My Wild Vacation Photos

by LiteroCat

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Group Sex, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Swinging, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Squirting, Public Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A closeted exhibitionist and her husband on business vacation swing on elevators, pool, beach, hotel lobby and home while showing the photos to 4 guests.

[This is a National Nude Day 2017 entry which was inspired by a post on a TruthOrDare site. A woman sent in a photo of her, naked in a Vegas window facing the town. That didn’t do it. Her story of oral sex both ways on the hotel elevator fired up images and stories about exhibiting and sex.]

Mario and Maria invited perv... uhm, unsuspecting prospects to a ‘quiet’ weekend brunch at our place. Jewel and Jack were exceedingly curious why we insisted on a recent, clean blood panel. Mario told them we were health nuts and very demanding about purity, or some such bull. When they all arrived together, about noon, we enjoyed a pleasant brunch spread that included strong drinks. Mario actually took the lead in offering self-proclaimed modesty paragon Jewel, her first ever LIIT (Long Island Iced Tea) in a large glass. She loved the flavors and the buzz.

I collected their medical proof and casually examined them before nodding sweetly to my Al. Jack didn’t need much prodding and seamed eager to share in what he hoped would be some sort of ribald activity. His wife, Jewel, was much more reserved, and clueless. She wore a below-the knee, flared yellow skirt with folds and a matching halter top, tied tightly against her chest, which confined her floating D-cups in their prison — provided she didn’t scrunch or bend too far. Al and I got a peek at her dark nipple as she reached across the teak table for a shrimp spread. Jack caught us admiring the bare nipple and nodded his wicked approval.

Jewel was self conscious about how well her halter protected her modesty, but was confident and relaxed about how much toned and tanned leg she exposed to teased us. “Let me get you another LIIT, Jewel, before we project our photos. These are not your typical vacation photos. Mario and Jack said you were liberal enough to enjoy them. I hope they do not offend you. Drink that LIIT slowly; it packs a punch.” No one told her it had six shots of hard liquor in it. When her words began to slur slightly, Al darkened the living room a bit and we lit the projector. I chose to narrate so I could spring my surprise on everyone when I felt the time was right. I love fresh, shy blood!

“Al and I went on a business-related trip that we extended to a vacation in Chicago, not my favorite city. Al kept reminding me that we would be there for National Nude Day, so I should pack lightly, very lightly. The hotel was forty stories high and offered an opportunity to risk your dare, Mario. Last chance to leave now before this gets too embarrassing for you, Jewel and Jack!” Considering how relaxed our over-poured drinks had made Jewel, I was sure her shyness was gone and they were not leaving. Fully exposing her gorgeous legs and her ever more frequent and slow panty flashes showed us all how tipsy and uninhibited she was becoming. Jack needed no help to convince his wife to let loose. She did. When she reached out to place her drink safely on a distant coaster, her right tit fell out of her yellow halter top.

Jewel blushed, stared at the sizeable and shapely mound, and blushed again. She called everyone’s attention to it by loudly asking, “Is that MY tit? Oopsey. Oh well, too late to hide it now that y’all got a good look at it.” Jack beamed proudly. His shy wife was ready.

Though Al spoke up, all eyes stayed fixated on that lovely, fluid, tempting tit and its stiffening nipple. “Well, no need to ignore that lovely sight so, Jewel, whenever you feel the need, you may release your other tit for us to enjoy the matching pair. Meanwhile, here’s the first picture of Sue in the crowded hotel lobby quickly flashing her lovely little tits where no one but I saw them. You can see the clerk staring from behind her, but all he saw was her sexy bare back. Or so we thought until I turned and saw the mirror behind me that gave him a clear view of Sue’s charms. I think muscular backs get too little sexual credit anyway.” Jewel tilted her head demurely and grinned shyly.

“Apples and cantaloupes, Al.” Jack calmly reached into his wife’s halter and fished out the other tit that was unlikely to escape without help. She giggled and threw back her head without making any attempt to stop him. I began to wonder who exactly was running this show! With the halter underscoring both bared, luscious tits, Jack pulled and pinched a thick brown nipple so firmly her tan line nearly vanished in the flushed skin. “Cantaloupes! These are some tasty fruit, my friends!” He lifted and offered one to all of us.

“Thank you Jack. I’m sure we’ll all be tasting her melons shortly. Pace yourself; would you?!”

Sue whispered, then a bit louder pouted, “Why is it that the shyest ones get naked now before I do?” We all smiled at the confirmation that this party was heading where we expected. With that understanding, Jack untied Jewel’s halter, slid it off and tossed it across the room, as far away as possible. She looked down at her naked tits and shoulder-shook them as she hiccuped and laughed at their chaotic, sexy antics. Without the halter shifting them, they took their natural shape that was more like large eggplants than the melons they first appeared as. I was already getting hungry for them.

“I’m just saying! Look, even Maria’s getting hot staring at my wife’s big tits.” Maria was licking her lips, salivating a bit and subtly pinching her nipples. Bugeyed and with an intense sneer shaping his mouth, Jack daringly, or drunkenly, reached across his wife and into Maria’s green tank top. She and Mario gasped, but did not stop his groping or ultimately pushing the large armhole to her sternum to fully expose her stiff nipple and beautiful C-cup right tit. We all watched as he twisted her nipple and made her groan loudly. In vain, Mario tried adjusting the growing lump in his slacks, as did I. Jack flaunted his tented slacks and moved his wife’s compliant hand onto it. She conspicuously squeezed and rubbed it as she giggled and hiccupped softly.

Maria sighed, “When in Rome... “ With eager assistance from Mario and Jack, she hefted her tank top over her head and tossed it away. Jewel immediately circled a tempting tit and twisted a tan nipple. Jack pulled on the other stiff nipple as Mario watched and moved Maria’s hand to his tent. Inhaling slowly and smiling, Maria offered, “You guys throw the best parties - especially when they are this small and intimate. I’m surprised you’re still covered up, Sue.”

“Well, you all already saw my titties on the wall, but I, uh, had a plan to tease you into exposing skin when we got further into our pictures. But you beat us to it. I’m glad you all are so horny! Can we get on with the photos as you continue to grope each other?” The only answer was twin moaning. “OK, I guess that’s a YES. Here we are in the elevator. The upper quarter of each wall was tasteful oak, but the bottom majority was highly polished brass.

“I refused to strip fully, as you dared me Mario, but agreed to moon Al. So here’s my moon from above and 3/4 side view. I just wasn’t ready to put my pussy out there - yet. Are you people even looking? I promise; it gets hotter! For this next shot, Al got on his knees and waited for the doors to open before getting a full on moon and bared pussy shot. Told ya!”

“Ou, hey all y’all look at that. My isn’t that a pretty pussy. Y’all think minez as pretty as dat?” slurred Jewel. With that blatant invitation, I stood and removed the drinks to a safe spot and not only ignored my obvious tent, but flaunted it close to the women. Jewel reached out and daringly squeezed me. My knees knocked and my head floated, but she just giggled at my reaction then pushed Maria’s emerald skirt upward and wide open at its slit, to her waist, so we could all see the wet spot in her white panties.

She slurred, “Thar, told ya she wuz bothered.” She pulled Maria’s legs apart and urged her to the edge of the sofa before slowly trickling up her alabaster flesh to her damp panties. Mario watched Jack lick his lips, knowing that this new acquaintance would soon be licking Maria’s swollen vulva.

As Jewel explored Maria’s wet labia, Mario reached across his wife and pushed Jewel’s skirt up then stood before her with his bulge thrust close to her face. She glanced at it, leaned back and lifted her ass to let him push the skirt to her waist. Her beautiful, toned legs converged at her wet yellow panties that became translucent and revealed her unshaven bush and labia. She stared at her plumped camel toe and decided, “I guess all y’all are ready to compare pussies? Jack, help me with this?” He stood as she unfastened her skirt; he unzipped and pulled it off his shy wife. She fell back onto the light brown pleather sofa, beautiful legs splayed apart, nude except for the tiny, wet panties. Mario knelt between her legs and pulled them to the edge of the sofa as he stared hungrily at her soaked panties.

As Mario began tracing Jewel’s obvious, swollen labia thru her panties, Jack knelt between Maria’s splayed legs and removed her wraparound skirt. He admired her fattened, covered labia and bent closer to capture her wonderful scent. As he traced her labia with his tongue, Mario did the same to Jewel. She gasped loudly at the coveted contact and squealed when he firmly circled her clit.

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