President Grump - the Secret Story

by Tony Tiger

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: And you thought email servers were bad...

Author’s note: Hopefully this will not become postnuclear ash from some idiotic whiplash of a cognitively-declined mind. i.e. this is fiction!

We thinking citizens are both disgusted and entertained by the continuous growth of missteps and problems by the symbol of presidential power who has held the title since the last election. It’s been a few months of a record number of scandals, court overturns, and just plain idiocy.

The regular press seems to be feasting on all that raw meat but we’re going to learn about something that will eclipse all of those when it finally surfaces.

The bottom line is that there is a Russky spy at the highest possible level in the government; in our president’s bed. How in the hell did this happen? The goal was never planned but that’s how serendipity works.

Melatonia isn’t her real name but was first used when her birth certificate was forged in the records of the country that the Russkies occupied. Circumstantially, she was a third cousin of their dictator, Pukin. That didn’t either help or hurt.

Chosen for her brains and beauty, she was trained by the Russky’s most elite and secret spy agency. She learned technology and psychology, style and sex. She started her covert operations as a model, seeking to be arm candy by rich men and powerful politicians. They are rather easy prey for such an attractive and skilled woman. Her agency’s laboratories had come up with a little blue pill which she would ask the man she was seducing to take, supposedly to enhance their experience with her. Rarely could their egos refuse that.

Yes, initially it had the expected effect but there were two time-delay features. Once she had them embedded between her legs, the first one would kick in as a powerful truth serum with an agent that presented their memories from knowing what she had inquired about. There was about a half hour to pick their brains before the last effect which put them gently to sleep with the memory that they had been an incredible stud with this woman. That guaranteed encounters whenever she desired them.

She was quite active on the social circles at the highest levels of European society and that’s how she met Mr. Grump. She’d been instructed to see what he knew and she employed her usual talents and discovered there wasn’t much.

It was some years later when they crossed paths again. He was divorced and looking for all the loose pussy he could find. She gave him another try but the main effect of that was that he avidly pursued her as a wife. Since he had many connections in the United States, her handlers felt that might be a good field to hunt in and she married him.

He wanted to show his manliness and get her pregnant but he’d had a vasectomy many years before so the women he cheated with during his marriages wouldn’t swell up with expensive side effects. He had stored sperm before he got snipped so Melatonia was impregnated in the clinic. She had been knocked up several times before but aborted them as soon as she found out.

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