The Horrors of E-mail

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Taryn enjoys cybering with an unknown male in a chat room. The shock was his real identity that was discovered as a result of a very personal photo he sent her and his girlfriend.

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Shutting off my computer after another stimulating session of cybering with an unknown male had me excited and horny. We had met in Bianca’s conference and he suggested we should go to a private chat room, that was nine weeks ago. I always felt so invigorated after a cybering with him. My dildo got a good workout after every session. During tonight’s cyber I had my panties at my ankles and my fingers on the keyboard and on my clitoris.

I am Taryn Ryan and at thirty-eight I was in very good shape. I exercised regularly and that kept my breasts and hips taunt and solid. I still could wear a skimpy bikini and turned heads to boot. My breasts hadn’t totally surrendered to the laws of gravity. My measurements of 36-28-35 hadn’t changed for years. I amply filled my 36c bra. My pride and joy body wise were my nipples and clitoris that stick out nearly an inch when I was excited. I was very partial to thongs, G-Strings and matching bras. I never wore pantyhose but liked nylons and a garter belt.

My divorce was to be final in three weeks. I hadn’t lived with my husband for nearly five years. He decided to seek greener pastures with his secretary but after she had spent all his money she left him with his dick hanging out. I had no idea what he was doing or where he was living. The divorce was nearly automatic, as we hadn’t share living quarters for so long. I might have been a little slow about his indiscretion but I wasn’t that slow. Two weeks prior to him taking off I opened a bank account and transferred ninety percent of our joint account. I also cleaned out our safety box of all the joint bonds and stocks. Recalling that day I don’t know why I did it; call it women’s intuition. As it turned out my intuition served me well. He attempted to recover some of the assets but my lawyer was good and my ex ended up with his legal bill as well as mine to pay. He left me alone after that engagement.

My salvation was my older sister and her family. She stood by me from start to finish. She was always there for me as was her family, especially her fifteen-year old son Don and my niece, fourteen year old Camryn. She was very special to me. We usually spent one night together each week, usually a Friday or Saturday. We had a very special relationship that developed shortly after the divorce proceedings started. She was my baby doll, my anchor. Her closeness helped me keep my sanity during the early days of the legal wrangling. Don was my handy man around the house. He mowed the lawns, made sure the pool was clean; he had even done some plumbing when the toilet leaked. He was a good kid. Mind you, I should not say kid as he was a young man nearly six feet tall with a magnificent body. I had wondered just how well-endowed he was. I had seen him in his Speedo that molds his equipment like a second skin. He had nothing to be ashamed of: I did, for thinking of him sexually.

I was a manager of a local bank well thought of in the community. I attended church regularly, usually accompanied by Don or Camryn. Their parents attended as well but Don or Camryn accompanied me. I was a pillar of the community, making sure I was present all civic functions and donated to all the local charities. It was something that was expected in my position. Fortunately I was well paid for my job with an expense account that covers most of my civic duties. That’s why I loved the Internet; it was so private you can be anyone you want.

My love life without my husband was very limited. I had kept my sanity because of the relationship Camryn and I had developed. She might be young in years but she was mature beyond all measures. I had had a few dates but they went nowhere. I had a gay friend that usually accompanied me to the required functions. It was a good front for him as well as myself as I had a very attractive escort. We had been close friends for fourteen years. Don had also been my escort to functions where there were a large number of teenagers. It worked out good for me as my branch had the highest number of youth accounts in the state that I attributed a good deal of that to Don’s presence at the functions. Our tracking notes that we got a high percentage of the parents opening accounts within six months of their teens. It had resulted in many bonuses for me. I had a good team that develops the relationships between our clients and the bank resulting in new business.

Today was my fifteenth anniversary at the bank. I bought a new business suit just for the occasion. Several of my superiors would be dropping in during the day with congratulations. There was also a rumor I might be considered for a supervisory position. The suit accented all my assets. It certainly showed off my breasts and was molded to my body. I selected all my accessories to match and also amplify my assets. My lipstick, nail gloss and shoes matched my necklace and earrings against the black of my suit resulted in many complements during the day. I felt great as tonight Camryn was coming over after dinner. I was looking forward to her visit.

Don came into the bank and then to my office.

“Oh my, Aunty you look ravishing. I wish I was old enough to date you.”

“Well age isn’t everything. You can ask me for a date. We can go to MacDonald’s for a burger.”

“Mrs. Ryan, would you please accompany me to MacDonald’s for dinner tonight.”

“Certainly Mr. Parson. Pick me up at six fifteen at the front of the bank. You don’t mind if I drive?”

“No that will be fine. I’ll see you then.”

As he left I couldn’t help but admire his buns. Some young girl was going to go wild when he gave her his all.

As expected, I was visited by three of my superiors; Mr. Blackmore’s was the best. He brought my bonus check with him. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount and was told the extra was a result of my branch’s outstanding performance as compared to the rest in my division. I knew what the extra would be spent on. My cyber buddy had continually asked for nude pictures of me especially my nipples and clitoris. I had my eye on a new digital camera with a timer just what I needed for self-portraits.

My friend John arrived at the bank about two with a large slab cake decorated with many flowers and an inscription “Congratulations to a great Friend.” For the balance of the afternoon I handed out slices of cake to many of the bank’s clients who came down for my day. It seemed my co-workers had a silent campaign to make all the bank customers aware of the day’s celebrations. This action really impressed my superiors they commented several times on the dedication of my staff. I learned a long time ago you can’t accomplish much by yourself I took pride in treating my staff with dignity and learned the art of delegating long ago.

Five thirty finally came. The bank closed at five but it usually took a half an hour to put away today’s work in the vaults. I took a few minutes to freshen my makeup. I tried to convince the bank to put in a shower but so far it had fallen on deaf ears. I would love to shower and put on a fresh bra and panties.

Looking in the mirror I viewed a woman I was proud to be. In my mind I looked professional and very sheik. My breasts were high with the help of a very expensive bra. I undid one more button to allow a bit more cleavage to show. I knew Don secretly looks down my blouse, might as well give him a show.

As I did my final check of the bank’s security I noticed Don waiting beside my car. He had changed into his Sunday best. He did look sharp. I couldn’t believe how attractive he was for his age. He looked sharp in his suit. Tonight called for a celebration and not at Mac Donald’s.

“Don you look sharp tonight. It will be my pleasure to have you as my date.”

Don was so self-conscious and blushed easily. I gave him a hug and pushed my breasts into his chest. I watched as his monster took notice of my body and perfume. His tool looked so good tenting. I opened the car and unlocked his door.

“Don I want to go to a good restaurant, my treat. I got an unexpected bonus to day.”

“Yes Aunt Taryn I would enjoy that. I know you and Camryn are spending the night. So we can eat and leave early. Camryn was getting ready when I left home. She and Brianna are going to the mall now. She told me she expected you about eight.”

“First of all just call me Taryn. Aunt makes me feel old. We will have a good meal and I can drop you off anywhere you want before I pick up Camryn.”

“I have to go home and get out of his monkey suit. I hope to meet Brianna there.”

Brianna is a young girl Camryn’s age, very well put together with long red flowing hair which she usually wore in an attractive pony tail. I had had many thoughts about her.

Dinner was pleasant and filling. The service was superb. Tony the manager was one of my clients. He always made sure I wanted for nothing. Don showed his appreciation by downing a meal that would keep a normal family fed for a week. That boy had a large appetite. It was nearly eight when we left.

“Taryn, thank you for an excellent meal, it is a pleasure to be your date tonight.”

“It is I that should be thanking you for your company. You took time away from Brianna to be with me. She is a very attractive young lady.”

“So are you Taryn.”

I noticed he was looking down my blouse. I leaned over to give in the full view of my lacy demi bra that just covers my nipples leaving a lot for his imaginations. Again I noticed the effect on his erection as his pants were tenting. I hoped he’d get some relief with Brianna.

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