Wally Finds Out

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, .

Desc: : Just another cheating wife story.

I’d known Joe for a good ten years and I’d spent many hours in his bar, The Landing Strip Lounge, drinking PBR and lusting after the girls that worked for him. They came and went, but one thing that they all had in common was that they were hot! The current crop was no exception. Karen behind the bar and both waitresses, Tina and Cookie, made me want to rip off their clothes and have my way with them. Well I guess that statement isn’t completely true. While it was as far as Karen and Tina were concerned, it wasn’t exactly true as far as Cookie was concerned. When I looked at her my thoughts ran along the lines of:

“Why couldn’t I have someone like her for a wife instead of the cunt I’m married to?”

Not that she wasn’t as sexy as the other two because she was that and more, but while Karen and Tina were sexy as hell it was in an “I’m hot and know it and if you were to get lucky get to me I’d fuck your eyes out” manner. With Cookie it was more like “If I was yours I’d fuck your eyes out and be the best wife you could ever hope for.” In other words Karen and Tina would be fuck buddies or friends with benefits whereas Cookie would be in it for the long haul.

But as much as I would have liked to put the meat to anyone of the three it wouldn’t happen. It wouldn’t happen because of the way I was wired. I was one of those guys who actually meant it when they said I do and for better or worse until death do us part. And right then it was about as worse as it could get.

I’d recently found out that my wife was fucking her boss and apparently some of our mutual friends knew about it although I did have to wonder if they were actually my friends. One would think a true friend would clue you in if they knew your wife was stabbing you in the back. I guess they were more Claudia’s friends than mine. For sure they weren’t on my list of friends or on my Christmas card list anymore.

I sat there nursing my beer and thinking evil thoughts about my whore of a wife when Bobby Denton slid onto the bar stool next to me.

“How you doing Wally?”

“Hanging in there Bobby; you?”

“Same old same old. You going to be here tomorrow night?”

“Why? What’s tomorrow?”

“Open mic night. We’ve got some decent talent lined up.”

“Yeah, but I’d have to suffer through all of your lame blond jokes. I see your wife’s face when you tell them and I wonder why she hasn’t cut your tongue out yet while you are sleeping.”

“I don’t sleep around her.”

I thought that was an odd thing to say, but before I could comment he said “Got to go talk with Joe about tomorrow” and he got up and walked away. Karen came over and asked me if I was ready for another PBR and I told her no. I finished the one in front of me and then I got up and headed home.

Claudia had dinner ready when I got there and she greeted me with a hug and a kiss which I returned. Claudia didn’t know that I knew about her secret life with her boss and I didn’t want her to know that I knew until I had all of my ducks in a row. Until I got that done I still wanted to have a sex life so I’d have to keep what I knew to myself. When I found out about what Claudia was up to I’d seen an attorney and found out the cold hard truth when it comes to a divorce in a state that had a no fault policy. In short – I would be fucked and Claudia would walk away smiling. According to the attorney my only other options were to just walk away without divorcing Claudia and without letting her know where I’d gone or to smile, suck it up and live with it.

Suck it up and live with it? Easy to say when it isn’t happening to you. But in the end that’s just what I decided to do, Live with it until I could get myself into a financial position where I could leave Claudia on my terms. My terms being that I didn’t give her shit and that I left Thomas Billings broken and bleeding. Fucking up her boss would be the easy part. All I had to do was let his wife know what he was up to and if I’d read her right she would cut him off at the knees and kick him to the curb.

Sarah Billings was the only child of Barton Benton and he doted on her, but he was nobody’s fool. When his darling daughter announced her intention to marry Thomas Billings who she had met at a company Christmas party Benton had insisted on a pre-nuptial agreement that would prevent Billings from ever assuming control of Benton Industries if anything should ever happen to Benton. Sarah was his sole heir and he wanted to make sure that she retained control of the Benton fortune.

How did I know all this? Claudia worked at Benton Industries as Billings’ secretary and was tied in with the gossip network. She brought the gossip home and it was table talk over dinner. When Benton and his wife died in a plane crash his only heir Sarah found herself with a company to run. She either didn’t think she could handle it or she didn’t want to handle it so Thomas Billings, Manager of Purchasing was suddenly President of Benton Industries. Sarah might not have wanted to run the company, but she was no dummy and she kept the title of CEO and Chairman of the Board so she could keep an eye on things. All I had to do as far as Billings was concerned was drop a dime on him to his wife.

Claudia followed Billings into the executive offices, but not as his secretary. She was promoted to Personal Assistant to the President. The promotion both pleased me and displeased me. The extra money coming in pleased me because we had just purchased a new house, new furniture and appliances. What displeased me was that the new job required that she travel with Billings as he flew around the country negotiating new contracts and the like. Claudia was gone two or three days at a time two or three times a month. I wanted my wife with me not flying around the country, but she was happy with her new job so I kept quiet and lived with it. That is I lived with it until Claudia and I went to the Elks Club dance.

We had a great time drinking, dancing and associating with our friends. About two hours into the party I had to go to the bathroom. I was sitting in one of the stalls taking care of business when Brett and Chuck walked in. I knew it was them because I recognized their voices. I could hear the piss hitting the back of the urinal as Chuck said:

“Claudia is sure looking hot tonight.”

“I know and I sure would like a piece of her.”

“I don’t know if she would be able to fit you in. Between her boss and Wally she must be getting all the dick she can handle.”

“I was thinking that maybe I could get her by threatening to tell Wally what she does on her trips with her boss.”

“I wouldn’t if I were you. Wally is so hung up on the slut that he wouldn’t believe you. He might even kick your ass for bad-mouthing her.”

Chuck was right. I didn’t believe it. I knew my Claudia. She loved me as much as I loved her. My Claudia would never and I do mean NEVER cheat on me. When I left that stall I had half a mind to go to those two assholes and punch them out for what they said about my wife. The other half was saying “Don’t be stupid. All you will do is cause a scene and end up embarrassing Claudia. I let reason prevail and went back to the party and tried to enjoy myself.

When the party was over we went home and Claudia did her level best to fuck me to death. As we cuddled after I knew that there was no way that my wife was cheating on me.

Funny thing about us humans. We have this thing called ‘human nature’ and one of the things that human nature makes up want to do is prove things to yourself. Someone says that “You can’t do that” so you have to prove that you can. Someone else says “That just isn’t possible” so you have to prove that it is. Someone says “Your wife is cheating on you” and you have to prove that she isn’t and the easiest way to prove it? Show up where she is on one of her trips and see for yourself that it is a stone assed lie. So that is what I did.

Billings and Claudia went to Houston and Claudia as always called me and let me know where they were staying. I was on the next flight to Houston. At the front desk I asked them if my wife had checked in yet and after showing them my ID they told me that she was checked in and was in room 306. I said she had come to Houston to meet her cousin and asked if he had checked in yet. Yes indeed, Cousin Thomas was in room 901.

I was on my way to the house phone to call Claudia’s room when I happened to glance at the elevators. I saw Claudia and Billings coming out of an elevator holding hands. They were smiling at each other. They stopped and kissed as the elevator doors closed behind them and then they headed for the hotel bar.

I’d seen enough to tell me that what I’d overheard was true and all that was left was for me to turn around, go home, and figure out what to do. But then there was that human nature thing. It was telling me “You need to know more Wally.”

I couldn’t just follow them into the bar because they would spot me so what I needed to do was change my appearance enough to not attract their attention. I went into the hotel’s gift shop. The place was big on Houston Astro’s gear and I bought a ball cap, windbreaker and canvas bag with the team’s logo on them and bought a pair of cheap sunglasses. I picked up a copy of People Magazine and then headed for the public restroom. Suitcoat and tie went into the bag, punched the lenses out of the horn-rimmed glasses, put on the cap and windbreaker and headed for the bar.

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