The Pickup

by Paris Waterman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Analingus, Exhibitionism, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Squirting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jim & Nora prowl the town looking for action and find it in 16 year old Ulla walking through the rain in her Daisy Dukes. Torrid sex follows.

Nora and I were just out cruising around looking for some sexual companionship---something we did each weekend beginning Friday evening. We’d had no luck last night, but Saturday around noon we were out again, looking—looking---looking, and hit pay dirt in a dirty blonde about 15 or 16 years old, dressed, well I’m not sure that dressed really applies, but attired in short, short “Daisy Dukes”, and an even smaller top—in that it barely covered the undersides of her braless tits that was unprepared for the sudden torrential downpour.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Nora crowed loudly, and despite hating getting her hair wet, stuck her head out the window and called to the blonde. “Hey, c’mon, get in! There’s no sense drowning like a rat out there!”

The blonde needed no further encouragement, seemingly fortified by the fact that we were a couple and appeared innocent to her young eyes.

My eyes by the way, were transfixed on her tits, guesstimated as probable “34-C’s from the way they wobbled as she clambered into the backseat of my two month-old Cherry Mustang convertible.

“Where are you headed?” Nora inquired with only the slightest turn of her head. I kept my eyes on the road, with only the occasional peek at her through the rear-view mirror.

“Well it was ‘posed to be a great day at the pool, you know?” she said for openers. “But Dina and Liz didn’t show, didn’t call, didn’t text—nothing. That left me on my own. Okay, I’m all right with ‘dat, you know? I mean, I can find plenty of rides home from the pool, right?”

I nodded, but doubted she noticed as she kept talking. Nora didn’t interrupt her either. We knew enough about sexy young teens to keep quiet until absolutely necessary.

“So there was this first downpour and when I got off the friggin’ bus the pool was deserted. I thought about taking in a movie, but they turned me away---like you have to be dressed for a formal dinner or something to get in their stupid $8 dollar flick.”

Nora took that as an opportunity to jump into the conversation. “So that’s when we came along, right?”

“Yeah ... and thanks a lot!” She wiped her face and flicked the raindrops on the floor of the Mustang.

“Did it bother me? Hell yeah, it annoyed the shit out of me, but then again, I planned on fucking her on those same white leather seats as soon as possible, and so did Nora for that matter.

I felt her checking me out a moment later. It didn’t concern me. I’m confident that at 35, and handsome enough to get the leading roles in several of the Ensembles productions over the last three years, and added to that I dress well, wear decent clothing, have a very good smile and a deep baritone voice that Nora tells me makes her cunt quiver when I put a growl into it.

“So, what’s your name?” Nora inquired.

“Ulla,” the teen replied. “Isn’t that crazy? My mother was fascinated by the princess in the Star Wars movie and named me after her. Of course she spelled the name wrong on my birth certificate and I’m stuck with it until I’m old enough to change it.”

“Do you have a new name all picked out already?” Nora inquired as she gave my cock a good solid squeeze.

“You bet I do!” Ulla replied. “Soon’s I’m eighteen I’ll get before a judge and have him change it!” she said brightly.

“To what, may I ask?” I said, wanting to get my two cents in before Nora.

“Leia, of course; I want to fix my mom’s mistake.”

Conversation came to a brief halt then and Ulla took the opportunity to examine Nora more closely. Nora caught her at it and turning her head toward Ulla asked, ““What do you think of us?”

“Uhhh...” Typical teenage response.

Nora laughed. She has a very pleasant laugh, almost musical and Ulla seemed captivated by it. “Well, you know the mirror works both ways. So what do you think of us?”

Ulla returned the smile. I took note of her beautiful white teeth. There was a very slight gap between her two front teeth. I also see that her eyes really are blue.

“What do I think?”

“Yes, do you think we make a nice couple?”


It’s obvious we’ve over-reached our little subject and Nora makes a key decision by clarifying the question, i.e., making it simpler; “Since you are not saying anything, may I say that I find you rather attractive? Wouldn’t you say so, Jim? Oh, and by the way, I’m Nora. You know, as in the Garden of Eden.”

Everyone laughed at Nora’s witticism.

Apparently that was enough to loosen Ulla’s vocal chords.

“I—I think you’re both very attractive and well dressed. Are you rich?”

“No, I replied, “Not rich, I have a decent job as does Nora and we invest our money ... wisely, we hope.”

“Oh,” Ulla responds, but quickly follows with: “You’re a good-lookin’ couple, that’s what I think.”

“Well thank you,” I say, “You know; we have the same tastes in many, many things.”

Nora jumped into the conversation then, adding, “The same needs, the same desires and at the same times. Isn’t that unusual?”

I was never quite certain if what came next was deliberate or accidental, but Ulla blurted: “And what do you both want right now?”

Nora and I exchanged a glance, then a smile. Nora laughed that musical laugh before answering, and then said: ““Well, if you had asked that question just before we met you, we would have said that we wanted to go back to our place, and change, before going out to

“But now,” I said, jumping in, “we want you.”

Ulla’s gasp was audible throughout the Mustang. Suddenly she became very self-conscious and used both arms to cover her breasts.

“Wha—Wha—what does that ... mean? Hey, you know ... I’m only fifteen...”

Both Nora and I realized our somewhat brusque approach hadn’t taken into consideration the possibility she hadn’t encountered anything close to our suggestion from older adults. Obviously she was startled and confused---But, and it was a big but, the girl hadn’t asked us to stop and let her out.

“That means,” I told her as calmly as possible, “that we would like to have you near us, in our
bedroom, and that we would like to kiss you, and caress you, and a thousand other things. Both of us, you know, at the same time.”

“What do you think of that?” Nora quickly added, seeing the girl hesitate. “We’re not pulling your leg, Ulla. We’re 100% serious. We want you.”

Ulla stared at us for a long moment, and then said: “Umm, my parents expect me home by 9:30.”

“Good,” Nora responded quickly. “It’s 6:24 now. Here is what I suggest, you come with us to our place, have a drink after toweling off, and then we all take our clothes off and pleasure you until you tell us to stop.

Nora and I waited patiently for Ulla’s answer.

“I have your word on that?”

“Yes, of course,” Nora replied.

“But what about him? Jim, I mean.”

“You have my word on that as well, Ulla,” I said, half-turning to deliver the words.

“Mmmm, okay then, I’ll give it a try.”

“So Ulla, have you been with a couple before?” Nora inquired in a nonchalant way that wouldn’t embarrass the teenager.

“Umm, no,” she answered and began gnawing at a cuticle on her left hand.

“Really?” I said, “This is the first time?”

“Umm, yeah, like I don’t meet couples very often.”

“Mmm, but you have been with a man,” I asked with a smile.

“Umm, yeah...”

“You aren’t a virgin?”

“No ... I lost it last year ... and then I did it again two months ago.”

“Same lucky guy?” Nora asked and added a giggle.

That got a similar giggle out of Ulla. “No, not the same guy. Not at all.”

“Did you do it often?”

“Not with the first ... that was kinda awkward, you know? But the second guy, he was ... much better, you know?”

“Ah, well an experienced woman. The best kind, am I right Nora?”

“So how many times? A woman counts her lovers, Jim; Ulla knows what I mean.”

“Umm, must have been six or seven times with Mitchell, but ... umm...”


“What?” Nora prodded.

“I umm, did it with a few girls too.”

“Well that’s good news,” Nora said. Then I won’t be all that much of a surprise, will I?”

Ulla giggled, and said, “Not likely!” This last was uttered in a liberated and mature way.

I knew then that Nora and I would be enjoying our time with Ulla.

“But how old are you, really?” Nora asked.

“Sixteen,” she replied, adding another year to her age.

“Do you have a lot of girlfriends?” I threw this in to keep her from realizing she’d told us a little fib. Young girls are sometimes flustered when caught in a lie. For that matter so are older women, but I’m veering off course here.

“A few; but this time of year only two. The others are off with their parents, you know?”

Nora knew enough to take over at that point for I was nearing our destination.

“So umm, when you get bored, you know, sexually ... you umm, caress yourself?”

“You mean do I masturbate?” Ulla said, trying to wrest control from Nora.

Nora allowed her to fall into the trap she’d devised for the teenager. “Mmmm, yes I should have used the right word, shouldn’t I?”

“Oh ... I masturbate often. Probably two or three times a day.”

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