Stolen Innocence in Old Cairo

by ChrisCross

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt, Drunk/Drugged, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Rape, Reluctant, Slavery, Gay, Fiction, Crime, Historical, Mystery, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Rough, Harem, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, Oriental Male, Anal Sex, First, Fisting, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Hairy, Size, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Cairo, Egypt, of the 1920s is a wide-open city for the varied sexual preferences of men seeking men or boys. Ali Selim Pasha is a notorious despoiler of older boys, and when fourteen-year-old handsome blond American fortune heir David Ames arrives to visit King Tut's tomb, Ali is only one of several men anxious and prepared to debauch him. Ali is the first one to snatch and imprison him, though, and to weave an atmosphere of want around the boy to prepare him for his first time.

Ali Selim Pasha lay, naked, hirsute, and slim, yet muscular and god-like in youthful, pampered form, on his back on a low divan in El Hakim’s hashish den in the Greek district of Cairo, Egypt. The pipe he was smoking was only lightly laced with hashish, as he wanted to be in touch with all his sensations and conscious of his surroundings. He had picked this night to finally have his way with the Greek boy and all of the arrangements were in place. He was holding the nearly spent pipe in one hand and was gripping the woman’s waist with the other.

The curvy Greek woman, naked save for her many bangles on wrists, ankles, ears, at her waist, and around her neck, was straddling his hips, facing him, and slowly riding his cock to the soft jangle of her bangles. She was leaning over him and staring into his mesmerizing eyes, black as obsidian. She was palming his well-developed chest with her small hands, rubbing the swirls of black, curly hair there, thumbing his taut nipples. He was young, virile, muscular, and hung. Fatima didn’t mind a bit riding the young pasha’s shaft when he visited El Hakim’s.

Although his hips were moving and he was thrusting up into the woman’s cunt as she bore down on his pelvis, the main focus of the pasha’s attention was elsewhere, following the fourteen-year-old Greek boy, Niko, as the family-less boy from the streets, who worked evenings in the den to keep himself fed, moved from divan to divan, refilling the hashish pipes. The boy, dressed in a white tunic that came down to his knees and showed shapely calves, was a comely lad. He was half Greek and half Egyptian, favoring the Greek and enjoying a very favorable and exotic aspect overall. Ali’s eyes weren’t the only ones following the boy’s movement, and Ali knew if he didn’t pluck the cherry soon himself, some other man would. The boy’s hair was black and curly, his eyes the color of emeralds. He had a ready smile.

He smiled shyly at Ali Selim Pasha as he took the hashish pipe out of the Egyptian’s hands, refilled it, returned it, and moved on. Their fingers touched for a second or two longer than necessary as the pipe was passed and the boy batted his long eyelashes at the pasha. Ali’s eyes followed the boy around the room, while Fatima rode his cock in exaggerated motions forward and back, side to side, rotating as if she were riding a camel across the sand dunes, all the time her bangles softly jangling.

Hours later, as Niko left the hashish den for the night, the compartment door of a nearby black carriage opened and the man inside called to Niko. After a bit of a hesitation, Niko climbed up into the carriage.

The boy was reluctant at first, despite the offer of money, the sensuality of Ali Selim Pasha, the half-readiness in thought beforehand of the boy, and the expertise of the pasha’s seduction. The lad had never been with a man before. He had thought of it and he was attracted to the pasha and very impressed--and perhaps more than a little frightened--with the beauty of the man’s body and the size of his cock, but he had never had the courage to act on his thoughts. But, as the carriage moved slowly through the sleeping Cairo streets, seemingly toward no specific destination and with no particular time to arrive there, the handsome, muscular, and hung pasha wore the boy’s resolved down.

It didn’t take long to have the boy naked--he was only wearing the tunic and a loin cloth, and he slowly melted to the pasha, as Ali held him in his lap, covered him with kisses, and fondled his sweet, small body. The man held the boy close, stroking his cock and murmuring in the boy’s ear until, with a low sob, Nikos gave an almost imperceptible nod of his head. The boy moaned as he lay on the small of his back on the seat, his legs hooked on the pasha’s shoulders, as Ali knelt between his legs and kissed and tongued his virginal hole and then took the boy’s pert cock in his mouth. The boy cried out and clutched at the pasha’s head as, while still sucking on the boy’s cock, he penetrated Niko’s anal opening with a finger. There was no one but the carriage driver to hear his muffled protestations, however--and no one to care if they had.

In any even the protestations sank into groans and then moans, as Ali worked his finger--and then two fingers--in and out of the boy’s passage. Nikos came with a jerk and a lurch in Ali’s throat and collapsed back into the seat.

The boy writhed and was quite vocal again, as Ali turned him on the seat, his knees on the floor of the carriage, his chest on the seat cushion, and his arms raised over his head, his hands clawing at the top edge of the carriage seat, as placing his knees on either side of the boy’s hips, grabbing the boy’s hands with his, mounting the boy’s ass, and working his thick cock inside the virginal hole, the pasha began to pump the channel.

“Too hard; too deep,” the boy cried out in a tortured voice. “Have mercy, master. Not so hard, not so much. Oh! I cannot ... you cannot...” Ali tightened his hold on the boy’s small, lithe body, and fucked on, stroking him hard, mining him deep.

“Open to me. Relax and open,” he demanded, not relenting to seizing from the boy what the pasha wanted. “I’m inside you now. You’re undone. Give it all to me. You are mine.”

As Ali continued sliding his cock in and out, forcing the boy’s channel walls to stretch to his needs, the boy’s cries sank into groans and grunts and then to whimpers and muffled sobs.

After the pasha had torn the boy’s virginity from him, he laid the trembling boy on his back along the carriage seat and stretched out over him, taking most of his weight on his elbows on either side of the boy’s chest and on his knees on either side of Niko’s thighs. He kissed away the boy’s tears and continued kissing him on the mouth, face, throat, and nipples, as the boy’s panting decreased and his moans turned to sighs. Ali explored the boy’s ripe body with a hand, pulling moans out of him as he fondled sensitive spots. Eventually, the boy put his hand over Ali’s and, whether he realized it or not, guided the hand to the more sensitive areas.

“It is done now,” Ali murmured to the boy. “Only pleasure when we do it again.” That was not quite the case, but the second time was, indeed, less traumatic for the boy. He gurgled something in reply, but Ali could not translate what it was--nor did he care. His cock had been inside the boy and would be inside the boy again--and again until the boy wholly surrendered to him. And it would all happen this night.

By the time Ali was hard and ready to take the boy again, Niko was more welcoming, spreading and bending his legs, placing his feet flat on the deep seat cushion, and raising his pelvis when Ali placed a pillow under the small of his back. This time the boy was more relaxed, he opened more, and the cock slid more freely, bringing a higher proportion of pleasure to the pain, and the boy’s passage muscles became more adapt at clinging to the cock as it rubbed past and rippling over it. When Ali slid inside him more freely, enjoying the response of the muscles of the walls undulating over his shaft, and started to work the boy more freely with his thick, hard cock, Niko’s cries and moans were more accepting and he moved his pelvis with the fuck, his hands this time gliding into the pasha’s luxuriant black head hair, gripping handfuls of hair, and gripping and releasing in the rhythm of Ali’s slow, deep thrusts inside his channel.

“Master, oh master,” he murmured, and at last surrendered to whispering a “Yes, yes, yes, like that master. There. Again. Oh, yes, master. YES!” The boy ejaculated again. The chase was over. Ali Selim Pasha knew he’d conquered another boy. He fucked on, the boy’s knees now hugging his hips and moving in consort with the rise and fall of the man’s pelvis, Niko’s head arched back, his eyes blankly staring at the padded side of the carriage walls behind his head, his full concentration still on the thick cock inside him, moving in and out, increasingly forcing the pain out to be replaced by pleasure, a small, satiated smile on his lips. Then a long sigh as he felt his master flinch and the warm flow of the man’s cum deep inside him.

After fifteen minutes of kissing and fondling, this time Niko letting his hands roam as well, Ali was hard again.

“You are mine,” he whispered in the boy’s ear.

“Yes, master, I am yours.”

“You will do what I command of you.”

“Yes, master.”

“Show me that you are willing, that you want it. Ride me. Ride me like you saw Fatima ride me earlier this evening.” Placing his hands on the boy’s hips, Ali rolled the two of them over on the seat so that Niko was on top. With a sigh, Niko moved a knee over Ali’s thighs, as Ali held his cock erect. The boy slowly descended on the shaft and, palms on Ali’s pecs and staring down into Ali’s eyes with a stare of want, the boy rode the cock to a mutual ejaculation.

Total surrender.

Eventually, as Ali lay on top of Niko again, his cock flaccid but buried in the boy’s channel, the two of them dozing, the carriage stopped in front of a strong, double door, carved with images of erect phalluses, plump ball sacs, and the outlines of men stretched out on top of boys, in a compound wall. The doors opened and two shadowing figures appeared. An exhausted Niko was only half conscious when Ali handed him out to the carriage driver who, in turn transferred him to the two men, who withdrew with him into the courtyard of the boy brothel and closed the doors through which the fourteen-year-old just-deflowered Greek boy, Niko, would never again emerge.

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