by Wrath's Child

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Interracial, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A violent monster of a man finds peace, and love, in a single act of kindness.

Author’s Note: As a new author, it means the world to me, to see that my words are able to touch others. To those who say they look forward to my new work, I beg your patience. I proofread, and edit my own work, so periodically, I am forced to stop, and read through each story, correcting, adding, subtracting, and expanding upon ideas. So please, be patient with me, as each work needs that effort, to take on the life I hope to breathe into it. For those who wish to give feedback to me, please, feel free to contact me via e-mail: master (dot) twitch1 AT gmail (dot) com

Hi, I’m Tommy Granthem, and trust me when I say it, I am a very bad man, and you do NOT want to get to know me. It’s not that I’m the kind of person who goes out of his way to be a bad guy, it’s just something that comes far too naturally to me. Growing up, even my mother Kathy, used to say, “There’s the devil in you Tommy”. I mean shit, my own mother thought I was a lost cause. She got knocked up with me at fourteen, and somehow managed to actually finish high school, even though she had a squalling brat like me to take care of.

I think this story could really be started when I was fifteen, I mean, yeah, I was a little bad ass growing up. You know, the usual, property damage, petite theft, fighting, and the like, nothing serious. Right up until that day, a week after my fifteenth birthday. I was in my bedroom, in the shitty little trailer my mom rented, she thought I didn’t know, but she paid the bills by stripping down at ‘The Landing Strip’. Anywho ... As I say, I was in my room, watching porn on the laptop I had boosted on a smash and grab, over on the other side of town, when in walks my mom, all five foot one, one hundred twelve pounds of her, and there I am, dick in my hand, spankin it like ... well ... like the horny fucking teenager I was.

Now, I guess I should say, my mom was ... Well, at twenty eight, she was smoking fucking hot, tiny, tight, and had a body, that, honestly, I had never made a secret of leering at. And so, it shouldn’t shock anyone to know, as she walked into my room, I simply looked up at her, gave her a wicked little smile, and just kept stroking my cock. “Jesus Christ Tommy!” my mom snarled at me, “Can’t you even stop jerking off for two seconds, when I walk into a room?”

All I could do, in all honesty, was leer at her some more, as I watched her standing there, hip cocked out, and arms crossed, wearing a skin tight tube top, which barely covered her tiny B Cup tits, and those drop dead sexy boy shorts with half her ass hanging out. “Keep wearing shit like that in the house mom,” I said as my hand sped up on my cock, I’m not bragging, but even at fifteen, I was already packing seven and a half inches, so she couldn’t help but notice that, “And I might just start jerking off at the dinner table too!”

I’m really not sure what possessed my mother to try, but she stamped her foot angrily, and actually tried to grab my wrist, and make me stop jerking off. Now, as I’ve said, my mom is five one, and hardly weighed more than your average sixth grader. I on the other hand, was already five nine (sadly over the next couple years I would only add three inches to that) and had spent most of my time, when I wasn’t out practicing to become the number one hell raiser in six counties, lifting weights, and sparring with a couple of older buddies of mine. I already outweighed my mom by almost one hundred pounds. She had no hope of stopping me. But she tried, and the only thing she got out of it was having her painted on top, roll down under her tits, while flailing at me like a lunatic.

It was at that point, just as her left nipple smacked me in the face, that I decided that I was fucking done jerking off. I mean, the idea just sort of hit me, there was, not just a chick, but a fucking smoking HOT chick, who got naked for money (besides blowing half the guys she took to the V.I.P. room) now half naked in my fucking room. C’mon, you trying to tell me the thought wouldn’t cross your minds at the very least? I just let go of my dick, and grabbed my mom around the back of her neck, I used my leg to cause her to lose her balance, and simply rolled. The end result of course, was now mom was lying on her back, on my bed, with me pinning her beneath me.

“Maybe you’re right mom,” I said sarcastically, as I ground my cock against her panty covered cunt, “Maybe what I need, instead of jerking off, is some new pussy.” I could tell the idea most certainly did NOT thrill my mother, but ya know, at that point, I really didn’t care. I had never made it a secret I was fucking half of the little trailer trash sluts in the mobile park, I mean shit, the last summer my mom had walked in on me, buried balls deep inside the ass of the eleven year old black girl who lived in the next cul-de-sac. So the fact that I was looking for “new” pussy shouldn’t have been an eye opener for her. But I think it was that evil fucking grin I get when I see something I want, but someone else has, that actually scared her.

OK ... Before I go any further, and since that grin is going to be a large part of this story, I feel I should describe it just a bit. Imagine a smile, that just screams “I am going to fucking hurt you!” You know the kind, where the corners of the eyebrows dip down, and the edges of your lips just curl back, showing only the very bottom of your top row of teeth? It’s that kind of grin, except, as I’ve been told, there is absolutely no humor in my eyes when it happens. One chick I used to fuck, actually described them as ‘lifeless’, when I grin like that. I’ve only ever met two people who weren’t at least slightly unnerved by that grin, but that’s getting ahead of myself. Back to the first time I hatefucked my mom.

I didn’t give her time to struggle, I don’t necessarily MIND when a chick fights it, sometimes it even gets me off when I know she REALLY doesn’t want some dick, but I’m giving it to her anyway, but this time, I wanted to see resignation, I wanted to see mom’s eyes just fucking empty. I decided that she needed to know who the fuck was gonna be the boss moving forward, and so, I fixed her with that grin again, and clamped my left hand over her mouth, while taking the expedient method of removal, by simply tearing her panties to shreds with my right. I spared her a glance, and realized she needed to be taught the cardinal rule. “When we’re done here mom,” I said to her in a gravelly whisper, “You’re shaving that fucking hair off your cunt. Got it?” and to emphasize the point, I jammed the first three inches of my cock into her surprisingly tight little snatch.

Oh man ... Lemme tell you, the look in her eyes was priceless! Again, I’m not trying to brag, but I like to think I’ve popped more than my fair share of cherries in my life, but I have NEVER seen the look of shock, and pain, that I saw in my mother’s eyes, when my cock started slamming into her. I think there was even some self loathing in there too, because it only took about five strokes, before she started juicing up good too. Her little cunt went from jerking off into a gym sock, to having my cock surrounded by velvet that was smothered in the finest oils (Yes they are both sensations I have experienced too) I actually took my time for a few minutes there, my hand clamped firmly over her mouth. Look, I mean, my mom had done her best raising me, I guess, but there was never what you would call a loving atmosphere in our home. So I guess you can say, I didn’t really feel like I was fucking my mom (of course that is EXACTLY what I was doing, but it sure didn’t FEEL like it) it felt kinda like I was fucking some random cunt I just happened to know in passing. That being said, I made sure she couldn’t say shit, cus I really didn’t want her voice fucking it up for me.

So there I was, I had my cock balls deep in my mom’s petite little body, and her tight little cunt was doing its fucking best to either strangle it, or force it out. I honestly didn’t care which, I was gonna keep fucking til I got my fucking nut, but either way it felt amazing! That wet little hole just kept clamping down on the out stroke, trying to keep me from getting back in, and it kept rippling in resistance as I pushed back in, trying to drive me out. I don’t think mom knew it, but the harder she fought me, the better it fucking felt! I mean yeah, at that point in my life, I had fucked a few chicks who weren’t one hundred percent on board, but sort of accepted it, and maybe even enjoyed it towards the end, but none of them kept up the fight like mom. I felt the walls of her cunt slither around my knob, like suddenly her fucking pussy was trying to give me a fucking blow job!

The whole feeling combined to make an experience I didn’t recreate again until I was MUCH older, but again, getting ahead of myself. I just couldn’t help myself anymore, I needed mom to know who was inside of her, “You like Little Tommy inside of you mommy?” I asked her, that fucking grin still plastered across my face, as I started REALLY banging into her. “Hmmm? This getting you off mommy?” and much to my joy, aside from the occasional grunt of discomfort, she was absolutely silent, but, the bitch had the nerve to shake her head at me.

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