To Be a Farmer or Soldier's Boy

by ChrisCross

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt, Coercion, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Reluctant, Gay, Fiction, Farming, Historical, Military, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, First, Prostitution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Fourteen-year-old farmer's apprentice Derek and his master, Abel, dance around mutual want in eighteenth-century Saxony until, losing control, Abel follows Derek into a field and takes the boy's virginity. While walking to another field to think on his plight, Derek is set on by three men going to recruit as mercenary soldiers in the American Revolution, who debauch him and take him with them to be a soldiers' boy.

Fourteen-year-old farmer’s apprentice Derek looked up from where he was sitting on a bench outside the door of the potting shed on Abel Heinmann’s farm outside Lüneburg in the German State of Saxony. He had been working on repairing a harness but his attention had been elsewhere--to where Abel was. Abel was standing by the door to the barn, staring at him. Abel stared a lot at Derek these days. Derek turned his gaze toward the house, where Abel’s young wife, Rozel, was in the yard scattering feed to a flock of chickens. Derek shook his head imperceptibly in Abel’s direction, but Abel continued to stare at him. The hand of the tall, beefy farmer in his early thirties, went to his crotch. Derek looked down at the harness he was working on and blushed.

The farmer cleared his throat, demanding that Derek look at him and where his hand was lingering, and when the boy did look at him, it was for Abel to see Derek nodding in resignation and surrender.

Over the recent weeks, the farmer had been increasingly open in making his desires and intentions known, and in the German apprentice system, a master’s desires were not to be denied. It didn’t help that Derek had desires for men himself, although they had never, in his fourteen years, been acted upon. With a sigh, he stood and moved into the potting shed. His intent was to break off the contact--denying the temptation, frustration, and impropriety to giving in to what his master farmer wanted.

Derek had long known that he appealed to a certain persuasion of man. He was small of stature and delicate of features, even though he was as strong and well built as any fourteen-year-old manual worker. His eyes were a pale blue and his hair fell in curly blond waves down to his shoulders. He received many a second look, stare, and wetting of lips by men just as he had been receiving from the farmer, Heinmann, ever since he came on as an apprentice at the farm, destined to train to be a farmer as well. Working of the land was a much-needed profession in Saxony, which was only now coming out of famine conditions caused by several years of drought and bad weather.

It was only recently, though, that Derek had been having feelings for the men too--not just a curiosity but, increasingly, a burning need. Abel Heinmann was a magnificent specimen of man--tall, robust, muscular. Ever since Derek had seen the farmer at the water trough, bathing himself off, and revealing not just his muscular torso but also what hung heavy between his legs, Derek had melted to him. Abel had noticed the change in Derek and, having a preference for boys of Derek’s age, was pursuing him.

It was only a matter of time. Both the man and the boy instinctively knew that.

There was work for Derek to do in the shed as well, and he set about tending to the seedlings in the pots on a shelf against the wall. He felt the slight elevation of warmth and the increase in light as the shed door was opened--and then shut--behind him. He also heard the bolt on the inside of the door being shot home. He barely had time to check the racing of his breath before Abel was close behind him, enveloping the boy’s small body in his embrace and burying his face in the hollow of Derek’s neck, sniffing in the clean smell of the young man and kissing him there.

Derek turned his face to Abel’s and they kissed. They had gone this far previously already. Both were burning with need and want and knew the desires of the other. They hadn’t need to voice it; they both understood the animal heat for each other that existed.

One of Abel’s rough hands pushed its way below the rope-belted waistband of Derek’s breeches and cupped Derek’s balls and genitals. The two had not gone this far as yet and Derek pulled his mouth away from Abel’s and hissed, “No, Master. We mustn’t. You are married and I am too young.”

“It’s the young of you I want to capture and conquer,” Abel growled. “The clean smell and taste of you. The innocence and beauty of you. I would have you first. I would have you as a boy.”

“You would steal that from me so soon?”

“Aye, I would. And you will be all the better for it. You must realize you have a preference for men. You cannot hide that. And you must also know that you are too appealing to men to keep your innocence any longer. I would have it before another man can lay hands on you first. It is why I took you as an apprentice. I lay boys and I intend to lay you. I wait no longer. I will have it.”

Derek struggled, but Abel held on, gripping Derek’s balls and cock in his hand and licking and kissing him on the ear and in the hollow of his neck.

“Do not fight me, lad. You want it. I want it. It’s not unnatural when it’s what we both want and need. You want a man and I want a boy.”

The boy gave up the struggle and nestled there in the man’s embrace, moaning, as Abel worked his cock.

“See, you want it. You harden to my touch fast enough.”

“We cannot. Not here. It’s too dangerous.” Abel had relaxed his grip a bit when Derek had stopped fighting him, and now, with a deft move, Derek was able to slip out of the man’s grip. Moving swiftly he went for the potting shed door and had the door open and was standing in the light.

“You’ll want to stay here and not follow me,” he turned and said. “Rozel must not see that we have been in the shed together. You must know that. I think she has her suspicions.”

That stopped Abel, who had moved to catch up with and seize Derek again, and he stood still as Derek exited the shed. The boy took a look at the harness, still needing repair, but then looked away, first at Rozel at the house, and then out into the fields of the farm, the wheat stalks standing high and waving in the slight wind. He turned in that direction and walked into the field.

As he walked, he sensed that he was being followed. Sure enough, when he turned to look, he saw that Abel was walking behind him. Derek strode from one wheat field to the next, moving beyond the sight of the farmhouse. His pace quickened. So did Abel’s. Derek was nearly running. Moving on longer legs, though, Abel trotted faster. In the middle of the field, the older, larger man, launched himself into the air, coming down onto Derek’s back and taking both men to the ground. They lay there, panting, in a hollow in the field, with wheat stalks rising up all around them and waving in the air.

It was just the two of them, under the blue-gray sky, hidden from the view of the rest of the world.

“This is the time, boy. Don’t fight it. We both know this is the time,” the farmer growled.

With a grunt, Abel rolled Derek onto his back and then rolled half way on top of him, pinning the boy to the soft ground. He captured the boy’s mouth with his and went into a brutal, insistent kiss that melted into mutual passion and Derek gave in to him. Abel had one arm under Derek’s neck, holding the boy there with that and with his chest pressing on Derek’s chest. His other hand went to undoing Derek’s rope belt, unbuttoning his trousers, freeing the boy’s cock, and stroking it. Derek moaned and sighed for him, giving in to him, surrendering. Abel pushed Derek’s breeches down his leg, and in recognition of what was to be, Derek kicked them off his ankles, leaving him naked below the waist.

The deep kissing continued as Abel took one of Derek’s hands and moved it to the boy’s cock, with Derek dutifully taking over the stroking of his own staff. Abel’s hand then went to undoing and flaring his own trousers and working his own cock hard.

When Abel moved fully over Derek’s body, Derek docilely spread and bent his legs. He pushed his pelvis up with the leverage of his feet. He instinctively knew what to do to receive a man’s cock at the best angle, and he instinctively knew--and accepted--that that would happen here, now--with Abel. Still, he shuddered, pulled away from the kiss and arched his back and his head up, and cried out in pain and surprise as Abel entered him--and pushed in deeper and deeper yet.

Derek writhed under the larger, more powerful man as Abel’s thick, hard, long cock stretched open his passage as it advanced up inside him. But Abel held him fast, cooed to him that it soon would be better--would bring them both pleasure.

“This is what you want. Tell me this is what you want.”

“Yes, yes. Hurry, but be good to me,” Derek sobbed.

And then, because it was what Derek wanted and because the cock was deep inside him and he was undone one way or the other, the boy settled down and relaxed, allowing Abel to possess him ever deeper. Derek’s passage walls stretched to accommodate the staff and Abel began to pump. He stroked slowly at first, kissing the boy and telling him how sweet and tight he was. Derek whimpered and moaned. He groaned and grunted as the pace of the fuck increased. Eventually, they both were in a frenzy, crying out in passion to each other, Abel banging the boy hard and Derek banging him back. Derek dug his nails into the big farmer’s biceps, arched his head back, and screamed his release to the sky.

Abel fucked on, eventually ejaculating deep inside Derek’s passage, with Derek just lying there, spent and collapsed, quietly sobbing, but clutching Abel’s buttocks, holding the big man inside him. Hovering over Derek when he was done, propped up on his fists on arms encasing Derek from each side, Abel looked down into Derek’s face with worshipful eyes.

“I am sorry, but I could not hold it any longer. You are too enticing, too sweet.”

“I am undone,” Derek whispered.

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