Defiled Victim in Strange Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Drunk/Drugged, Rape, True Story, Light Bond, Rough, Gang Bang, Indian Female, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Indian Erotica,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story of a girl who was been drugged and fucked by some strangers. But later the girl felt love for the strangers, hunted them and surrendered herself to all of them for their pleasure

Let me introduce myself, I’m Roopa Ghosh, age 20, fitted body, slender legs, especially curved thighs specially thicker than normal, firm and straight boobs as especially noticed by everyone, fair skin, height 5 feet 5 inch. I myself was amazed of the fact that 32 sized boobs could stand so straight without even bra. I was amazed to see that even boobs could stand so straight even without bras. My face has an innocent looks and lips were magnificent. I belong to a small village near Kolkata, 100 KM’s away from the main city. Peoples especially in villages of West Bengal are still not so much developed that they could like peaceful and delighted life. My family have 5 girls including me and 4 brothers younger to me. My father was the only earning person in the family. It was very hard for him to give us all a healthy living. So being the eldest I was summoned to take responsibility. My mother was in no mood for that but the fact that we was starving was indeed on face. My mother was worried cause of my beauty and was worried that I could get easily trapped by someone. But after lots of discussion and thinking I was been decided to be deported at Kolkata. My uncle worked there in a hotel as a waiter so he took me to a hotel and I was been offered a job to serve plates from kitchen to waiters. The pay I got apart from food and stay was just 4000 bugs. And I started to send them all to my family.

After three months few peoples were having dinner in our place, the waiter for the table was ill so the manager asked me to serve dinner on that table. Usually girls were not been used as waiter over there but still I went to serve. I had observed, other waiters before how they served and taking that as experience I served them well. After the dinner was over an old guy called me and gave me a tip. He asked lots about me and then offered a job as waiter in his restaurant which was somewhere in Chhattisgarh. He offered me a salary of 10000 bugs per month which was way more then I currently got. I called my uncle and we discussed. He was in no mood to allow me go and wanted to discuss it with my family. The manager inferred and told my uncle that he personally knew those guys and I would be safe there. But my uncle said that my parents won’t agree. I asked cum requested him not to tell my parents about it. After a little thinking he gave me green signal and so on very next day I was been deported to a commercial city in Chhattisgarh. The hotel was good and the restaurant was superb, after two days rest I started to serve dinners in hotel. As it was a small city not as big as Kolkata so female serving dinner was not common here. So our restaurant was an attraction point in the city and I was attraction point in it. I had four tables and mostly single guys waited long for those table. To get a close glimpse at me, and plus they gave high tip to me to impress me up. Sometimes they left their cards sometimes mobile number on table napkins so that I would call them but I never did so. I wasn’t a girl wanted to sleep with any guy.

Three months later the restaurant was as famous as Taaj in metro’s. We had heavy rush in the restaurant and so working till late night started. Usually it was 11 but sometimes it went to 12:30 too. The incident I got interacted with was on Monday night. Tuesday was off day for the market so we ladies staff were allotted leave for that day. We all had a flat few KM’s away from restaurant. A pickup came to pick us up and drop us up. It was around 11 in night when the entire restaurant was emptied except my four tables. So rest of the female staff was in hurry to go to the flat. I also wanted the same but it didn’t seemed that four tables would finish that soon. So I asked the rest girls to go in the pickup and send it back. They left happily and it took me 12:30 to clear the entire thing up. The pickup was back and we started to move to room in 10 minutes. After going half of distance the pickup got puncher, but to twice bad luck two tyres were punched. The driver an old man looked at me in sorrow, I smiled at him and said that it was alright and as the road was not isolated I can walk. He smiled meekly and I started to march. I was in black T-shirt red skirt till my ankles. After few minutes walking I saw a general store open. So just asked him for a coca cola half liter bottle. He gave me one and I gave him money. He asked me why I was walking alone, I told him about it. Just then a car stopped at the place. Three guys got down, dressed in a suit and face coloured. It seemed that they came from some kind of fancy dress party. But strangely only their eyes were covered with colour paints. These guys smoke there and talked to normal that they knew the shopkeepers for years.

After they finished and went in the car the shopkeeper shouted at them, they stopped. He asked me to drop me to home if they were going that way. Usually I would have denied the offer but as I was still far away from my place so I accepted. There were two guys on the front seat of branded black coloured Honda City, the number was unusual and was quad number means 9999. The guy in the front seat got out and offered me seat. I smiled at him and sat inside, the dashboard was full with things. I didn’t knew where to keep the coke bottle. The guy from behind passed me hand and I gave him the bottle. He asked can he drink, I said sure. He opened the bottle and both started to drink. After that they passed the bottle to me. It was already more than half empty so I gulped the rest of it inside. After few minutes my locality came and I started to guide them for my place. Five turns and after few breakers my flat came. I saw my flat and then turned towards the guy on driving seat and smiled. I said thank you and tried to open the gate. Next moment I felt drowsy and week, my head started to shake and I just closed my eyes. The car started to move again, I was in no condition to open my eyes but still I could feel the things happening around. In next 15 minutes the car took three turns, one left and two rights, and then came to halt. The guys in back got down and sound of an iron gate came to my ears. The car moved again and stopped in few seconds. The gate closing sound came this time.

After two minutes I felt I was been carried. Someone was holding me from my armpits and someone was holding me under my knees. I was been carried for few moments and then was made to sit on a soft thing. The guys around me was talking something but I wasn’t in condition to understand. I just knew that I was been drugged and was been kidnapped by these guys. After two or three minutes I was pulled by my arms roughly to make me stand and then my t-shirt was been pulled upwards. And without much resistance with was off my body. I was not wearing a bra, I never needed a bra, so but obvious I was now topless in front of them. Another hand came and my skirt was been pulled downwards along with my panty. Only my heels were on rest were off my body. First time in my life I had shaved my pussy just a day before. It was indeed a treat for them, I was thinking I shouldn’t had shaved yesterday but next thing came to my mind, I was going to be raped now and I was thinking that better to be raped with bushes. I was been pushed on bed and I fell flat on bed. Two guys just got my either side and started to suck my nipples. They were playing with my boobs also, pressing squeezing. Playing with my thighs and pussy walls also. They kept on playing with me for at least 10 minutes or more. And I pussy was leaking fluids by then. My legs were stretched apart and that moment my eyes opened slightly. A guy face was visible who was sitting between my legs. I closed my eyes again and all a sudden a spear pierced my pussy. I screamed in pain but the pain was terrible and so I lost consciousness.

When I was back to consciousness the pain was gone and was been replaced with a sensation. Someone was thumping me but I wasn’t able to open my eyes still. The guy was caring my whole body and was thumping with a thick dick. His dick had a pimple in the side and it was giving ultimate sensation. I knew that my virginity was lost and might be all three of them had fucked me once. But I only cared that after fucking me at least they don’t kill me. But the sensation I was getting, I just embraced him in my arms and pulled his face near my neck. He kept on banging me and kiss all around my neck. Soon he shot his load inside me and pulled his dick out. After few months the dick was back inside, so I embraced him again but the guy I embraced was different. He was little healthier then him and had thin dick but little longer one. Still I embraced him in the same way I did to the previous guy and he started to thump me carefully. He was kissing me all over my neck and I started to curl up his hairs. This gave him extra flavor and his thumping speed increased, flooding me in few minutes after it. As soon as he withdraw it was been replaced by another guy. I was sure that he was another guys as I embraced him too, and his physic was lot different. His dick was indeed thick but shorter then both, but it was making me uncomfortable. My just defiled pussy wasn’t able to accommodate it well, walls were stretched to core and was paining also. He was trying to thump me hard which was making me weep in pain. Even I embraced him and tried to slide my hand on his back to make him slow, but I think he had his way of handling girls. And so it seemed he was habitual of rough sex. Soon it was terrible and I lost my consciousness again.

When I woke up it was about to dawn, I was all dressed sitting inside my flat boundary wall, with back settled on wall. The coke bottle was just beside me with my purse and mobile. I pulled my purse and pulled my mirror. My makeup was fine and hair were all ok. First thing which came in my mind, “Was I dreaming to get raped, hell I’m so desperate now that I dreamt to get raped.” I stood up when to the gate and as the gate was open I got inside. I went to my bed and got on it flat and slept. Next morning I was been woke up by my fellows and it was around 1 pm in afternoon. I just got up, brushed my teeth and went to bathroom. I was wearing the same dress which I had last night. I closed the gate of bathroom and got rid of my clothes. The moment I got rid of my clothes I noticed that last night incident was not dream. All my stomach and boobs had love bites, reddened and some even had turned blue. My nipples were swollen and was about 50% larger now. My thighs had dried sperms and even blood spots. I was 100% sure that I was being defiled yesterday, but why they left me here it was a question. I knew that they all loaded me with their sperms so after bath I just got out in the market and bought anti pregnancy pills. Came home and gulped it down. I was lost, my virginity was gone and I was still confused to hate those guys or not. They raped me but what the hell I was thinking. But the sensation I received with all three of them was memorable. Till evening I thought to go to the shop where I took coke last night. At evening in walked to the shop hesitated but it was closed. So just came back to room.

Next day onwards back to restaurant, same chorus, same work but I never forgot to see the shop while returning home, but it was been closed for 4 more days. Fifth day it was open so I just got down from my pickup and went to the shop. A less old guy was sitting there so I asked him for that old man. He old that the old man was his employee and had expired. I cursed my luck and came back, to pick-up and then back to flat. Next day the pickup guy asked all girls that he had to pick some luggage from somewhere so instead of leaving us home he would pick the luggage first. We agreed and he took another route, he reached to an influenced locality and opened the dickey. He went inside a house and was taking long than expected. So I just came out and started to roam here and there. I just stood by keeping my back over a car. I was thinking about those guys itself, just then the driver came back and he shouted at me to get inside. I was about to go towards my pickup when my skirt got tucked in some screw of the number plate. So I turned back, to my dismay it was Honda city and to double my dismay it was 9999. I looked to left side and the house had iron gates. I was terrified but excited too, so this is the place where I was deflowered. I pulled my skirt from screw and came to the pickup. Another girl was sitting in front seat so I asked her to get back. She came out and we changed seats. I asked the driver that which locality it was, it seems so influenced area. He told the same proudly as this locality belonged to his father only. I noted the name and memorized it well.

Next morning I came out of house early and asked the auto to take me there. The auto guy dropped me there and I started to search for the house. After few minutes I was in front of it again. I saw a vegetable stall near and went to it. There was sitting an old lady so I asked him about the house and his occupant. The lady told me that there lived three guys who were college goings and living in some other city. Came here for studies, and many things like they were rich and nice guys, always respected girls and never harassed anyone. I was thinking if they never harassed any girl that what was so special about me. Still I came back and went to restaurant. Whole day I was thinking how to face those guys, did I wanted to see their face or not. Evening the conclusion came in my mind that I was now getting desperate to get fucked only, those three guys were special as they already had fucked me before. So one time or two times made no difference. But I wasn’t interested in there looks. My colleagues asked me whether I was interested in picnic next day. I rejected it and remembered that next day was off. At evening I went to a shop nearby and purchased few stuffs. Packed them in envelop and came to restaurant again, and at night went to flat as normal. Next day all girls in the flat went with few guys to picnic. I stayed back and as soon as they left I came out with envelop and rushed to auto stand. I booked an auto and rushed to that locality. After reaching there I went inside that house confidently got inside the side gate. Then went to the wooden gate and knocked. I knocked the gate three times and someone shouted who it was. I shouted my name that it was Roopa. Someone walked to the gate but the gate didn’t opened. I could clearly hear whispering inside, but the gate didn’t opened.

After three minutes someone shouted that who I was, so I just requested them to open the gate. The conversation started, they were not in mood to open the gate and were asking like why I came here, who I was, what did I want etc. I just pushed envelop inside the door from below. They pulled envelop inside and I heard the tearing sound of the paper. I asked them to wear it up and open the gate. I just wanted to talk, softly and was not interested in abusing or fight. A minute later the gate opened. I went inside. All there were standing there with eye mask on their faces. One guys was in shirt pant, another one was in Bermuda vest and the third one was just in towel only. I walked to the sofa and sat on it. Today also I was wearing a t-shirt but a shorter skirt which came just till my knees. One of them asked that how I found them. I said that just by accident. Before anyone can ask anything I asked that why they dropped me home after raping me instead of that they could have killed me up. Another guys said that they weren’t bad guys and their intentions wasn’t to rape me but when I got inside the car, after seeing me carefully, their intension changed and so they drugged me and did that. After the sexual rage was over and I was unconscious they made me dress and dropped me back. I asked whether they didn’t wanted to keep me at their place and fuck me daily. Another one said that they wanted but when it was with my concern, in drunk state they raped me and didn’t wanted to get caught, that’s why dropped me back. I just asked me whether they had intension to fuck me more after that day. They nodded their head and I smiled meekly. I said that I just wanted to know that and that’s why came here, not planning for police complain or something like that.

They thanked me for that and said sorry for it. I just stretched my skirt and it raised a little and within seconds their face moved to my thighs. I smiled confidently and said, that day didn’t used me well, still sexually interested in me, I asked that they missed something that day. All three started to praise me and my beauty. I pulled the guy in towel from his shoulders towards a side room which was supposed to be bedroom. We entered inside, and just closed the door but didn’t locked it from inside. He was supposing that I brought him inside to hit or abuse him. He meekly asked that why I brought him inside. I just smiled, said nothing to him. I got aside and started to disrobe. I was bare in seconds and threw off the heels too. I got on the bed and deposited myself on my back with legs spread wide. The guy looked at me and touched the eye mask. I stopped him from removing it. I said that never to remove that in front of me. I don’t wanted to see their faces, for me as they looked that day was fine. He smiled and removed his towel. He looked at me and I barked, what the hell he was doing, just come on bed and fuck me hard. He looked at me, smiled and just got inside me. No foreplay yet I was leaking so much. As he was I immediately realized that he had a pimple on his dick, he was the first guy with me last time. He started to bang me hard and I started to moan loudly. I embraced him and started saying to him, my baby tear me apart, love you so much etc. He was like a bull fucking me mercilessly. Meanwhile he was kissing on my neck, pressing my boobs and sucking my nipples.

In the meanwhile rest guys outside were impatient, they were in doubt that what we were doing inside. So they just peeped inside, both were amazed to see us in this situation. The guy ass was facing towards the door but my face was facing towards the gate. I managed to see those two heads looking confused. I waved my hands towards them and made sign to come inside. They came in confused and that moment the guy inside me realized that his friends were in too. He stopped but kept his dick inside. I looked at him angrily but smiled after a moment. He seemed confused too so I said to his friends, “I know you both or may be all three of you have sucked my nipples that day for very long time. My nipples were swelled that day. He is inside, you two and suck and even bite like you all did that day.” They confusing come on bed so I pushed them back on floor. They looked confused to I asked, whether they will only suck my nipples and won’t like to fuck me after this guy finished. They smiled and said they will like to so I asked better to come prepared then. They looked at each other shredded their clothes and came on bed. They lied on bed on my either side on pillows, they both kissed me on cheek and I just smiled. I hit their head by my head and said, how they would suck my nipples sleeping so high. I asked them to lower down and gave them support to their head on my arms. Perfectly they were near my nipples and without waiting time they started to suck my nipples from both sides. Incredible I was feeling great sensation so my body started to stretch.

I lowered my wrist to their waist grabbed them from waist, pulled them towards me tightly and started to kiss on their forehead. I was mumbling, go on all yours, forever, I’m all yours forever, I love you all so much. I looked at the guy inside me, and said, resume at least. He kissed me passionately and I replied him kissing back passionately. He resumed hitting me again kissing on my neck line. Soon he gained speed and I crossed my legs on his waist. After hitting me in this position for few more minutes his dick started to grew, he looked at me terrifically and I didn’t let him go. He flooded inside, I smiled meekly as I reached my orgasm also. He pulled outside and I pushed the guy right to me, the nipple slipped and he looked confused. I kissed on his forehead and said, your turn. He jumped on his feet and within seconds he was inside. This guy had the thickest dick, it was making me uncomfortable. He was pushing mercilessly so I said, easy tiger easy. He smiled and started taking care of his move. He was soon inside so I asked the guy left aside to replace the vacant place. He just lied on my arms sucking my nipples. When the second guy released his sperm inside me the third guy took position and resumed fucking me back. For the whole day they kept on changing position and fucking me. I was not expect in fucking but still I didn’t bothered to their desire. They fucked me thrice each and when I got up I realized that my thighs muscles were stretched and it was hard for me to walk or even stand properly. Still I managed to walk and started to get dressed. They were exhausted in bedroom so I got dressed and left, without saying anything to them, without bidding them good bye. I was so exhausted that I came home and went straight to bed. For the whole week I was getting sensation of their touch, even I orgasm without even touching myself, just thinking of them. They raped me first, then I got laid with them, I know that I started licking them all. I was indeed in love with my defilers, but I didn’t cared as it happened and how it happened.

Next week on the off day. I took bath early in the morning and got ready and left to their place. It was 6AM when I reached there. I knocked the gate and someone asked who I was. From the voice I recognized that it was the guy with thickest. I raised my voice and said, “It’s me tiger, wear your eye mask and please open the gate.” He was silent for few minutes and after whole five minutes the gate opened. All were standing in mask and underwear, I got inside and closed the gate myself. I asked them to freshen up, have bath and I will prepare them breakfast. I cooked breakfast and slightly prepared the pre-formalities of lunch too. Washed rice and vegetables and cut them too. I served the breakfast on table when they all came and sat in their lower and tees. I went inside kitchen and got rid of my clothes first. Then I came back to dining table, they were shocked to see me like that. I howled, “What for two times you saw me like that. Now don’t look like surprised. Actually where I work I got leave today. So just came to you guys whom I started liking. Mark this day for me for every week. I’ll be here every week. Just keep your mask on, I just don’t wanted to dislike you for your facial looks. I don’t want you to hesitate for anything. Ask me to do anything you like and do anything with me you like. Forget about my discomfort, just make sure that you are enjoying.” They nodded their head and finished their breakfast. Then tiger suggested that we can take turns to fuck me one at a time. I said, “I like you all equally, don’t want to do anything behind walls with anyone, don’t want any partiality to happen with anyone. If you like fuck me one by one but rest guys will be in the same room.”

They nodded their head and we got inside the bedroom. In the way they shredded their clothes. I lied on bed and tiger went between my legs. I clutched my legs tightly, and said, “Tiger you are way broader, sorry first rest of two, you last.” He looked at me in sorrow. I smiled, “OK you first, but please get inside slowly.” He was delighted and started to push slowly. Rest two attacked my boobs and nipples. I was combing their hairs with my fingers, slipping my hands on their back all the time, making that excited all the time. When they both bit on my nipples or boobs skin I grabbed them tightly around their waist, indicating them that I was in pain, but never said anything to them. My lovers whom I loved to core can torcher me up and I didn’t minded that. The tiger was slow but as he gained the lubricant and the flow was eased he started to hit heavily. It make me shake but still I managed to keep myself unmoved so that the two guys playing with my boobs don’t get disturbed. He flooded inside and I asked another one to take his place and him to take place at my boobs. They all kept on banging me for hours, same position taking turns one after the other. They fucked me two times each and I was all messed up. It was almost 1 pm when they released me from their grip so I got up, asked them bathroom and had a bath. I remained all naked and asked them to sit in drawing hall. I got inside kitchen and started to prepare lunch. Several times I came to drawing room and their eyes used to follow me. But lunch was important so I just ignored them and finally the lunch was on the table. I served lunch and asked them to have it. But one of them grabbed me up and was about to enter.

I pushed him aside and just sat on my knees, took his dick in my mouth and started a blowjob. I had seen a blue film in my colleague’s mobile few days ago and I knew what a blowjob is. She had few affairs and she told me that boy’s loved to get blowjob. I was giving a blowjob for first time in my life, but as per his expression he was loving it. The guy almost took 30 minutes to 45 minutes to fill me in my pussy but he sprayed in hardly 5-7 minutes. I couldn’t gulp it down my throat and spitted it on the floor. Wiped my mouth and saw him. I asked how so soon, he replied that I sucked so well he couldn’t control. I smiled at him and said, “Now ok, go and have lunch, we’ll resume later.” He obediently went to the table and started to have lunch. I shouted next. For next 20 minutes I gave blow job to both of them and they didn’t take long either. After that they all had lunch properly, I had lunch in the same plate they had, starting from the leftover they had. After the lunch with heavy stomach and continues workout I was so tired. I went to bed for a nap. They surrounded me from all sides, hold me tight and were about to sleep. I asked one to sleep above me and rest two on either side. So one of them climbed over me, kept his head on my chest and went to sleep. Rest two kept their neck on my arms and stick their face on my side neck. I grabbed them tightly near me and then went to sleep. I think we slept for four hours almost when I woke up with hitting inside my pussy. The guy above me was up and started to thump me in pussy. I opened my eyes looked in his and asked what? He smiled meekly and said without sound please. I spread my legs wider and he started to hit aggressively. I said without sound, rest are sleeping, slowly. He tried to keep it slow but still my body shook and rest two woke up lazily. The tiger roared, without us, this much partiality. I pulled his face near and kissed full on his lips. Said that he was so near to my body, if we were doing in hidden room then it would have been. He kissed back bit few times on my lower lips and said, I’m next. I grabbed his nose between my jaw and bit him lightly, smiled and said, “Sure.”

The guy with pimple on his dick was hitting since long so he was about to explode soon. He grabbed me tightly and started to flood me inside my pussy. While he was draining his entire load inside, I bit my tiger nose once again. This time harder so he just screamed a little. He looked at me and said without sound, what? I said your turn tiger. He jumped up instantly and as soon as the guy withdrew his dick he entered immediately. The guy who withdrew took the tiger place and started to suck my nipples. He asked that if he was a tiger who was he then. I named him a bull, how hard I tries to resist his strokes he just misbalanced me well. The guy with longest dick bit me on neck, I wept and turned towards him. I bit him on his cheek. I said that he was a harpoon by nature, one like the lion had. He asked, what difference between lion and tiger was. I told him that lion had the power but the tiger had aggression. I didn’t knew their names but I named them this time. So as the tiger was over lion took his place. His dick always touched my womb and that I liked the most. Soon after taking his sufficient time he exploded inside too and just lied on me. But it was nearly eight now, so I pushed him aside and got up. As soon as I exited the bedroom they followed me and stopped me. I pushed them and said to let me go and I’ll come back next week. But they requested for one more blowjob each. I sat on my knees automatically, gave second round of blowjob and got dressed, after that they offered lift. I accepted and the tiger dropped me at my place.

Next day my uncle called and told me that my mother was seriously ill. So I took the train and went to my place. She was ill definitely and was little serious too so I had to stay there for almost 15 days, I was missing my pack but I didn’t had their contact numbers. So when I returned two weekly off had passed. I patiently waited for third one, but a day before the off periods started, so sadly I had to skip that day too. I knew my tiger would be cursing me and must have been too desperate. So on next off I wanted to rush to them early morning. But as I slept late woke up late too. It was around 10 in the morning when I started. I reached that place and saw tiger and the bull standing outside with eye mask on. They were smoking. So they were waiting for me well prepared. I smiled at their attitude and waited them to get inside. They got inside and I tip topped inside, luckily the gate was open so to give them surprise I didn’t know and went straight to bedroom. To my shock there on the bed was a girl on her fours, and lion drilling his ass. I just turned back and got outside. Just then I and tiger faced each other face to face. He showed me surprise and hugged me. I pushed him and asked that why my lion was fucking someone else, didn’t I do enough to satisfy their needs. He said that I do but he likes to fuck ass also but he never dared to say it to me. I was literally shouting to bull also joined. He told me that as I didn’t came for three weeks they thought that I had lost interest, and that girl inside was just a hired prostitute. I just instructed them to pay her and kick her off. Till then both came outside, so they paid her and she left herself.

I grabbed the lion with collar pulled him towards me, kissed him full lips and then asked that wasn’t I enough for him? He was unable to say anything, but tears rolled my eyes and so I got nude and pulled the tiger towards me. I shredded him tees and shorts myself. I brought the Vaseline and applied it on his dick. I got on my fours on the sofa table and asked him to just drill my ass. He was shocked to hell, told me that it’s painful in starting and with his dick size it’s even more painful. I just shouted at him that fucking someone else it more than that. He hesitated but yet tried to drill my ass, it took 15 minutes for him to get inside me and next 15 minutes to get used to it. I asked him to pick me up with his dick inside and carry me to bedroom, as my knees were paining due to hard surface of table. While I was been carried I grabbed the bull by his arms and pulled him along. As in bedroom I said that my pussy was free and he could engage. So both started to bang me in pussy and in ass altogether. Just then the lion came and got nude. He came to my face but I turned around. I said then he betrayed me and I won’t allow him to come near. He said that I caught him red handed that’s why I was angry but your bull and tiger had also fucked that girl. I looked at the bull and he said that I didn’t asked them so they didn’t tell. I was so shocked but I couldn’t abandon them all so smiled and took his dick in my mouth. They all cheered and I was started to been fucked in all three holes now. Till late evening they fucked me without lunch in all holes. Then when I was about to leave they said that they all were sorry for what happened. They said that I made them desperate so they just took that step. I said that I knew that they weren’t getting enough so I was planning to shift with them permanently. But for this I need few days. They nodded and I left.

After four days I was off the duty around 10:30 pm the pickup wasn’t expected till 11 so I just was roaming outside the restaurant. Just then a black Honda city stopped beside me. I saw the number and it was 9999. I looked inside and saw three guys inside and by their body mass I could guess that my three animals were inside. I just opened the front gate and sat inside. I texted my manager that I got lift and was way home. They weren’t wearing any eye mask but I was impressed with their looks, they were indeed very smart. But when the car turned to opposite side of the road I asked, “Where?” The tiger said, “My house is empty today.” I didn’t said anything and we rushed to a new place. They opened the gate of course an iron gate and car was been parked inside. The house was awesome indeed and we got out of the car. Soon I was inside the house with them. I know they must have been desperate and indeed I was in the same state. So primarily I inspected the entire floor. Conveniently I was satisfied with the place but the tiger bothered, shall we start. I smiled at him and said, sure and started to get rid of my clothes. They wooed and hit their palms with each other. I smiled cum laughed on their idiotic behavior. Said to move inside bedroom and get nude. I moved towards the bedroom, entered the bedroom and got laid on bed flat. I asked to lion and the bull to get my boobs and they attacked it immediately. Sucking nipples, pressing my boobs like floor, biting over my boobs, kissing rapidly over my neckline and on my lips taking turns. I was amazed to see their desperation, it was just four days and they were so mad. I encircled my hands around them rubbing their back and head, combing and grabbing their hairs. They relaxed a little but still they were sucking and pressing my boobs with full force. As they and I got adjusted to their actions, I spread my legs and asked the tiger to get inside. He wooed again and got inside immediately.

As soon as he got inside I realized my terrible mistake. He wasn’t tiger, his dick was long but not fat. I reversed the event and realized that these were some other guys. They stopped near me to either hit or try on me, but I got confused with number plate and their count. I grabbed the other two guy’s dick too to confirm my dismay. They all were different guys and where not at all my guys, but I was in heavy mess. I was nude, already a guy was inside me fucking me up, I was all naked, without force and these guys were definitely considering me as a prostitute. Confessing to them would be a mess too, might be they start to blackmail me. So I just decided to let them finished and then I’ll leave. The guy who was fucking me started to hit me aggressively so I just pulled him close embraced him tightly and said that they haven’t mentioned yet how much they are going to pay me. A guy sucking my nipples pulled a bundle of 100 rupees and gave it to me. I kept it aside and released him from grip. He was soon back in action. This I did so that they think I was a prostitute only. So as the guy was back in action it didn’t took him long to shower inside. As soon as he was finished the next guy took place, he did take a long time and flooded me inside, and soon the third one was inside and finished after average time. I got up and was about to leave the bedroom when one of them asked that were I was going. I said that I was leaving, on which he said that he paid me for full night, they haven’t fucked my ass yet. I wasn’t a prostitute but was pretending to be one. So didn’t knew about rates thing, how much a girl was been paid for whole night etc. So I came back and they asked me to get on fours. He said that I must suck one guy and make him tight. When he will be tight he’ll fuck my ass. Meanwhile I will have to suck the next guy. The first guy came near my face and I gulped his cock inside my mouth and started to suck. I was not expert in sucking but still with natural instant I had a unique style, he didn’t even realized when he got erection and when he exploded in my mouth. The whole even took only 5 minutes and he was all washed up. He screamed when he exploded and just laid flat on bed. His fellows asked him that what happened, on which he said that I was a good cock sucker and he just exploded in my mouth.

The other guy sat in front of me and said that he’ll check himself. So I got his dick in my mouth and I repeated the same technique. Within few minutes his face was showing like his dick went inside an oven. Indeed he was enjoying my technique but it was quite hard for him to control. He exploded within next two minutes and I smiled victoriously. He announced that I really was a top slut and the guy like him couldn’t hold. The third guy just pushed him aside and sat in his place. He said that it was his turn as he was paying me equally. I needed no invitation or direction, for next five minutes his dick remained in my mouth and got out after getting drained. Drained both his sperms with his confidence and ego. I smiled again but after exploding two times yet they were interested to fuck my ass. So they kept on taking for few minutes among themselves. They were talking erotically of different girls of their group, how they peeped inside her cleavage or saw their thighs and as the discussion went on their dick started to raise. I was still on my fours waiting to get fucked particularly in my ass. I was feeling so disgusted yet was in no option to turn my back to it. Oh I forgot I actually tuned my back towards them to get fucked in it. All were turned on so one guy got down of bed. Came to my back, pulled me so that my legs went down the bed. He kept me bowed on bed and for support I had to place my elbows on bed. My boobs were hanging and he was about to get inside. I turned back and meekly asked him to lubricate his dick. He looked at me and said, you required you lubricate. There was nothing to lubricate his dick but my pussy was full or their loads so I pulled some out with one hand and applied on his dick. He went in with a go. I was been fucked in ass before but that was only once and that too only few days ago. I though took three dick in my ass that day but still I was not well experienced. It was hurting me a lot yet I didn’t wanted to scream and tell them I was in pain.

I know that when anyone fucks a girl, he only likes the pose in which was the girl is most uncomfortable. So if I would have disclosed them that I was in discomfort. As it was tight he was enjoying to core. He just deposited over my back and started to squeeze my boobs hard. But I started still as I was not bothering at all. As I was tight there it didn’t took him long to explode inside and his sperm flooded inside and started to flow outside too. He went off and the next guy waiting patiently got impatient immediately. He rushed to my ass and got inside immediately. As my ass was well lubricated already, it slipped inside easily but still I was in hell. He was also fond of pressing my boobs from back mercilessly. But he was over excited to fuck my ass and so discharged soon, the third guy took his position and then started to drill my ass. He was indeed fond of my boobs and was pressing them too but he was having brains. As soon as he was about to explode he stopped drilling me and started to play with my boobs and when he was back to control he started to bang me again. He kept on doing this several times and so it was nearly 40 minutes since he was in my ass. I was in hell but he was so proud of his intelligence. Minute by minute I was feeling weaker and weaker and was about to collapse anytime. He seemed tired too so this time he went with flow and exploded inside. I just dropped myself on bed, turned around and went to sleep. When I woke up don’t know after how long, someone was drilling in my pussy. So I spread my legs wider and allowed him to drill comfortably, but I didn’t bothered to open my eyes. When he was over, I waited for a while for someone taking his place but no one took his place, so I dozed off again. I woke again to find someone else drilling my pussy, this time also I spread my legs wide and let him finished comfortably. Then waited again so that someone else replaces him but no one replaced so I just dozed off again. When I woke up all were sleeping around me. I looked at clock and it was six in morning. I got up, dressed took money and just left immediately to my place. In the way I was thinking to mentioned this event to my animals or not. They also had fucked prostitutes, so I too fucked other guys, what mistake I did, officially we weren’t couples. But I knew I were possessive for them, they weren’t that much. They also had other option and they were of course rich guys and I was not their only option. So I decided to skip this event, at least they must think I’m completely devoted to them. Else they would also consider me prostitute itself and gradually their interest in me would reduce. I decided to forget this event and be careful next time.

When I reached my place I had a bath, immediately I realized how severely that had used me up. Bitten all over so I had a warm bath and took leave for the day. Applied antiseptics all over my body praying that these marks gets away in two days. Dramatically it went off in a day. Relaxed with that I decided to go to them on next day. As the restaurant was less crowded that day I was asked by my manager to go and roam in the city for a change. We all staff left for the city eating snacks and shopping. They all went to different shops and I went to garment shop. I went there just for viewing not to purchase anything but suddenly I remembered 10000 bugs in my purse. The first thought hit my mind was that getting fucked for a night with three guys earned me 10000 bugs, in this regard they fucked me four times and I must have earned 40000 bugs for that. Immediately I felt ashamed of myself, what the hell I was thinking, I’m not a call girl, I loved them and that’s why I was getting laid with them. So I decided to buy something, I searched inside the shop and found a best suitable thing for me. After a little searching I found a cream coloured pantyhose for myself. It fitted to my skin complexion and was too transparent. Best part was that it had a hole at pussy and ass. I purchased it and kept it in my purse. We all girls came back afterwards. Next day I had a bath, wore that pantyhose without any underwear and my jeans over it. Then my t-shirt and went straight to their place around 5:30 in the morning. I was so desperate that if I would have been able to go there at night I would have rushed there then only. I reached there and knocked the door with a shout.

Tiger I’m home, the door opened after a minute, the bull was on the door with eye mask. He was just in undies nothing else. He pulled me inside and just forced me to deposit myself on the wall next to the door. Within seconds he pulled my t-shirt up to my neck and started to kiss me. He was pressing my boobs along with that. I tried to push him but he was so strong that I couldn’t, while trying he went a little more aggressive. I relaxed, that’s what I wanted with them so I decided not to resist him at all. When he placed his palms on my jeans button I stopped him, made face like begging to leave my lips at least which he did. I said that I had a surprise for all of them, and to leave me and call them outside. He looked at me like I had asked his whole property but still went inside the bedroom. I got rid of my clothes. I only kept my pantyhose on and went to the sofa table. I kept my on left foot down on floor and my right knee on table with my both palms on table. They didn’t came yet but as I heard a woo I understood all were at my back. I didn’t turn back, but immediately after few seconds the bull was inside me. I was already so wet that he went inside easily, he kept his weight on me and started to pump my boobs and kiss my shoulders and cheeks. I smiled and left him take full use of my body. He was so desperate that he filled me inside in half time than normal. He kept his dick inside and said in my ears, why you remain so away, I don’t get enough in just one day. I replied that I can’t stay here always, I wanted to but can’t. I requested him to make way for next guy, I’m not his only property, and I’m equally divided in three. He moved and the next guy who entered was the tiger, the thick one, he started to pump me but stopped for a while and said, wow another hole. He pulled his dick and pushed in my asshole, he got enough lubricant and he was inside in a single stroke. I said ouch, he asked that did it hurt, I replied that I loved it. He started to stoke me slowly. He kept on stroking me focusing only on my ass hole and then flooded me inside. He moved and the lion was inside me in a single go. He was long but he was more than aggressive. Pressing my boobs like anything biting me all over. I pushed him out, turned around, deposited myself on my back and spread my legs.

He was inside again, I grabbed him tightly, kissed him on lips and asked him, what happened. He said that he don’t like me staying away from them for a week. I must stay with them 24x7, I kissed him back and said that even I wanted to but I don’t see any way. He kept on drilling me until he was over. I was been carried to bedroom and the bull slept over me, and rest two on either side. The bull was above me so he started to kiss on my lips and neckline. I whispered, how I will sleep if you keep on doing that. He replied that it wasn’t his problem. I kissed on his forehead and tried to sleep. But then the lion and the tiger started to chew my nipples. I hushed them but they weren’t listening. It was sure that I wasn’t going to sleep at all. When the bull pushed his knee between my thighs, I understood that he was rock hard now. I gave him proper space and he was inside me in a fraction of second. First hit and my boobs wobble and the lion and the tiger also understood the bull was inside me. He started to give strokes, really slow strokes. He kept on doing that for nearly 30 minutes before showering me inside. The tiger was about to get up but I stopped him. I rolled to lion and took his dick inside. He was about to stroke me back when I rolled again and climbed over the tiger. I took his dick inside when he lion asked that what about him. I said that he can come inside my asshole, lubricated his dick for that. He jumped and was inside my ass. All these time I was in my pantyhose. They started to drill me both was, tiger chewing my nipples and the lion biting on my cheeks, neck and shoulders. But he was biting me really hard and each bite my mouth uttered ouch. But the tiger went confused that whether he was chewing my nipples that hard. I merely laughed on his expressions. Lately he understood that it wasn’t him. The strokes were in full speed and they flooded me inside at the same time.

I rolled down when bull was again in mood, I grabbed him tight and kissed her over her forehead. I asked him to at least give me some rest. I’m not a machine. He understood that and I comfortably went to sleep. I nearly slept for 8 hours and woke around 3 in the afternoon. They weren’t inside bedroom so I got up and went outside. They were having lunch and was discussing something. I wished them and the lion pulled me on his laps. He started to feed me with his own hands and I encircled my hands around his neck, kept my head on his shoulders and started to gulp down, what he gave me in mouth. After few bites I was pulled by tiger and this kept on repeating until all of us where stuffed. We went for afternoon nap, as stomach was over filled we went to sleep again. When I woke up they were still sleep, limp dicks and sleeping comfortably. I climbed on the bull and started to lick all over his face. He was sleeping unconscious and I kept on licking and kissing all over his face. He was back to consciousness and I felt it when his limp dick were poking me near my pussy. When I realized it I shifted myself and took his dick inside me. He opened his eyes and I kissed him over his lips, chewing his bottom lips severely. He hissed but I didn’t leave him. When I left him he asked that what I was doing. I said that he was mine property and so I can do anything. He smiled and I started to ride him. Up and down but when I felt another dick at my ass, I understood that others were awake too. It was the tiger there, he went inside comfortably and I adjusted with both of them. They started to push inside hard and fast. It didn’t took them long and they flooded me inside. When I rolled and deposited myself on the bed. The lion climbed over me instantly. He was inside me in a second fucking me hard. He was hitting me so hard that I was sliding upwards with his each hit. When he stopped in between he bit me on my boobs making teeth mark everywhere. But at last he flooded inside and rolled. The rest two were already snoring and I climbed above the lion to get a nap along with him.

The nap went long than expected and when I woke up it was 7, I had to leave now but I thought to borrow one more hour and ask them to drop me back. I dressed and then pulled the tiger by hair, he woke up angrily and howled at me. I smiled kissed him on lips, and said that I was leaving. He looked at his rigid dick, I smiled and went on my knees. Took his dick in my mouth and started to suck him up. Though they were rocking in fucking me but I knew that I rocked while sucking. He started to moan instantly and so the rest were up soon. It took me only 5 minutes to make him shoot in my mouth. I moved to the next guy and started to suck him up, he was not a genius to resist my techniques, shot in 5 minutes. Before taking the next guy I asked the tiger to dress up and drop me at my place. He nodded and went to dress and I continued to give the guy in my mouth the pleasure. As soon as he returned I was off my job, he exploded. I left them there and we exit the building. I got inside the car and the car started to head toward my house. In the way I kept my head on tiger shoulders, and said that is there any way that we all can stay together always. He tapped on my head and said he will think about it. As house reached I with a sad heart got down from car, sad because I’ll have to stay away from them for a whole week.

Next day onwards routine was same but on the third day my uncle called. He wanted me to reach my home place immediately as my mother called for that. I packed my good and left immediately. In the whole way I was thinking that it get owner in 3 days so that I could be back and join my three lovers on the off day. I was not so happy to go home, still I went there. I reached home around 11pm at night, as the train was late so every transportation I took was late. After reaching home my mother greeted me and took me inside. The power was off due to some sort of failure. So I had dinner and went to sleep. In the morning I got up late and saw my home decorated. I freshen up and went to mom. I asked my mom that why the home was decorated. She told me for marriage, I asked him that who was getting married. She said that she had fixed my marriage and I was been married in next three days. It was the biggest shock of my life. I tried to give 100’s of reasons but she didn’t listen. I didn’t wanted to get married but she was stubborn. At last I asked that who the groom was. She told me that it was a rich guy, whose parents had expired and he himself came with the proposal. I was so angry on him, yet I asked my mother that I wanted to meet the groom once. He was been called and when he arrived he was been locked in a room. I went inside after a while, locked the gate from inside and turned towards him. There was sitting a quite handsome guy with a pleasant smile.

For a second I was so impressed with him but then I remembered my pack. All three of them, I won’t be able to see them again. I sat on the bed and said that I didn’t wanted to marry him. His smile went off and he asked the reason. I told him that I was having an affair. He looked at me and his smile was back again, he said that he’ll forget it. I pushed him that I was having affair with three guys. He smiled even darker and said, then I wouldn’t be serious with any of them. He doesn’t seem problem with that, I said that I sleep with all three of them. He said that he understand and will ignore my mistake. I was so restless I said I sleep with them altogether. He looked at me and said that is pure lust, he don’t have any issue with that. I pulled my t-shirt above and showed him my naked boobs. I said to fuck me here and fuck me as much times he wants, just to say no to the marriage. He took my boobs in my hand, sucked my nipples. For the first time I felt relaxed, his touch was making me relax. He sucked my nipples for few minutes and then pulled my t-shirt down. I looked at him confused so he said, I would have did what you had said but after seeing those wonderful boobs, I want you in my bed forever. And that wasn’t possible without marriage. I folded my hands, one guy wasn’t enough for me I wanted three guys altogether. He kissed on my lips and said that he’ll take care of that. He got up and opened the gate, as soon as he went out my mother stopped him. She asked that did he liked me. He said that indeed he liked me but there are few issued. I mother turned pale but I felt delighted. He said that he want to marry me today itself. Now I turned pale and mother turned delighted. She agreed to it immediately and I started to curse him in my heart. She went off shouting to hurry up and he came back inside the room. He closed the door, grabbed my shoulders, pushed me on wall and started to kiss me hard. He even chewed my lips few times and then said, stop cursing me, I’m your husband now. I turned shy and he left me, opened the gate and left.

In next 12 hours I was sitting side to him in my marriage ceremony, nicely dressed and feeling to cry. He was happy and delighted and I was thinking that it’s just a bad dream. After the ceremony I was finally married to him. The whole family had lots of function entire night with him, where as I was sleeping on the couch with bridal dress on. I was so annoyed with him but then took it as my fate. Next morning we departed to Kolkata from where we would be departing to his place. He had already booked a hotel for wedding night and so I was been transported to the room. Before he could start I said that I don’t think I could be satisfied with a single guy, but if you want to try and go on. He looked at me and said that he had already called his two friends to accompany him in satisfying his wife. I uttered, let’s see if they could satisfy me or not. He left me there and in anger I removed all my clothes and became bare. I deposited myself on bed with legs spread wide. Then after 15 minutes the door unlocked and I sat on my butts. There came my husband followed by his two friends. He looked at me confused and I was a treat for his two friends. He looked at me and asked that what that was? I said that ultimately it was to be done with all three so I was well prepared. He looked at me and instead of getting angry he smiled. He gave them both two mangalsutra and asked them to tie me up. They both moved forward and both tied the mangalsutra in my neck. They took sindoor and applied it on my hair parting. My soul said so me, Roopa they are your fate now, stop repulsing, the guys you loved were three and they also are three. Just accept them gracefully and you may like them. I was impressed with my husband and first time I looked at the other two closely. They were indeed smart and I started liking them, they indeed impressed me.

I asked that how much money my all husbands got. My third husband said that my first husband was an orphan and had nothing. He was just showing off the property of my second and third husband. He continued that they both paid my first husband to get then a wonderful slut whom they all can share and fuck regularly altogether. I was shocked at his words but still I managed to say, whom will fuck this permanent slut first. He said that my first husband did a wonderful job and he should get the chance first. I said that I can handle them all, so I requested cum ordered my first husband to get laid on bed and I’ll ride him. They all got nude and my first husband deposited himself on bed. I climbed on him and as my pussy was all wet, I kept his dick on my pussy entrance. I was not as happy as I was with my previous three lovers. But still fate is fate and I pushed myself on his dick with a sad face. As soon as it vanished inside completely my expression changed to shock from sad. I looked at him and he was smiling. I jumped towards his face, grabbed him tightly and started to bite all over his face. He was resisting so I left him, sat back on my back and slapped him twice, believe me it was hard slaps. He looked at me and shock and I went back to chew his lips. After satisfied, I kissed him on his neck and hugged him tightly. Just then one dick went inside me, a thick one. He got laid on my back and started to kiss me on my shoulders. I said aanh it’s my tiger and you are my bull. I turned towards my third husband. He was the lion and wanted me to take him in my mouth. My first husband asked, how did you know? I said that I figured out his pimple on the dick. He said that I wanted to stay near always, so this is the way that we all could stay near. He asked why I slapped him. I bit on his chin and said that for not telling me about it. I was so restless for two days. Not happy at all but still I married you. If I would have known that I my husband is none other than my bull, I would have married you happily, not sadly. I asked him when we will be moving to my home, the place I always got fucked like a guest, and now I could rule there. He said that we’ll be moving tomorrow morning, just here to have the first wedding night. I asked their names for the first time, real names so he told me that the bull was Prateek, the tiger was Akbar and the lion was Victor. I said him to keep quiet, and let me service Victor and they could start hitting me altogether. I turned towards Akbar so he could kiss me on cheek, he kissed and with a smile I turned towards Victor to take his dick in my mouth.

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