.

Jaime hustled to her dressing room to straighten out her hair and clean her makeup. Standing in front of the floor mirror, she sighed at the image staring back at her. Jaime was, in a word, petite. She was not even five feet tall with long hair extending down to the middle of her back, which shimmered in the perfect shade of auburn. Her lithe, thin body was fit, supple, and milky white; Jaime had never been able to tan due to her Irish heritage. Her pretty, impish face was a sight to behold, barring the streaks of mascara beginning to form.

Taking a deep breath, Jaime mustered up as much courage as she could and returned to the set. She completed the rest of her shots as best as she was able, but her heart wasn’t in it anymore. Once they had wrapped, Bob made a halfhearted attempt to see if she was alright, but a glare from Rocco soon convinced him to leave her be. At last, as everyone was leaving for the day, Jaime found a moment of quiet solitude in her dressing room. Pulling out her cellphone, she dialed one of her most frequent contacts.

“Alexis? It’s Jaime. Can we meet up tonight? I really need someone to vent to.”

“He did WHAT?!”

“It’s true...”

“Oh my god ... are you hurt in any way?” Alexis probed.

“No, I’m fine. He wasn’t trying to do any damage,” Jaime replied.

“Seriously, you need to think about suing him.”

“Are you insane?! He’s way too powerful! Besides, it’d just be my word against his; there’s no physical proof.”

“You’re saying nobody heard anything?”

Jaime shook her head. “No, his office is soundproofed. I figured it was mainly for ... extracurricular activities, but it works for this, too.”

“Shit ... there’s really nothing you can do?”

“Not that I can think of...”

The two young women sat for quite some time in the Starbucks, as they so often did. Three years ago, when Jaime had first moved out to California to start work as an adult film model, Alexis Forrest had been her first roommate and her only true friend. Being three years older than Jaime, Alexis had quite a bit of experience in the industry, helping her new friend learn the ropes and making sure she didn’t find herself in dangerous situations. As they sat across from each other, Jaime couldn’t help but laugh at how different they were: she, the short, petite Irish girl, and Alexis, the tall, curvy brunette with some of the largest natural tits in the business.

“Damn ... I wish I could help you somehow,” Alexis muttered. “I’d gladly ask my producer to bring you on with his studio, but they’re producing big-tit and MILF films almost exclusively nowadays.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be a good fit there,” Jaime admitted.

“I have to admit I’m pretty impressed that you’re still able to play the barely-legal roles at your age. I mean, you’re almost twenty-two, right?”

“Yep, in two months.” Leaning forward, Jaime said in a lower voice, “Can you keep a secret?”

“Of course, girlfriend!”

“I ... I really hate playing these barely-legal roles. I know they’re super-popular and make great money, but I feel like I’m just pretend jailbait for all these pervs with secret fantasies about underage girls. I really wish I had a more womanly body, like yours. Then I could move on to more dignified roles.”

“I know what you mean, but it’s not all that and a bag of chips. Just because I can play more mature women doesn’t make the roles any more dignified. Let’s be honest; there’s not much about our work that helps our dignity!”

The two women shared a laugh at that one.

“All the same,” Alexis continued, “I do still love what I do, but what about you, Jaime? Are you still enjoying your time out here?”

“I mean ... this has always been a means to an end for me. Work a few years, save up a bunch of money to strike out on my own, have some fun and see California in the process. That sort of thing.”

“I find it interesting that you didn’t say you love this work,” Alexis replied with a knowing grin.

“Yeah ... I guess I’m not sure what I want. I know, I’m such a girl right?”

“How much do you have saved away?”

“A lot ... more than I’m comfortable saying out loud,” Jaime said sheepishly.

“Seriously?” Alexis asked, her eyebrows shooting up.

“Yeah. I’ve lived on the cheap ever since I first arrived here in LA. Tiny apartment, no partying or drinking, home cooked meals...”

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