Can You See Me Now

by dweaver999

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, Light Bond, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Public Sex, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Valerie's master, Charles, takes her on a day long slow motion strip tease, culminating with intensity that will surprise her.

It made perfect sense, of course. Degrasi Publications, the premier publisher of high quality sexual magazines, set aside National Nude Day as a paid holiday for its staff. Valerie Burbon, their recently hired advertising coordinator, had told her Master, Charles Vanquil, that as soon as she knew. It was seven weeks since her hand fasting ceremony to Sally, the love of her life, and 12 weeks since she first met Charles and began that wonderful odyssey of submission. She fingered the silver alloy collar around her neck, the public symbol of her submission to Charles, that she had been wearing since that ceremony. The small slug that marred the ‘f’ in the word ‘of’ had remained there, a visible reminder of the love she had for Francine Traline, her hurting friend.

Val turned her mind from the past and focused on the future, the very near future. Tomorrow was National Nude Day, and her Master had plans for her. She was under orders to come to his mansion after work and expect to be under submission for the next 24 hours. Her pussy tingled as her imagination tried to conjure just what would be required of her. He was always unpredictable in some way. Today, for example, she had been ordered to wear something very conservative to work, covering as much of her body as possible. Erica, Master Damien’s slave, and Degrasi’s receptionist, had given her a quizzical look at the uncharacteristic covering. Both of them were in the habit of displaying their charms, because they enjoyed it and their Masters expected it.

“Valerie. Good grief girl, I can’t even see your collar. Tsk, tsk,” Erica had admonished.

“Orders, Erica, you little slut. I’m under orders to cover as much as possible. I don’t know why, but Master was very clear.”

“Ooo. You are in for something special then. It’s a thing Masters have. I wish I could see.”

“Maybe you can. We sometimes film our scenes. If we do, would you like a copy?”

“Oh God, yes! I can watch it, get all hot and bothered, and make myself suffer for Master Damien,” she squealed in response.

“I’ll ask my Master. Got to get to work.”

It was the afternoon now and Valerie had only a little work left to do She was going over an ad that The Leather Palace had submitted for inclusion in some of the company’s magazines. It was actually a series of ads, specifically targeted to each of four magazines. There was an ad for leather items in general intended for Leather Digest, an ad for leather clothing for Second Skin (the magazine featuring all types of alternative skin tights, leather, latex, rubber, etc.), one geared towards whips and restraints for Mastering Magazine, and another for tack and harness gear for inclusion in The Pony’s Paddock. She was glad to see that the series of meetings she had scheduled three weeks ago had borne fruit. The company was paying attention to the specific magazines whose readers would likely be interested and targeted the types of interest. She made a few slight modifications that would make the ads stand out amongst a page full of ads and emailed the changes to Mark, their graphic artist.

Her work done for the day, she decided to knock off half an hour early and left the building. She traded little whipping motions with Erica, who was on the phone and walked to her car. Before pulling out, she called Sally Thatcher, her lover and life partner.

“This is Sally.”

“Hi lover. I wanted to call before I headed over to Master’s for the day.”

“Val! I love you honey. Has Master let you know what you’re in for tonight and tomorrow?” Sally also submitted to Charles, as well as dominated Valerie at times.

“No. He’s been very secretive, as usual. My imagination has me incredibly aroused. I really can’t wait. What have you got planned for the next day or so?”

“Robert and I are going to Mephisto’s tonight. It’s No Pain Wednesday and we want to give a demo on full body bondage. Robert’s going to saran wrap me tonight and then torture me with denial - of course.”

“God, you two are going to have so much fun. Don’t cum once for me.”

“I won’t. You’d better get going. He’ll be expecting you soon.”

“Bye, Sally. I love you.”

“I love you too, Val. Enjoy yourself.”

Putting her cell away, she started the car and left the lot, turning towards Charles’ mansion. Charles Vanquil was a successful investment broker who had built up a personal fortune as well as fortunes for many a client. This allowed him to have an extensive dungeon area in the basement of his mansion. He and his submissives played there often. Although Valerie had not seen all of them there since her initiation. She had since learned that full attendance was rare and saved for special occasions, such as initiations of new members.

After entering the grounds through the remotely opened gate, she parked and walked to the front door. Herman, the butler (though that was hardly an adequate job description) let her in.

“Miss Valerie. Master Charles is waiting for you in the study.”

“Thank you Herman.”

“Have you eaten ma’am?”

“Not since lunch. Master will most likely decide if and what I’m eating.”

“Very good miss. If you remember the way, I’ll see about dinner.”

“Yes I do. Thank you.”

Val walked to the study. The subtly elegant room was home to several of her submissions to Charles, including their first encounter. She smiled fondly at the remembrance of being held against the arm of the sofa and being hand fucked by Charles. It had been her first experience with even the mildest form of bondage and submission. Charles was waiting for her in his favorite chair. Val walked over to him and knelt on the rug at his feet.

To all appearances, he ignored her, though she knew that wasn’t the case. He routinely made her wait in silence, knowing it was one of the hardest things she could be ordered to do. Her standing orders were to kneel at his feet, immobile and silent whenever she was with him, until he acknowledged her. He made her wait a full ten minutes. During that time, her breathing had become shallow and quick, her nipples had hardened and she could feel pussy juice dripping down her legs. She had gotten better at this over the weeks. It used to drive her to tears after just five minutes, but now she could wait ten before her eyes flooded.

“Valerie, how was your day?”

“Master. It was a good day. Several companies are taking my suggestions to heart and improving their ads and I got to watch Erica torture herself with clothes pins on orders from Master Damien.”

“Did you participate any?”

“No Master. She was under orders not to be touched by anyone.”

“Tomorrow, we’ll be playing in public, celebrating National Nude Day. For tonight, I want you to go up the second bedroom and change into the clothes that are lying on the bed, all of them.”

“Yes, Master.”

Valerie went upstairs to the bedroom that she normally slept in when she stayed overnight. On the bed that she had frequently been bound to were several articles of clothing, some very surprising. She was almost never permitted to wear under garments and when she was, they were never much of a concealment. This time, not only were there bra and panties set out for her, they were full coverage. The bra would cover the entirety of her breasts and leave no hint of the areolas and nipples. The panties were solid, extending from waist to upper thigh, again, leaving no hint of what was covered.

She stripped her work clothes off and donned the under things, feeling self conscious at the unfamiliar feeling of being so covered. It was then that she noticed the key and the envelope it sat on (previously covered by the panties). Opening the envelope with her name on it, she read additional instructions, written in his own hand.

“Valerie, you will need to remove all four cuffs and your collar to dress as I wish. Once you are dressed, put them back on and bring the key with you. You must hurry. If your symbols of ownership are off of you for more than five minutes, you will be punished. Master.”

Valerie looked at the remaining clothes she had to don. They consisted of a pair of black leather pants that seemed designed to extend down to below her ankles. She could tell, holding it against herself that it would be extremely tight. The shirt, more like a jacket, was similarly all covering and intended to be form fitting. A zipper was part of both, and it took very little time to realize that the top and bottom were designed to attach. Her hands and feet were to be enveloped in a pair of matching gloves and soft boots. The last part of the outfit was a black leather hood. Clearly, she would be unable to put all her cuffs and collar back on until she had donned everything. Only the zipping could wait until after she had placed her gifts back on herself.

Sitting in the edge of the bed, she contemplated how she would proceed, and then had a flash of inspiration. Taking the key, she quickly unlocked the five items and placed them on the bed. The pants were pulled over her feet and the lower legs smoothed into place. Without pulling the rest of the pants up, she took the boots and pulled them on, smoothing them against the legs of her pants. The jacket was next. Again, she pulled the sleeves up until her wrists were covered and then put the gloves on without finishing the jacket.

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